Saturday 18 June 2022

Mixed Up Saturday Flowers


Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

It's all about the flowers on todays post, we have so many beautiful flowers in the garden at the moment it fills me with joy, sadly they only last a few days and they are gone for another year, so sharing them on my blog is away of keeping a flower diary that I can look back at on those dad days in winter when nothing is in flower. 

So I will apologise in advance for the amount of photos I am about to share....


This is more of a wild rose that grows in our front borders, so pretty and has hundreds of buds .

These are some of the roses in the front garden border, they smell like proper old fashioned Roses.

This is the Rose that we planted our Dog (Gemma) ashes in, it was a rememberance rose, I love the beautiful yellow roses.

I was worried that I may have pruned this rose a bit too hard last year, it had gotten so big it had pulled the drain pipe off of its fixings, it was a good 14ft high, so I gave a good haircut, thankfully it has bounced back with an abundance of buds, the roses are really big too. It smells amazing too.

The Peony has recovered after being moved it only has a few buds on it this time, hopefully by next year it will be covered in buds like it was before. It is such a beautiful flower. 
Various plants in pots and borders

Wildflower Border


My gorgeous Philadelphius

This has to be one of my favourite shrubs in the garden, its scent is beautiful,  thankfully it over powered the rotten fish bush, which has finished flowering  (thank heavens), although the bees loved it.  

Lilian's Garden 

Lilian's beautiful Roses, what a beautiful display, Lilian says that the White one has scent which must be lovely as you walk up the path. You pink rose has so many buds on! Its called Rambling Rector. 
Thank you so much for sharing your flowers with us xxx


I have a couple of photographs from my garden a lot of it is still green but early May I took a picture of my Arum Lily. It originally came from my sisters garden when she lived in Ely Place in London, this year it’s excelled its self, Even though it’s squashed in a small space at the side of the greenhouse
 It had so many blooms on it, this is the photograph

The next picture Just been out and taken a picture of this rose it’s called Golden wedding, and was a gift from a friend on our  Golden wedding. Today or wedding anniversary it’s 61 years where has the time gone !

Brenda your Arum Lily is incredible,  I don't think I've seen one with that many flowers.
Your Golden Anniversary rose is beautiful and looks so healthy.  Our Pearl anniversary rose is just about to burst into life, it's bright pink. I love yellow roses though. 
Thank you so much for sharing your garden with us xxx

Karen's Favourite Spot

Karen's Favourite Spot in her garden is her amazing Sumner House,  I would love to be able to sit in there on a lovely day with a good book.  Thank you for sharing it with us Karen XXX 

As I am writing this post (late Friday afternoon) it is about 34 degrees, I csn only hope that this weather will last the weekend but alas that is not what is forecast.  
The good thing is atleast we have crafting to keep us occupied on the rainy days!! 

I hope that you all have an enjoyable weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning everyone
    It's very dull and grey here at the moment and much much cooler. SANDRA I'm sorry I didn't send a flower photo but I didn't get your message until well after teatime.
    All the flowers are just glorious and definitely bring a smile with them.

    I'm off to M&S foodhall this morning and then hoping for a quiet afternoon with my feet up.

    The Cafe is of course OPEN for all to pop in with cold drinks in the fridge and ices.
    HUGS on their way to you all. Have a good week-end whatever you all may have planned. PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  2. Fantastic photos of your gardens ladies I love roses especially yellow ones We have one in the remembrance garden at the hospital for my sister and it is actually called Remember Me which was also played at her funeral
    It is definitely cooler here but still quite bright Today’s the wedding which weather permitting will be
    outside Still not sure about my outfit - which I will photograph and send to you - but too late now!
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    A beautiful display of flowers this morning, they’re lovely. Our silver wedding anniversary rose is just starting to flower, so I’ll take a photo when it’s more in bloom.
    Karen, enjoy the wedding 😊
    Feels much cooler here at the moment and cloudy. Nothing planned so it’ll just be a quiet one.
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Morning everyone
    Beautiful photos of your flowers ladies.They do make you smile to see all the beauty and you can nearly hear the bird's singing. I will try again Sandra to send mine.
    Love your summer house Karen. Have a great day at the wedding and hopefully the rain stays away.
    Have a good day everyone and many hugs to you all 🤗 xoxo

  5. Hello, really windy, here today,miss going outside for a cup of tea.

    Oh the flowers are gorgeous, love all bright colours, especially the sweet Williams, we have a small patch , but can’t get near them for rhododendrons, which have finished early this year. There is no doubt about it, that flowers really do lift the spirit.
    Congratulations Brenda on your wedding anniversary.
    Going to try and sell some of my machines, I have several die cutters plus three cricut machines. I’m not going to use them anymore. Hugs to all Lilian

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What gorgeous flowers, especially the roses. They are a firm favourite, and when you smell the beautiful aroma of them I am transported back to my first childhood home where Mum and Pop had so many yellow and pink roses growing all the way down the garden wall which both looked and smelled wonderful on a summers day. I can vouch for all of your beautiful flowers too Sandra, I think my favourite is the pink rose that is on the corner of the house but your whole garden has something different to enjoy. It is lovely to see every else’s plants and Karen your summer house looks like the perfect spot to relax xx
    Brenda, many congratulations to you and John on your 61 wedding anniversary. Have a lovely day together. xx
    Karen enjoy the wedding. I hope the weather has been kind at least for the photos. As Brenda found out sometimes duller weather can actually be better xx
    A lazy day for me as my right foot has had an argument twice in the last three days with one of the bed legs and it is now not happy!!! It is a lot cooler here with rain showers on and off. I am missing the blue sky and sun but it is meant to be back tomorrow with temperatures in the low twenties which is ideal.
    I hope you all have a good day. Love to you all. Take care , Sue

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    What a beautiful selection of roses you have Sandra, your garden must be a delight to walk around, so much colour and interest.
    Karen hope the wedding went off well. I love your summer house.
    Sandra I’m sorry I haven’t completed my challenge card. Today has been a struggle, I’ve had dreadful back pain, usually pain
    killers help, but not today. I’m so sorry no challenge card from me. Hope I will be ok after a good nights sleep (says she hopefully) Tomorrow we are supposed to be going to daughters for Father’s Day 🤞
    Take care everyone, hugs Brenda xxx