Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Beautiful Vintage Card From Janet & A peak at what keeps Val busy!!

Janet's Stunning Vintage card

Good Morning Ladies,

Phew what a scorcher!!! Well it was yesterday, I'm not to sure what Mr Weather has instore for us today!! Now I'm not going to complain, its so lovely to see the sun, but I really cold do with it being a little cooler at night!!
Probably by this time next week we will have our jumpers back on and this little burst of summer will be a thing off the past!  I will say though, and I'm not sure if you will have noticed, but goodness me where does peoples sense of what is acceptable to wear out in public go when the temperature rises???!!! I'm sure some folk wear more to bed than some of the people I saw in Asda yesterday!!! I thought that there was some kind of rule about being clothed in Supermarkets for hygiene more than anything else!  Even when we are on holiday in Spain Paul would never, even consider walking into a shop without his  tee shirt on!
Poor  all, you must get to witness this all year round!!

Anyway on to today's absolutely stunning Vintage card, designed and Created by our very own Janet !!
The Vintage image you have used is so beautiful Janet, the Astoria Decorative accent die you have used to frame the Image works so well, as does that beautiful vintage style backing paper, which picks out and compliments the colours in the image. You have finished your perfectly with the beautiful bow, topped with a stunning little flower.  The vintage green stick pins pick out the hints of green in the backing paper and compliments it perfectly.  You have created a stunning card Janet, thank you so much for sharing xxx

Now I have to say my jaw dropped when I saw this photograph, it was sent to my by our Val, this is the stand of cards that Val has to keep topped up in Lynn's shop, Val said that she likes to keep 4/5 cards in each category, yes that's right, 4/5 EACH category!  I have no Idea how you have time to do anything else Val.  Paul who runs the shop keeps a list of what cards have been sold and passes it to Val so that she can replenish the shelves, this week 28 cards were sold, mostly Men and Children's cards, (not the easiest).
Val doesn't make any money out of it either as all the money collected goes to an animal charity, you are an absolute Inspiration Val !
So I will not complain this year when I have to make 50 Christmas cards, knowing that Val has to make 150 just for the shop, before she even starts on friends and family.  What a remarkably Lady you are Val, thank you so much for showing us this little piece of your life xxx

Lynda, sending special hugs your way my lovely xxx

I am hoping to see Sue today, Pat is having lunch with friends so we won't get to see her today, it seems like months since we all sat together!

Love and hugs


  1. Morning Everyone
    I hope everyone is coping with the heat and being extra careful when going out. Here we went into the upper 30s yesterday and so you can imagine that nothing was done outside at all except late last evening when the veggies were watered and we're also beginning to run out of water in the barrels. We have 6 very large ones and 1 medium which should be for my flowers but when it gets like this they have to take second place and veggies come first.
    We're forecast for another scorcher today and so Jim has made an early start outside with painting the back of the outside wall of the cave as the fence goes very close to that wall. He has now gone for bread etc and hopefully will get some time after breakfast before it really gets too hot.

    As always I'm surprised when I open up and see one of my cards and this morning was no exception. The backing paper if from Mulberry Kisses (I have really fallen for this pad) and of course the frame for the picture is one from Creative Expression -Astoria selection. The picture if one I printed out from Amanda Charlesworth's free to use prints on Pinterest. If you want vintage then just look at that page. The stick pins are of course main green beads from Sue Wilson and other from my stash of beads from old necklaces etc. The tassle is one I made from that gorgeous beige cone of crochet cotton I bought the other week-end from the Vide Grenier.
    I hope you like my offering.

    I'm now into October bday cards but as yet have not made one single Seasonal Cards. I will start those when I have recovered.

    Have a good day everyone and please remember to take care in the heat. The café door and windows are wide open and so inviting so come on in. Hugs for you all.

    1. Lovely lovely card Janet, please don't melt in the heat. It's not quite so hot as yesterday thank goodness.

  2. Just a quickie I will be back later for a proper read I went toy local The Range yesterday and bought SW's Triple Birthday for £6.99 a bit of a bargain I think

  3. Morning Ladies

    Janet-beautiful card, really lovely.

    Val-WOW....what an amazing display of cards. I was asked to supply a charity shop with cards but only 4 categories. Nothing has been sorted yet for it which I'm glad about as I haven't got much oomph at the moment, not just card making but in general.

    We currently have heavy rain, thunder & just had a flash of lightning. Let hope this clears the air as it got up yo 32C yesterday. I've got a 2 hour meeting at 8.30 this morning so I'm taking my hand held fan in with me-don't care if it annoys anyone!!


    1. Hi Michele. It always seems that after a few days of heat it starts to thunder.
      I'm sure your lack of oomph has to do with the heat as I know you're not keen. Our temperature got to 39 yesterday but I don't have to work in it do I?
      Hope your meeting goes well.
      Love Valxx

    2. Hope your meeting doesn't go on much longer than 2hrs Michele. I'm glad your taking your fan in with you. Wish Pete would use his instead of grumbling he's so hot.

  4. Very quick post, will be back later, just to say the craft channel has a bundle of lace and metal embellishments for £29.99. Ordered mine without watching any of the shows, hope they are ok.
    See you later, keep cool Lilian

  5. Sorry I didn't get in yesterday I was in a meeting that lasted all day - not easy in this heat and when you only do part time hours! My treat was going to Hobbycraft and The Range with a crafty mate
    Your card yesterday SANDRA WAS A STUNNER I'm re-thinking my ideas for Christmas cards and I think I need to get some of Sue's new dies!
    JANET I will definitely look for this lady's page on Pinterest - beautiful image, beautiful card
    OMG VAL - what a display I knew you did cards that supported an animal charity but hadn't realised how many you do!
    Thank you MICHELE the template/instructions arrived yesterday I'll be playing later
    Just a little warning about the heat - many of us (me included) have placed a light muslin over a pram to protect babies -fine for sun but not heat It keeps the heat in making it hotter than outside of the pram Logical really when you think about it but I've seen it time and time again!

  6. Hi Sandra and all.

    Oh Janet what a lovely card. The image is so pretty and I love the Astoria die, another one on my must have list. Just love the bow decration you've made.

    Sandra, thank you for showing my card stands. It can be a pain keeping up with filling it up but I just love making cards so it never seems a chore. I try to keep 2 full days every week for solely making cards but to be honest like most of you I'm sure, I manage to get into my craft room to play at some time every day. I give most of the money I make to my Tai Chi instructor. Gerry is a lovely man and although hes battling lung cancer and having kemo he never misses a class. Every day he and his wife go down to the rocks at a local beach to feed the ferrel cats there. There are about 53 and rising. He not only feeds them but is gradually trapping them and having them neutered. So I think my money is helping a bit.
    Anyway its the last meeting of the crib club today until September. No win at Bingo yesterday but my friend did which was good.
    Have a lovely day all whatever you're up to and Sandra and Sue, have a good afternoon.
    Love Valxxx

    1. WOW! WOW! WOW! Val, such a gorgeous display for your beautiful cards. And such a deserving way of helping Gerry take care of the feral cats.
      Yes, you are right, I don't think I have one day either when I do not visit my craft room at least once. Although last week it was in such a state. A friend had come round to help me make hair bows and decorate plain bands for my stall and everything needed came downstairs to the dining table which is bigger than my craft table. When we had finished, I just took the boxes back upstairs and left them all over the place. It took me three days to sort out the boxes and tidy the room! Which actually was a good thing as I have sorted out so much stuff that I no longer use which will be going to the school when they restart in September. I sent Sandra some before and after photos. xxx

    2. Hello Val - WOW WO what a display you have and I can just imagine how busy it keeps you. I just hope that everyone who buys your beautiful cards are very appreciative of how long it takes to make each one. How many 'titles' do you have?
      There's no wonder why you take an extra suitcase when you visit the UK. I know you have said that trying to get crafty things over here is a nightmare and it is here in France. You're one very special lady giving the proceeds to charity. You really are. Hugs xxxx

    3. Hi Val
      Well at least you know that your card money goes to a good cause.

  7. Morning everyone.
    Janet, Love the paper and the stick pins. Lace and flower makes the card with the Astoria and picture with the lovely lady, Beautiful card ! You both take care in the heat too.
    Val, wow. Know you said you making cards for the shop but could never imagine you made so many different ones. Well done and to the support for a charity.
    Lynda, special hugs are sent to you and Terry.
    Lilian, have a nice day at the flower show. Looking forward to hear how you day been.
    Oh Sandra, I agree. While abroad you never see a man bare chested walking around the super market. They must at least have a vest on but here in Sainsbury's yesterday was not a very nice look ,and he was hairy too !
    I wish you all a good day and yes we are probably back in our jumpers soon enough so try to enjoy the sun shining but take care if going out. Love and hugs to all, Maria xxx

    1. Thank you Maria.
      Like you I think its horrible to see scantily dressed people especially men, waliking around a Supermarket. Over here they have notices on the doors forbidding it and they will tell you to leave if you persist. A sweaty, hairy man is not a nice look ha ha.
      Have a lovely evening.

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Janet, your card is gorgeous, I'm not surprised you love the Mulberry Kisses papers, this one is perfect for this card. Goodness me, you have certainly got some hot weather, is that usual for this time of year?
    Val, well, the picture of your cards for sale is a big shock. I imagined they would be in a pretty basket near the till, as is the usual practice over here it seems! Seeing just how many you make shows us just how fantastic you are at making them, and keeping the display so well stocked. You should be very proud of yourself with all of the help you are giving Gerry and the feral cats. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Sandra, I will be with you later this morning 😃 sorry that I won't get to see you Pat, it really has been ages since we were all together.
    I didn't get any crafting done yesterday so will hope to get my cc finished at Sandra's.
    I hope you all manage to stay as cool as possible. Sending G my love and hugs with extras for Lynda and all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue. Hope you had a lovely craft and chat with Sandra and you managed to complete your cc card. Something which I haven't done yet.
      I did start off with a pretty basket on the counter about 5 years ago but it just grew and grew. It keeps me out of trouble though ha ha.
      Have a lovely evening and stay cool.
      Love Valxxx

  9. Morning ladies,

    Can't believe it is already Wednesday, who has pinched my time this week?

    Janet, your card is ooh la la!, So delicate and definitely vintage, simply stunning my dear.

    Monday's walk was an utter delight for me and the others walkers I suspect. The heat was overpowering at 10 o'clock by the time we all met up ready for the set go at Fyne Court. Dave, this weeks' leader, chose a beautiful trail through the Woodland Walk, lovely dappled sunshine filtered through the trees with plenty of shade to keep us all cool. Bit of a disappointment that our way was blocked by a hurdle of fallen tree limbs and scrubby brush across the path so we could only assume that work was being carried on further down the track. Did not deter him from finding another route which was going across a paddock that held cattle and baby calves. Not being enamoured of cows and with a warning sign stating that we had to be careful and if they charged we were all to run as fast as we could, I declined that route as did many who have seen the last of their running days for quite a few years now. Back tracking our steps we came upon another track leading us away from the paddock so this seemed a more sensible route. And my goodness me, didn't we come across hidden treasures. A dinky little stream that wended and wound it's way whichever way it fancied and a beautiful folly that looked like a mini castle. Apparently this was built to kennel the working dogs. Posh kennels for them, plenty of photo stops for me, must download them now and pick the best for printing.
    Arrived back to the coffee shop and oooh, such tasty, mouth-watering flapjacks and proper tea in pots were enjoyed before wending our way back towards Bridgwater where we enjoyed a refreshing salad for lunch.
    Tuesday was Joseph's last Primary school Assembly. We were all invited to watch a very polished performance by him and his classmates. They all had chance to recall and share their favourite memories with us. Many tears were shed by one and all, even the teachers wept copiously at some point. They were so proud of their pupils and the fact all of the class thanked them personally was a joy to see.
    Yesterday was spent with family, apart from Robin, Tiegan & Jamie. All squashed into my lounge until the oppressive heat got too much, my poor floor fan was on full but didn't feel like it so the younger ones went outside for a play.
    Today is a lot cooler with a lovely breeze wafting through the open windows, and tomorrow I'm off with my walking buddy Rosie on a REA trip to Dartmouth Naval College where we shall have an organised tour in the morning and free time for lunch and a spot of shopping or sightseeing. I do so love living in this part of England, I never have to go to the seaside for a holiday, when it is here on my doorstep so to speak. Saves all that travelling, traffic jams and overheated cars and frayed tempers.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hello Cheryl - what a delightful day you had Monday and I love your commentary as always you take me with you all. (I hope the others don't mind hehe).
      Now as to your trip to Dartmouth Naval College just you remember to watch out for those young sailors. You know the saying 'a girl in every port' hehehe. Have a lovely day. Hugs abound. xxxx

    2. Hi Cheryl, I just love reading you descriptions. I feel as though I could be on the walk with you.Tuesday must have been so lovely and very emotional as such aOccasions are. Your family gathering sounds delightful.
      Have a lovely day out at the Naval College. Some photos, especially of the sailors would be good !!!
      Enjoy your evening

    3. Hi Cheryl
      Wow it sounds like you had a fabulous day on Monday. Must try to get down to your neck of the woods sometime soon. I'm glad you had a lovely gathering off the family.

  10. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra I agree wholeheartedly with your comment about dress code in the heat. I hope you & Sue have a lovely day chatting &
    Janet your card is beautiful thankyou for sending to Sandra. Take care in the heat.x xx
    Val you are wonderful doing all the cards for such a worthwhile
    Managed to play boule this morning there was a nice breeze. Visiting my 90 year old friend this afternoon so will send hugs to all who need them thinking especially of Lynda love

    1. Thank you Margaret. My husband and I used to play boule every Sunday when we lived up in Javea. We so enjoyed it.
      Enjoy your afternoon with your friend. What a wonderful age she is.
      Have a good evening.
      Love Valxxx

  11. Hi ladies,
    Just back from Crib where after a heck of a struggle I won 3-2 phew.

    I feel a bit embarassed having so many lovely comments. Once the initial lot were made it's not so bad keeping up with them. Unlike most of you I dont have a husband or partner that I have to take into consideration so my time's my own and what better way to spend it than by indulging in my favourite hobby. If it helps some lovely cats on the way it'all the better.
    JANET i've just checked in my book and there are 81 titles.
    Well I think a shower and then a salad are on the cards. It's so hot and sticky here today. I wish the threatened rain would arrive and get it over with.
    Have a lovely evening everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val a Salad sounds great. I had a Lasagne and Salad for my lunch with friends today.
      Kathy had told Marion and myself that John her husband was made redundant. However, on chatting to John it turned out he took redundancy. Not quite the same thing we told Kathy. He worked for Oracle in Reading, could relocate to either Florida, or Neasden. The firm would have preferred Florida as he quite often travels over to America. He fancied neither so he took redundancy.

  12. Hi Sandra
    My word what a stunner Janet has made, I simply love it Janet.
    Val how on earth do you manage to make all the cards you do to keep the shop stocked up. You must have a production line going. Sandra I loved yesterday's card, but I did see some of it in the flesh so to speak.

  13. Hello All, very hot again here.
    Beautiful card Janet, love the vintage look, as you will see above ,I have ordered some new bits from the craft channel.
    Val how wonderful to have a good excuse to craft whenever you feel like.
    Lynda your walk sounds lovely, you portray it so well, I feel as though I am there with you.

    Sandra re dress code in the heat, the supermarkets in Cornwall all insist that you are suitably dressed, which is quite right I think., this came about after a child with bare feet slipped and fell.

    Well we have had wonderful day at the RHS Tatton Park, flower show, the floral marquee was breath taking, would love to have bought some plants , but as we are not going home until Friday didn't think they would survive. The stands of sweet peas were a real delight , clouds of lovely colours. R was over the moon at the daliha stand, also the agapanthus. Managed to get a seat to eat our packed lunch, food was a tremendous price, a Solero ice cream was £3 and a bottle of water was £2! The tickets were £27 each, but worth it as it was a lovely show. We left quite early as it was very hot and we were still tired after yesterday. The trip there was up through the national park, fabulous views.

    Not sure what we will do tomorrow, might go to Chesterfield, but will see what the weather is like.
    Have a good evening all, love Lilian