Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sketch Challenge Cards

My Sketch Challenge Card

The Sketch (to use die as card base)

Anne's Challenge Card

Brenda's Challenge Card

Brenda's 2nd Challenge Card

Janet's Challenge Card

Janet's 2nd Challenge Card

Karen's Challenge Card

Lilian's Challenge Card

Lilian's 2nd Challenge Card

Lynda's Challenge card

Lynda's 2nd Challenge card

Lynda's 3rd Challenge Card

Margaret's Challenge Card

Margaret's 2nd Challenge Card

Maria's Challenge card

Maria's 2nd, 3rd & 4th Challenge cards

Michele's Challenge Card

Sonia's Challenge Card

Val's Challenge Card

An extra card to share this week.......

Anne's Granddaughter Abi's card for her Mum's birthday

Good Morning to My amazingly talented craft friends,

What can I say?....just look at how many absolutely amazing cards that you have all created this week, some of you making 2,3 and even 4 challenge cards!!!!!
It really brings a smile to my face and give me that warm, fuzzy feeling when I come up with a challenge that you all seem to love and you clearly loved this challenge, every email that I received containing an attatchment had me rushing to open it and everytime I was so blown away by what I saw!  

The first card I recieved was from Anne, who had coincedently made her card before the Sketch was released on Monday, it was pure chance that it worked perfectly with the sketch! 
Anne it is such a pretty card, so delicate and feminine, using Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles as your card base and Floral Ovals for you beautiful focal point.  I love the floral die you have used Anne.
Thank you so much for taking part xxx

Brenda, you made 2 cards this week, my favourite is the first card you have made using the Creative Expressions Madison Square die set, I believe that you have hand made your stunning roses that decorate your beautiful card. The second card I believe is made using a Tonic die, another amazing card Brenda, thank you so much for going to the trouble of making two cards xxx

Janet, 2 cards from you too! The first card is a pretty round card I love the papers you have used and how you have used pearl string to decorate the centre of your card, the second card you have made using Spellbinders Romantic Rectangles is amazing, so dimensional, I love the colour you have chosed to make this card with too, that pearl string with flowers that you have used gives extra dimension and interest to the card too! Thank you so much for taking part this week xxx

Karen, I love your 'retro' looking card,  made using Tonic Circle dies and topsy turvy card.  To make the white card blank you cut two of the largest circles and scored about 1 cm in from one edge. karen then glued the scored edge to the second circle to make my card blank. Karen was inspired by one of the carft magazines - Die-cutting essentials issue 9. Thank you so much for taking part Karen xxx

Lilian has made two absolutely stunning cards this week, the first using Creative Expressions Spanish 'Seville' die set as the card base and that touch of rainbow mirror card is genius, it lifts the card beautifully, your second card, (which was the 1st one you made) has been made using Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles One as the base, the papers you have used are so pretty lilian, the pearl flowers you have used to embellish your card work so well, making the card look even more stunning and expensive! Thank you so much for making the time to make 2 cards this week.

Lynda, 3 cards from you this week, I am not sure of the die you have used in the 1st card but it is so pretty, the 2nd card has been made using the Creative Expressions Caribbean 'St Bart's' die, it is so pretty, that die makes a fantastic card base, the stamp you have used works so well too.  The 3rd card using the CE Tessa die looks striking in black and white, the pearls are all the embellishment that is needed to finish that card perfectly, thank you so much for making 3 cards while you have been so poorly, I hope you are feeling better xxx

Margaret, two gorgeous Christmas cards from you this week, I think they have been made using your Apple Blossom dies (but I may be wrong)!  I love that tree you have used to decorate the 1st card, is it a die cut you have decorated yourself ?, the blue snowflake paper you have used on the second card is really pretty, thank you so much for making two cards this week xxx

Maria.....4 Cards from you this week...OMG! where do I start, your first card has been made using CE Noble Square die and Dainty Rectangular Frame to highlight your sentiment, that paper you have used is really pretty too! You have used CE Heraldic Square,decorated with its matching stamp and  CE Stockholm die in pretty purple and yellow for your 2nd and 3rd cards, I am however stumped by the die used in your 4th card, the pretty floral paper you have used is gorgeous though! Thank you so very much for making so many cards this week xxx

Michele, your card is beautiful, you have used Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles for your card base, it works really well, I love how you have used the whole die set, the butterflies are the perfect embellishment for your card.  Thank you so much for taking part xxx

Sonia, you have used Creative Expressions Auckland Die set to create your card base and it works perfectly, simply using the lilac card behind the die highlights the incredible detail Sue Wilson puts into her dies, the Delicate Daises are all that is needed on this stunningly simple card, I love it Sonia, thank you so much for taking part xxx

Val, you have used Creative Expressions Spanish 'Seville' die set for your card base too, the red and white works so well, the Memory Box Poppy die looks amazing as the focal point on your card, the red gingham ribbon finishes the card perfectly, thank you so much for taking part this week xxx

Our little extra card this week has been made by Anne's Granddaughter Abi, Abi asked Anne if she could make a card for her Mummy's birthday, so Anne showed her into her Craft Room and left her to play, Abi has stamped and coloured that image perfectly, this looks a very hard stamp to colour too, what an amazing job Abi has done.
The other part of the card that has me totally amazed is the little Pearl drops, now I have tried so many times to make perfect Pearl drops with Cosmic Shimmer Pearl PVA, it is very tricky, Abi has not only made perfectly sized pearl drops but she has used it to write her sentiment!  
Abi your card is absolutely beautiful, your Mum will absolutely love it, thank you so much for allowing your Grandma to share your card with us xxx

Wow ladies, my fingers are about to drop off! I am so grateful that you all put so much hard work into your cards again this week, I am going to have to work hard to come up with a sketch card to top this weeks!

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Sandra and to all popping in to your cafe' this Sunday. I would have posted a bit earlier but it has taken me near half an hour to look at all the wonderful cards! read what dies have been used, write them down on a list then go back and forth for every one, I love them all !! Beautiful dies, papers and embellishments. Sorry I went a bit mad hihi I just loved this challenge to see what dies I actually could use, the third one is a bit wobbly and the fourth one I will have come back to you because I haven't got the name for it.
    Abi- your card is amazing ! Your mum will absolutely Love it. Well done using the pva pearl, that something I have given up on ages ago. Big hug.
    Son came in from work at 6.20 so we had a chat before he was going to do something on his computer and then go for a sleep. I'm going out later, wish I didn't but breakfast at Costa after might help Lol! Must say Hi to my night owl friend Littlelamb. Hope you had a lovely few days away and now is up for some crafting again and can pop back in soon. Lynda- hope you had a better night,bless you. Have a rest and plenty of teas hopefully will get you back soon, hugs.
    Must have another lookat the cards before my walk so I wish you all a nice day and I see you sometime later today. Love and hugs to you all, Maria Xxox

  2. Good Morning Sandra and ladies. Well you've done it again. What a fantastic array of cards. All stunning. Lovely to see you've used the same die as me Lilian and I like that you've put mirri card behind the die. Now why didn't I think of that. As there are only 2 large dies in the set I cut one in white then cut it half so it would show in between the 2 red layers hence the ribbon covering the join. I did enjoy this challenge Sandra but wished I'd had smaller prettier dies to use.
    ABI I bet your mum will be over the moon getting such a beautiful card from you.Love your image and the buttons and the Pearl Drops are amazing. Something that I've given up on. Well done.
    Well must have another scroll down before I go for my shower.
    MARIA enjoy your walk.
    LYNDA do hope you had a better nights sleep.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val thanks for asking I got up at 1am & tried to sleep in my recliner chair so I wasn't laying flat. I forgot Terry wound the chiming clock up so every 15minuts it chimed & every hour it chimes what hour it is. Well that nearly ended up out the window yes I did try & stop it but couldn't open the b.....dy thing haha. Will try again tonight & get Terry to turn it OFF hug's xxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Goodness-what a fantastic selection of cards. They're all really lovely.

    Abi -your card is stunning card, I'm sure your Mum will love it.

    It's fine here at the moment but very breezy. Rain is forecast for most of the day so once I've done the housework I might head up to the craft room-I feel like playing with some more shaped dies.


  4. Loving the cards today Some of you went a bit mad didn't you! I struggled with this challenge and made me realise that in a way I don't have many dies that could be used as a base card
    You ate all brilliant ladies but the star of the show has to be ABI I love everything about your card
    Off to see Mark Anthony at the O2 later
    Take care everyone

  5. Hi Sandra and everyone. Wow, what a beautiful selection of cards. Fantastic to see all the different shapes, I love them all. Will definitely be making more cards this way, so thank you Sandra for the challenge and for you all for the inspiration :-)
    Abi, your card is stunning. Love the use of the pearl drops. Your Mum will love it :-)
    Off out this afternoon to my Brothers for cake for Sister in Laws Birthday, then back in time to watch the football final tonight! Fingers crossed for Andy Murray at Wimbledon too!
    Hope you all have a lovely day. Hugs to all xxx

  6. Hello All, fine at the moment, but black clouds looming!!!

    Sandra you are a genius, I don't know how you know the names of all of the dies used, thanks so much for doing this for us I know it's an enormous amount of work.
    Well what a fabulous array of cards, I have admit that I could not get the circle card to stand up, even after trimming a bit of that back as advised by Sandra, so I made another. Found it quite difficult to cut through the double layer, can I ask ,those who have used the radiant rectangles, do you have a problem cutting this die, I bought it a long while ago, but can never make it cut.

    Abi your card for Mum is great, well done using those pesky pearl drops.

    Have done washing which waiting to go out, also done beds, I do struggle with my super King duvet cover, anyone got any tips for putting clean cover back on ?

    Well have a lovely Sunday, just got details of Derbyshire hols , we are going on Thursday, as the traffic is horrendous here on Friday, stopping on the way for one night, around Bristol, will have a look to find somewhere to go on Friday morning as we have to wait till five to go into our accommodation.
    Hugs to All , scuse the waffle Lilian.

    1. I struggled toget the largest outer die to cut through double thickness of card, I turned the plates round a couple of times & it was OK. The rest of the layers came out fine once they'd been embossed with the tan mat.
      It's not one of my favourite dies but they are pretty.


    2. Hi Lilian
      We saw a tube video showing you an east pay way to put on a duvet cover. It's a bit hard to explain, but, you turn the duvet cover inside out and lay on the bed. Put the duvet on top and roll it up. You then hold the top of the opening against the duvet and pull the bottom of it round the rolled up duvet. Then tuck the sides inside if that makes sense. Then unroll the duvet upwards from the left. This then turns the duvet the right way up. Shake and it's done. It only takes a minute. As I'm awful a writing instructions you might want to search for it on utube.

    3. Hi Lilian.
      Both your cards are lovely,so pretty the circle one. We have a big duvet and what I do is have the cover inside out from the beginning, put your arms through to each cornet and get hold of the duvet corners and then turn the cover down over the duvet. When it's all inside and buttoned up, take the other corners and now have fun by giving it a good shake down until you are happy with no more lumps or bumps (usually takes me an hour or two) Do not blame me if you arms do not belong to you after, mine never be the same again xx

  7. Good morning SANDRA & friends
    OH My Goodness what a amazing selection or cc today they are all Gorgeous
    & our MARIA doing four cards well done you.Now Abi your card is really beautiful your mum will be over the moon with it & I think she will keep it forever.
    I wasn't happy with mine especially the first I lost my mojo might be feeling like a zombie had somthing to do with it. Had another bad night with coughing.
    We are going for a walk up the park soon. I feel like I need some fresh air.
    We are now looking after a little Chawuauwa for three weeks'Tickles' she is very sweet & house trained YaaY. Well I think I had better have my shower & brighten myself up. I will call in later & see who has poped in.
    By for now Hug'sLynda xxx

    1. Hi Lynda
      I hope you managed to go for a walk and that your soon feeling better. Gentle hugs on the way.

    2. Thank you Pat for the Hug's yes we did go for a walk. My legs didn't feel like they belonged to me. It was really warm but didn't have any sun. But it was nice sitting at the cafe'with a builders tea.
      Have a nice Lynda xx

  8. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra you have done it again, given us a brilliant challenge, thank you they are all lovely. I used apple blossom dies for round one, the Christmas tree was in lots of goodies a certain lovely friend sent me!!, the square card from set of dies from craft essentials. I enjoyed doing this challenge but need more dies, they will be on my list for Ally
    Abi what a lovely card you made for Mum I know she will treasure
    Janet hope you are ok not seen you in cafe this morning, I popped a lemon drizzle & fruit cake on
    Lynda sorry you had a bad night again, have you seen Dr with your cough? if not it's time you did. Hugs on way xxx
    I have a busy couple of days tomorrow & Tuesday, unfortunately have funeral of one of my embroidery ladies tomorrow & then Tuesday we have ladies boule doubles tournament plus son coming to sleep Tuesday night on route to going home to York's Wednesday.
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xxx.

  9. Hello Sandra and all who pop into the Coffee Shop today,

    Firstly I must say a big WOW to ABI what a gorgeous card you made for your Mummy's birthday, l love all of it but especially how you have written Happy Birthday with the PVA that could not have been easy, and requires a very steady hand. I'm sure she will treasure it forever. You are a very talented young lady

    Well ladies another amazing challenge card Sunday, and Maria making four cards. Each card is lovely, and so inspiring. I have to say Sandra took me time to get my head around this one, but once I got the idea I started looking at my dies and realised I could do it, so thank you for the challenge, and hopefully I will be up to this weeks!!!

    I hope everyone is having a good Sunday,
    take care, love and hugs Brenda XXX

  10. Good afternoon Ladies,
    Sorry I'm a bit later than usual but with a house full it's difficult to get some time to yourself , today's cards are fabulous! I think we all enjoyed this challenge going by the number of cards made.
    Thankyou Sandra for sharing Abi's card , I let her read the comments and she was well chuffed! Her mum as you all guessed loved her card.
    Mandy and the family have just gone out for a walk ( it's been very showery ) so I hope they don't all come back soaked.
    I am enjoying a wee bit of peace and quiet while Iain watches Andy Murray , I can't watch but do hope he wins!
    Think I feel a wee nap coming on , so I'll just give in and enjoy it.
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Hope you managed to have a quick nap while everyone was out Anne. I'm glad Abis mum liked her card.

  11. Afternoon Everyone
    Sorry I'm late - well more than late it feels like another day!!
    We started our day her with something of a crisis! YES someone (not a million miles away from me as I sit here) could not find the car keys when he was locking up last night. the car was in the garage the garage was locked but the keys were nowhere to be found. After a couple of hours back and forth searching everywhere he'd been and it was pitch back outside I persuaded him it was time to go to bed and when it was daylight we would start again. This we did at 07.00 our time here this morning. By 09.00 still no keys and so being in the middle of nowhere we were stranded. No bread; no vide grenier this morning and worst of all no Monthly Market on Tuesday in Corbigny and as you know I love this market as the whole place is taken over by the market and closed off to traffic!!! We were waiting for a reasonable time for Jim to ring his eldest Daughter as she is the closest to the house in the UK to go and get the spare and get it to us asap. YES AGE HITS US AGAIN WE HAD FORGOTTEN TO BRING IT WITH US. Anyway Jim could not settle and set off for another round search. He appeared back in the house with the biggest smile on his face - he had thrown the keys into the compost heap when he emptied the coffee grounds yesterday morning. Who needs excitement!!
    We had a good walk round the vide grenier and I managed to get a couple of crochet mats and a couple of lengths of lace so I'm happy.

    All the cards are just beautiful each one having it's very own speciality. I cannot think of a Challenge having so many entries completed. I just shows that we can use our dies in so many different ways without realising it. Abi you're just one very clever and talented young lady and I would love to see more of your cards.

    We have had another very hot day well over 30c and so as this is the third in a row we're looking for some relieve tomorrow. I'll try and be back at normal time in the morning. Cannot wait to see what you have planned for us Sandra. Hugs to everyone xxxx

    1. Crikey Janet how on earth did he manage to throw his car keys in the compost heap. As you say who needs excitement when Jims about to provide it for you.

    2. Oh Janet,I'm so sorry but you made me laugh out loud. See I am easily pleased. Bless Jim, he must been so worried but how lucky you were going to put him in the compost bin and there were the key's ! Hope you both enjoyed the day after all xx

  12. Hi Sandra
    Well the Internet has been playing up today, I don't know why. And your writing changed fonts halfway down. I don't know if that was your end or mine.
    Well ladies what a stunning collection of cards we have today for the sketch challenge. Don't think I've seen so many before. Each and every one if lovely.

  13. A special mention to Abi, and your Mum will love your handcrafted card.

    1. Hi Pat thanks for the tip for the duvet, think I know what you mean but I'll see if I can find the Utube.
      Great that Andy won Wimbledon.
      Shall miss the tennis.
      Best Wishes Lilian