Thursday, 21 July 2016

Thinking of you

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and coping OK with this extreme weather, I can cope with it on holiday no problem, maybe as you can dip in the sea when you get too hot!
Sue and I had a lovely day catching up, we didn't get around to crafting until 2:30pm, mainly because we were talking too much, but that's the part I enjoy the most, the crafting is a lovely bonus!  
Sue got her challenge mostly sorted, I achieved nothing, until after Sue left then I made myself get a card made.

While I was deciding on a card to make I came up with this weeks 'Mini Challenge' 
And that challenge is.......
To make a card that features a Butterfly or Butterflies, I don't mind what card you make it can be any occasion, just feature a butterfly somewhere.

My card was made very simply by using Shaded Lilac ink to colour a masked off strip of Linen card, using a Inkyliscious 'ink duster'. I then stamped Honey Doo 'Butterfly Border' stamp onto my inked strip, then I stamped it on to Acetate using Stazon, I then cut out the butterflies, added glue to the reverse and added superfine glitter, as the glue dried it just left the 'sparkle' which added a lovely addition to the same stamped image beneath.  I then die cut a 'Thinking Of You' sentiment twice and glued them together for height and added it to my card.
All in all a clean and simple yet pretty card, I hope you think so too.

I look forward to seeing your Butterfly cards, I will show them a week from today.

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Everyone
    This is the second time of trying to talk to you.
    Hope you're all coping in the hot weather you're having and remembering to cover up and use sun blocker etc.
    Like you all I hate to see people not dressed properly when it's hot. On the beach fine you can wear anything you want but not inland.

    SANDRA- what a beautiful card; simple and eye catching. I'm going to find this mini Challenge somewhat difficult as for some reason or other I very rarely use butterflies on cards but will definitely have a go.

    LILIAN- sounds as though you had a lovely day yesterday. Tatton is a beautiful house and their gardens are gorgeous just like all the NT houses. We were members for quite some years when I could get around easily and loved visiting their properties.

    We actually managed to get some rain last night so at least the garden was watered. Two cushions were also watered as we forgot to bring them in before closing up for the night. We have a bench at one side of the house which is in the shade at Coffee Time and so that's where we sit. Normally they would have been seen when Jim went to lock the back gate but of course we don't have one at the moment.

    I'm off now as I've just heard the car come up the back lane with breakfast. The Café is OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Have a good day everyone. Hugs have been sent.xxxx

    1. Morning Janet, we didn't do the house yesterday, I'm not sure it was open ,with the RHS flower show on , it's a fabulous show, not anywhere as big as Chelsea, but all the best bits. We have been to Tatton on previous visits, as we are senior members ( a bit cheaper ) of NT, also member of RHS, so it was only members yesterday, so not so crowded.

  2. Morning Ladies

    Lovely card Sandra, very pretty. Goodness, I've got my work it out as I've not started the Monday challenge card yet!!

    I didn't end up going to the meeting as there was no-one to cover due to sickness. I was quite annoyed as I'd spent over 4 hours last week preparing my report then couldn't discuss it. We had a busy day at work so no time to worry about it.

    The thunder & heavy rain yesterday morning didn't help much, we had another sunny day and today looks just the same although it is a few degrees cooler. Think I need to take a tee shirt to work so I can get changed before I do the shopping. We aren't allowed to go into shops etc in uniform unless it's covered and it's too warm for that!


  3. Good Morning all,

    Sandra , what a lovely card. I love the colours and its simplicity. It's stunning. I shall have fun this one. The problem is what to use as I have so mamy butterfly related stamps and dies. Actually I have a butterfly edger die that I've not used yet mmmm.
    Well the promised rain didnt arrive and it's still overcast and muggy. Maybe today.
    Its pampering day today as I'm off to get my nails hair and eyebrows done. Then I have to go the Hospital. Nothing wrong with me. We have cards that the chemist swipe through a machine everytime you get your prescription. Sadly mine is all of a sudden not working. Tried 3 chemists but all the same. So I have to go and pick up another. There is usually a long queue for this so I have to get my easy going hat on.
    Lilian. It sounds as though you're having a lovely holiday. My husband and I belonged to the National Trust when we were in the UK. We went around some amazing places all over the country. I so enjoyed it.
    Well have a good day everyone. I'll pop back later and see what you're all up to.
    Bye for now.
    Love Valxxx

  4. Morning all Lovely card SANDRA and I like the idea of this challenge QUICK QUESTION Can we send you "older projects" or do they have to be brand new/different
    No rain here (yet) Very muggy
    I feel for you MICHELE it is so frustrating when things like that happen
    Right I must get ready for work

  5. Good Morning Sandra and All, still very hot here, and no sea breeze to cool us !!
    When we got back yesterday it had obviously been heavy rain, so we were lucky.
    Not sure where we are going to today, it's our last day, might pop over to Chesterfield, when we came last time they had a lovely department store, hope it's still there.

    Sandra love your card, never get on well with acetate, you must give us some tips sometime, will definitely get this done as I love to put butterflies on my cards, think they are such happy things.

    Well I'd better go and shower and see what's needed at the little shop here.

    Have a lovely day all , keep cool, use those chilled towels, that one of you recommended sorry not sure who. Lilian

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Not so hot here today but my mojo and energy from the last few days have taken it's toll so not much happened here at all. I made the CC up yesterday only a few things need tweaking. Thank you Sandra for giving me something to do. Your card is so pretty and I too love butterflies, hush if Lynda is around she will take them all :-) I hope you feeling a lot better from the cough by now. Sending you and Terry some special hugs. Cheryl, your had another lovely walk I see. That's the best bit, walking off the track and then stumble on something amazing you otherwise would have missed. Have some lovely days out. Lilian, have a nice last day whatever you doing. Do you have another stop before going home ? Michele, hope your day is better. How annoying when you planned everything and it never got to a meeting, perhaps another day.
    Janet, it sound so nice when Jim is coming back in the morning with the breakfast, what do you usually have ?
    No rain or thunder here yet but so pleased the temp is a little lower so did sleep better last night but then OH who suffering badly with hay fever think he also now have a summer cold,yay. Anne,hope you are alright and having some fun. Littlelamb, missing you ! Val, have a great day being pampered. Think I will call my lady for a pedicure , always feel good to have the tootsies done.
    Have a good day everyone. love and hugs Maria xoxo

  7. Hi Sandra and everyone. Love your pretty card, and another fab challenge. Still need to make a start on my sketch card, but will definitely be taking part :-)
    A little cooler here today, and looks like we could get some rain. I actually woke up cold this morning with all the windows open and only the duvet cover on. Think I'll be having a blanket over my side of bed tonight as hubby was still hot!
    Hope everyone having a good day.
    Enjoy your last day Lilian.
    Hugs to all xxx

  8. Hello Again, back to the cottage for the last time, home tomorrow, dread to think what the traffic will be like. No overnight stay this time as o/h has a meeting on Saturday.

    We didn't get to Chesterfield today, instead we went to Carsington Water, a very large reservoir, with amazing facilities we took a picnic lunch and sat by the water, watching the boats and birds. Not as hot as yesterday so we decided to spend it outdoors, came back quite to call in to Sainsburrys for the last few bits.

    I can really recommend this area for a holiday, lovely scenery and lots to see and do, we didn't see all we meant to ,but will save that for another visit.

    Hopefully will get in tomorrow, if we are home in time, it's over six hours without stops or holdups, still taking packed lunch so we shall have a few breaks.

    Have a good evening,hugs all round, Lilian

    1. Hello Lilian - so pleased you liked Carsington Water. As you say it's a lovely spot to sit and relax or if feeling energetic walk around the bird hides. You were really very very close to my Daughter and SL. From their garden they look over the fields (the farm where she helps out voluntarily)to Carsington Water. We have a lovely time visiting them sitting out in their courtyard having afternoon tea along with their children -Molly and Cuin (working collies) along with their outside cats. Have a very safe journey home tomorrow and I hope that the traffic isn't too bad for you. Lots of hugs. xxxx

  9. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra pleased to hear you & Sue had a good catch up yesterday. I love the look of mini challenge, I still have to this weeks challenge to do, the one I did finished up in the bin as I was not happy with
    I have had busy day today, did weekly shop, then hoovered & dusted downstairs in preparation to 12 of my embroidery group came for tea & cakes. It was lovely I only supplied the milk, tea or coffee 3 of the others supplied sandwiches, cake & biscuits. The chattering could probably be heard in the road. It was lovely just to sit & chat.
    Lilian safe journey home tomorrow, don't envy you the motorway on a
    Cheryl your walk on Monday sounded lovely, wish I could do it we used to walk for miles, especially on the Dorset
    Feel tired now so will see you tomorrow hope all well it has turned cooler thank goodness.
    Sending hugs to all who need them especially Lynda love

  10. lovely card sandra . you know i just might try your challenge ... i need some card making practice.... hope your keeping cool hugs x Amanda

  11. Hi Sandra & friends
    Just a quick look in & my comment this morning has managed to get lost in cyba space GRRR.
    SANDRA your card is Gorgeous you know me I just love
    butterflys so as MARIA said I will pinch then all.HaHa. So this Challenge is right up my street. The Rheumatology nurse rang this afternoon said I can start my tablets on Saturday & folic acid on Sunday. Had to wait for bloods & X-ray before I could start.
    Sue thank you so much for your lovely card I got this morning I was so lovely of you it was much appreciated xx
    Sorry I haven't caught up with comments.will look tomorrow as I'm off to bed really tired tonight. Just like to thank you all for your support.
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx