Tuesday 24 September 2019

My White on White Challenge card

Good morning Ladies,

 I actually managed to sit and make a card yesterday,  which apart from Paul's Anniversary card is the first time I have sat and crafted since the 14th of August   it was a combination of having to clear out my craft room for the workmen, lack of inspiration down to being tired from journey home etc.
I know intend to get it all sorted properly before I put everything back, I want everything organised properly so that I have stamps with matching dies stored together, i ordered some storage bits from amazon yesterday with some more magnetic sheets, I will try and do some before and after photos too.
I have got one of the Hobbycraft trolleys that are still on offer at £25, I am planning to have one for my stamping and one for dies/diecutting, fingers crossed that it works.
We were in IKEA on Sunday and I noticed that they do a mini version of their 'Raskog' trolley, it was so cute, but at £29 I decided to pay less and get the bigger one from Hobbycraft.
I honestly think that if your work space is organized you  want to sit and craft, unlike my big ole mess, where the thought of tidying everything before I started was really off putting!

Today's card is my 'White on White ' Christmas card for this weeks Challenge.   I think it works well for Christmas cards.
 My card is very simple, i used one of the Apple Blossom (from Craftstash) to emboss my background, I then used a Quickie Glue pen to add glue to the snowflakes and the falling snow, I then added white iridescent glitter.  I finished my card with white ribbon with a silver snowflake to adorn the bow.

I am really looking forward to seeing yours! 

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs to all of you, 



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your Card is lovely , I’m hoping my challenge cards gave you some inspiration?

    I should have started to gather some holiday items together last night but I was too tired. Need to start tonight as I’m going straight to the hairdressers after work tomorrow and I don’t want to leave it all until Thursday evening!


  2. Morning Everyone
    It is absolutely pouring down and still quite dark at the moment.

    SANDRA-a beautiful card.It's one of those 'less is more' cards which always look so elegant.

    I managed to make a start on my CC yesterday but whether I'll get any more of it done today is another thing. It's K&N this afternoon and it always seems that it takes me all morning to get things together and into my craft trolley.I have everything crossed that the rain may have lessened or perhaps even stopped by the time I need to venture out.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waiting for you all.HUGS are on their way to you all.Have a good day.Take care and stay safe.xxxx

  3. Beautiful card SANDRA I love CAS cards and the white on white is so elegant I started a cc last night and hopefully will finish it tomorrow evening when I’m home alone We’re off out to our local theatre this evening Never been there So I’m really looking forward to it
    It is absolutely chucking it down and we were issued with a yellow weather warning yesterday!
    I hope things are improving for those in pain LYNDA MARIA and that you’re feeling better LILIAN How are those tablets doing MARGARET I hope they are helping
    I have changed my hours today and going in later as I have a big meeting about the big shake up that’s happening next week - Hence all of the leaving cards
    Take care xxx

    1. Enjoy the trip to the theatre tonight. We going a few times a year to the one in MK, hoping the Lion King would come. hug x

  4. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra all cc's on Sunday were lovely as was Janet's card yesterday. Your card is perfect.xxx
    Sending hugs to all love Margaret.xxx

  5. Good morning Sandra and ladies
    We also have heavy rain & strong winds. So not venturing out. Think I will go in craft room soon.
    SANDRA love your challenge card it's so elegant and classiy I love white on white cards.
    KAREN I hope your meeting goes well & thing's get better at work. It isn't nice going to work with a bad atmosphere. Tack care.
    Big Hug's for everyone in pain & all who just needs a Hug.
    Love Lynda xx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Sandra your white on white CAS card is perfect, a beautiful example for this weeks challenge. Thank you for sharing. xx

    We have had a lot of heavy rain this morning, at the moment it seems to be trying to brighten up, Hope it does as we were planning to go and collect our new glasses today.

    I with you Sandra on putting craft items away, it make it so much easier to get started on any new projects. Having said that I seriously need to have a sort out because my work area has ‘stuff’ all over it. When I go to do something my Mojo stays outside the door! Wonder why? Now I will have to make an effort as I’ve confessed. 😡🤭

    The sun is at last coming out, think we will get off to the optician before the next downpour. Have a good day everyone, Love Brenda xxx

  7. Hi everyone.
    Had the same weather as you all this morning but right now is the sun peeking through the clouds which is nice.
    Love the card Sandra. Like CAS cards when I see them and this EF is perfect for it.
    Brenda- I feel like you when it is too messy, you are lucky you can shut the door Lol It's getting a bit much right now too when it is both x-mas and B-day cards needed doing so I'm up and down those stairs quite a few times a day.
    Pat, nice to have something to look forward too. We said we wouldn't go to Austria next year because SIL can't go with but it pulled so much, booked again for Jan. but a different hotel in Zell :>)
    Had a good morning in town this morning and OH picked up his new car so he now sitting and tinkering outside. Son have sold his so he now cycling just over 12 miles every nigh. Best leave him a towel tonight in the hall tho...
    Hope your day is fine. Hugs all around, Maria xx