Sunday 19 June 2022

Your Sketch Challenge cards


Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all enjoying the weekend, what are you all up to?? We are having a relaxing day and then the family are all coming over in the evening  to have dinner with Paul, which we are looking forward to. 

We dodged the showers to go and support the local flower/ plant sale yesterday, we just need to get a break in the rain to plant everything.

Let's have a look at you challenge cards: 


Sonia's Description:

For the first card I used Sue Wilson’s flowers on Kraft card. I added ceramic dots and the sentiment from the Stamp Market.
For my second card I used a flower stamp - I think it was a freebie with a stamping magazine from years ago. Again I added the dots and sentiment from the Stamp Market.

Two beautiful clean and simple cards Sonia, I love that second flower stamp it's so different!  Thank you so much for taking part XXX 


Janet's Description:

As I said earlier in the week I was once again very lucky in that the card we had to make on Tuesday at K&N just fitted the Challenge.
Because of this I cannot say which company made the card/papers etc.
As you can see the card has a pocket straight across towards the bottom of the card. This is decorated with a hessian/lace ribbon and a tag placed inside. The colours of cream and brown go well together though not colours I would normally use.

How amazing that for two weeks on trot your K&N cards work perfectly for our Challenge!!  An absolutely lovely card, thank you so much for taking part XXX 


Lilian I love, love love your Challenge card, that paper you have used is stunning, it looks really expensive. The top & bottom embossing really enhance the paper it frames it beautifully.  Thank you so much  for such a stunning Challenge card XXX 

Oh Sue, such a lovely Challenge card, that stitched piece is beautiful, is it one of yours or your mum's??.  Thank you so much for taking part in this weeks challenge. XXX


Ladies thank you so very much for supporting another challenge I am as always very grateful for the time you take to join in XXX

I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday, sadly the weather isn't forecast to be great 

Sending my love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    Another beautiful set of Challenge Cards.I love seeing how each one of us uses the Challenge.

    A lovely quiet and relaxing day for us ready for a busy week ahead.
    Sorry the CAFE is not providing lunch today but still has the usual drinks and nibbles available.
    HUGS on the way the way to you all. PLEASE STAY SAFE AND TAKE CARE.xxxx

  2. Hi everyone
    Love all of the cards today, they’re beautiful 😍
    Not much planned for today again, will pop over and see my dad at some point, probably this evening when Mark is watching the Grand Prix.
    Have a lovely meal with the family Sandra 😊
    Brenda, Happy Anniversary for yesterday, hope you had a lovely day.
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Beautiful cards ladies I am sorry I didn’t take part Every afternoon last week was busy - looking after the grandkids, shopping etc I cannot paper craft in the evening I need daylight- it that’s when I crochet!
    The wedding was absolutely fantastic There was such a mix of cultures - Cypriot, Russian, Indian, American and of course British To see them all dancing etc The DJ played music from every culture It was amazing and the food was devine!
    We are going to daughter’s today OH and son in law will go and pick up the car and we’re being treated to pizza fro her new pizza oven! All in all a lovely weekend
    Take care everyone xx

  4. Hi everyone
    Beautiful challenge cards . Love them all.
    Had a look again at the flowers from yesterday, so pretty all of them.
    Very quiet day here. Not done much since got back. It's been raining on and off all day. Hoping the sun be back soon. Had tickets for NEC next Saturday, not going now as the trains aren't going.
    Hope you had a good day everyone, many hugs to you all. Maria xx 🤗

  5. Hi All, wet and dull here today, also very windy.
    Lovely cards today, all so different once again. Need to put my thinking cap on for next week. Hope to get it done a bit sooner this week.
    Hope you all had a good weekend, hugs to all , Lilian

  6. HiSandra and all in the Cafe today. It is so interesting to see how different our challenge cards are second time around. Still just as beautiful this time around too.
    My stitched part of my card is actually a Stampin up die, sorry will have to look in the morning to see what it is called. It was one of Mums that lightly pierced the card and it called out to be stitched. The card matt, the border die and stitched pinky peach colours all matched but it doesn’t look like it on my photo.
    Sandra, I’m glad you and Paul managed to get to the local sale. Did you get anything good? Xx
    Karen what a lovely weekend you have had xx
    It certainly has been a lot cooler today hasn’t it! The rain will have done the gardens good though.
    Sending love to you all. Take care xx