Saturday, 9 July 2016

Mixed Crafts & Oscar x

Cheryl's Decorated Fernli Mobile Phone Stands, 'Lady'

Cheryl's Decorated Fernli Mobile Phone Stands 'Men'

Lynda's Altered Box

 Lynda's Altered Box (side view)

Janet's Decorated 'Fernli' Large Lace caddy

 Janet's Decorated 'Fernli' Large Lace Caddy

Janet's Decorated 'Fernli' Large lace caddy 

Karen's Grandson Oscar

 Another pic of Oscar

Good Morning Ladies,

Boy, have I got some amazing things to share with you today, some amazing crafts and some adorable photo's of Our Karen's adorable Grandson 'Oscar' x

First up today are Our Cheryl's Fantastic Fernli phone stands, Cheryl has painted them and decorated them with Die Cut bodices with stunning Maribou Feathers as the skirts, they are so beautiful, I love the little masks that match too, what young lady wouldn't want one of these?
The men themed ones have also been painted and decorated with Cogs and Sprockets, I think that these will fly off of your Stall at the Fete Cheryl, I will share your other things next week, I will also leave a link at the bottom of the post for Fernli Designs website, you won't believe how reasonably priced their goods are and they are such good quality too.
Thank you so much Cheryl for sharing your crafts xxx

Lynda has created another one of her fabulous boxes, this time the top has been decorated with a vintage image, some stamps and some of the lovely Metal Embellishments that she buys on Ebay, the sides of the box have been decorated with Box Pleated Tulle and a piece of lace around the top, Lynda I love seeing the different boxes that you design, they are all so amazing, thank you so much for sharing them with us xxx

Janet has also been shopping at Fernli Designs, this is one of their Large Caddies, they are known as Lace Caddy but I keep tools and Artiste Paints, Glues etc in some of the ones I have, I abosutely love the papers you have used to decorate your caddy Janet, it works so well with the pretty lace you have used, Janet has also trimmed the top edge with Pearl Flower trim and some pearl string and some Braid around the bottom.  The ends of the box have been embellished with Crafting Insomniac's Resin Pieces (trees).  The Birds and flowers add a fab finishing touch too, Janet has also decorated the Spools that the lace has been wound onto with Matching Paper, such a beautiful way to store your lace and trim. 
Thank you so much Janet for sharing your fantastic craft storage with us, I will share the other amazing projects you sent next week xxx

Last but by no means least, I will leave you with the most adorable photos to put the biggest smile on your faces.  Just look how adorable Karen's Grandson Oscar is, Karen says his mummy was pulling faces at him at the time. That smile would brighten anyone's day wouldn't it?!
Thank you so much Karen for sharing your photo's with us xxx

Well thats all for today ladies,
Have a lovely weekend,
Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Everyone
    Oh Karen thank you for making me smile this morning. Oscar is so adorable. I just want to pick him up for lots of cuddles. Thank you.

    CHERYL-I love seeing your creations. They are so full of inspiration and always look so professional. I don't think they will be sat on your stand for very long and I'm sure you will exceed last year's amount you raise. Thank you

    LYNDA- I just love your boxes. You always come up with different finishes and this box is no exception. Which seller did you buy the metal bits etc from?

    My Fernli Lace Caddy is to stay here at Marigny so that I'm not carrying my big box of laces back and forth. I now need more of the lace holders from Fernli lol and I suspect that I'm going to need more storage space here at Marigny too. Watch out Jim I can see another cupboard on the horizon hehehe

    We had mille-feuille (the equivalent of our Custard Slices but quite different) so as you can guess they are layed slices of puff pastry with rum flavoured confectioners custard cream between the layers finished on top with a dusting of icing sugar. Definitely a 'once a week' treat!!

    The temps picked up yesterday again and we reached 30c and this is forecast for the next few days. So it's jobs done in the morning and inside in the afternoon relaxing with feet up.

    Have a good day everyone and I hope you're all receiving my hugs which are sent everyday. Dobbie has done another sterling job this week so he will continue for a further week although he doesn't know it

    1. Janet my mouth is watering at the sound of those delicious pastries, just as well you only have them once a week ! Lol!

    2. I always look forward to hearing about your Friday mouthwatering treats Mille Feur is a favourite if mine

    3. Ooo can imagine how lovely those pastries sound, making me desperate for something sweet.

    4. Hello Janet, I always enjoy your Friday treats, your description always makes my mouth water, its a shame they are only virtual treats for me. xx

    5. Hi Janet
      Your pastries sound delicious.

    6. Hi JANET thank you for your kind comments on my box.
      I will email you the names of the Ebay shops where I get my bronze embelishments from & my Lace. As can't remember off hand.
      Mmmmm your pastries sound delishous hope they were.
      Love Lynda xx

    7. Hi again JANET so sorry I forgot to mention your Lace Caddy is beautifully decorated I must get one I keep saying it.
      Love Lynda xx

  2. Good morning Ladies,
    Wow ! what a stunning selection of mixed craft, but I have to begin with Karen's grandson Oscar's big beautiful smile just the perfect way to start the day, made me smile too, what a gorgeous baby he is, I bet you get great cuddles Karen , enjoy!
    Cheryl , I love your mobile phone stands ( who could resist buying one of these?) boy or girl they are fabulous , they should sell like hot cakes!
    Lynda, your boxes are a work of art and must be treasured by anyone who receives one , that is if you can bear to part with them , all the lace etc , makes them truly sumptuous !
    Janet, you really are wonderful at mixed craft you seem to be able to turn your hand to anything, your lace caddy is a masterpiece and useful to boot!
    I hope to play golf this morning but as the weather is unsettled I'll see what it is like at 10 am , I hate playing in the rain and as it's an 18 hole medal it could be a long slog, I expect our family from Edinburgh to arrive around tea time so will be kept busy after that.
    It's our wonderful daughter in law Fiona's birthday today so a few celebrations will take place when everyone is here..
    Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans are, love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Anne, hope you manage to play golf today and enjoy your family gathering.

    2. Good luck with the golf and wish your DIL happy birthday

    3. Have a great time with golf and family later

    4. Thank you girls! I only played 9 holes as it was so humid but really enjoyed it and then my friend Carol and I had a lovely lunch in the clubhouse.

    5. Hope you manage to play golf Anne, and enjoy your family get together later on today.

    6. Hi ANNE thank you for your kind comments on my box. Not sure what I'm doing with them yet I just enjoy doing the altered art thing.
      Did you manage you round of golf. Enjoy your evening with Family
      Hug's Lynda xx

  3. Good Morning Sandra a.nd ladies.
    What a lovely smile to wake up to today. Karen, Oscar is so adorable. What a cheeky little smile he has. I bet you get the best cuddles.

    CHERYL your creations are wonderful. If I saw them on your stand I'd be buying them as gifts for so many people I know who would love them.

  4. Morning Ladies

    Goodness-Cheryl, Lyndy& have all created such beautiful items. Really lovely.

    Karen-Oscar looks such a happy little chap, gorgeous photo of him.

    Quick visit as I'm off for a eye test this morning and I need to pop to the shops in the village then head into Southport. My eye test isn't until 9.50 but I have a few things I need & would like to get some of them before I go into to opticians.


    1. Hi MICHELE thank you for your lovely comment on my box.
      Hope eye test went ok. Hug's xx

  5. Sorry ladies I'm making a real mess of this today. I've only had 1bhours sleep and not awake yet.
    LYNDA what a beautiful box. Ideal foe keeping bits and bobs in. When I saw the scissore I thought of sewing things. How long does it take to make such a work of art?
    JANET last but not least. Such a stunning lace caddy. and how lovely to have one in each country. So glad your weather is good. Like you I do everything that needs to be done in the house and garden as early as possible before it gets too hot.
    I'm actually off to the garden now to brush. The bourgainvillias have been shedding their flowers and they are stored in all four corners of the garden. Theres quite a little mountain of them. Then the rest of the day is mine yeh. I think I'll have a play with my new dies.
    Janet, your pastries sound delicious but back on the diet again today after my lovely meal out yesterday.
    Have a good Saturday everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val thank you so much for your kind comments.I dosn't take very long really to make depending if I can stay in craft room without interruption
      I can finish it in a day probably. Did you get time to play with your new dies. Love to see what you have made please send them too Sandra.
      Love Lynda xx

  6. Morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Oh my, Oscar is absolutely adorable ! I can't wait to meet the little man...
    Cheryl- love the mobile phone holders. They wont last long on the fair table.
    Lynda- your box is beautiful. Love all the laces and the pretty embellishments.
    Janet- Love your Caddy ! The papers are wonderful and so are the decorations. Wonderful place for your lacy bits.
    Wish you all a good day. Hope you feeling better Lynda.
    I'm out for a work shop today but hope to see you later.
    love and hugs to all, Maria xoxo

    1. Hi MARIA thank you so much my friend for your kind comments
      Hope you enjoyed your work shop with Julia.hope you made some nice
      Lynda xx

  7. I have to say thank you for your lovely comments Oscar is just gorgeous I could just sit and watch him all day even when he's asleep Charlotte was talking and making faces at him whilst he was on her lap and I swear he's trying to copy her I love the way he coos and "talks"
    Your mixed media today is lovely ladies Thos phone stands are very clever CHERYL and should go down very well
    Your box is beautiful LYNDA and JANET I love this and the idea of storing lace and ribbon I think I will have to treat myself to one of these as my few bits of ribbon are wrapped around bits of cardboard
    OH is on a "late" today and still in bed! But it means the day is mine all mine hee hee!

    1. Hello Karen, love the photographs of Oscar he looks absolutely gorgeous. I totally understand how you feel you could watch in all day, he looks so happy and content. Enjoy every moment with him. xx

    2. Hi Karen Oh My Word Oscar is adorable make the most of all the cuddles you get the time flies,I know two years has gone so quick.
      Thank you for your kind comments on my box.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  8. PS later I think I'll be doing some shopping at Fernli later!

  9. Hello All, foggy here today, hoping it will clear later.

    What a lot of beautiful crafts today, such a beautiful little boy .

    Karen Oscar is adorable, make the most of this time it goes so quickly.

    Janet your lace caddy is very feminine looking , would be good for dressing table.
    Cheryl your phone stands are great, have not seen anything like these before.
    Lynda your box if amazing, love the metal embellishments.

    Been watching Brushos on the craft channel , has anyone used these they look really good , but I'm not supposed to be spending anything on craft for the month.!!!!!!

    Going to tidy my room it's a mess be doing my cc for this weeks challenge.

    Have a good day all , hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian, I just recently bought some of the Brusho powders ( box of 12)I have made a few backgrounds which are fun to do and really effective but haven't tried painting with them yet, will let you know how I get on when I get round to trying it.

    2. Thank you so much for your lovely comments LILIAN
      I have got some brusho powders very similar to pixy powders.
      I have only made backgrounds so far but you can paint with them.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  10. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Cheryl, I love your mobile phone stands, what a lovely gift they will make. I'm sure thiey will get a lot of attention at your church fete.
    Lynda, your box is beautiful, with so much gorgeous detail. Hope you are feeling better. xx
    Janet, love your caddy, it will make a great home for your craft stash and look very pretty also. xx
    I have not really got into altered art, but you ladies are starting to make me curious, might just have to check out that Fernli web site!

    i hope everyone is having a good day, love and hugs, Brenda xxx

    1. Hi BRENDA thank you for your kind comments. I wish this coughing would stop then I would start to feel better I didn't get any sleep last night with it I just feel so tired.
      Love Lynda xx

  11. Just a quick call I haven't used Brushos or Pixie Powders so I'll be interested in all of your thoughts I can't get over how many demonstrators and presenters are defecting to the Craft Channel... makes you wonder doesn't it I intend to watch Jodie of Tonic fame at 2pm to see what she'll be "selling"

    1. Hi Karen
      I can't get the craft channel. But wished that Tonic had gone to Hochanda instead. As far as I can tell the Craft Channel isn't on for very long time no and Dawn Bibby is awful.

  12. Margaret Palmer9 July 2016 at 14:53

    Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a lovely selection of crafts on show today but the star is Oscar. Thank you for showing us. Hope you have a lovely
    Karen no wonder you are so proud of Oscar he is lovely & that grin of his I love it. Just enjoy every
    Cheryl your phone holders are such a good idea, you will have no trouble selling
    Lynda as usual your box is lovely so much detail. I hope you had a better night, take care hugs on
    Janet what a beautiful & useful caddy I love it. I am glad I am not with you in 30c I cannot take it that hot, hope you enjoy
    Ordered some big square & circle dies which came this morning so hoping to have a play.
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret Cox

    1. Thank you MARGARET for your kind comments for my box.
      Sill coughing all night was very bad didn't get any sleep again.but Hayho I'm still breathing so that's good.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  13. Hi Sandra
    Wow, what a beautiful selection of phone stands made by Cheryl. Plus the beautiful caddies by Janet and the beautiful boxes by Lynda.
    Last but not least the beautiful pictures of Oscar sent in by Karen. What a beautiful smile he has Karen.

    1. ARRR thank you Pat your very kind. Hope you are ok & not in to much pain with your Hip.gentle Hug's Lynda xx

  14. Hi Sandra and everyone. Some beautiful mixed craft creations today :-)
    Cheryl, your phone stands are fabulous, I bet they'll be a sell out!
    Lynda, your box is beautiful with the lovely metal embellishments.
    Janet, I love the papers and lace you have used to decorate your beautiful caddy.
    Karen, I can see you enjoying lots of cuddles with Oscar, he looks so cute :-) Lovely photos of him :-)
    Janet, your pastries yesterday sound delicious - what a lovely treat :-)
    Luke had another football game this morning, which they won :-) I also remembered the sun lotion and a cap!
    Hope everyone has had a good day and enjoying the weekend.
    Hugs to all xxx

  15. Thank you Sonia for your kind comments enjoy the rest of your weekend
    Hug's Lynda x

  16. Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good day and that Michele's eye test went well. As I said I went for a work shop this morning and yikes what a messy one it was hihi. We played with Alcohol Inks and it was great to see so many different colour mix. Most of them manged to finish their cards but as usual I didn't ,don't think I'm peticular slow it's just when there are only four cutting machines and lots of components to cut and I let everyone go before me I tend to be last so now have to finish them off at home tomorrow. I will send some photos for you Sandra soon. Not looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow, the scales won't lie. Where is my Night owl friend ? hope you are alright. Wish you a better night Lynda. Hugs to you all Xxxx

  17. Hi Sandra & Friends
    Thank you Sandra for showing my box I was pleased with Iit.
    CHERYL your phone holders are brilliant I bet they sell well
    Love Xx I have commented on way down. My cup of tea has just arrived & will be going to bed soon I didn't have very night last night so fingers crossed.
    I will see you all tomorrow. Hug's Hug's Lynda xx

  18. HinMaria. I am here now. Expect I have missed you. I have been out all day with a friend and am shattered. Glad you had a good day with Julia. Would love to do that but a bit far and for reasons I don't want to go into I steer clear of Milton Keynes. Not long back from holiday and still trying to sort myself out. Hope you are keeping fairly well. Take care. Hugs Littlelambx