Friday 3 June 2022

Our Next Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies, 

Well wasn't yesterday's Ceremony full of "Pomp & Circumstance' just what we all needed??!  I had a lump in my throat watching thinking of how much my Mum would have loved the whole thing.  We have fond memories of our Street Party for the Silver Jubilee, the whole of our street sat together at ate tea.  I must dig the photos out.  Do you ladies have photos and Memories ftom the Silver Jubilee?? 

Our Next Challenge 

We haven't had one for a while so I thought we would have a TicTacToe Challenge for our next Challenge, I spent ages choosing (as usual) I picked about 15 and slimmed it down to a handful but I went with this one as it had the 'Masculine' element,  with it being Father's Day next weekend I thought it would be nice to make a Masculine card, I know many of you like me won't have to make a Father's Day card this year but we will have a display of cards in their honour.  

There are many other combinations if you don't fancy making a Masculine card.  

I hope that you all have a Fabulous Friday,  now I'm sure there is a rule that you can't do Housework on a Royal Bank Holiday,  so feet up girls,  get to your craft desk! 

Sending love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. Good morning everyone The challenge will spur me on to make a Father’s Day card! I know it will be a sad occasion for many whose fathers are no longer around
    We had a fabulous time at the Jubilee party yesterday There was a group of about 10 of us dancing and waving flags We even managed to get a long conga going around the field!
    This afternoon we’re off to a Salsa event I’m looking forward to this one too because we haven’t seen the organisers for about a year Lots to catchup on!
    Housework is definitely banned today!
    Take care everyone xx

  2. Hi.
    We saw the parades and all the festivities on a big screen around the pool and many channels on the TV. It looked very good everything. I hope you all had an amazing day.
    We had a good journey and by the pool at 11am, +29. Burned bit's that haven't seen daylight for a long time 🤭😀 have a nice day everyone and many hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Great challenge for next week. Didn’t realise Father’s Day was so soon, so that’s one I’ll be making 😊
    Off work for 3 days, but no resting here at the moment! Want to get all my housework done so it’s out of the way.
    Maria, enjoy your holiday, don’t get too sunburnt 😉
    Enjoy the rest of the day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Great challenge for next week lols of good options
    When I opened the blog earlier yesterday’s comment was still there and not quite finished, I had fallen asleep and lost the plot, Nothing new there !!!
    Take care everyone, love Brenda xxx

  5. Evening everyone, it’s been another lovely warm day again.
    Started to put my begonias in the hanging baskets, could only do three, as my back was too bad to do any more.
    Made a simple card for this weeks challenge, I like the grid for this week. I don’t make Father’s Day cards any more.
    Tomorrow and Sunday, I’m doing a zoom class with Kay from Indigo Blue, never done one before, although I have done a few face book classes, but these are very much more money so hope they are worth it. We are making a key rack with polymer clay, never used it before so all new. Goodnight all ,Lilian