Monday 13 January 2020

My First Sketch Challenge card

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Can anyone tell me what happened to the weekend?  I felt like I went to bed on Friday night and woke up on Monday, it has just flown, we haven't done that much either, apart from the little bits of cleaning we did Saturday and then Sunday we popped to the shops for a few bits, came home and Paul was organising the Christmas stuff and putting it back in the loft while I sat in my craft room and made this card.
I am still really struggling with my finger, it is still too sore to put any pressure on, I tried having it totally uncovered on Saturday but there is a tiny edge where the skin has dried and it kept catching on things, clothing the sofa etc, the whole thing seems dry, it still feels like it moves when I use it (the piece of skin that I cut), I'm not sure if the whole thing is loose and would lift if I tried but its still to painful to even think about touching so I will leave it and see, I managed to find these things called 'Finger Cots', it's basically a tubular bandage for your thumb/fingers, the good thing is it's all cotton and very breathable so that is way better than the non adherent dressing I was using or the fabric plasters, both of which made the whole area wet.  I didn't want to get my new dressing dirty so I cut the thumb section out of my surgical gloves and use that to cover the whole area while crafting, it stays in place really well !
I my craft area is feeling really cluttered and overwhelming so I think that this week is going to be sorting out and decluttering week, watch this space (as I said that about the pantry last week and I am still waiting to do it)!! I need a helper though as half the shelves are out of my reach, I have noticed that that is where Paul puts all the sweets and naughty things!!!

Here is my first Sketch Challenge card, I have to say that I really enjoyed making it, I had no real inspiration when I went to my desk but having the layout there really helps, in fact I made this whole card out of my Scrap paper box, I can't remember the name of the papers but they are from Stampin Up, as always with SU I had the card to match perfectly so using the scraps was really easy. The striped area at the bottom of the sketch I created by using striped card.
I changed the shape of the panel from an Oval to a Rectangle and instead of stars I used flowers.
The colours are really bright and vibrant, which is just what we need on these dull days.
I hope you like my first Sketch card,  I can't wait to see yours!

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your card is lovely & shows how adaptable the sketch is.

    Must be the time for sorting things out-I spent some time yesterday in my craft room clearing stuff. I managed to empty a large crate and I have another one that is full of magazine papers & articles. I’m going to put a deadline on using them then if they’re not used they’ll be donated. I took 3 huge bags to the charity shop on Saturday-mostly clothes but there was other items too. Next stop is my craft room!!
    Like you-I can’t believe it’s Monday morning already, off to work I go.


  2. Morning Everyone
    A lovely example of our Challenge for this week SANDRA.

    I'm not sure what I'll be doing today yet but I have to say I The CAFE is OPEN and looking inviting with clean linen on the tables and fresh greenery around the place.
    HUGS are on their way to you all with extras today for Dear Friends in need.Take care and stay safe xxxx

  3. A lovely card to start the day
    Apart from doing a bit of shopping I made a Belated Birthday card - no photo as. I needed to post it! And then I crocheted watching that new Potters Wheel thingy - Channel 4 I love it, not that I can “throw” but (like us) they’re given the same challenge and I love to see their ideas and results Afyer that Call the Midwife and then Christine Keebler
    Work has come around again far too quickly and I have training this morning I’m far too old to be taking on new stuff but hey ho it’s part of my new role
    Take care all xxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Today’s card is beautiful and fresh. A cheerful card that anyone would love. Well done you on making it from your scrap box. I need to sort mine out and remember too use it! Glad you had a nice day with Pail yesterday. Sorry that your thumb is still so sore. Those finger covers are really good, I have used them in the past but had forgotten about them or I would have brought you some over when I saw you last week. Great too about keeping it clean with the cut up plastic glove. Hope your sorting goes well xx

    Any spring cleaning won’t happen this week as we have Penny from midday then the older girls from 3-7pm today and I am away or out everyday until Saturday so that’s my week done.
    Hope you all have a good day. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    A lovely springlike card today. Like you nothing much happened over the weekend. I’ve sorted some things out to go to the charity shop which I need to take down. Just doing things in tiny bites really. I sorted all my Groovi plates out and put them in the small plate rack things I bought from Ikea, and had free from Dunelm. Keep looking at my craft room but that’s as far as I’ve got. I’ve loads of coloured card I no longer use. It’s not bold enough to us under my groovi makes. If I remember I’ll bring it with me to a Watford meet up to see if anyone can use it.
    Gentle hugs to all those that are still in pain.

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What a lovely breath of spring today’s card is Sandra, no one would ever guess it was made from scraps. When I made my CC from the Neon pad last week I cut the large die out first then the balloons and from the waste I cut the letters. I was really pleased with myself, what was left was so small it went straight into the bin.

    Sending caring hugs to everyone, especially those in pain or anyone feeling under the weather for whatever reason. xx

    Take care, Brenda XXX

  7. Hello All, very very windy and wet here, I think it’s storm Brendon, (think that’s the right name).

    Lovey card today, haven’t had chance to look the challenge yet, room full of books and boxes.

    Painter has finished lounge dining room, and the bathroom, just the hall and upstairs landing to do, must admit the smell of paint is getting a bit much now.

    Ordered some new Stamperia pads today, they were in the sale, so rude not to!!!
    Not much else on, hug to all Lilian