Sunday 29 September 2019

Your Challenge Cards

Good Morning Ladies, 

I can hardly believe that this is the last Sunday in September,  how can we be almost in October?! 
I really am going to have to get into 'Christmas Card Making ' mode!  I think I have two, maybe three Christmas cards already made!! 😲

No panicking today though, I am going to sit and quietly browse through your very calming 'White On White' Cards......


Maria has stamped and embossed a pretty Garden Scene onto the Die cut circle in the centre of her card, she has the beautifully embossed a background piece,  mounted that onto a base card, then added that pretty stamped centre piece. Such a pretty card Maria, thank you so much for taking part XXX 


Three beautiful White on White projects, I gave you a sneak peek of the first one yesterday,  the other two cards are just beautiful,  so elegant,  I do love 'White on White!

Janet's Description:

"My first  offering are three Hearts bought from The Range; painted with white acrylic dried which gives a bubble effect and decorated with lace etc from my lace box.

My second offering is made using Phil Martin's latest dies and decorated with Little Birdie white flowers. The ribbon is from my ribbon box and the sentiment is a Crafter's Companion die.

For my third offering I ran out of time so this is a card I made some time ago using  a Sue Wilson efolder and dies."

Thank you so much Janet,  I can see that you enjoyed this Challenge, thank you so much for taking part XXX 


Cheryl has made a stunning Wedding card for our 'White on White' Challenge. 
Cheryl has used a pretty Embossing folder for the background of her card, it's such a beautiful design that it is perfect as the main focus of the card.  Cheryl has used a selection of pretty circle dies to frame her sentiment. 
A beautiful card Cheryl,  thank you so much for taking part XXX 

Karen's Challenge card has been designed to perfection,  I absolutely love how you have arranged your foliage Karen, it frames your sentiment beautifully!

Karen's Description:

"I have embossed the top half with a SW folder and hidden join with ribbon The Poinsettia are JL’s cut in vellum and topped with his new Swirly Poinsettia and the foliage is his “old” ivy dies
The sentiment is SW’s which I’ve stacked-3 layers I used a quickie glue pen Made it a lot easier to stick together"
Thank you so much for taking part Karen xxx


Two Beautiful 'White on White ' Christmas cards from Michele for this weeks Challenge. 
Michele's Description:
"Two challenge cards for this week! I used white pearl card on silver mirri card plus mini gemstones. Both Embossing folders are All occasions Christmas ones."

Absolutely stunning Christmas cards Michele XXX 


Our Lynda has made an amazing Christmas for this weeks White on White  Challenge.
Lynda's Description:
"The star die is a wish die embossing folder from stash. Hope you like it"

Thanks so much Lynda, I love your Christmas card, your embossing folder is lovely, it gives a really deep, clear impression XXX


Margaret has also made a Christmas card for this weeks Challenge.   I love your clean and simple  design Margaret, your embossing folder is really pretty too.
It's so lovely having a 'Margaret card' on our display.  I can't wait until your back making cards again my lovely,  Thank you so much for taking part XXX 

Thank you all so much for supporting the Challenge this and every week my lovelies,  you know how  much I appreciate it.

I actually cleared some floor space and got some things loaded into my trolleys!  
I made some progress in between doing other jobd around the house, one of those jobs was the Cooker Hood/Extractor,  i think it's a fairly old fashioned design, our last one had little metal plates thst you slid out and could pop them in a pan of boiling water with vinegar & Bicarb and they instantly became clean and shiny! 
The one in this house looked like it was an original feature! We started by 'googling' how to remove an old design AEG Cooker hood filter,  nothing similar came up, so Paul took a screwdriver and turned a few screws, with a little persuasion we got it out!  OMG 😲🤢🤮 never in my life have I seen anything as old and disgusting,  it has been a dark honey kind of colour since we moved in, we though that was just it's natural colour, oh no, this sheet of, well i don't know what, just oozed grease and grime, we managed with a bit of brute force and wretching we managed to get the sticky sheet off, i just looked at this large greasy bit of metal znd thought 'what am i going to do to get you clean' I then had a lightbulb moment and laid it on the draining board and sprayed the whole thing with a generous amount of KOH cleaner, you could see it start working straight away, emulsifying the grease, it started turning white and with a nice hot cloth it just wiped clean, it was a miracle and in about 10 minutes the whole thing was shining like new, we have ordered some more filter sheets, to collect today, I can't wait to see it all clean and back in place.  Since we first discovered the cooker hood (thanks to Sue), it has had a honey coloured drip seeping from the light/fan switch,  I have taken that part to bits and washed it countless times, so I'm guessing it's been years since it's been taken apart.  We very rarely 'Fry' food, when we do it's not in oil, it will he interesting to see how long these new filter pads last!  That was a job well done and, quite a satisfying job too. Sorry for the long explanation! 

Have a lovely Sunday Lovely Friends 

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Everyone
    from an extremely wet Sheffield. The rain hasn't stopped for the last few days and I'm beginning to think my feet have turned into 'flippers' lol.

    Lovely bags from Danni yesterday.So professional looking.

    A beautiful set of cards this week.I really do love white on white as it doesn't matter what the subject matter it is the results always look elegant.

    The CAFE has a lunch menu of Roast Pork today so orders are now being taken.

    I've been asked by a friend if I could crochet an elephant.It's one of those kits with everything supplied though the hook provided is a softish plastic one which I don't think will work. As I haven't done any crocheting for years it will be a real challenge. I just may be asking for some help from our Queen of Crochet KAREN.

    HUGS are winging their way to you all.Have a good day.Take care and stay safe xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Good luck with the crocheting. I always wanted to learn while I was knitting but never found anyone to so me how.
      No roast pork for me today as were all going over Craig’s for dinner later. Olivia will be working today and won’t finish until 4.00 ish.

  2. Good morning all
    Some amazing cards today I really enjoyed this challenge and hoped to do more but got asked at last minute to look after Oscar and I certainly wasn’t going to turn that down I got home about 1.30am!
    It was the perfect challenge to bring out the EF which I have to admit I forget to do AND I’ve moved them to closer to my desk in an attempt to remind me to get them out!
    I hope JOHN doesn’t have to wait too long for appointment and that you’re feeling better BRENDA
    It was good to see you in SUE We’ve missed you
    I hope you’re OK VAL I know the weather has been awful where you are
    I hope the backache is easing LYNDA
    I am definitely crafting today
    Big changes happening at work tomorrow/Tuesday I am not looking forward to it at all I wasn’t even on the original list of affected staff I even volunteered for redundancy but there’s no money for that I am now back on list I will be working for 2 departments I haven’t a clue who’s in the teams and my boss is a new role and still to be advertised! They’re supposed to be saving money and these new jobs keep appearing!
    Have a great Sunday everyone xxx

    1. Hi Karen
      How lovely that you were asked to look after Oscar. You weren’t to late getting home either.
      Good luck for everything tomorrow and Tuesday. Sounds like it’s a big upheaval for everyone.

  3. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Beautiful cards today. Love them all, as you say white on white looks very elegant.
    I’m slowly making Christmas cards. I’ve quite a stack mounting up.
    Well yesterday my parcel that I’d sent to Turkey ( for the second time ) came back to me. Same story label on it. No UA-Uz code & needs a customs declaration. I googled and found that the codes were probably like our post codes which it had on the address. And a customs declaration could be clearly seen stating it was a gift and what was inside. I’ve once again asked the Post Office to pass my email onto the International Division for them to investigate.
    It’s also raining ☔️ here as well. All in all it’s going to be a very miserable day today.

  4. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra sounds as if you did a good job on the cooker hood.
    The challenge cards are lovely. xxx
    Brenda sorry you have felt exhausted take care, hope John doesn't have to wait too long, hugs to
    Karen good luck at work
    Lynda hope your back is
    Janet please may I order roast pork. xxx
    Sending hugs to all love

  5. Afternoon ladies
    Lovely white on white cards everyone.
    I found it hard to think what to make for this challenge and I probably will put some colour to it later. Only thanks to Son take the photo on his camera the card came out.
    Oh , you did give yourself a challenge by changing that filter. Now back to it's shining glory and no more greasy drips.
    Karen- don't envy you to go into work tomorrow. Hopefully it all goes well. Take care.
    Brenda- do take it easy, no rushing around. Hope John gets good results back, hugs
    Where is Val ? missing you. Hope you are ok.
    Sue- it's nice to hear from you. The windows are being kept shut more now because of the weather so that's a bonus. Can't hear them as much :/
    Pat- you are kidding me. It came back again! Now it's gotten ridicules, what are they doing ? The post office must be able to help you out to send it so it doesn't come back again. Third time lucky. The Saga about the parcel continuous .
    Margaret- sending you and Pop hugs. Take care
    Lynda- gently does it. Love CU, he is very helpful Lol
    Michele- hope the flight goes well and no delays on route. Love every minute when you are there.
    Janet- how times fly. Hopefully you can both find some time to go to Marigny for a last time this year.
    Cheryl- hope you are fine ? Any walks lately ?
    I'm having a duvet day. Didn't have a good night and tummy is very sore so just taking it easy today. SIL is coming to us tomorrow. She is doing well but still problems to eat solids so we'll see where we can go for lunch.
    Hope you all have a alright-ish day. Love and hugs Maria xxx

  6. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Third time lucky just lost two comments Grrrr.
    Not nice weather been raining all morning & quite cold. Haven't done much apart having a sit down shower with hubbies help feel quite chilly will put a jumper on in a moment. All the challenge cards are stunning my favourite colour combo they are so classy & elegant.
    Brenda hope you're feeling better today & John gets his results soon.
    Margaret sending you & pops some Hug's .
    Pat how comes your post keeps coming back must be so frustrating for you.
    Sending everyone Hugs love Lynda xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Wow ladies I LOVE ALL OF YOUR CHALLENGE CARDS they are absolutely fantastic.
    Thank you for your lovely messages. I am not rushing into do to much I promise you, today we did pop over to our daughter for a late family birthday celebration, our other daughter and family came over from Essex, we had a lovely day relaxed day chatting and just enjoying each other’s company,
    Hope you all have had a good day ...... not mentioning the weather!!
    Love Brenda. XXX