Sunday, 1 September 2019

Your Recycle Challenge cards

Good Sunday Morning Ladies, 

Michele set us an interesting Challenge this week, this is a Challenge that get's your mind involved as well as your creative brain.
I found myself looking around to see what things I could have used,  it then made we wish I had bought some craft tools with me, i have picked up some pretty pieces of sea glass, I love the beautiful shade of green and it gets you thinking about how long it's been tumbling around in the sea. The other thing there has been lots of is drift wood, in varying sizes from Tree trunk to twig, they are beautifully bleached and so smooth.  I might be tempted to take a couple of pieces home but not sure I'd know what to do with them.
Anyway let's see what you have been using to create your projects.....

Brenda has made 2 beautiful cards and a matching gift box for the 'Recycled ' Challenge. 

Brenda used Valspar paint samples for the pretty butterflies on both cards and on the lid of the matching box, what a gorgeous gift.
The die that Brenda used is one of Chloe's Creative card dies.

Thank you so much Brenda for two stunning cards XXX


Janet has created 3 beautiful projects from deconstructed cards to paper plates, I will add Janet's Description below:

For my first card apart from the base card all the embellishments have come from a deconstructed card.

My second piece is a paper plate which matches the card I made the other week using a matching paper napkin. The puff teapot and cup are from La Blanche.

My last piece for this week is again one of the napkins matching the paper plate. The little roses and die cut are from my scrap drawers.
I had these napkins and plate given to me by one of my K&N friends who said 'what can you do with these'.

Janet I love what you have managed to create from Recycled bits.
Such a great idea to use a paper plate, they are really pretty paper plates too.
Thank you so much for taking part Janet XXX


Lynda has Recycled one of her birthday cards for the Recycled Challenge.
The image is really pretty so Lynda cut it off the original card and added it to a larger card with a new background. 
I love how its turned out Lynda,  thank you so much for taking part XXX


Val, what a stunning Christmas card you have created  I love the background and that stunning framed image, you would never think that this is a Recycled card.

Here is Val's Description....

Attached is my cc. I used one of last year's Christmas cards. Die cut hole in  6x6 card and stuck the picture on the back. I made a red frame and used a foliage die and JLs poinsettias.
I'm pleased with the way it turned out and a good way to use up last year's cards.

Those Ponsettia's and foliage really do add the 'Wow ' factor to your card Val. I absolutely love this card, thank you so much for taking part. XXX


Karen has made two fantastic 'Recycled' projects,
I love that pretty card Karen and love have how you have arranged those flowers to give the 'Ombre' effect.
Now I have always wanted to have a go at Book folding but I dont think I would have the patience,  I really love the look though.

Karen's Description:

Here’s 2 cc One is an old book fold - remember that craze! I don’t think I’ve sent it in before...
Not brilliant RHS has a lot to answer for

And a card using good old Valspar paint samples

Thanks so much for taking part Karen, those Valspar Paint samples are great, you get more of each colour than on the old style samples. XXX 


Lilian's Recycled Project is a Beautiful Brush Holder that has been created by upcycling an old Pringles Tube.
Such a fantastic idea, as unlike jars it is easy to add beautiful papers to, I love the vintage looking paper that you have used Lilian, to make it even more attractive Lilian has added some beautiful pearl flowers and a ribbon border at the bottom.
I am definitely going to make some of these Lilian, we always have those tubes hanging around (aldi brand though as they are half the price of pringles)!  I am using jars at the moment but haven't decorated them as I will need to Gesso them first and I need new Gesso.  I did think of using Hessian wrapped around the centre with some Jute twine to finish, we will see what happens when I get home.
You have really inspired me Lilian, thank you so much for taking part XXX

Ladies, you have done a fantastic job once again.
It's so lovely to see how your creative mind works each week.
Michele thank you so much for setting such a great Challenge, you certainly got those brain cells working, Michele's next Challenge is a great  on too! 

Enjoy your Sunday ladies,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Thank you to everyone who joined in last weeks challenge, such beautiful cards & projects.
    I didn’t make it to the garden centre yesterday, might go tomorrow as Ive taken the day off work. I’m off out early this morning to the Sincerely Yours Craft Show in Leigh (near Wigan). Not sure how long I’ll be out (definitely won’t be all day) but I thought an extra day off to catch up would be a good idea!


  2. Lovely challenge MICHELE and what great examples too I will be looking at recycling a little bit differently especially Pringle pots (other brands are available!) and cheese triangle boxes
    Those Valspar paint samples are brilliant as they are a decent size to die cut I forget to pick up “greens” for foliage I must remember next time
    Off to a Salsa in the Park later today This is the third time we’ll have been and it’s a lovely day catching up with old friends we won’t have seen since last year
    Take care all xxx

  3. Morning Everyone
    OhI love Sunday mornings opening up to see what everyone has created for the Challenge of the Week and today is just as good as always. Lovely ideas with inspiration for all.

    It was a much much cooler day yesterday with some rain which was a pity as it was the local fete. I'm always sad when so much work has been put in and then the weather turns.

    Not sure what's happening today. Not much as I'm hoping for a restful day.

    The CAFE is oPEN waiting for you all. Lunch is Roast Chicken and for afters Apple Crumble so place your orders please.
    HUgs are on their way to you all. Take care and stay safe xxxx

  4. Hi Everyone on this white rabbit morning. Isn't this year flying by?

    Lovely challenge this week, thank you Michelle. Great idea on recycling, especially love Lilians idea.

    I think I've mentioned in the past how frightened I am of the dentist and I've put off going for a long long time. Well a back tooth is so delicate and jumping so I'm going to have to ring up for an appointment tomorrow. I feel sick already cos I know he's going to have all sorts of things to do.

    Have a lovely Sunday whatever you're up to.

    Janet can I book in around 1 for one of your lovely Sunday lunches

    Love Valxxc

  5. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Great challenge cards etc today. Will need to look at lots of things differently from now. Although I’m really into my Groovi at the moment.
    Val I hope the dentist doesn’t fund to much to do. I always hated going to the dentist. However, the NHS one I have now is very understanding and puts me at ease.
    I hope you enjoy today’s Show Michele.
    Yes please Janet chicken for lunch sounds lovely. It’ll save me cooking and I’ll lose a bit of weight.

  6. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Just lost my comment GRRRR again
    So we going out now have to do it later xxx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Lovely seeing everyone’s take on this weeks challenge, I think the Pringles container is a definite wow. I have used Cotton Bud tubs (Johnson’s) and have painted them, they are used as craft storage containers.But are not as attractive as Lillian’s Pringles container.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday Sandra
    Take care everyone and have a good week.

    Love and hugs Brenda xxx

  8. Hi ladies.
    Wonderful selections of cards, book folding and pringle tube. The colour swatches cards are great, they will soon be out of them if we all started picking some up Lol
    Val- feel for you to have to make a dentist appointment, hate the dentist too. hugs and will be thinking of you in the morning x
    Karen- hope the Salsa in the Park was good fun and meeting up with all the others.
    Sorry Janet but missed the chicken lunch as I was out with my friend and neighbour for a catch up, The one I looked after the cat for who insisted on pooping and being sick every else but the right places Lol
    Michele- hope you had a great time at Sincerely Yours craft show, any bargains ?
    Bedtime I think, it has been a long and sometimes hard and sad week so hoping for a better one.
    Have a good night everyone, hugs Maria xx