Monday 20 June 2022

Another couple of Cards to inspire


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you all had a relaxing weekend,  yesterday wasn't as bad weather as we thought, it was cloudy and still quite muggy,  we had a chilled day, I made Paul a cooked breakfast, I tried out our new Ninja Air Fryer and I have to day I was very impressed, it cooked 2 sausage/2 bacon to perfection (we like bacon fat to be crispy) in 6 minutes.  We bought the Air fryer to use when we switch the Aga off for the Summer, we did have an Actifry but because it rotates the food around the bowl and we have found that things like sweet potato chips/wedges end up like mush, same with some chips, the Ninja also works as a regular oven so you can bake and roast in it too, everything we have tried so far, Salmon, roast asparagus/green beans, crispy new potatoes have been a success and took less time.  

We finished the day strawberry picking and then the whole family came over to celebrate father's day.

So as seems to be the way on a weekend I didn't get around to making a card, so I found some more cards that fit the Blue/Green/yellow challenge. I hope the give you all some ideas. 

I hope you all have an enjoyable Monday, 

Love and hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx


  1. Yesterday sounded wonderful I know how lovely it is having family around and how exhausting it is but we wouldn’t have it any other way would we? I’m almost grateful that I can sit at my desk and work this morning!
    I will try and craft this afternoon providing it doesn’t get too hot in my craft room
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi everyone
    Beautiful cards today 😊
    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. We had a quiet one and I went to see my mum and dad yesterday afternoon.
    Taking Barney for a groom this afternoon, long overdue so he’ll be glad of it 🐶
    Have a good day everyone whatever you’re doing.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hello All, lovely sunny day, with a bit of high cloud.
    So washing should dry well as there is a bit of breeze.

    Sandra sounds as though you had a lovely weekend if a little tiring.

    Still reorganising my craft room, trying to find more desk space, I have two sewing machines, which take up an enormous amount of room. Have put the smaller of the two on the floor, trouble is it’s very heavy.
    Hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you are doing, l have yet another set of blood test this afternoon . Lilian

  4. Hi ladies
    Sorry being so late again but I was so sure I had posted this morning but here I am to say how lovely all the cards are and I love the colours you have used here together.
    Waiting for a hip scan and got the letter this morning but of course it was the date I'm going to Bedford, unless it gets cancelled again so anyway I phoned them up to change the date and they couldn't find me on their computer so I ended up calling around and no help at all. Hubby took over and 2 minutes later he had a new time and date for me, the date before the original. I could have pulled my hair, why didn't they listen to me in the first place :/
    Had a little outing to Frost and then sat reading on the patio. Need to sort out my crafting things. Son was very nice and moved a lot up to his room but I can't find anything so if I'm going to join in this week I need to get a wiggle on :)
    Good night my friends. Many hugs to you all xxx