Saturday 25 January 2020

Mixed Up Saturday

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

What are you all up to this weekend? We have a few jobs to tick off of our 'To Do' List, we must not procrastinate this weekend, it's so easy to get distracted and then before you know it the weekend is gone!  Our main job is to sort and take a large pile of boxes to the Recycling Centre (a bit boring I know, we could liven it up by going via Hobbycraft and the Range)!

What do you think of today's 'Crafty Quote', I know for sure that it's spot on for me! hahahah


How adorable is Janet's Crocheted cutie?? What a perfect gift for a new baby or a lovely Easter Gift.
Janet crocheted her from her 'Cute Critters' book.
Janet I think that you may be 'hooked' on Crocheting, I can't wait to see what you make next, thank you so much for sharing her with us XXX

Maria's Holiday photos

Maria has just returned from a trip to her favourite destination in Austria ..Zell em See, I have to say that I can see why you love it so much, the views are just breath taking, it must be lovely to be out in the lovely cool crisp, clean air too! 
Oh my that 'proper' Sachertorte looks divine, I bet it was rich though!
It looks as though you had the whole of the Grand Hotel Restaurant to yourselves, what a feast you have before you, I bet it was delicious X

Maria has kindly given us a description of the photo's.....

1) View from the top of Schmittenhoe over Zell am See.
2) The lake in Zell am See, walk is about 7 miles around. This time we only
walked half around both sides ,to the cafe's for a drink and cake  ☺
3) Bottom of the Krimml waterfalls. Way to icy and dangerous to 
go up further so have to try again one year.
4) Can't go to Austria not to taste their cakes. This is the Sachertorte .
5) Lunch on the last day. Wienersnitzel and parsley potato at the Grand
Hotel. It might be a year before the next one so finished it off in style Lol.

I really look forward to seeing your photos Maria, so thank you so much for sharing them with us XXX

Michele's Magazine Review 

Hi Ladies, 

Diecutting Essentials has a pretty die free this month.

Look at some of the ideas you can create.

Here’s more inspiration using the free gift.

Aren’t these floral cards just beautiful?

I’m sure we’ve all got some border or banner Dies that we could use to create these cards.

I love the idea of these Bridge fold cards and they fold flat for posting-perfect!

That’s all for this week,
Happy Crafting

Love Michele

Thanks so much Michele, some lovely projects and featured techniques in this edition of Die Cutting Essentials,  this is the magazine that I am considering changing to. They have some great features. 
Thanks again for a fantastic review Michele XXX


I had to laugh when Michele sent me this photo, I struggle to finish one card a day, Michele pops into her craft room for a couple of hours and comes out with this lot!! 
Absolutely incredible Michele, thank you so much for sharing XXX

Cheryl's Bargain Buy!

Cheryl bagged herself an incredible bargain when she bought these Arteza Markers, at £80 they were about Half Price!! 
Well done Cheryl you must be over the moon, I can't wait to hear your review on them, thanks so much for sharing your bargain with us xxx

That's all for today my lovelies,

Have a lovey weekend,

Love and hugs,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-I love the quote. I should live to approximately 427 years old judging by the amount of craft stuff I have!

    Janet-your Teddy is just gorgeous.

    Maria-lovely photos and you look great, very relaxed.

    Cheryl-what a bargain!!

    My cards actually took me ages to make but I did “complete” them all in one evening. I printed out the images months ago & just put them in my “PhD” box. I cut them out then left them. Layered them up then left them. Finally got round to matching the toppers up with background papers then decided on which size card to use. I’m hoping to make quite a few more “quick cards “ to go in a gift bag as a birthday present for a friend.

    Off to my first official session of Southport Stitchers Group this morning-I’m doing a cross Stitch of a Chinese image.


  2. Morning Everyone
    Oh MARIA-what gorgeous photos of your holiday.The mountains are just beautiful and that cake is so inviting.

    MICHELE-your collections of cards is very impressive and what a really good idea re the bday present.

    CHERYL-those pens are a true bargain and I bet you cannot wa!it to use them.

    SANDRA-I wouldn't dare count the years!!!!lol

    Off on our usual Saturday morning shopping just hoping it's not too busy.
    Thank you MICHELE for your mag review.

    HUGS are on their way to you all.Take care and stay safexxxx

  3. The quote did make me smile If only it worked AND gave us our youth back to be able to enjoy being immortal
    Your bunny is so cute JANET I do find crochet so relaxing
    I love your photos MARIA
    I keep seeing these pens on WISH I will be very interested in your opinion CHERYL
    Your cards are lovely MICHELE You made me smile at how long they took hee hee! Once again thank for the magazine review
    Nothing much planned for the weekend apart from starting to clear out my craft room a bit to make way for more crafting bits that’ll ensure I stay immortal!
    Take care all Hope the pain is easing LYNDA and that conjunctivitis is clearing MARGARET xxx

  4. Hi ladies in the cafe' today.
    Love the quote Sandra, if it's only was true Lol
    Love the bunny Janet, such a cutie. Hope the shops was not too busy and you back home.
    Thank you Michele for the magazine review, will have a look for it next time in town. You have been busy with finish of some cards I can see, they look great !
    Cheryl, like the pens you bought. Tell us what you think after you used them a while.
    I keep looking at our photos and wished we were there and had some lovely walks, don't feel like walking here today as it's raining and is bitter raw. Catching up with some recordings and checking through e-mails is what I do today.
    Have a nice day all and take care xxx

  5. Hello All, wet again.

    Janet, love your little rabbit.

    Maria, beautiful pics of your holiday, stunning views.

    Michele thanks for great mag review, also wow all those cards finished, I always used to make my friend a box of cards, she used to love them.

    Cheryl, great looking pens, are they alcohol or water based, real bargain.

    Been all day trying to make a card for this weeks challenge, seem to have lost my touch . Not much else going on, so hugs to all Lilian

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    SANDRA That quote is perfect, think it’s fitting for most of us.

    JANET Love your cuddly Cute Critter she will be truly loved wherever her home is going to be. Hope shopping wasn’t to busy. xx

    MARIA LOVE your photos everywhere looks so beautiful, hope you enjoyed the delicious meal. xx

    CHERYL - WHAT A BARGAIN, they look lovely. Hope you have great fun using them.

    MICHELE Thank you for the magazine review. This is my favourite magazine, haven’t used my free gift yet. WOW what a fantastic collection of cards, I’m sure your friend will love her gift. xx

    Sorry must dash, have a good evening everyone, Love Brenda xxx

  7. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a great saying, I agree with Karen’s comment. It would be perfect if we all got good health to go with our immortality 😁 Good luck with getting Paul to take the cardboard to the tip. It is such a boring thing to have to do isn’t it but I hope you managed to stop off at Hobbycraft and The Range my lovely xx
    Janet, your little rabbit is so cute x
    Maria, wow the scenery looks beautiful especially the waterfall. You wouldn’t get me on the cable car though no matter how much you paid me. The food all looks delicious too. I hope our weather improves too x
    Michele, what a great set of cards, well don’t you. And thank you for the magazine review x
    Cheryl, I have looked at these pens on Wish so please let us know how you get on with them x
    I finally got my challenge card finished this evening. Don’t know where today has gone. We had a good day with Mum and Pop yesterday. Mums cold had just about gone and her eyes are now fine but she is still struggling with commenting so she asked me to send her thanks to you all for your kind words and all of your hugs have been very gratefully received and she tried to keep up with you all each day. Her meds increase are still to make any difference but we were warned it can take quite a while to find the right doses of which particular PD meds seem to work the best for her so fingers and everything else are tightly crossed that Mum gets to the magic meds soon. Love you Mum xxxx
    I hope you all enjoyed your day htoday. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx