Friday, 6 September 2019

Next Week's Challenge by Michele

Good Morning Ladies,

A bright and early start for us today as we  take yhe girls and Lewis to the airport,  they need to be there for around nine, so we will probably leave about 7.30am just to be on the safe side,  we have never driven into Girona at peak time so have no idea if there will be hold ups, it usually takes about 40 mins.  I think we will come back and chill for rest of the day I think.
Paul will pack the car tonight, leaving us less to do in the morning.

Now onto your Next Challenge....

Michele very kindly offered to do two of the Challenges while I was away, which helped me out so much, I am so grateful Michele xxx

This weeks Challenge is all about using computers or the internet to create your cards/projects.
Now before any of you Techno phobes (like me) start to panic, read on, it's a lot easier than you think and to be honest most of you do it already.

I will hand over to Michele....

Hi Ladies,

Last challenge while you are on holiday is to use a Computer/laptop/smartphone in some way to create a card.

The first card has a computer generated sentiment on it, plus I used Pinterest to look for this design.

The woodpecker card was made using an image I found on the Internet & printed it out.

The square card was a Digi download from Ella’s Design.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy this challenge as we use technology in so many ways without realising.

Happy Crafting

Thank you so much Michele,  this is a brilliant Challenge,  as I said above most of us use the internet to get ideas and inspiration for our cards, or to order the items to make our cards.
Some of you use the Computer all the time with Serif or some kind of Digital Downloads.
I never remember to use the computer to print out sentiments, such a good idea!
So I look forward to seeing what you all come up with. 

I hope all of you have a lovely weekend, 

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-hope you journey to the Airport is problem free and. You can enjoy your last day.

    The challenge could include looking on Sandra’s blog (or other blogs) for inspiration -lots of different ways we use Technology.

    We have horrendous weather here today-gusting winds(50 mph) again plus rain! I hope the weather improves at the weekend as we’re off to see my Father in Law I’m Saturday afternoon then I’m helping my Dad in his garden on Sunday morning.


  2. I hope the journey to the airport was hassle free and you can enjoy your last day relaxing
    Great challenge MICHELE Some of the 5 leaving cards I have just finished already fit the bill So I must take some photos Serif is my usual go to although I am trying not to rely on pc to create cards Most of the time I print out sentiments
    Just got back from diabetic eye check So sight is a bit blurry but I think it went OK She just commented on the fact I have cateracts
    I hope pains and aches are easing for those that are suffering
    Take care all xx

  3. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Michele thank you for cc it sounds interesting look forward to seeing cards.
    Sandra enjoy your last day, & hope the journey to airport is not too
    Val hope dentist was not that
    Sending hugs to all love

    1. Hello Margaret, Pleased to hear the medication is helping, hopefully the improvement will be long term. Gentle hugs on there way to you. xx

  4. Hello Sandra and ladies
    From a very wet windy & cold 🌨️☁️Broadstairs. Hope it's warmer where you are.
    I haven't done a lot so far I did polish & got told off from CU as he said I could have fell over. I just get so frustrated. He means we'll bless.
    I'm going in craft room now I'm safe in there I think. Lol
    MICHELE thank you for our challenge for this week.
    Hope your all having a good day
    Love & Hugs Lynda xxxx

    1. Lynda I understand your frustration, bless him Terry is looking out for you and wants to keep you safe. Please take care xx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sandra I hope the airport run this morning was uneventful with no delays, and the return flight home was good and on time. xx

    Thank you Michelle for this weeks challenge, when I thought about it almost every card I make has part of it computer generated, it might only be the sentiment. But I actually have one that fits the CC it was all done on the computer. I will send it to Sandra next week. Might even get the grey matter working on another idea I have, hope it works out.

    Hope the packing is going well and you are able to have a relaxing evening, if you are like us, you will be thinking of the family and worrying are they alright. xx

    Had a quiet day today, just did some housework this morning, was going to get out into the garden later but it rained, so went into the craft room was just fiddling around nothing to show for the time spent in there..... tomorrow is another day!

    Time to put the dinner on everything is prepared and ready to go so shouldn’t take long. Enjoy your evening ladies, Love Brenda xxx

  6. Hi ladies
    Great cards Michele and good C for next week.
    Have a nice journey back Sandra and hope the weather will still be good but do dig out the cardi, it's a nip in the air here in the UK.
    Lynda , do take care. He is only worried that something will happen to you if you do too much. Sending you both hugs x
    Lilian, hope you ok and not in too much pain and bruised, take care.
    Cheryl, hope everything gets sorted for Jamie and the works needed in your home gets fixed soon.
    Margaret, many hugs for you and Pop. Missing your daughter, hope she is alright ?
    Brenda, hopefully the rain stays away tomorrow because I have also some gardening to do.
    I've started this morning to clear out my craft magazines I have saved now for years and just taking too much space which I haven't got so when we got our new mattress this morning I sorted out everything that is sitting around my side of the bed. Well I can only say that I really don't need any more crafting stuff !! but of course if going to a craft fair it would be sad not to Lol. This is going to take me all weekend so now you know what I will be doing. Might ask SON if he can help me put some stamps/ dies for sell on line. Do any of you use a good site ?
    Have a good night everyone and snuggle hugs xx