Sunday 8 September 2019

Your Christmas Challenge cards

Good Sunday Morning ladies,

We wake this morning in the pretty town 'Millau', it's beautiful,  surrounded with mountains, it's a Ski resort in Winter and a very popular Paragliding resort and Water sport resort in Summer. The local caves are where Roquefort cheese is made and stored.  
Of course it is also home to the amazing Millau Bridge (Viaduct), a magnificent structure!  I will add a paragraph about it below, it's a tecord breaker!!

The Millau Viaduct (Frenchle Viaduc de MillauIPA: [vjadyk də mijo]) is a cable-stayed bridge that spans the gorge valley of the Tarn near Millau in southern France. In a Franco-British partnership,[2][3][4] it was designed by the French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux and English architect Norman Foster. As of November 2018, it is the tallest bridge in the world, having a structural height of 336.4 metres (1,104 ft).[1]
Our little chalet has a lovely view of the  Bridge (Viaduct) too.

On with your amazing cards.....


Brenda has made two stunning Christmas cards for this weeks Challenge, I love them both!

Brenda's first card is a beautiful Manger scene, (Brenda doesn't remember where die is from), the background paper is from an old Joanna Sheen paper pad.

Brenda hadn't realised the colour ink she was using for her second card until it was too late (Dapper Denim), but my goodness it works!!
The stamp set is called 'Star of Wonder '.
Your card is perfect Brenda, it looks like you planned it to perfection!!   

2 down, a few more to go, hehe!!

Thank you so much for taking part my lovely XXX 


Five gorgeous Christmas cards from Michele for this weeks Challenge. 
I love that stunning frame die you have used Michele, it makes a simple yet perfect Christmas card.
The little set of four cards are just so adorable,  i love the little characters, Little Clare did sime beautiful images such a shame they have closed.

Michele's Description:

"My Christmas cards for this weeks challenge. I tried to use non festive Dies to add to the challenge! The Green & White one is a Die from The Works and the other 4 are Spellbinders with toppers from Little Clare. Wish I’d bought more as they seem to have gone out of business."

Thanks Michele for taking part in this weeks Challenge.  XXX 


Lilian has made a stunning Christmas card for this weeks Challenge using a combination of techniques,  it looks like she has used a mask to create those corner pieces that frame that gorgeous Poinsettia. 
I love the paper you have used for the Ponsettia (Stamperia of course), you have inspired me as I never think to use patterned paper for die cutting flowers. 
Lilian used the Original Spellbinders Poinsettia die (which i think is one of the best ) to create that beautiful centre piece. I think the foliage might be Tim Holtz.
I will add Lilian's recipe below:

Old Spellbinders poinsettia dies.
Paper Stamperia.
Random stencil
Sticklers gold glitter.

Thank you so much Lilian for taking part and creating such a stunning card XXX


Val has made a fantastic card,  I love those dangly bits, such a fun card, your background is beautiful too. I also really like how you have offset the ribbon. 

An amazing Christmas card, thank you so much Val for taking part XXX 


Wow Janet, 4 gorgeous Christmas cards from you for this weeks Challenge.  
The first cards look a Clean and Simple design, perfect for batch card making.
The 2nd card would be perfect for a Harry Potter fan, as the owl looks just like Hedwig!  I love the owl papers you have used, unusual for Christmas  but they work beautifully. 
Card 3 also features an Owl,  the setting for this card with the lanterns looks more 'traditional' Christmas card style. I love how you have given it the shabby look by tearing the edges.
Card 4 is just stunning, I love that vintage look that you have achieved Janet,  it looks really 3D, have you decoupaged the images?

Thank you so much fot four amazing Christmas cards Janet XXX


Maria has used a gorgeous Thomas Kinkade topper for her Christmas Challenge card, I love his work, we have some of his Jigsaw puzzles and they are stunning.
I love how he uses the light to create seasons,  mood etc. A very clever artist.
If you look closely you can see that Maria has decoupaged the image, giving it even more depth and dimension.
I love your layering too Maria, using the soft gold between the layers has bought the card together! 

Thank you so much Maria for a stunning Christmas card. XXX


Lynda discovered some of her stunning handmade backgrounds, so she used them to make this stunning collection of Christmas cards, your backgrounds are always so amazing Lynda, you are a background genius!!!

Lynda's Description:
" I made the backgrounds a while back,
The darker ones are spectrum knor sparkle pens I just  painted with the pens across the page
The gold one is a mica  powder.
&the silver & gold is polished silk just rubbed across page
Last one is shaving foam. "

Thank you so much Lynda, your cards are amazing,  you make me want to make backgrounds too!! XXX


Karen ran out of time this week as she had so many leaving cards to make, added to that a really busy weekend.  
She told me she felt terrible,  I said i would find a couple of older ones and that would be fine, particularly as you never miss a week my lovely. 

So I found these two amazing Christmas cards, the first is a Sue Wilson Stained Glass die, I'm not to sure about the other  could be John Lockwood. 

Thank you Karen for always supporting the Challenges, I hope you have a great weekend XXX 


Pat has been busy finishing her Groovi Christmas cards and sent me lots for this weeks Challenge,  I am sharing 4 today, the rest I will share on the blog during the week as I think they deserve having a day to themselves.
Pat each of your cards is a work of art, absolutely stunning! 
Thank you so much for taking part in this weeks Challenge XXX 

Ladies, thank you all for taking part , you have all made a start on those Christmas cards at last  for me its a huge relief, although I will say that only you, my special friends and my Mum in Law get handmade cards, as they are expensive to post, the rest get a bought one, I feel mean but when someone goes to the time and trouble to make Christmas cards you treasure it, thats why I send them to my fellow crafters, who know exactly what is involved and that "you haven't made it because you're too tight to buy one " (my mums words)!  Hahaha!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend  my lovelies, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    What a fantastic selection of challenge cards today-all gorgeous.

    We have sunshine already here today which is great as I’m going round to my Dads this morning to help him put a couple of plants in the garden. I’ll stay for a coffee then come home for my lunch.
    Father in law wasn’t too good yesterday-his speech was awful so he was obviously tired. We stayed for about an hour which makes it a 3 hour round trip for us as the Nursing Home is approx an hours drive one way. Not something we can do every weekend.


  2. Morning Everyone
    WOW Wow WHAT a wonderful selection of Seasonal Cards and of course all different and all taking a different look on the same theme.

    We too have sunshine to start our day but it's quite cold and so Autumn feeling. Some of the border flowers are beginning to wilt too.
    I want to pop out to the Range this morning. I need one or two bits and and I haven't been for a few weeks.

    SANDRA-have a good and safe journey today and I'm hoping the roads are not too busy. At least there won't be too many lorries on the roads today as all French lorries do not travel on a Sunday.

    The CAFE is oPEN and it's Roast beef for lunch so place your orders asap.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.Have a good day whatever you all have planned and I hope the rain stays away KAREN for the 'fun run'. Take care and stay safe xxxx

    1. Mmmmm roast beef with all the trimmings. I'll see you later. Have a good look around the Range Janet x

  3. Hi ladies, what a bumper bundle of beautiful cards today. It's great to make a start on seasonal cards.

    Sandra, have a safe and easy journey today.x

    Karen enjoy your fun run.x

    Janet would love to book in for Sunday lunch please. Beef is my favourite. See you around one.x

    Putting the inserts in my Christmas cards to take to UK next month for my friend to post in December. I can't post all of them as I write letters with a lot and I don't like to do that too early in case circumstances change.

    Enjoy Sunday everyone.
    Love Valx

    1. Oh I write letters too to family I haven't spoken to for a while. Would have been quicker to face time but they not all on the computer hihi x

  4. Good morning everyone Wow! I love all of the cards and as MICHELE has mentioned they are all so different Not only in the images but techniques to from stamping die cutting messy backgrounds and quirky layouts
    The deer die is a freebie from a magazine SANDRA I use it a lot
    Well today’s the day of the Fun Run It will be emotional for me - going back to the hospital where Gary was treated all his life Seeing his friends with their growing families. But it will be fun too The weather looks kind too (at the moment)
    Thank you again for your kind comments about the animals etc The WRVS Tea room became a place of solace and comfort and so I like to give them something back too
    Take care all I hope JOHN is OK today BRENDA xx

    1. I hope today will not be to painful for you. I’m sure the WRVS helpers are going to fall in love with your gorgeous animals. It sounds as though you will have a lot of support on the Fun Run and Gary will be looking down with pride at what you are doing in his memory. xx
      Thank you for your comment, John is fine. Yesterday if I didn’t know better I would have called an ambulance, he just couldn’t move his head or focus and was very very sick! .... He bounces back every time - and where is he now? Dead heading in the garden!

    2. Hi Sandra and ladies
      Well the sun is out today but still chilly. Wowser all the challenge cards are amazing all so different a couple of mine didn't photo came out dark.
      We have just been for a walk down Broadstairs it was quite warm after all. I used my walker the one with 3
      Wheels but my legs ache. But gives me a bit of exasise.
      We are going to get the car back home
      Love & Hugs Lynda xxxx

  5. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Forgot to post yesterday. But I love your crochet animals Karen. They should raise a lot of funds for the hospital.
    What a fabulous array of cards today. It’s lovely to see some fabulous Christmas cards today. I must say I was disappointed with the green candle one. It didn’t photograph very well, although it looks fine in the flesh. Like Sandra I only send my special cards to people who appreciate them. The others I send normal cards.
    Hugs to all who need them today. It’s sunny gear at the moment so I’ve changed the sheets and put them in the washer with the other bits waiting to be done.

  6. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Forgot to post yesterday. But I love your crochet animals Karen. They should raise a lot of funds for the hospital.
    What a fabulous array of cards today. It’s lovely to see some fabulous Christmas cards today. I must say I was disappointed with the green candle one. It didn’t photograph very well, although it looks fine in the flesh. Like Sandra I only send my special cards to people who appreciate them. The others I send normal cards.
    Hugs to all who need them today. It’s sunny gear at the moment so I’ve changed the sheets and put them in the washer with the other bits waiting to be done.

    1. Love your groovi cards Pat, they are amazing. x

  7. Morning ladies.
    WOw, I do love Sundays, to come in to the cafe', have a look at all the fabulous cards and sit down with a coffee and have a little chat with friends.
    Karen, have a fun run day today and enjoy meeting all the friends of Gary's. Big hug coming your way.
    Brenda, I hope John is alright again this morning ? take care both of you.
    Michele, it's tough, sorry FIL is not doing better. You have a rest today.
    Going to hang the washing out as the sun is shining and then hope for a walk later on. OH still in bed, tut tut
    Have a nice day everyone. Love and hugs Maria xx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    What a lovely picture you paid Sandra of your overnight stay in Millau it sounds really beautiful. I hope you have a pleasant day today and your progress is good, I’m sure when you get to this stage you just want to be home.

    What an amazing collection of Christmas cards and yes you have kicked started me at least into starting our special Christmas cards, I suspect most of the other ladies are well advanced. Val has even got as far as doing her inserts I am really impressed. XX

    I am thinking about next weeks challenge, as I said I have one card, the majority of the cards I make have a computer-generated sentiment. I don’t use CD-ROM ‘s if I’m looking for an image I look on the internet.

    Janet YES PLEASE the Roast Beef my mouth water just thinking about it. Hope you have enough to go around and please don’t forget yourself and Jim. XX

    1. I pressed publish to soon, Janet i was thinking about the beef and got carried away!!!
      Enjoy your day whatever you are doing, love Brenda XXX

    2. Using an image you have found on the internet covers this challenge perfectly It don’t think it has to be a CD-ROM card etc Just printing and using a sentiment covers it too eg “Happy Birthday Brenda”

  9. Hello All, camp here today, R managed to cut the lawn, and I did that thankless task, deadheading, before it was too bad.

    Yesterday’s crafts were all lovely as usual, Karen loved your animals, hope the run went OK.

    Today’s card are al so different, but all super, must admit I’m not keen on making c cards.

    Sandra hope you have a good journey home, my how quickly those weeks have gone bye.
    Hugs to all Lilian