Monday 23 September 2019

Janet's Beautiful Birthday card

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Here we are at the start of another week, I hope to film some video's this week, we now have our internet installed and the other equipment needed for whizzing the internet coverage all over the house, the service we had before barely made it to the lounge! So hopefully any video tutorials that I do will not take a week to upload !

We had a relatively quiet weekend, which we both needed, Saturday was mostly spent in the garden as it was such a glorious day. I was laid awake listening to thunder in the early hours of Sunday morning which bought some fairly heavy rain with it, that rain stayed with us all through Sunday, so we decided to pop to Ikea as we needed some stools for the kitchen table, little did we know that the rain had encouraged what seemed like the entire population of Reading to 'pop to  Ikea' too, it would seem that most of them had gone just to let their children run riot! I have never seen anything like it, bearing in mind that it was raining outside so most peoples shoes would be wet and dirty, the amount of children clambering over sofas and beds, one child that I would estimate at about 8/9 years old was in the centre of a large island full of glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses etc, she had climbed up through the bottom, her parents were oblivious! Absolutely shocking! Rant over, Soap Box, stowed.

Todays beautiful card was my Birthday card from our Janet, I was overjoyed when I opened the envelope, the background paper is absolutely stunning, so detailed with a script detail in the background and those beautiful roses as the main focus.  Janet has allowed the beautiful paper shine, enhancing it with a gorgeous applique with some pretty roses, a matching tag with the greeting and some pretty applique Butterflies to finish the card.
I absolutely adore this gift Janet, thank you so very much for designing this card for me XXX

I hope you all have a lovely day, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a gorgeous birthday card from Janet, it’s beautiful & would be lovely in a frame.
    Sunday in Ikea sounds like my idea of hell-did you manage to purchase the kitchen stools though?

    Quiet day yesterday-housework then a play in my craft room. Phone call to my Dad who claimed to have forgotten we’d be away from next weekend!


  2. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA-I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my card to you.
    The background paper and matching tag are of course STAMPERI and from their 'SPRING BOTANIC' pack.
    I have truly fallen in love with their papers and really have to sit on my hands when I see new

    I'm on my own this morning as Jim is on duty but I've one or two tasks to keep me busy.One of those to empty my sock/tights/stockings drawer as I need to find out my flight socks as I promised to let my younger Daughter have them as a back up to hers for next week.If I'm honest it more than needs a sort out anyway. You never know I just might find something I can use in crafting lol.

    The CAFE is OPEN so pop in and have a chat.HUGS are on their way to you all with loads of extras for Dear Friends not feeling too good. Take care and stay safe xxxx

  3. A beautiful card JANET I try to do shabby chic/vintage and it never looks right This one is gorgeous
    Your trip to Ikea sounded awful but did you get the stools
    On Saturday when I was in The Works they had some very cheap water colour pencils 15x £4 and some water soluble pencils 24x £4 Doe anyone know what the difference is I know they’re cheap and may not be any good at all I thought for that price I’d give them a try to see if I liked the idea
    Take care all Must go get ready for work

  4. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Let’s hope I can write a comment today. Bloggers been playing up while I was away. Ikea sounds like hell Sandra. But as the others said did you get your stools ?.
    Lovely birthday card from Janet today. I need to look at my birthday list later on today. Great cards for last weeks challenge as well. I had a lovely holiday and will definitely be doing another singles holiday.
    Hugs to all who aren’t feeling up to the mark today.

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    I agree with the other comments, IKEA sounds a nightmare, and I think you’re right parents do take there children to just let the let off steam, then walk around as if they don’t belong to them. Hope you found your stools.

    JANET I love the card you made for Sandras birthday, the papers you used are just gorgeous. XX

    PAT pleased you enjoyed your singles holiday, take care. XX

    Hope everyone is having a good day, Love Brenda XXX

  6. Good afternoon Sandra and ladies
    It been nice today but the wind is quite cold
    I've been sorting & puting all the birthday cards ready in addressed
    Envelopes ready to post as I need to post them as we are away so will have to post before we go.
    Janet your card for Sandra is beautiful.
    Hug's & love Lynda xx

  7. Hi Ladies.
    Gorgeous card you got from our Janet. Lovely paper.
    I wonder if you found anything good in the draws ?
    Sandra , your trip to Ikea sound awful. You see, you should had come up to us Lol Did you get what you were after tho ?
    Pat- glad you had a nice holiday, Where are you thinking of next ?
    Lynda- weeks going fast now. Hope you got all the clothes shopping sorted. Hope CU had a good birthday, hugs .
    Sending cards too to friends and family and using the cards I made earlier with the help with CC for what else should I do with them ? What do you do with cards you made ?
    Take care all, hugs Maria xx

    1. Hi Maria
      Haven’t really thought of where I’m going. However, I am going with friends Danny & Joan in Dec to see James Rutgers Christmas Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall in Dec. Then I’m going with them to the Isle of Man in April, both with Johnson’s Coaches who organised my trip to Dubrovnik.

  8. Hello All, very wet all day, and very cold.

    Janet your card for Sandra is absolutely beautiful, love the paper you have used.

    Sandra sorry your trip to ikea sounds a nightmare, we don’t have any in Cornwall, would have to go to Exeter, 160 miles round trip, so obviously we don’t go, think R is secretly pleased.

    Not much else going on, hugs to all Lilian