Monday, 4 July 2016

Monday Sketch Challenge

The Sketch

Some inspiration

Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Welcome to another Monday Sketch Challenge.

This Sketch is basically 'using a die as the card base'  and that is this weeks challenge:

You can use any die you like as the card base.
You can decorate the card however you please.
You can choose any occasion for the theme of your card. 
Here are a couple of examples.......

Janet's SSpellbinder Art Deco Astoria Card

My card using Spellbinders Captivating Squares

I will make my Sketch card today and share it with you tomorrow, I hope the two cards above give you a bit of inspiration.  I can't wait to see what you all come with.

Are you up for a mini challenge this week or do you want a week off? 

That's all for me for today, trying to keep the post short after the last two 'epics'!

Love and hugs


  1. Mor'ning Everyone
    Well that was a surprise when I looked into the café this morning. Seeing one of my cards as 'inspiration' is a total 'Oh how have I done that moment.

    Sandra you have also made me think again as I'd already thought about my Astoria dies. You really want me to work this week don't you. hehehe

    You asked yesterday about the owl on my CC. It's a Tattered Lace die and comes with a Mr and Mrs Owl. This one is Mrs as she has decoration bars on her chest and one or two other little changes around her face. I don't have many of their dies but just could not resist these as they are so cute and of course I have a family who are football mad and the team is blue/white and their nickname is 'The Owls'. This card will be winging her way to my youngest Daughter Nicky for her birthday in August.

    We had a very up and down day yesterday with the weather. Still no rain but it was like a laser show with the sun coming out and then immediately disappearing only for this to be repeated in a few minutes. The temps were also down so I hope you've got some of the sunshine I sent your way.

    I managed to finish my lace pouch yesterday so I'm not sure what to start on next. It really should be Seasonal Cards but I just cannot find enough energy to start on those just yet. I usually am well on the way with them but not this year.

    Dobbie looks as though he has done all I asked of him so the Café is open and ready for business as usual. Have a good day everyone. Hugs as been despatched in good time for you to receive them this morning. xxxx

  2. Good Morning all,
    Love todays challenge card Sandra. I never think of using my dies like this so a good one for me. Now things are back to normail in the Jones household I personally would love another mini challenge this week. Just love your card. Thats such a cute image - LOTV I think.
    Janet your card is so pretty, I just love the die and the colour.
    I spent quite a few hours in my craft room organising yesterday. I filled the cardboard box for the school and Lynn is bringing another today. Also filled a black sack with rubbish. Can't believe some of the things I've kept over the years. I have 2 exceptionally large boxes of paper and card which I'm having a go at today. Honestly it would keep me going for a couple of years and yet I keep buying more. Ladies, seriously do you think I have a problem? Perhaps I should set up a CA (Crafting Anonymous) Does anyone else feel the need to join?
    Well breakfast awaits. Can't wait to see what yummy cakes and pastries are set out in the cafe today Janet.
    Have a wonderful day everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. I'll be your first member Val I had a small tidy up on Saturday and the bits of paper/ card I was hoarding is silly The amount of times I've said "that's big enough to cut a flower/snowflake etc" and then realise it's never the right colour for the project I'm doing

    2. Hello Val - PLEASE MAY I JOIN YOUR GROUP. I really do not know where all the bits and bobs come from. Really I don't -WELL THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT'. I think all true crafters are the same. Hugs coming your way Val xxxx

    3. Hi Val I'll join your group as well please. I don't know how many times I say to either Sandra or Sue, I really don't need any more card. Then low and behold some more jump right into my basket.

    4. Hi Val.
      My name is Sue and I'm a craft addict.
      Pleased can I join CA too? I need to get on and do what you are doing as I have a lot of bits and pieces that I will never use. A lot of it needs to go to granddaughters Phoebe and Paige rather than keeping it here for when they come round, that will free up some space straight away!
      I made a card like the sketch one for age's so will have to get my thinking cap on. I live your mini challenges Sandra and hope to manage to join in on Monday or Tuesday next week as we have a Beaver sleepover and theme park visit this weekend so will have to have a couple of lazy days on Min and Tues.
      Having another lazy day as the joints are not happy at the moment after being out over the weekend. We are at one of Chris's brothers and his wife home at the moment for tea, by the time we get home I will be ready for bed.
      I hope everyone is ok. Sending love and hugs with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  3. Hello All, dull and misty here this morning.

    Yesterday turned out to be a lovely summers day in the afternoon, so spent whole day in the garden, feeling the effects now.

    Love this weeks challenge, I really struggle with this type of card so tend to shy away from this type , so good to make us use our dies.
    Would love a mini challenge so long as you don't mind if I am last minute as usual.
    Janet love your card, was it difficult to cut through the two layers? Sandra love your card , still have mine you sent me a while ago.

    Well back to the grindstone today, shall be quite glad to be sitting at my machine today after yesterday in the garden.

    Does anyone watch the tennis ? I love it, have a try in the Wimbledon ballot every year, used to be quite lucky and had a ticket for quite a few years, but I think a lot more people must go in now as we haven't had any for a couple of years.

    Thanks Janet for yesterday's sunshine, any more to spare ?

    Have a great day what ever you are doing, hugs Lilian.

    1. Good luck with the dentist Lilian. I assume I ought to go a see when we go next. Had the card with the date on in January, but forgot to transfer it to the calendar. Probably because I didn't have one at the time.

  4. Morning Ladies

    Love the cards shown as inspiration for the challenge. I'm hoping this might kick start my crafting oomph!!
    I have a day off today-was hoping to go out somewhere with hubby but I have an emergency dentist appointment at 12.05 as I managed to crack a tooth on Thursday. It's a shame as its a really sunny day here already. Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day, breezy but very sunny so we got lots of weeding done the we sat out with a cold drink.

    Val-I think I need to join your new group (Crafters Anonymous) as I keep buying at a faster rate that I'm using my stash!!


  5. Morning The BBQ went well and the sunshine was actually warm!
    I have a confession to make - I have never made a shaped card! I have used rectangular dies to square off card blanks etc So I'm thinking already which dies to use... Can't wait to see your lace pouch JANET and LILIAN - rest the aches and pains Off to work now Fingers crossed that somebody on here is lucky in Sue's draw later

  6. Good morning Ladies,
    Janet and Sandra your cards are gorgeous, I love the Art Deco die and the image on Sandra's card is so cute, I made my first ever die shaped card last week , I saw one on Pinterest and decided to try it, took me ages but had to smile when I saw this week's challenge as I am now "ahead of the pack" lol!
    Happy to do a mini challenge as I really enjoy them.
    Val good luck with sorting and clearing out in your craft room , I did mine and gave boxes of bits and bobs to the local school ( they were delighted) and I have to say I have enjoyed crafting even more in my less cluttered room ever since, it took me 3days but it was time well spent.
    Michele I hope your dental appointment goes well.
    I have to resist all the cakes and pastries today as I have been very naughty over the weekend, Oh no I don't ! I forgot they are all calorie free ha ha !
    Enjoy your day, love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. I don't even know where to start in my craft room. Pete calls it the tip. I usually end up crafting on the dining room table.

  7. Good morning Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Have tried a few time to make this kind of card but my brain has never got it right so this will be a challenge. Will have a look later what die that would work. A mini one would be fine too. Like Michele say, it keep the mojo going hopefully. Michele, good luck at the dentist.
    I join your CA Val, where is it all coming from. I even found some that not really me anymore. Janet,hope you have a nice day, we also have sun shine this morning so out soon for a walk and skinny latte and pretend cake to finish it off nicely hihi. Love to see your pouch you made.Lilian- take it easy with your sore back. Sorry ,not following the Tennis but know that Murray is doing well. Can't believe the Nr 1 is out. Karen- good you were lucky with the weather during the BBQ. Please could you come back with a date for a meet up in Watford ? Trying to get something together in the near future before Sandra ,you are going on your holiday.
    Have a nice day everyone and take care. love and hugs to you all, Maria xxx
    Hope our Littlelamb is ok and some of our new friends have a minute to visit us today xx

    1. Hi Maria
      I wondered if I'd missed your meet up with Karen, but obviously not. It actually looks like rain here at the moment.

  8. Hi Sandra and everyone. Great challenge! Only ever made a couple of cards using a die as the base and never really been that happy with them, but will definitely have a go :-) Love your cards Sandra and Janet - beautifully made :-)
    Am up for another mini challenge too :-)
    Val, I will join too :-) Every so often I get rid of a load and give it to my nieces and a crafty friend.
    Michele, hope you get on ok at the dentist!
    Lilian, my Mum loves the tennis too. This year is the first time that her and a friend haven't got tickets either :-(
    Well, I best get on - lots to do. Hope you all have a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  9. Hello Sandra and everyone in the coffee shop,

    Very interesting challenge this week Sandra, I did try to make a die card 'once' and was not successful. On the positive side I have been looking through my dies this morning, And wait for it ........ I'm thinking It. Watch this space ha ha!
    Janet and Sandra I love both of your cards, and I hope your inspiration will get mine working to. LOL

    Yes, Sandra give us a mini challenge, can't promise I'll achieve anything, but it does get the grey matter working.

    Val, I think we're all guilty of hoarding – and really need to sort out every now and again and prioritise what we do really use. When I part with things I like to think they going to good home. Because everything has been previously loved .

    Lillian I hope you are okay after all that hard work in the garden yesterday. Hope you can get through your workload, and have time for your crafting.

    Ciara's brother Callum loves tennis and plays every week, even in the winter. Each year his tennis club get tickets for Wimbledon at a reduced price. Two years ago he had tickets, (can't remember the court number) but it was one of the outer courts. This year his name was drawn again and he has tickets for Centre Court on Thursday, think it's women's doubles day. And fortunately Debbie (mum) also loves tennis. So she gets to go as well.

    We worked hard in the garden yesterday, The weather stayed nice and bright, it was quite late by the time we had our evening meal, the time just flew by. We have got a clock in the garden but I forget to look at it, anyway it was a lovely afternoon, so what does it matter.

    It's housework this morning and maybe after lunch I may venture out into the garden again. I have enjoyed having my coffee break with you all, hope what ever you're doing today you are enjoying it.

    Love and hugs all round, Brenda XXX

  10. Hi Sandra
    Loved yesterday's cards that the ladies had made. What a fabulous selection. Will go back later to have a in depth look.

  11. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a challenge you have set this week, I think
    I have an idea hope to try it later. A mini challenge sounds fun. Hope you survived the puppy visit!!xxxx
    Janet what a pretty card thank you for sending to
    Not very bright out today but washing has dried, yesterday turned out quite nice & warm.
    Michele hope dentist not too
    Sending hugs to need them love Margaret xxx.

  12. Have just looked at the winners on SW's blog and Lynda is one of the winners, now isn't that wonderful an extra birthday present. Lynda congratulations. XX

  13. Hi again ladies, how lovely that Lynda has won one of Sues dies. Many congrats.

    So reassuring that some of you have the same hoarding problem. Did not enjoy sorting out all that card and paper one little bit. Some of it was the size of a postage stamp and couldn't be used for anything. I have another full black bag to throw away. I'm pretty mucky as well and shattered. I'll have to have a shower before I start making tea.
    Michele, hope you got on ok at the dentist.
    Hope everyone has had a good day.
    See you tomorrow.
    Love Valx

  14. Evening Ladies

    Dentist appointment was OK-no injections as it was the tooth I'd previously had root canal work on so no nerve there, £19.20 for an emergency appointment (NHS) so not too bad.

    Made a couple of cards this morning then went to Tesco with hubby after lunch-always expensive! He then ordered an exercise bike which is being delivered this week!!
    Might go back upto craft room later to start challenge card, although after a large glass of wine it might not be a good idea!!


    1. Hi Michele
      I'm glad the dentist was ok. A large glass of wine seems a good idea to me. I think I'll join you later.

  15. Hi Sandra
    Congratulations to Lynda on winning Sue's Merry Christmas die on her Christmas Dies Launch.

  16. Hi My friends. Sorry so late , don't know where this day has gone. Had a nice walk this morning , they building in lots of places around MK so it is interesting to see what comes up. Pretty happy we live on the outskirt do.
    Yay ! Congratulations Lynda, you won a die. :-) another little treat for your birthday.
    Michele- glad you didn't needed any injections, oh do hate they with a vengeance at the dentist.
    Tried to cut some shape cards from my dies I have but some look really funny and not sure how they will stand up hihi but I have had great fun.
    Brenda- hope you feeling ok after all the hard work in the garden, hope you pace yourself. Plenty of coffee breaks. Hope you all have a good night, I probably will be here for a while so if you looking in ,come and say Hi

  17. Hi Maria. Are you still awake?

    1. Hope you are alright and can come in and tell us what you been up to lately. Have you got any more pottery work to show us, they are just wonderful.
      I'm off to bed now ,listening to OH snoring, oh well ,have to give him a dig and we will see whats happen. You take care now and hope to see you soon, hugs xxx