Wednesday 29 January 2020

A pretty peach and cream card

Good morning Ladies,

Just a quick blog post today as I had a real 'off' day yesterday, I was unable to sleep all night and as a result my heart just seemed to be in one long AF 'Episode' I was just too exhausted to function.
I did make it into my craft room late afternoon to start on my 'In Love Arts' dies.

Today's card is the result of my sitting and having a 'play' with the dies, I used a few different ones to create this card, the flowers were made from a border die.
I decided on softer colours so went with Petal Pink and Very Vanilla, a marriage made in heaven in my opinion! ;)

These were the dies that I used for the decorative part of the card, I really like that border die from the 'Mesh Weaving Die' set.  The flowers were made by cutting the Lace Border die into individual flowers and shaping them into flowers and layering them up.
I used a die cut sentiment as my hands were in no way steady enough to try and stamp!
I laid the Border dies over an embossed piece of Very Vanilla card, adding narrow bits of foam tape for dimension.  I embossed the background piece with a Double Stitched Rectangle die to frame the decorative piece.
I arranged the flowers on opposite sides of the sentiment piece and added some leaves to finish the look.

Fingers crossed today will be a better day for me!

I hope that you all have a good day too,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a pretty Card, it’s really lovely. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling good yesterday. Fingers crossed today is better.

    The consultant wasn’t able to complete the procedure yesterday in Theatre so I need to go back to see her as an out patient in about 4 weeks. Feels very odd to be off work today-I’m hoping to make the most of it and spend some time in my craft room!


    1. Hi Michele
      How frustrating that the consultant couldn’t finish the procedure and that you have to go back n 4 weeks. Make the most of your time at home. Sending hugs to you.

  2. Hi Sandra & ladies
    I’m glad to hear your feeling a bit better today Sandra.
    Lovely card today. Craig popped in yesterday evening before he went to the pictures with his friend. They usually go every week either on a Tuesday or Wed.

  3. Your flowers look exquisite and your colour pallet is definitely a marriage made in heaven for me. Hugs Mrs A.

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    2. I deleted previous comment because of all of the typos I meant to say
      Hello Mrs A Lovely to see you pop in again today Enjoy the calorie free cakes x

  4. Beautiful card SANDRA I love the delicate colours and to create the flowers from the border die is genius Saves having to keep passing a die through the machine countless times I hope you feel tons better today
    Shame you have to go back for the procedure to be completed MICHELE Enjoy time in your craft room while you can x
    Work was tiring and I also had problems with a piece of diabetic equipment Hopefully after chatting with the company it’s sorted
    I treated myself to another Kerry Lord book - magazine really Dinosaurs! So I will be having a read of that later
    Take care all x

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Beautiful card love the delicate colours you have used, I agree they are a match made in heaven. How clever you are turning the Lace Border into flowers, I’m sure In Love Arts will be impressed.

    Sorry your AF is playing up, I know how exhausting that is. Please tell your doctor what is happening, there are other drugs you can be prescribed. xx

    Michele what a shame your procedure could not be completed, hope when you next see your consultant it can be sorted.

    I’ve been having real internet problems today, thankfully all seems well again.

    Take care everyone, Love Brenda xxx

  6. Hello All, dry today, till this afternoon, so managed to get a load of towels dry out side.

    Sandra, a really lovely card, love the flowers. Sorry to hear your AF is troublesome again, almost afraid to say it but after my cardio version, last September, my heart seems to have settled. Still on the Amiodarone, which make me feel really grotty, hoping to ease them off soon.

    Michelle sorry you have to go back to hospital again, hope you had a good day at home.

    Hoping to sort my craft room out yet again, to try and gain more space to work on, I seem to use far too many things when I want to do , even for a simple card,

    Hugs to all ,Lilian

  7. I know most of you are asleep at this time of the morning but I'm having one of my nights too today Sandra and feel for you because I haven't got the AF but just pain. Had such a nice walk the other day and then I can't hardly move after which is so frustrating.
    Beautiful card in a pretty pink. Nice dies, hope you get much fun with them.
    Michele- sorry you have to go back and didn't get you treatment but hopefully you had a nice day at home instead.
    Karen- hope you diabetes is in control, take care.
    Lilian- never ending with tiding up our work stations I think. Don't matter what little I use, I still end up with a mess and it doesn't take long either Lol
    Hi Mrs A- nice to see you again. Hope to see some of your craft one day :)
    Hope you all have a good night, sleep tight and hugs from me xxx