Thursday, 28 July 2016

Butterfly Challenge Cards

My Butterfly Card

Anne's Butterfly Card

Brenda's Butterfly Card

Maria's Butterfly Card

Janet's Butterfly Card

Karen's 1st Butterfly card

Karen's 2nd Butterfly Card

Paint colour charts for Karen's card (above)

Lilian's Butterfly card

Lynda's 1st Butterfly Card

Lynda's 2nd Butterfly card

Margaret's Butterfly card

Michele's Butterfly Card

Phoebe's Butterfly Card

Sonia's Butterfly Card

Sue's 1st Butterfly Card

Sue's 2nd Butterfly Card

Val's Butterfly card

Good Morning Ladies,

Well ladies, I don't know what to say, I have been absolutely astonished at how many butterfly cards you lovely ladies sent in to me, so many in fact that I have kept some to show another time, (I hope you don't mind) x  

Anne's card I have uploaded from an old challenge, I hope you don't mind Anne, I know how busy you are with little Tollie and your family visiting, I know that Anne created this card by using the Gelli plate, I would love to know what your thoughts are on the Gelli plate Anne, thank you for your card xxx

Brenda, I have uploaded your card from an old challenge too, it's such a pretty card that its worth a second look, a gorgeous sparkly card Brenda, thank you xxx

Maria, I love your stamped card, it looks like a Inkyliscious stamp (but I'm not sure that it is), I love that sentiment too, ''the best things in life are Wild and Free'', your graduated colour background is gorgeous Maria and works really well with the stamp you have used, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Janet, such a beautiful butterfly card from you too, a true 'kaleidoscope', I love how you have decoupaged some of the butterflies for dimension! A stunning butterfly card Janet, thank you xxx

Karen, 3 cards from you for this challenge, although I have only shown two, (i hope you don't mind, I wanted to keep one for a day of its own).  The 1st card has been made using Spellbinders Les Papillions Dies, positive and negative die cuts, the pretty background paper was created on Serif, the 2nd card is pure genius, Karen's 'Kaleidoscope' of butterflies in graduating shades of pretty pink was created using Paint Charts from DIY stores, what an amazing idea, perfect shades already worked out for you, I wouldn't suggest going in and 'cleaning them out' of samples, but I'm sure they wouldn't notice one or two different colours being put to good use, I am thinking about how fab a good selection of greens would be for foliage die cuts!!  Shame Paul's at work tomorrow otherwise we would be paying B & Q a visit! hahaha, thank you so much Karen for taking part in the challenge xxx

Lilian, I used an old challenge card of yours too, I love the watercolour wash effect in the background of your card, it's so subtle and pretty, the pretty butterflies are such a pretty finishing touch Lilian,
thank you for creating this pretty card Lilian xxx

Lynda, oh what beautiful cards from you for this challenge, I know how much you love butterflies and that really shows, your first card is so pretty, you have used a gorgeous butterfly paper and Creative Expressions Butterfly striplet die for added interest, the 2nd card has been created with the Spellbinders Butterfly (les Papillions) die too, with a larger Spellbinder butterfly die cut for the focal point, a lovely verse finishes the card perfectly, thank you so much Lynda for your gorgeous cards xxx

Margaret's card is so very pretty,  I love that pretty backing paper you have used, the perfect subtle backdrop for your 'Kaleidoscope' of graduating sized butterflies leading up to that beautiful butterfly resting on the flower, what makes this card extra special is the fact that Alan had an input into this card too, isn't it lovely when our partners show an interest too! Thank you so much Margaret and Alan for a fabulous card xxx

Michele, oh such a pretty card from you, I love the delicate colour of your card and the Pictor Die by Creative Expressions has made the perfect frame for your butterfly embellished sentiment, a gorgeous card Michele, thank you so much xxx

Phoebe (Sue's Granddaughter) has entered her first challenge card, made entirely by herself using Spellbinders layered Butterflies die set, Phoebe you have made such a beautiful card, such pretty coloured butterflies, decorated with pretty glitter glue, you are such a fantastic card maker Phoebe and I look forward to seeing many more of your cards, thank you for sharing your card xxx

Sonia, I absolutely love your card, that Moroccan looking background is so lovely and the perfect base for your gorgeous butterfly, which looks like it could be a Marianne Butterfly 3 die, so delicate and pretty in pink, thank you so much for creating another gorgeous card for us Sonia xxx

Sue, well what can I say Sue, you sent me about 8 different butterfly cards, each one is so beautiful, I have shared a couple of them and saved the rest for another day, your first card has been made using Creative Expressions Delicate Garden Frame die, with a pretty butterfly in the corner, I love the contrast of the blue and white, it really works, your second beautiful card has been made using a scalloped circle, decorated all the way around with beautiful butterflies in graduating shades, such a gorgeous card Sue, thank you so much for sharing so many pretty cards xxx

Val, a pretty kaleidoscope of butterflies in flight across your card, in such delicate shades, I know that you have used Cosmic Shimmer Colour Clouds to colour your butterflies and create your pretty background, the delicate little sequins add just enough sparkle to lift the card, thank you so much for creating this beautiful card for us Val xxx

Well ladies, my fingers are about to drop off, all that remains for me to say is a HUGE THANK YOU, for being so HUGELY supportive when it comes to my challenges, it means a lot, you are all amazing xxxx

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Fantastic selection of cards today, all really lovely.

    My evening out was great last night-food was lovely. We shared garlic bread & both had a pizza. I had a large glass of wine & my friend had 2 soft drinks. She came back here for a cuppa & we chatted for a while then she left about 9pm so I watch the John Lockwood show from 8pm. I actually slept through for about 5 hours last night which is a miracle for me.
    Work turned into a ghastly day-my observations took far longer than I'd planned so I never made it to the other hospital site. Had to keep checking on the Pharmacist that was covering as she has a tendency to wander off!!! I'd like a nice, peaceful day today please....!!!!!


    1. Meal and catch up sounds fun Work can be such a pain in the .... Do you think it's a requirement of the NHS!

    2. Hope you have a better day Michele, head down and chest out or is it shoulders hihi anyhow have a good day xx

    3. Hi Michelle. Glad you had a lovely meal out last night. Sounds like you needed it after yesterday's day at work. Hoping today is better. Hugs xxx

  2. Me again- Sandra, I hope Matt is feeling much better.


  3. Morning Everyone
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh butterflies everywhere. I love them. We sit outside here in Marigny to have our mid morning coffee in front of an hibiscus bush and when it's in flower it's just one mass of bees and butterflies. They are such delicate creatures and oh so beautiful.

    I love all the cards and have seen more than one or two ideas which I think are just fab so I hope you all don't mind if I take a few to use. It's that thing of when you have to sit down and are given a subject to work with mind goes into overdrive and nothing appears. Well it was like that with Butterflies and now having seen all your gorgeous samples I'm sat here thinking 'why didn't I think of that'.
    I've said before we need a bigger display board in the Café and I think I'm going to have to ask Sandra if we can have one hehehe That will give her something to think about hehehehe

    Thank goodness we're all back together here after the horrible two days of chimney sweeping, cleaning and frustration. We have to have the chimney swept every year. It's because of the house insurance and I dread the day every year. Unfortunately there isn't a Sweep anywhere around us and up to this year everything has gone to plan. Never mind it's done for another year.

    LILIAN- I'm so sorry that tenants have left your house in a mess. I can never understand how people cannot respect others property whatever it is and however small or large. I always wonder how they would react and think if it happened to them.

    I'm having an easy day today as we're going out for a meal tonight. It's to a local place which has changed ownership earlier this year so hoping the food is still as good as it has been in the past.

    PAT-hope Sandra and Sue behaved themselves yesterday when they visited you and didn't tease too much. Take care on those crutches won't you. Cannot wait to have you back here in the Café. Gentle hugs are on their way.

    Well I'm off for my breakfast now as the Café is looking good and open for business. I'll pop back later to see what's happening. Hugs have been despatched. xxxx

    1. Have a nice day and a tasty meal tonight, hope the chef is good. If your next door is not sold yet, perhaps we can use it as a display house and sell the previous card ones for a good course :-) Take care xx

    2. What a Brill idea!! We definitely wouldn't need to search for any retreat places wither would we as everything would be on hand. Get saving all those pennies. Hugs xxxx

    3. Hi Janet. Enjoy your day and your meal out tonight. Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Janet first I must apologise for not commenting on your Gorgeous card yesterday. I love it it's stunning.x
      Have a lovely lazy day & enjoy your meal tonight.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    5. Janet, Hope poor Jim is OK after all the excitement!!!!! WOOPS and you. xx

  4. Good Morning Sandra and Friends, wet here today, where is summer gone ?

    Beautiful array of cards this morning , I see Sandra has found an old one of mine, I confess the background is paper I printed on the computer. Did send a new card but it was late in the evening, I'll try and get the challenge card in on time, you note the word try.

    We are off too Launceston to finish off getting the house finished, hopefully just a morning.

    Have a wonderful day all, Sandra I hope Matt is feeling much better, hugs Lilian

    1. I am sorry to hear this Lilian It's a shame we probably all live too far apart otherwise we'd all be volunteering to help sort it

    2. So sorry to read of your woes regarding your house, how people can behave like that is beyond me. I watch the 'Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away' programme and am totally gobsmacked by the state some people live in and then have the nerve to leave their mess behind when the property gets repossessed. Paul, one of the High Court Bailiffs has it absolutely right when he says 'There is something wrong with the system when people cannot or will not take responsibility for their themselves and their won actions, they always expect the council and us taxpayers to provide for them."

    3. Karen's right, we would be around very quick to lend a hand. Hope you saw my comment last night, will do our best to find a solution that suit as many as possible. Take care xx

    4. Hi Lilian. Sorry to hear about your tenants, how could people do that? Hope you get it sorted. Hugs xxx

    5. Hi Lillian, How can people behave like this, have they no self pride. These people should be named and shamed. xx

    6. Thanks for all your offers of help, sorry to bore you all with my woes, we got home at 2-30pm so a bit longer than we thought, but when we got home we had a call from estate agent to say that they have someone who is very interested in buying our house, they have a buyer for there house, so keep your fingers crossed it comes off, many a slip twin cup and lip.

      To reward myself I have ordered some Brushos to have a play at backgrounds.
      Hope you all have had a good day, will now go and read what everyone has been up to.
      Going to do my challenge card now, hugs all round Lilian

  5. Good Morning Sandra and ladies,
    What a wonderful kaleidscope of butterflies today. Each card beautiful and some lovely ideas so thank you ladies.
    Hope Matt is well on his way to recovery Sandra and that you found Pat a lot more comfortable yesterday.
    JANET your chimney sweepind escapade sounds horrendous. Thank goodness it's all over for another year.
    LILIAN so sorry your tenants lefts the house in such a mess. I had the same problem last year . Not only was the place very dirty but half of the furniture was gone and they dismantled the fitted wardrobes in one bedroom and took the wood with them. They disappeared into the night and were never seen again. After that I didn't fancy renting it out again so I sold it.
    Quick one this morning as I'm going to try and get my medical card yet again today. I tried on Monday but was told to come back today so heres hoping.
    Have a lovelt day everyone.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Oh my goodness me Val, did you take photos and name & shame them on FaceBook or social media? I believe I would that so that others can see what is going on and to beware of these kind of persons. They wouldn't be able to sue you as they stole from you in the first place.

    2. Hi Cheryl. No I didn't do that as at the time I didn't have a computer but I did report it the police who didn't seem that interested but gave a me a crime scene number for me to claim from my insurance.
      Still not get my medical card. I have to go somewhere else now. How frustrating. She took delight intelling me that if I have to visit the hospital I won't be covered which did make me panic. However I've just looked in up and as long as I'm a resident and have my paperwork to show it, which I have, I just say in the case of emergency that a new card is in the process of being issued and that's sufficient for them. Still I need to sort it out asap
      Take care everyone.
      Love Valxxx

    3. Hi Val. What a palaver with getting your medical card, hope you get it sorted! Hugs xxx

  6. Good morning Ladies,
    Sandra , I love your butterfly card and all the others are so pretty and imaginative ( would it be a host of butterflies? )
    I got such a surprise to see my card there ( so kind of you Sandra to dig it out since I haven't had time) it is the only card I have made with the gelli plate, I really enjoyed using it and had sent for more acrylic paints which went astray in the post and had to be replaced , which meant by the time I did get them the enthusiasm had waned and I've never had the gelli plate out again, but hope to get around to it again soon.
    I didn't go walking yesterday but hope to go for a walk today , I need to get out for a wee while!
    Pat, so good to hear you are on the mend , please take it easy and don't be pushing yourself too hard xo
    Also hope Matt feels a bit better today.
    Enjoy your meal tonight Janet and I look forward to hearing all the juicy details tomorrow( can't you tell I haven't been out for a meal in ages lol! )
    Glad you had a lovely evening Michele and a good nights sleep afterwards is a nice bonus, hope it's easier at work for you today.
    Great card Phoebe ! Love all your colours.
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

  7. Morning everyone,

    A rather sombre and reflective day for me today, we had a lovely meal with Rosie and walking home, she informed me one of my neighbours had passed away. So another sympathy card to be made this morning. Yesterday I had the sad task of making one for the mother and sister of one of our lovely village characters. I have known him since I moved into the village and my son was at school with him.

    Gurt big hugs today for you all,
    Cheryl xxx

  8. WOWSER! All the cards are gorgeous And PHOEBE you are brilliant Glad to hear PAT is doing OK and that MATT getting better too
    JANET I did post something about your chimney sweeping escapade last night Like you say at least it's over for the year
    Today is a bittersweet day for me Today should be my son's 36th birthday So we will be placing birthday cards at his grave and then will be meeting other members of the family for lunch I know he is still with us, too many spooky (in a nice way) things are happening

    1. Thinking of you and your family today. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Special thoughts are sent to you today to you and your family.
      Love Valxx

    3. Hi Karen, just wanted to say you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are blessed with a very supportive family. Sending gentle hugs.xx

    4. Thinking of you today.

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today.
    Love all the wonderful cards with butterflies. They are all so pretty. A special well done to Phoebe ! I love your card. and of course our Lynda's, you have some big ones there ;-) My stamps was free with the magazine 'quick cards' by someone called Sally Mountain. Don't by often but sometimes you see some nice ones and just have to have it.
    Hope Pat is getting along and you had a nice time with her.
    Off out so will pop in later but in the meantime all have a good day, love and hugs Maria xoxo

  10. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a lovely lot of butterfly cards, it was fun to do, Alan choose the design he has a better eye than me. Phoebe's card is lovely & we were the lucky ones to receive it, she certainly has the talent. Hope Matt is doing well now. Look forward to hearing how Pat was
    Lilian sorry to hear about your house hope you get it sorted soo .xxx
    Janet have a lovely meal this
    Michele hope work is easier
    Thinking of you Karen today sending
    Must get on food shopping this morning so will send hugs to all who need them love

  11. Hi Sandra and everyone. Love all of these beautiful butterfly cards. Special mention of Phoebe's stunning card - very talented young lady, well done :-) Margaret, I'm sure you will treasure it :-)
    Hope Matt is feeling better today, and Pat was well when you visited yesterday.
    Hope everyone is having a good day. Hugs to all xxx

  12. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    What a wonderful selection of butterfly cards, special mention for Phoebe who has given us such a beautiful bright butterfly, and how lucky are you Margaret to be the recipient xx
    Sandra, I'm just amazed you found the card I made, you must receive so many photographs, how do you file them to be able to pick out cards from such a long time ago? You must have an amazing system. LOL
    Hope Matts continues to improve, are you still looking him in the house to stop him going to work?

    Pat how are you? Hope you're starting to get mobile, but please take it steady LOL

    We have had a busy day, started the day going to my friends to have our hair done. After that some shopping, then later I had my treat of treats ....... we went down to the local recycling plant with lots of garden rubbish etc My OH certainly knows how to treat a girl well!

    Time to get on with the dinner. Today has simply flown by.
    Sending love and hugs to everyone, Brenda XXX

  13. Hello SANDRA & everyone
    Well I did start this morning I commented on Janet's then Internet decided to stop working for some reason.
    WOW what a lovely lot of Buterfly's all the cards are beautiful Yes MARIA I tried getting in the cafe' & pinching some but Janet's Dobbie woulde't let me in.
    I love each & everyone of them.Phoebe your card is lovely well done.
    Haven't done much today went Tesco but the day just disapeared.
    I made c card yesterday & finished my Step Grandaughter's card quit pleased with that I used Sue's birthday shadow box die for the first time. Think seeing Sue's one on her blog yesterday inspired me.
    Just got to dish dinner up so I will love & leave you Hug's Lynda xxx

  14. Evening all, it's late just wanted to pop in and wish you all a good night. Wont be long for be I think.....
    Val- how much trouble for you to get this medical card you need. Do you think you could make your own ? I know you are a fantastic card maker so maybe give it a try Lol
    Cheryl- not easy getting older, so many leave you over the years. Thank god we also have Birthday's and cards for new born's to make. Take care
    Anne- hope all goes well with Tollie. My sister has another sets of puppies, they are so adorable so don't understand how she can keep selling them. Watched a bit from the women open from just up the road, she is good the young girl. Have you ever played here at Woburn ?
    Had a lovely walk with a friend this morning and a coffee at her place after. Back home I had some breakfast, sitting in the lounge I suddenly went over all funny and had a pain right through the stomach to the back. It was like a really bad per--d pain, feeling better this evening. Tomorrow is another day for some food shopping and cleaning the house a bit and putting things back after painter who stayed a day extra. Have SIL and her hubby over on Saturday morning for the day. She like to go to Bon Marche', will see if I get myself something or wait a bit longer but might need some trousers, they keep falling down a bit hihi Must get the CC done but have changed my mind so many times so need to stop and get on with it. See you all in the morning, sleep well xxx