Thursday 23 June 2022

A lovely Inspiration Card by Brenda


Good Morning Ladies,  

How are we all this lovely Thursday?   Are you all enjoying the weather?  I love the sunny days, but I wish the nights were a little cooler,  wd have the fan on for the whole night for past 3 nights, I'm not bothered by the noise as my Tinitus drowns it out but I do find it makes you dry, dry nose and mouth, you wake up slightly cooler but absolutely desperate for water!!  I find the same with air conditioning when we are on holiday, we can't use it overnight as we end up so congested.  We are obviously conditioned to be snuggled up under a duvet in the cold.  !! (Mind you I dont think the menopause is helping me at the moment)! 

Moving on to lighter things 🤣😂 Today I am sharing the other card that Brenda made for the TicTacToe Challenge a couple weeks ago, it just so happens to work PERFECTLY for this weeks Yellow,Blue & Green Challenge too!
The stamp is from HoneyDoo,  Brenda coloured the flowers beautifully with her Polychromos and blended over them lightly with a Copic pen. The effect is amazing Brenda, I love how bright and vibrant those flowers are, such a lovely card.  Thank you so much for sharing it with us XXX

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday,

Love and hugs to all, 



  1. Your card is beautiful Brenda
    We’re babysitting this evening Daughter and fiancé are going to watch the new Top Gun film Hopefully I wil be able to do some more crafting this afternoon
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Morning everyone
    Gorgeous card from our Brenda, the flower stamp is beautiful. Hope you are doing alright.
    Air conditioning is lovely on holiday but I wouldn't have it at home, the fan is enough and they have given me plenty of colds as we thought this time too but turned out to be covid . We are both now negative but left with a stupid cough. Seeing the nurse this morning for blood test, hoping she can get some this time, the other nurse didn't get a drop but I'm already on my second glass of water so hopefully that will help.
    Karen, have fun looking after the little ones.
    Sonia, have some nice days off work.
    Janet, hope everything went well yesterday and you are alright.
    Sue, hope you are okay and not in too much pain. Hi to Pop.
    Cheryl, what are you making? Are you doing a craft table this year ?
    Lynda, nice to hear from you, hoping you and Terry are ok?
    Lilian, hope your are better and the sunshine was a bit of help . Everything looks so much better with a blue sky and sunshine and the body feels a bit better too with a bit of D.
    Have a nice day everyone, hugs to you all 🤗 xxx

  3. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    What a surprise when I opened the blog to see this card, I have enjoyed going through my box of Honey Doo stamps, I haven’t got that many but have certainly enjoyed playing with them.
    Had a busy day at starting with the hairdresser and ending up doing the shopping in Asda. Now I feel exhausted.
    Karen have a great time babysitting, hope the boys settled down for you. xx
    Maria hope that Covid cough goes away soon. I know several people who have had Covid and it has left them with a cough, please take care and do your best to stay safe. xx
    Sonia hope you are enjoying your day off. xx
    Lilian hope all is well with you and R. xx
    Janet how did your hospital visit go? xx
    Take care everyone and stay safe. Love Brenda xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Love your card Brenda, it’s beautiful 😍
    Been a cloudy, muggy day here but no storms so far! Had a little rain this morning, so I decided not to hang out the washing, but been dry since!
    Janet, hope you got on ok yesterday at the hospital xx
    Brenda, hope you’re having a well earned rest after your busy day xx
    Karen, hope the little ones are ok and you have fun babysitting xx
    Maria, sorry to hear you had covid, and are now left with the cough. Take care xx
    I agree with you Sandra about the fan in the bedroom. I wouldn’t bother having ours on, but Mark likes to have it so he aimed it over him last night.
    I made a card today and even found the time to make some Caramilk Rocky Road 😋 Just waiting for them to set ☺️
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Sandra, I can see why you wanted to share this beautiful card. Thank you for a lovely day xx
    Janet, will you be meeting your niece at the weekend or have I got the one? Xx
    Brenda, your card is so pretty and your colouring is perfect. I wish I was half as good as you. Thank you for sharing the cards. I hope you are having a quite evening xx
    Maria, the left over cough after a bout of Covid seems to be a real pest. I hope you both get rid of it very soon xx
    Karen, I hope the boys went off to bed well. Do they have a bedtime story read to them? All of ours do even though they can all read fluently, except for Penny. When they are here they usually choose one of our younger age group books as they say they still remember us reading to them when they were little and love hearing them over and over which is so sweet. Tootles the Taxi, Downy Duckling, and Peace at last are just three 🥰 xx
    Sonia, Chris likes the fan at night but I’m with Sandra about it drying your mouth and nose out even more than what happens due to some of our meds!
    Lilian, how is your back doing now. I hope it is improving for you xx
    It has been, and still is very muggy here. We have had some rain but not enough todo any good. There is a chance of a thunder storm but I bet it doesn’t appear☹️
    Have a good night. Sending love and hugs. Take care, Sue xx