Friday, 15 July 2016

This weeks Craft shopping

 Anne's Craft Shopping

 Janet's French Lace 
Lynda's Inkyliscious Haul 

Lynda's Craft shopping (2)

Lynda's Metallic Charm haul

Margaret's New Dies

Maria's new dies

Michele's Craft Shopping

Val's Craft shopping

My new Stampin Up dies

My New Inkyliscious Stamps......

And Spray Inks

My new Creative Expressions Dies

Good Morning Ladies,

It seems ages since we have seen any craft shopping hauls, so we have loads of lovely craft goodies to look at today!

Anne has had a bit of a shopping spree at Inkyliscious this week, The Winter Cabin Bauble Kit and some Embossing Powder, some card and Inserts too I absolutely love the 'Faux Parchment effect that you can achieve with this kit is absolutely stunning, Pat and I were playing around with this effect this afternoon and I am about to add the Winter Cabin stamp to my collection.  I am absolutely buzzing with excitement to see your finished cards Anne, thank you for taking part today xxx

Janet bought her stunning French Lace and all of that Crochet cotton at the 'Vide Grenier' on Sunday, it was a bargain too as the whole lot cost just 5euros.  Thank you so much for taking part Janet xxx

Lynda's shopping is from the past 3 weeks and boy has she bought some fabulous craft goodies!
First up is the amazing selection of Stamps that Lynda has bought from Inkyliscious, some of them are high on my wish list! Lynda spent her birthday money on them, what a perfect birthday gift!
Lynda also bought some Tassel lace, Resin Frames and Sue's new Christmas Rose Die set, along with some lovely Deer and Tree Stamps, the amazing collection of Metallic Charms finishes Lynda's craft shopping this week.  Thank you so much for sharing your new goodies with us Lynda xxx

Margaret has treated herself to some amazingly versatile dies, the Presscut Circles and Squares are amazing value for money, you get so many dies for your money, I have their heart dies and they cut perfectly despite being such a fantastic price, you will get so much use out of these dies Margaret, from using them to create your card bases to cutting appertures into your cards, matting and layering is easy too as the increments between the dies are so small.  Thank you so much for sharing Margaret xxx

Maria has also treated herself to some new dies, the Creative Expressions Kefalonia Die from their Greek Collection and the Tattered Lace Severn Dovetails Circles, along with some gorgeous coloured card!! I look forward to seeing the cards you make using your new dies Maria, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Michele has bought the ingredients for some fantastic Christmas cards, the Rustic Twig Wreath Die & Triple Merry Christmas Dies, Eraser for removing glue and adhesive residue, Fine Point Glue applicator, that little brush looks so tiny, perfect for adding glue to the back of intricate dies.  Some Gold, Silver and Black twine finish Michele's shopping Haul for this week, thank you so much Michele for taking part xxx

Val has bought some gorgeous New Christmas Dies, I love both of them as you will see in my shopping!  The Poinsettia Corner, Border, Tag Collection and Ornate Holly Framed Peace dies both from the Creative Expressions Festive Collection. The Ornate Holly Frame is so pretty, Val you are going to make so absolutely fabulous Christmas cards with these dies! Thank you so much for sharing your shopping with us xxx

Now last up its my shopping, hilariously I have bought a lovely collection of stamps from 'Inkyliscious' just like Anne and Lynda and the very same dies as Val, oh and one the same as Michele's! I did get the Creative Expressions Pine Twig die too, which is really delicate and would make a lovely wreath. I did get some 'Sprinky's' Pure Dye ink sprays from Inkyliscious too, which I can't wait to play with.

Isn't it funny when given the amount of stamp companies out there, 3 of us buy the from the same one in the same week! Lynda and I even bought some of the same stamps, Lynda and Anne bought the some of the same stamps too.  Then, given all of the dies that Sue has launched Val and I have the same dies too.  I proves that we all have the amazing taste! haha

Have a lovely weekend ladies.

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Everyone
    What a fantastic haul of goodies this week. I'm feeling a complete failure compared to some of you but my excuse is that I didn't know how long I was here for and then when I did get the dates there wasn't enough time to get things delivered here so quite a bit has been delivered in the UK so I will show and tell all when I'm back. (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it hehehe)

    I really cannot wait to see some results from all those gorgeous looking stamps and dies. Some of them are really tempting me so I just might have to give in (again)and

    We had the 'Mother' of all thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and so the Carpenter (Jim) had to leave of fence creating. He has the smallest side just about finished but now starts the more difficult side which runs down the back of the Cave and then of course the last to be made is the gate. The weather forecast looks reasonable so perhaps after market this morning he might get some more done and the week-end looks good. Fingers crossed you may jut get a pic sometime next week but of course please do not hold your

    The café and up and running and just waiting for you all and so I'm off now to put my coffee pot on and wait for breakfast to arrive. I may just have a closer look at some of those beautiful shopping buys while I wait.

    Hugs for you all are on their way. I hope all not feeling too good are feeling better today. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      I hope the weather holds so Jim can get on with his carpentry. Enjoy your breakfast.

  2. Morning Ladies

    Goodness-what an interesting selection of crafty goodies. As Sandra said-what are the chances of people buying the same stamps & dies with all those companies out there.
    I had hoped that my new stash would kick start my creativity but nope-sat there looking at I've stuff then tidied them away. Still no inspiration for the challenge card-getting concerned now. Will have to just start diecutting on Saturday & see if a card takes shape!!!
    Hopefully today won't be too busy tad I have the Tesco shopping todo tonight-it always seems busier in there on Fridays.


    1. Hope your mojo returns soon Michele. Not to sure I ever had one to lose.

  3. Good morning Ladies,
    Wow! Don't we all love to splash our cash on stash!
    Janet , I love your French lace it's gorgeous .
    Lynda, you certainly enjoyed your birthday spree, what a lot you got!
    Maria , such pretty dies, enjoy using them.
    Margaret, these dies are basic but brilliant , I find I use shape dies more often than any others.
    Michele, I love the little twig die both you and Sandra have chosen .
    Val, I was nearly tempted with these two dies but as I bought the snowflake one from last year ( very similar which I love ) I resisted.( halo about to choke me lol!) they are so lovely.
    Sandra , what can I say your Stamping Up stamps are wonderful ( do you order them on line? ) I love all the Inkylicious stamps and look forward to see what you make with the sprinkys, great choice of dies!
    We are off to Inverness for a big shop so an exhausting day lies ahead, I really don't mind the actual shopping it's the putting it all away when we get home that does me in !
    Hope you all have a good day, love and hugs xoxo

  4. Good Morning Sandra and ladies.
    What an amazing haul of craft stash today. Beautiful stamps and lace and dies and just love your metal charms Lynda. I just love looking at all the lovely things you've bought ladies. I want all of them of course. How funny that we've bought the same SW dies Sandra. As you say what good taste we have ha ha. Must admit I would like the Wreath Die that Michele has bought. I have to place a Joanna Sheen order today for some glue and I know its not going to stop at just glue!!!
    It's Craft Club day today yeh. So enjoycrafting and chatting with friends. I prepared lots of cards yesterday, all now in cellophane bags to take with me and put together. Lynn and Paul's day off today. It' been fiesta week in the village where they have their shop so they have to take advantage of so many people about by keeping the shop open and not getting home until 11 or midnight so its a lazy day for them and we're having a barbecue later.
    Well yet again we've woken up to a teerible scene in France. 84 poor people dead when they're enjoying a night of celebration. Where next?
    Hope those who've not been feeling so good are so much better today.
    Enjoy your day.
    Love Valxxx

  5. Good morning ladies,

    Today is the day I tidy up my craftroom. Since finishing all the goodies for my stall, I proverbially shut the door and left the room to its own devices. And what a mess when I came into it this morning. I will be sending a photo to Sandra and I swear I did NOT make all that mess! I believe the Borrowers have had a good rummage to see what they can 'borrow' hehe. So as it is a cloudy day today with a slight chance of rain, today is a good day for clearing up.
    My sister is coming in a fortnight to visit for a few days. I have arranged a surprise outing for her birthday but will have to tell her not to plan anything for that day without saying why.
    Yesterday was spent in The Lost Gardens of Heligan, a trip organised by our U3A Gardening Club and what a stupendous visit it was.
    I find 'The Lost Gardens' tag a bit of a misnomer as we found them! hehe
    The work over the years to transform the derelict gardens back into their former glory is nothing short of miraculous. The hard work and dedication of all the volunteers is remarkable and is still ongoing to this day.
    The only drawback to me was the Heligan Kitchen, a sprawling barn of food stalls. The emphasis is on natural fresh food, with most of the ingrdients provided by their own vegetable garden, but mainly vegetarian dishes. I'm not vegan or vegetarian etc. so the lack of a meat dish other than a Pulled Pork Bun seems to be something they should look into. The service was short coming, queues everywhere and the ditzy blonde on the till could not sell me a MUG of tea instead of a pot of tea for one. Luckliy one of the younger members of staff had overheard the conversation and using her brain, actually gave me a mug instead. Full marks to her.
    I was looking forward to a proper like Cornish pasty with a salad for lunch but no, the Pork Bun had to suffice as the Pasties were sold at a different place to where the salads were. Why on earth would they do that?
    Definitely NOT somewhere I would dine again.
    All in all though, a wonderful day out even though the journey was almost 3 hours with no comfort stops, only the chemical loo on board the coach. Rosie and I came home thoroughly walked out and ready for an early night. I slept like a log until 6.30 this morning, my batteries are fully charged ready to go.
    I shall play catch up on all your news and hopefully get my challenge scard done later.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      Can you come and stay with me after your sister gone home, as I need a motivator to tidy up my craft room. Mind you I keep saying it needs tidying up. Shame I've pulled a muscle in my right arm, or something like that anyway. Wonder how long I need to wait before I need to see the doc for it.

  6. Good morning everyone,

    What lovely collection you are showing us all today ladies, Love all of your shopping collections, there are some lovely dies and stamps there thatI would love to have a play with.

    We are about to go and pick up your glasses from the optician then food shopping and hopefully I can come back and finish my challenge card, if time allows I would love to have a go at making one of the Micheles pop up boxes. Sometimes I think someone is quietly taking my time in the day away, because time seems to fly by. Before I know it another day has passed.

    Will catch up with you all later, love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      I need to be with Sandra before I make a box. I'm terrible at following instructions. Thanks for picking up my glasses for me. I'll put the kettle on in view of your visit.

  7. Morning Sandra and everyone.
    Ohhhh this look good girls. I love your shopping tactics and now I have to start a new list for some stamps and dies I just have to have tihi. I need some help do with the TL die, anyone know if I need to take the circle bits apart before using ? Only bought it because I liked the shape and it was half price Lol.
    Love hearing about your outings Cheryl, you describe them so well. Shame the food was no good but at least you got your mug in the end :-)
    Have a good day Michele at work and enjoy the weekend.
    Anne- have a nice day in Inverness. It's the boring bit to do is unload the shopping but hope you have some deals to bring home. I wondered yesterday if you ever go to the Woman Opens golf ?
    Val- have a nice day. Any warmth in Spain ? Only 17 here, I'm cold :-(
    Janet- enjoy the market today, hope the rain stays away so you get more of the fence and gate done. Beautiful laces in France.
    Lynda our friend ,hope you coughing less and feeling a bit better today. Love all your stamps,dies and metal charms. You don't need to buy any more at AP this year ? Lucky Terry got big heart and strong arms hihi
    Had a nice walk this morning and got myself moving so will have a play after shower and breakfast. Made the CC yesterday but not happy with one thing so might do it again before sending the photo.
    Hope Lilian have a good drive to the cottage and not stuck in to much traffic. We are going to Colechester in the morning for a weekend away to see my step-sons first new,real home at 38. Does that mean son will be leaving first in 13 years, HELP !!
    Have a nice day all and enjoy whatever you are up too. Hope to see you later. love and hugs to you all, Maria Xxxx

    1. Shame were not up Colchester way Maria we could have met up. Have you arranged a date for the meet up with Karen yet?.

  8. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a lovely lot of goodies you have shown us today, the Inkyiscious stamps are lovely I must have a look, oh dear you all keep tempting me to spend money!!! I was warned! Sorry it was only you & Pat yesterday, had a message this morning to say that Sue still very achy & tired so not seeing her today. I know she appreciates all your good wishes & hugs, thank you.xxxx
    Quiet day for me going to visit my 90 year old friend after lunch, she still housebound which is hard for her as she gets out & about somewhere most days.
    Hope you have a good journey to Derbyshire Lilian & cottage is all you hope it to be & the weather is kind to
    Cheryl how lovely to see the Lost Gardens shame about the food, go easy on yourself with tidy up of craft
    Looking forward to Janet's pastries description tomorrow. Hope weather improves so Jim can get on with his
    Must go & get some lunch now hugs on the way to all who need them especially Lynda & Sue love Margaret xxx.

  9. Hi Sandra
    How lovely to see all your goodies ladies. Seeing card that Sandra made with the ornate holly die by Sue Wilson, that's now been put on my wish list. However, I also like the baby Groovi 'Twas the night Christmas plates. So you never know that might be my next purchase. Wonder if I can bribe the postman to deliver it when Petes out. Mind you I'd also need some coloured parchment. How lovely to see that most of us have the same taste in stamps. As I also love he ones Lynda and Co have bought. Good use of your birthday money Lynda.
    Gentle hugs to all who need one.

  10. Hello everyone, DATES FOR MEET UP ;
    WEDNESDAY 20th of JULY or TUESDAY the 2nd,WEDNESDAY the 3d or THURSDAY the 4th of AUGUST Karen and I will be free for a get together at HOLIDAY INN in WATFORD only a few minutes walk from the Watford Junction Train Station.

    You are all welcome !!

    Please E-mail me what day would suit you best. I hope one of the days will be fine for as many as possible.

    Lynda, we will catch up at AP, I hope you going on the
    Saturday ! Sandra, are you three graces, Paul and mamma going on the Saturday 17th of September ??

    1. Hi MARIA
      Yes I'm going Ally Pally on the Saturday & look forward to seeing you & everyone again .Hope your meet up with step son goes well
      Big Hug's Lynda xx

  11. Oh b....y hell just lost my long post
    Hello everyone again. WOW what a great selection of crafty goodies
    We all seem to like Inkylishous stamps I'm pleased with mine I got the starter kit with the two pictures perfect stamps 3 brushes 4 ink pads mountain & valley mask. The other stamps I got as just liked.them.
    Sue hope your feeling better take care Hug's xx.
    SANDRA did you buy you stamps from Amanda?
    Janet hope Jim could make a start on the bigger fence & you both had a good trip to Market.Hug's xx
    CHERYL glad you had a lovely walk but sorry your meal wasn't so good. Take care doing your craft room don't over do it. Hug's xx
    Went for a walk this morning then had walk roun Ramsgate Market not a very good one not so many stall out now.
    Well I think I will say good night before I loose this post
    Love Lynda xx