Saturday 23 July 2016

Fancy Karen & Mixed Crafts

Karen & Alan

Lynda's Lace Flower

Janet's Heart Plaque

Michele's flower top box

Michele's box (sleeve off)

Good Morning Ladies,

I start today's blog post by sending love and hugs to our very dear friend Pat, who should be recovering from her surgery as we speak, Pat, I hope you got to choose a different form of anesthesia this time as it made you so poorly last time, which would hopefully mean a faster recovery, I will be up to visit you over next couple days xxx

Now Our Karen opens our blog post today, dressed as Frenchie from Grease (Beauty School Drop Out), Alan is in his Officer and Gentleman uniform too, this was for a Hollywood Themed Fancy Dress event at Salsa Class, you both look so fantastic, you have got every detail right, even down to the glasses! Love the hair too, it suits you, could be your new look! Alan looks very handsome too in his uniform, I'm sure you had a fabulous time, thank you for sending in the photo xxx

Lynda, OH Lynda, what a beautiful Lace flower, you really have done an amazing job, the lace you have used is stunning, I am so amazed that this is your first flower and it is so beautiful, keep it up Lynda you are a natural, I could see this in the centre of a posh cushion or on top of a pretty box. 
I have kept your other flower for next time, thank you so much for sending your photo in. xxx

Janet, what a beautiful heart shaped plaque from you this week, you have added a edging of pretty lace, a pretty winged cherub from Crafting Insomniac, some pretty foam Cala Lillies with some pretty pearl leaves, two pretty stick pins and you have added a piece of lace as a hanger and trimmed the end of that with a bow applique with a pearl flower in the centre, such a pretty plaque Janet, thank you so much for sharing all of your amazing projects, you really have mastered the art of altering Janet, I love sharing your work xxx

Michele has shared this beautiful and unusual box with us today, the box is pretty as it is but has had a 'band' made to act as a closure, the band has been made with black card that has been fancy cut on either side and decorated with beautiful hand made flowers, cut from pretty check patterned paper, it looks as though they have buttons in the centre. This is an unusual box closure but I love it and I am tempted to have a go, just as a different way to decorate a box. Thank you so much Michele for sharing this pretty box with us xxx

Thank you all for sharing your fabulous projects with us each week ladies, such a great source of inspiration, PLEASE keep them coming in, I would love to share anything you make from Cakes to Christmas Crackers and everything in between.

Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Everyone
    KAREN- your fancy dress is perfect and you both look as though you had just stepped off the set of filming. I particularly love your glasses Karen. Having to wear glasses all the time I love to see fancy frames particularly those we just could not wear everyday. Thank you for making me smile.

    LYNDA- I saw your flower on fb and loved it then. I cannot believe that it's your first attempt at a flower but having seen your boxes I just know everything you do is beautiful.

    MICHELE- I love love your box and band closure. I think this idea and style is going to go into my file for when I'm stuck for an idea re boxes. I hope you don't mind my 'pinching' it. I particularly love your hand made flowers. Can you please let me know what paper/card it is you have used.

    PAT- I hope everything went well yesterday and that you had a good night's sleep. No doubt you will be out of bed today with the Physios and it won't be very long before you're back home. The best thing is you will be pain free YEHHHHHHHHH. Gentle Hugs Dear Friend.

    We had a good morning at the market although we didn't walk all the way through it this week. We managed to park at the bottom and so started with a Coffee and then looked at the market. We called in a different Pastry Shop and bought two very different cakes.

    Cake 1- just looked like one of those golf balls on the Yorkshire Moors at Fylingdale but I'm reliably told it tasted so very much nicer. It had a sweet pastry bottom (round)and on top of that had a layer of lime jelly. Sat on that was a layer of cream with an addition of a liquor which neither of us can name. This layer of jelly/cream was then repeated and keeping the round shape was finished off with lime icing with a sliver of apricot on top.
    CAKE 2 - was a meringue tower - this was a meringue coated with Cointreau butter cream which in turn was coated with dark chocolate. Very simple looking but very sweet and delicious. I couldn't eat it all so half is in the fridge for today.

    I've sent some fruit tartlets with a couple of tubs of ice cream with Dobbie this morning so please help yourselves this afternoon. The café is looking very good and I think Dobbie has done a good job this week so much so that he'll be back next week. Hugs have been sent for everyone with an extra for Pat this morning. xxxx

    1. Oh Janet those cakes sound delicious especially the meringue. Just love meringus and cointreau butter - oh my mouth is watering. If you cant manage the other half please feel free to pass it on to me!
      Enjoy your day. Hope the gate's almost finished and looking good.

    2. Thank you Janet I was a little surprised to see our photo as the first one! The cakes sound delicious I'll willingly share the other half with Val

    3. Hi Janet. You have made my mouth water with your delicious sounding cakes. May have to pop down to Waitrose to pick up a nice little treat for myself :-) Think I might manage one of your fruit tartlets with some ice cream too, yum! ;-)
      Your heart plaque is beautiful, love it.
      Have a lovely day. Hugs xxx

    4. Thank you so much JANET your very kind.
      Your Heart plaque is Gorgeous so pretty.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Karen- lovely photo, you look like you were really enjoying the evening.

    Lynda -WOW, the lace flower is beautiful.

    Janet -your heart plaque is gorgeous.

    I can't take any credit for making the gift box as it was I with one of the bags of donated stash. My only contribution to it was to add 2 Card Candi to two of the flowers as they had gone missing.

    I'm off to choose new glasses (& sunglasses) once hubby gets back from golf. I need him to take photos of me in the different frames then when I put my glasses back on, I am see what the different frames look like on me. I'm very , very shortsighted which is why we have this rigmarole when I need glasses. I haven't got a spare pair now which is why I'm choosing new ones.
    After that I must get into the craft room & start my challenge card!!!


    1. Michele what a great idea to take a photo of yourself but it did make me smile. Wearing glasses all the time myself I know it's so important to find the right pair. After all you have to lve with looking at yourself in them for a year or two and they become part of you. Good lyuck anyway with the choosing.

    2. I am so with you on the glasses front I have exactly the same problem except (and I'm still looking) I have been out on seperate occasions with Alan and again with daughter Niether of them like the same pair!
      PS your addition of the Candi finishes the box beautifully Great idea to have a sleeve as a closure I will be trying this

    3. Hi Michelle. Good luck with the glasses. Great idea to take photos so you can then compare. I have a hair style app where I can add different styles onto a photo of me, I wonder if there's something similar for glasses? Have had hours of fun and laughter "trying" on different styles and hair colours, but it's a great help too.
      Love your pretty box.
      Have a lovely day. Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Michelle best of luck sorting out your new glasses, what a brilliant idea your OH taking photos. xx

    5. Hi MICHELE
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I love your box & the lovely leave so pretty. Xxx

  3. Good Morning Sandra and all,
    PAT do hope all went well yesterday and you had a good night. Things can only get better as the song goes and being pain free will be wonderful. Lovely thoughts are with you.
    KAREN such a great photo of you and Alan. Definitely one for the album. I just love the wig and glasses and Alan looks so dashing in his uniform.
    LYNDA oh what a beautiful flower. The lace is lovely as is the bow with it's prettyembellishment. How clever.
    Do hope you're feeling ok healthwise and also not so sad as the time goes on. Take care.
    JANET your heart plaque is so pretty. Such delicate lace and love the little flowers whish look like liies. Just love the stick pins as well.
    MICHELE your box is so pretty and so unusual with its sleeve fastening. Definitely one to remember. Just love the flowers with their pretty buttons.

    well its going to be a tiring day today as I'm cleaning the house from top to bottom. I have a cleaning lady coming for a look around tomorrow and don't want her to think I'm a slob ha ha. I forget to ask if she's ok with animals. If not it will be a short interview.
    I am hoping to spend some time crafting as well. I have another list to do but I want to have a go at the butterfly cc card.

    Glad you had a lovely holiday Lilian and you arrived home safely. Would love to see some photos.

    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you're doing.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val. Don't over do it with the cleaning! We had a family friend who always used to clean before her cleaning lady came - it did make me laugh! One of my clients dusts during the week before I visit her on a Friday, and I do sometimes wonder why. Good luck with the interview tomorrow, I doubt that she'll think you're a slob.
      Have a good day, and enjoy your crafting later. Hugs xxx

    2. Hello Val thank you so much for your lovely comment on my flower really enjoyed doing it. Just like trying new things, We are feeling a bit better now & knowing Annie is not in any difficulties with her breathing now & we did make that decision for her so thanks Val for thinking of me. I Started my tablets for the rheumatoid arthritisis at dinner time.
      Love & Hug's Lynda xx

  4. Morning All I hope you're doing OK PAT after your op If you're looking in I hoe the first photo didn't shock you too much and had a set back but hopefully a smile instead
    Lucky for us (sad for the business) but a Fancy Dress shop closed down near us and they sold their stock include their beautiful hand made for hire ones So we bought a few things!
    LYNDA Your flower is lovely I really want to have a go at more mixed media stuff and JANET's plaque is lovely I love that it is all white I need to chat to you both (and SANDRA) for help and tips
    MICHELE It is a very pretty way of decorating a plain box I'm thinking have a stash of boxes at the ready and then create a band as and when needed and personalise it
    Did any of you see Leonie's new dies I would love to start collecting her items but at mo I'm holding fire because there are so many of SUE's dies an CE products I'd like to get first zHave a great day everyone Gorgeous sunshine here Gentle hug PAT and wish you a very speedy recovery

    1. Hi Karen. Fabulous photo of you and Alan. You both look great :-) Looks like it was a fun evening :-)
      Have a lovely day. Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Karen thank you for your lovely comment on my flower. I loved how it came out & easy to make.
      Your photo of you & Alan is lovely hope you had a great night. Hug's xxx

  5. Wonderful pics Sandra, that 1st flower is gorgeous, xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and everyone. Fabulous pictures to open up this morning. (Have commented on the way down)
    Lynda, your flower is beautiful, I love the gorgeous lace :-)
    Pat, I hope the op went well and you had a good nights sleep. Sending hugs for a speedy recovery xx
    I really must get some crafting done today, still haven't made my sketch card!
    Hope everyone is keeping well, and have a great day whatever you're doing.
    Hugs to all xxx

    1. Thank you so much Sonia for your lovely comment on my flower.
      Hug's Lyndaxx

  7. Good morning Sandra and all.
    Wonderful photo of you Karen ,a very handsome pair. You looking good in pink.
    Lynda- beautiful lace flower.You make a great job with the mixed media. Hope you ok.
    Michele- pretty box and sleeve. You get some nice things from your friend.Good luck with the glasses hunt.
    Janet- love the plaque and all the embellishments. Oh your yummy pastries every Friday, they both sound sooo good. Enjoy the other half later unless Val or Karen have got hold of it. Dobbie can stay for sure, he doing a fab. job and everything looks lovely for anyone coming through the doors today.
    Many gentle hugs to our Pat, hope you are alright and not feeling to groggy this morning.
    Anne and Brenda- hope you both ok with all the family/ grandchildren around. Littlelamb- hope you can join us or it's soon AP, the weeks goes scary quick ,not sure I like it. Another bad night so not much doing here today and a warmer day so all windows open and cold drinks ready in the fridge. Take care everyone and have a nice Saturday whatever you are doing, love and hugs Maria xxxx

    1. Hi MARIA
      Thank you so much for your kind words on my flower loved doing it
      I'm on my nexed altered art tag project. I'm ok thank you so much
      Hug's Lynda xx

  8. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Karen, love the picture of you and Alan. xx
    Linda, another well you really are producing some beautiful pieces love this one. xx
    Janet, love your plaque, you really are a lady of many talents. xx
    Michelle what a beautiful box, I love it xx

    I must press on, I'm going with Debbie and the girls to Gun Wharf Quay in Portsmouth leaving in about Half an hour, so need to get a wiggle on.
    Hope everyone is having a good day, love and hugs Brenda XXX

    1. Thank you BRENDA thank you for your lovely comment on my flower
      I loved doing i
      Hug's Lynda xxxxx

  9. Hello All, cloudy but still very warm here.

    All holiday washing done and blowing in the breeze, it takes me ages to unpack everything,when we come back from hols, but getting there slowly.
    Mr Tesco has been so have food again, it's all put away, mostly low calorie stuff as are to much last week.

    Noisy here today my neighbour has decided to put up a very high fence on top of our shared wall, must be 18 ft from his side, apparently he doesn't like all my climbing plants, said it looked like a jungle, was going to cut it back ,but I obviously didn't do it quick enough for him, thought he might have had the good manners to come and tell me what he was going to do, still not everybody has good manners. We always gave him loads of r beans each year , so a bit disappointed he has done this. Sorry rant over.

    Going to try and do c card now also mini c card.

    PAT, hope you're feeling a bit better today, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Karen great pic, looks as though you had a great time

    Janet love your heart, so pretty, love the lilies .

    Lynda your flower is just beautiful with the lovely lace.

    Michele love the box, great idea to use a " belly band " for the closure, are the flowers fabric.

    Have a great rest of Saturday, hugs Lilian

    1. Thank you so Much for your lovely comment on my flower
      Hug's Lynda xx

  10. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra sorry to be so late in but had friends in for coffee this morning then had a surprise visit from RJ & Christopher, I had not seen them for ages so it was a lovely 2 of hours, my goodness he is a live wire, doesn't walk yet but loved crawling so very fast from one end to other of our 20 ft lounge, I bet he will have sore knees. I was lovely to see him such a happy little chap & lots of kisses. I managed to get my cc sent to Sandra then spent the next hour or so trying to find an address on a big new housing estate with Alan to pick something up. Talk about a maze & of course he didn't take the phone no with him did he, which was all my fault of course! We found it just inside the entrance as we were going out!!! MEN enough of a moan. Thank you for the usual mixed crafts to
    Karen you & Alan look very elegant, you don't look old enough to have grandson, hope to meet you
    Lynda your flower is beautiful well done
    Janet your heart is lovely as all your things are, the pastries sounded gorgeous yesterday unfortunately by the time I got into cafe the fruit tartlets were all
    Michele what a great idea for a plain box, even better I think I could manage that. I hope you managed to sort your glasses out but what a great
    Well I think I am just about ready for bed so will wish you all goodnight. Sending hugs to all who need them love

  11. Thanks MARGARET your very kind I loved making it. Nexed prodject on the go.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  12. Hi Sandra & everyone
    Thank you for showing my lace flower SANDRA I really enjoyed making it. My next project is in the making started it today i will see if I think it's worthy of showing it in Saturday mixed crafts. That's were I have been in craft room most of the day apart of going post office. Just playing with my stash & then went on Pinterest big mistake so addictive. Then watched Leonie on catch up. I like her new stamps & dies this time.She is so good at mixed media.
    Well that all for now I have commented on way down
    Pat hope your ok & not in to much pain thinking of you Hug's Lynda xx
    Love & Hug's everyone Lynda xxx

  13. Good night my friends, I'll see you later. hugs all around xxx