Saturday, 14 September 2019

Mixed Up Saturday

Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all enjoying the weekend, I feel very blessed, as our 28th Wedding Anniversary is today, so lovely that it's a weekend so that we get to spend the day together, we haven't really planned anything  much, I will take Paul breakfast in bed as he brings me a cup of tea every morning,  we have a few jobs to do around the house and garden, we are going out for a meal tonight too, which I am looking forward to.
I must say that although life has been hard and frustrating for me with health and mobility problems, I can honestly say that I feel so lucky, I get to spend my life with the kindest, most caring and loving man, who I love so very much, I doesn't matter how much time we spend together it never seems enough.  I still get excited when he is on his way home each day!  We have always made a point of not waiting for anniversaries or special occasions to tell each other how we feel, I think that is so important. 
Sorry for the soppiness!! 

Onto today's post, 


Karen was kind enough to share some photo's of  'Team Gary' as they all prepared to take part in the Harefield Hospital Fun Run last Sunday, you all looked amazing, it's lovely to see so many of your family and friends taking part in your team.
Gary would be so proud of his amazing Mum Karen, you work constantly to raise money for this Charity.
I will leave the link below to Karen's 'Team Gary' Fundraising page:

Team Gary Fundraising Page

The following photos of are of the 'Fusing Glass' Projects that Karen's friend Jo creates, I have to say that I am blown away by how beautiful they are, so detailed and intricate, I would love to see a demonstration of this technique.
Take a look at these amazing projects....

I think my favourite is the bouquet of flowers, or maybe that adorable little fox!

Karen, thank you so much for sharing the photo's of Team Gary and of your friend Jo's work, please let her know that I think she is incredibly talented XXX

Michele's Magazine Review 

Hi Ladies,

Cardmaking & Papercraft has a really cute set of Stamps & Die as the free gift this month.

Here’s some ideas from inside the magazine.

Don’t these cards look so cute-these are made using the free gift.

Great article on using leaves-if you didn’t have any Leaf Dies then I’m sure you could use stamps.

Interesting article on heat Embossing backgrounds.

That’s all for this week,
Happy Crafting


Michele, thank you so much for another fantastic Magazine review, I have this magazine (although I haven't really read it yet) and those stamps are so cute, with the lovely Snow Globe die to use with them.  I do love how they feature different techniques each month.
Thanks for taking the time to writing these reviews each week my lovely XXX


Lilian emailed me about these fantastic Blending Brushes, they are in fact Make up Blending Brushes, these ones Lilian bought for £10.99 for 10 Brushes, which is a fantastic price.
I have to say that I have some, I bought Sophie and Lucy a set for Christmas but they prefer Blending sponges, so Sophie bought hers down and asked if I could use them, of course I said yes.
I am going to do a bit of a test with different inks to see how they blend, Lilian has had great success with them so far.

Thank you so much Lilian for sharing this bargain find for us XXX

That's all for today ladies, I hope that you all have a lovely day, I think we are going to be blessed with some sunshine!

Sending love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Karen-the photos of Team Gary look great & well done on such a successful fundraiser.

    Lilian-the sponges look like they’re a bargain & have already been put into action.

    We have sunshine here today although rain is forecast for tomorrow. I have the Electrician coming at 9am then hopefully I’ll get chance to pop into Southport for a few bits of shopping.


  2. Morning Everyone
    KAREN fantastic photos of 'Team Gary'.You all look well and truly ready for your fun run and I know how much these mean to you all. Really pretty cards too. Your friend shows a wonderful talent.

    LILIAN- what a wonderful set of brushes and a really good price too. I shall be looking out for these.

    MICHELE-thank you for the mag review. I shall of course be popping into WHS to have a hans on look this morning.

    We're off on our usual shopping morning with coffee and a natter with Jim's Niece and her two. We're also having a dividing fence put up this morning between us and our new neighbour so it will not be a quiet afternoon for me.

    The CAFE is OPEN and hopefully will be stocked with cakes this afternoon. Remember all calorie free lol.
    Hugs are winging their way to you all with loads of extras for Dear Friends not feeling too well. Have a good day; take care and stay safe xxxx

  3. Thank you SANDRA for sharing photos of Team Gary For as long as I’m able I will keep doing it Mainly because Gary admired the “teams” that cared for him He was never a man of words but would defend Harefield to the hilt when the “prats” (sorry his words not mine) moaned He became good friends with both nurses and auxiliary staff alike One guy was convinced that he got a promotion on Gary’s say so in a survey he’d completed
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SANDRA Enjoy your weekend
    Jo has just started glass fusing We try to bounce ideas but sadly card making stuff like gilding flakes would just burn away in the kiln (600+ degrees C)
    Thanks MICHELE for the mag review- always useful
    How’s your SIL MARIA I hope the op went ok
    You were lucky you didn’t burn yourself MARGARET! But it’s all a learning curve
    OH has just gone to do his first Park Run’ I need to finish daughter’s Birthday card
    Take care all
    PS Pub in the Park was amazing

    1. Forgot to say that the brushes look very good I noticed on Hochanda that they’re now selling a similar shaped item but with foam

  4. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra happy anniversary to you & Paul, hope you have a lovely day & many more years
    Karen it is lovely to see your photos of the Fun Run. Jo's work is
    Michele thank you for magazine review.
    Maria hope SIL is recovering from
    Brenda my sense of humour will be always there, it gets me into trouble from time to time, glad you could see the funny
    Sending hugs to all love

  5. Hi a Sandra & Ladies.
    Happy Anniversary Sandra & Paul.
    Thank you for the pictures of your Team Gary Karen. It’s a fantastic Charity and you do so much fund raising for Harefield Hospital. I’m glad you had a nice day for the fun run.
    Can you tell Jo I think her Fusing Glass projects are fantastic. The butterfly is my favourite.
    I decided to go to a Groovi class at Evesham this morning with Hazel Edwards. My word what an amazing array of projects she bought for us to choose from. I wish I’d booked for all day now. I made a card and a box for ATC’s to go in. Plus I bought home the ingredients to make a tag as well. The project for Nov which is her next class is truly amazing. I’m also hoping to do the bag and a card to go with it as well. I’ll stay all day for that one.
    Love the brushes Lilian and thank you for the mag reviews Michele.

  6. Maria I hope your SIL’s op went ok today. Gentle hugs to you all.

  7. Hi Sandra and all ladies.
    Sorry being so late but just wanted to say wow Karen you look great as Team Gary and I see the little man was coming too :>) Your friends glass work are amazing and I love the flowers one. Love to know how they are made ?
    Thank you again Michele for your Mag. review.
    Have seen many American you tube videos and many of them using these brushes. Thank you Lilian for telling us about them. Hope you doing better, take care.
    Sue- hope you ok, ? don't think I have seen you for a few days.
    SIL operation went fine and she hope to be home Monday. She can't speak or eat properly and will probably have to see a speech specialist later on. Fingers crossed all was taken and she won't need any chemo. but you never know do you. Thanks for your support and hugs ladies. You are true friends xx
    Hope your all had a good day. Hugs Maria xx