Saturday, 21 September 2019

Mixed Up Saturday

Good  Saturday Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the weekend, thankfully we have a quiet weekend as we did our long distance visiting in the week.

Now let's get on with today's lovely projects, oh and of course we have Michele's magazine review, I would like to add an 'Extra Special' thanks as Michele has sent through Magazine reviews to cover the weekends that she is away too xxx

First project today is a gorgeous one, I think you could all guess who made this lovely work of art but for all those new people looking in it has been designed and created by our very own Janet.

It is a gorgeous card for a friend of Janet's but I have to say that I would pop this in a frame and have it as wall art, it's gorgeous with so much incredible detail. Look at all of those little sewing themed elements, the measuring tape ribbon, the cotton thread would around a bobbin with little dressmaking pins in the top. the scissors and the dressforms.  I love that image you have used too Janet, the vintage ladies on dressmaking pattern paper. Your friend will love it.

I will add Janet's description below....

The is a card I have just finished for a friend's bday.I used one of the prints I pulled off Pinterest last week and didn't use. The scissors/dress maker's models are Tonic Media Dies. I used a piece of straw and wound cotton around it and glued two pins down the middle.The piece of tape measure came from a little sewing kit from Pound Land ages ago just for times like this.

Thanks so much Janet, great idea using the cheap sewing kit as embellishments. XXX


This amazing card and matching gift box was Lynda's engagement card for her son Darren and his lovely girlfriend Sam.
Such a gorgeous card Lynda, that heart die you have used is stunning, I love the colours and how you have embellished it with those gorgeous roses.
I bet they were both over the moon with their card, I would have loved to have seen Harry's face when he found out bless him.  I hope that you and Terry have a lovely time at the engagement party tonight, no partying till 3am mind!!
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing card my lovely XXX

Michele's Magazine Review

Hi Ladies,

The latest magazine for an in depth review is Simply Cards & Papercraft which comes with a great set of Stamps & a festive Die.

The photo above show a ideas using the free gifts.

Here’s more ideas using the stamps.

The next 2 photos show some ideas for gift wrapping using the free gifts.

Below is a photo showing a great feature on Autumnal ideas.

That’s all for this week -Happy Crafting.


Thanks so much Michele, what a fantastic issue, I love the die that you get and those lovely Christmas stamps, you really get a lot with this issue.
A great review Michele,  thank you so much  XXX

That's all for today my lovelies,

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Janet & Lynda-your Cards are absolutely gorgeous, so lovely.

    I have a few bits of shopping to do this morning then I think we’re off to visit my Father in Law this afternoon. I’d like to get into my craft room at some point this weekend to try and get ahead with Birthday cards so fingers crossed.


  2. Morning Everyone
    LYNDA-what a gorgeous card and I just know thst it will go into a memory box so it can be looked at for years and years.

    Thank you for your mag review MICHELE.As always very informative and tempting. Enjoy your hols and have a good rest.You more than deserve it.

    Off on our usual shopping trip this morning but it's going to be a little different in that I need to find a hairdressers to have my hair cut. Unfortunately my hairdresser of many many years has been ill since July and so of course I've managed to cope but it's now at that stage that I just cannot dry it properly hence the venturing into a shop. I haven't been inside a hairdresser's shop for over 30yrs and to say that I'm aprehensive well you can all guess. My body doesn't do back wash and since I'm not straight back wise ah well we shall see.

    The CAFE is OPEN usual hours and cream teas are on the menu this afternoon.Have a good week-end.Take care and stay safe. HUGS are winging their way to you all.xxxx

  3. Good luck with the search I know how daunting that is
    Fabulous card JANET What an ingenious idea re the tape measure and to think I’ve probably thrown one way from a Christmas cracker!

  4. Great makes from both LYNDA and JANET
    I love how you’ve linked their initials together LYNDA Enjoy the party tonight
    Thanks again MICHELE I’m actually going into town this morning So I will take a look in WH Smith
    I am meeting a friend for coffee today who I worked with over 40 years ago Like me she is an avid knitter and crocheter! A little bit addicted to Edward’s Menagerie too
    Beautifully sunny here I think OH is off to do a Park Run in a mo but he’s very much “last”
    Take care all xx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra hope you can have a restful weekend after your hectic
    Janet your card is lovely, perfect for dressmaker. Good luck with
    Lynda your card & box are beautiful, I hope they appreciate how much work went into it, enjoy this
    Michele thanks for review, & enjoy your holiday.
    Sending hugs to all love

  6. Maria-just seen that you’re a winner on Cardmaking Magic blog.....congrats!!


  7. Hi Sandra and ladies
    We have just got home we haven't got the stamener any anymore to stay till 3am it was sill in full swing when we left. It was nice quiet a few of Janie's friends came ( Sam's eldest daughter)
    JANET your card is gorgeous love it.
    Thank you all for the lovely comments on my card & box x
    MICHELE another great magazine review again you have smashed again Thank you.
    SANDRA thank you for showing my card. Yes Sam loved it and said that she got some lovely comments on it.
    Sending HUG'S for everyone xx
    Love from Lynda xxxx