Thursday, 12 September 2019

A Distress Oxide and Silhouette card

Good Morning Ladies,

First off today I want to thank each and every one of you for the gorgeous birthday cards that I had the pleasure of opening on Tuesday, I can't wait to share them with all of you xxx

I hope that you are all well, I can hardly believe it's Thursday already, believe me I am looking forward to the weekend. I feel exhausted today and a bit headachey but I think that thats just down to recovering from the journey home and having the mammoth task of clearing my craft room on Tuesday, added to the fact that I am hating not being with Paul 24/7 !!
Tuesday was a long day as I was totally home alone, which as you all know by now isn't my favourite thing, I was in my craft room all day though, boxing things up etc, ready for Paul to carry out when he got home.  

Gigaclear engineers called at 7.50am to sat that they would arrive at about 8.20am, they were spot on, I explained to them that Mr S doesn't want them to touch his tarmac so could they go under the wall at the front and through the lawn and into my craft room, they were fine with that, I asked how long it would, they said a couple of hours and were done by an hour and half later!  You can't even see where they had been.   So now we get to see what a difference it makes, I am looking forward to being able to do some YouTube videos again.

Today's card was one of the 'quick' cards that I put together before we went away, the stamps for this card came free with then 'Cardmaking & Papercrafting'  magazine, all I did for this card is blend Distress Oxides across the base card and them stamp the silhouette stamps over the top, I did add narrow mat of black card to highlight the black.
 I quite liked how it turned out.  Simply yet effective! 

Sue came over yesterday, which really lifted my mood, we had a good old catch up and yummy cakes of course!! 

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    A very pretty card SANDRA and one that would cover many occasions and all genders.

    MICHELE- I loved your Lighthouse card yesterday. I must look more often at my downloads and cd's though I have for this week's Challenge.

    SANDRA- I hope all your 'lodgers' have left and will not return. Spiders are one thing I just cannot cope with at all so I really know how you felt. At least you had your 'Knight' to rescue you usually I'm on my own when I find one.

    Very dull here this morning and the skies are quite dark perhaps we're in for rain today. I must photo my CCs and then finish off a wedding anniversary card.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for you all to pop in for a chat and a cuppa. Fresh scones are on offer today.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. Take care and stay safe xxxx

  2. Beautiful card SANDRA Sounds like your day was hectic
    Had a lovely evening with work colleague discussing ideas she can try with her fused glass projects Trouble is most of the items we use in card making would burn away in the kiln She is making some fabulous items from small pictures and soap dishes to Christmas tree decorations
    Later today I will be sorting stuff out for the Knit and Natter for tomorrow I have no idea how many are coming and whether or not they can knit or crochet
    Take care all xxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Quick comment before I head into work.

    Sandra-lovely Card. Glad the engineers weren’t late & didn’t stay too long.


  4. Morning ladies,

    Love the distressed ink background Sandra, on my PC the white looks a lovely shade of light lilac/blue.

    Mojo disappeared yesterday after I had started to play with my new Pink Ink stamps. Got the bases all sorted glue stamped the image, added the embossing powder, used heat gun then set aside to cool down then went for a cuppa, came back and my mojo definitively went on holiday. Could not think what next to do. Oh me oh my boredom set in. Spent rest of day washing, sorted out some medium sized boxes for friend who is moving soon into an 'old people's bungalow' (I hate that phrase!) cross fingers. She got passed over for one across the road as someone who 'needed it more' jumped the queue. This lady came from Minehead, miles away, leaving all her family & friends there. Apparently she doesn't like it and refuses to speak to anyone keeping herself to herself. Why do councils do that to people at this particular time in their lives when they need support from family?

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Lovely card today Sandra. As you say nice and easy. I hope you now have a much better experience with your internet. Off to lunch with friends which is our usual thing now.

  6. Hi Sandra and all
    Lovely card, do like the background you have made for the stamp. Hope no more spiders in the bed ! I had one a night some week ago and I just got so panic stricken so just screamed for Son or OH to come to rescue. I'm ok sort of if they stay still but it is when they start running, oh boy ! When in Sri Lanka once it was one the size of my hand in the bathroom, traumatised ever since..
    Have thought about the cc for this week but since starting tiding up the craft stuff I have just made more mess so have no place to even think of making one. Hopefully some clean spot later to put something together.
    Nice and sunny outside so going to sit on the patio for a while to catch some rays and get some D.
    Have a nice day everyone. many hugs Maria xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Lovely card Sandra the background is perfect. Lovely that Sue was able to come over yesterday, I’m sure she was the tonic you needed after being home alone on Tuesday. xx
    We both went for our annual eye test this morning, for the first time ever I was told I didn’t need a different prescription, although I find reading in the evening difficult and usually give up. So I am going to get reading glasses. So just choose a cheap frame. Now OH who has not had to have a new prescription for two years need to changes his, he also has cataracts that she wants to check in about six months. So I think all in all we got away with it quite lightly.
    I’m going to pop into the craft room it’s younger daughter’s birthday this weekend and I must finish her card off.
    Take care everyone, love and big hugs, extra for those of you who are feeling under the weather. Love Brenda XXX

  8. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Second time of commenting just lost one GRRRR
    SANDRA I love your card it's so pretty the background is lovely as is the whole card beautiful
    Glad your wy_fi has been fixed you
    No stopping you now lol.
    Glad Sue came over & cheared you up
    I'm going in craft room to finish my CC. Yesterday I went to do it. My computer nearly ended up in the bin. I started it up then it was doing saying doing up dates. Over half a hour still going. After another 20 minutes it finished
    I went on Google typed in victorian
    Florals. They downloaded but whent to print out stupid windows 10 changed it so I couldn't print them out in right size so I just lost it.Bl__dy windows 10 every time they up date it goes wrong.
    So I will look on my craft studio
    Wish me luck.
    Hug's & love Lynda xx

  9. Hi All, another wet day, but the weekend is supposed to be better.

    Sandra your card is great, suitable for most occasions.

    Lynda you have my sympathy regards Windows 10, mine spent nearly all day yesterday up dating, and then today started updating again, I don’t use my lap top much, mostly use iPad much more reliable.

    Have some ironing to do , so I’ll say bye, hugs to all. Lilian