Friday, 8 July 2016

Leaving to have a baby card !

Good Friday Morning Ladies,

Pat and I had a fun day crafting yesterday, Pat was busy making a Wedding card, it was pretty, she made it in a pretty lilac and white, don't forget to photograph it Pat!!

I was busy making the card above for my daughter Becca's work, a colleague is leaving to have a baby, so she asked me to make a card for everyone to sign. 
I don't really have anything expectant mummy related in my craft stash so I reached for one of the many Craft Cd's I have and rarely use and to my relief on a Crafters companion 'swalk' CD there was an image of a pregnant lady with her husband, so I printed it out and trimmed the man off, I was left with the image you see on the card above, perfect for this particular card.
I used Anna Marie Designs Pink dotty card for the background colour and Spellbinder Floral Ovals to die cut my sentiment and the base for my focal element,  I inked through the die with Memento Angel Pink and added pearls around the outside.
To add a bit of interest I added some narrow lace around the edges of the card and topped it narrow pearl string, I like the effect it gave, quite subtle and quite pretty.  I then added some flowers to both the topper and the corners of the card. The sentiment I made look like a tag by adding a ribbon bow and a flower at the top. 
I made a box to present the card in, I used Centura Pearl, to make the box and added some lace around the edges and I made a sentiment topper to pop on the top, added a few flowers and pearls to the topper.
What do you think?

I can't believe its Friday already, this week has flown!

Don't forget to send me your Challenge cards,I have had a few and they are amazing,!
Love and Hugs


  1. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA- Oh what a beautiful card and definitely one that will go into the Memory Box and to be passed on at a later date. I did wonder where you'd got that cute little lady with her 'bump' from. I really must have a look at my CDs. Thank you for reminding me that you can always find something in them.
    So pleased you had a good day yesterday. I hope we'll see some of the changes you both made for our Country as I see that one of you will be our next PM hehehe

    LYNDA I'm sorry I haven't received your email. I have a go at sending you on and see if things work that way.
    I'm so sorry that you're not at all well. If you haven't enough on your plate waiting for hospital dates you have to suffer a horrible summer virus.

    We're very fortunate in Sheffield with our Hospitals. (We were only saying the other day just that upon hearing that one of Christina's Friends had passed away with Cancer. They are under Derby Hospital) We have two very large teaching hospitals, a Dedicated Cancer Specialist Hospital, A Dental Hospital, A large Dedicated Children's Hospital and of course our Famous Jessop Hospital for Women. (I think that this one is the only one in the Country).

    We have a glorious morning and so yes it's Market Day in Corbigny. Doesn't seem two minutes since last Friday. We don't really need anything food wise but we love to stroll through the market and then of course stop at the bottom of the hill and sit with coffee and people watch.

    All looks ready for business in the Café so have a good day. Hugs are on their way xxxx

    1. Morning my lovely,
      Thank you for you kind words about my card, I do hope she likes it!
      I forget about using CD's that maybe a challenge idea actually! They are ideal for when you are in Marigny as you have so many papers at your finger tips!
      We did discuss the EU and how frustrating the drop of the £ against the € is, yesterday it was at a 35 year low!! It was more Pat and Paul discussing it to be honest, I just kept chiming in in between trying to get the printer to print my image, blooming thing!!
      They discussed all sorts, the pair of them were on their soapbox!
      Have a lovely stroll around the market, although I know its not so easy at the moment, the idea sounds so idyllic, especially the coffee and people watching, Paul and I love to do that, try and work out what they are all talking about by how animated they are, you could spend hours doing it!
      Enjoy, can't wait to hear your pastry description!
      Love and hugs

    2. Hi JANET I received your email thank you & did reply so hope you got that one ok.thank you my lovely friend.
      Love & Hug's Lynda xxx

    3. Hi Janet
      Your hospitals sound like ours. Dedicated Cancer unit so we only have to travel to Oxford. A dedicated children's hospital and a women's maternity unit, and a large hospital.

  2. Morning Ladies

    Lovely card Sandra, very pretty. Thank goodness for our craft cd's.

    Had a busy day & evening yesterday. It was late when I got home from Tesco then orang my Dad then had to put all the shopping away. I sat & finished my book as I was tired. Still not finished my challenge card-uh oh.


    1. Morning Michele,
      Thank you for your kind words and yes thank goodness for craft CDs! I got another two yesterday as I bought the Crafter's Companion special magazine deal from Hochanda last week, you got the Verity Rose full CD which has some pretty papers in and another mixed one, two die sets and a stamp set and an embossing folder and a whole magazine full of inspiration, plus a Debbie shore mag with a load of goodies too! All for £18 ! Don't you just love a bargain?!
      What book did you read and was it good, I need some inspiration for books to put on my kindle for holiday!
      Love and hugs

  3. Good morning Ladies,
    Sandra, I love your card it's so pretty and the image is wonderful! I'm sure the recipient will treasure it and keep it as a very precious memory, the little flowers, pearl strings and dainty lace trims are so delicate they finish the card off perfectly.
    Well I got lots of baking done yesterday so hopefully that will keep them going for a wee while, oatcakes, gingernuts, shortbread, and fruit energy bars all easy to take on picnics , so maybe get a cake or two done today between the housework so no crafting today for me.
    Enjoy your lovely weather Janet and your walk through the market , our weather is not very nice at the moment but hopefully it will improve before the family all arrive.
    Lynda, sorry to hear you are unwell, I hope you feel better soon, ( the topper on your card was from a LOTV art pad ) xo.
    Time now for some breakfast!
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Oh Anne, I do love a gingernut! Never made my own mind, they all sound delicious! I am sure they will so disappear with family in the house, feeding them with home baked goods is such a satisfying feeling isn't it?
      Housework??!! when you could be crafting ?! Hahaha
      Have a lovely weekend,

    2. Hi ANNE thank you. I'm still coughing worce at night so tired. .I think I could do with some of your fruit energy I haven't got any.
      Have a lovely weekend.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    3. Hi Anne
      Crikey you've done a lot of baking. Perhaps I need a few lessons, as I've never been good at making cakes.

  4. Hello All, raining here today.

    Sandra lovely card , I'm sure all the ladies will love it, think I need to get to get that cd, wonder if it's still available.

    Did an up date late last night, but I expect most of you were sensible and were in the land of nod, the electrician did not turn up and no phone call to say he wasn't comming, so difficult to find someone to do small jobs these days.

    Traffic was bad yesterday thirty five miles mostly vey slow, still Had a lovely day crafting.

    Lynda so sorry to hear you have this terrible virus that's doing the rounds, pleanty of rest seems to be the only cure. Hope you internet problem is sorted.
    hope you received my bday card, our post here is so unreliable., take care and extra hugs on the way.

    Not much on today, have a couple of repairs to do for work after that going to dig out my dies and attempt the c/c for Sandra.

    Have a good day all, hugs Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian, how much can you take from an electrician who can't even bother to phone again !.I would be fuming. We have a hot tap on the left of the sink in the picture ,so no more kettle. It is fab. hihi Sorry your journey was so slow. Are there many tourists coming down your end ? xx

    2. Hi LILIAN thank you for the Hug's & yes I received your card thank you it was lovely I couldn't email you as DIDNT have internet.
      Have a lovely weekend. Hug's Lynda xx

    3. My word Lilian, how on earth does this man make any money at his job if he never turns up and doesn't ring to say why.

  5. Morning Sandra and all, just love your card and box Sandra. What a lovely image. I know I don't use my cd's often enough. Love all the flowers and trimmings on your card and the pretty box. I bet this will be treasured.
    Lynda, so sorry you're not feeling so good. These horrible viruses seem to go on and on. Do hope you're feeling tip top soon. Sending love to you.
    Anne all your baking sounds delicious. I really admire you. Baking has never been my thing. I used to make fairy cakes when the children were young but I did cheat and buy a packet of prepared stuff.
    Janet enjoy your market day and the lovely pastries you buy. Hope to hear about them tomorrow.
    Well Friday's here again and it's craft club day yeh. So look forward to crafting and craft chatting with the lovely ladies in the group. I'm not staying until the end of class today as Lynn, Paul and I are out for lunch. All 3 of us get weighed every Friday morning as we're all trying to cut down. I've really been a good girl this week. I've had salad every evening, fruit for lunch and even weighed my cereal in the morning and the biggest thing of all -No Chocolate and all I've lost is a miserable .3 of a kilo, not even 1LB. So disapponting. I wanted to lose 4 kilos before I go away in September to Croatia so any suggestions?
    Talking of Croatia the balance of the holiday has to be paid this weekend which brings it even closer. Not wishing my life away but yeh!!!
    anyway must go and have a shower.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone.and love and cuddles to those not feeling so good.
    Love Val xxx

    1. Hi Val. Oh how wonderful to go to Croatia, where do you stay when there ? Healthy eating is a mystery, one day you lose when you have been bad and then you are really,really good and only losing a measly pound or standing still hmmm. All I can say is, good luck. Not helping Anne telling us about all her baking hihi Happy crafting xx

    2. Hi Val thank you for your hug's I needed them. I'm so fed up with viruses I think I have had my fair share of them this year. & I had the flu Jab so that was a waist of time. I haven't really eaten much while I have been ill for the last two weeks & I put 3lb on so i lobed the scales over the fence.Hope they didn't kill my neighbour Ooo!!!!!
      LOVE Lynda xxx

    3. Hi Val
      I know the feeling about loosing weight. I think I must do something about mine, but then my memory goes and I forget. It's an age thing I'm told this memory loss.

  6. Morning What a beautiful, beautiful card SANDRA when you mentioned it yesterday I thought I wouldn't have a clue as to where to start
    Waiting for news re great niece She's supposed to be going to theatre to have appendix removed last night or this morning
    Off to work now and hopefully will be having a cuddle with Oscar this pm

    1. Oh Karen, do hope all goes/has gone well for her. Bless her not a nice thing. Enjoy you cuddles later.

    2. Hi Karen, I hope you get some news soon about your great niece and that everything has gone fine for her. Enjoy your cuddle with Oscar, those moments are so special LOL

    3. Hi Karen I hope your great niece has had her opp by now & she is ok
      Have lots of cuddles with Oscar they are so special. & time flies
      Love Lynda xx

    4. Hi Karen
      I hope you hear about your great nieces op soon. Enjoy your cuddles with Oscar,

  7. Hi Sandra and everyone. A beautiful card and box, I'm sure Becca's work colleague with love it :-) The image is fabulous - maybe I will have to look into getting some crafting CD's as it something I haven't actually got!
    Glad you had a lovely day with Pat yesterday - would love to see Pat's wedding card too.
    Janet, I hope you enjoy your stroll around the market and your people watching whilst having coffee and I'm sure a delicious pastry or two ;-)
    Anne, you have been busy baking and it all sounds delicious, I'm sure the family will appreciate it :-)
    Lilian, I hope you find an electrician after the others let you down :-(
    Val, enjoy your lunch out and craft club :-)
    Karen, hope you get some news soon about your great niece. Enjoy your cuddles with Oscar.
    Hoping Lynda is feeling better soon, sending hugs to you and everyone else.
    Have a lovely day xxx

    1. Hi Sonia thank you for the Hug's.why do these virus things stay so long the flu Jab didn't do a lot of good.
      Hug's Lynda xx

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe' today. Oh I love the card and box Sandra. What a great image for the waiting mother. Rebecca's work colleague will love it.
    Janet- hope you had a lovely day at the market and enjoyed your pastries. Jim has well earned it after all the work he has done.
    Anne- your baking sound lovely just not so good for the waistline tihi how bad am I when I also can smell them.
    Your family will have a great time.
    Karen- have some lovely cuddles with Oscar and hope Charlotte is doing alright.
    Lynda- you are so bad :-) but I hope your cold will go soon and you get your strength back. Take care.
    Had a three mile walk this morning, washing on and then after shower we went food shopping. Back home had some lunch and then hanged the washing out. It's warm but not to sunny with a nice breeze so it should dry quickly. Going to finish the cc later and then have a evening in front of the tv. Tennis on at the moment. Have a nice day everyone. love and hugs Maria xoxo

    1. Hello Dear Friend
      We had a lovely morning in the market didn't spend anything other than the coffees and pastries for tonight's evening meal of course.
      Please don't encourage Jim just remember it's me that has to live with him hehehe. At the moment he's out watering the veggies whilst I'm cooking tea. Have a good evening xxxx

  9. Hello again re electrician, it was my mistake, he turned up at 8am this morning, I must listen better when people phone, worst of all I found the note I had written to remind my self and I had written Friday on that !!!!!!! A bit worrying really. Still he's a really nice chap did all that needed doing which included going to get new parts.
    Sitting watching the tennis at the moment, may pop in later,

    1. As I said earlier Lilian it's an age thing. Or at least that's my excuse.

    2. Glad it's all fixed, definitively an age thing, Lol xx

  10. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    I apologise for not getting in yesterday, life got in the way! As I said earlier in the week Callum had won 2 tickets to Wimbledon Centre Court, they were for yesterday. Well last week Ciara brought a letter home from school to say that they were having open afternoon yesterday, poor Debbie panicked as Callum's tennis trip had been arranged months ago. So I volunteered to go and look at Ciara's work, and she was fine with that. Debbie was relieved. We normally pick her up on Thursdays anyway and take her swimming then home for tea.
    It was about 9.30 when they got home, they had enjoyed the whole Wimbledon experience. So by the time we chatted and eventually left to come home it was almost 11 o'clock and I was just too tired. I did start to blog, managed online and fill asleep holding the iPad. So I gave up trying. Sorry ladies XXX

    Janet your card yesterday was so beautiful, i'm sure whoever you gave it to will treasure it for ever XX I have to confess I have this die and it's still in the packaging, your card has inspired me I must get it out and play with it. Thank you for the wake up call. LOL

    Sandra what a beautiful card for the new Mum to be, and the Box WOW it's not just a card it's gift. I'm sure Becca and her work colleagues will be delighted with it. Thank you for sharing it with us. XX

    Lynda, sorry you're poorly again, you really are having a rough time. I think you're needing a Harry cuddle, they always put you up LOL

    I must get on with my CC. I am on version three at the moment, not sure which one I will get to finish or will they all end up in the PhD box?

    Sending love and hugs to all, Brenda XXX

    1. Sorry Lynda, what I was trying to say was you need a Harry cuddle they always perk you up Xx

  11. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra what a pretty card you made for Becca's colleague I am sure she loved it. As Sonia said CD's are something I must look at. Hope we get to see Pat's
    Been a busy day again but do not really know what I have done, now time to get tea.
    Lynda hope you are feeling better & your cough soon goes hugs on
    Karen hope great niece is ok, enjoy Oscar
    Maria you make me tired just reading about your morning, good for
    Hugs on way to all who need them love Margaret xxx.

    1. Thank you MARGARET still coughing more than ever.Grrrr.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    2. Got tired too so had an hours nap this afternoon hihi Hugs to you and pop xx

  12. Hi everyone SANDRA your card is lovely what a lovely image, I did say yesterday we should have a challenge useing a CD.
    I Still feel like a wet rag this coughing is warning me out.especially at night. Why do these viruses take so long to go. I think I have had my fair share this year.
    Terry is still pleased my voice hasn't come back yet.MARGARET came round to see how I was & bless her she brought lunch in.for us.
    Well I must go & get a drink of water. Try & pop in later
    BRENDA thank you I would love to always have HARRY cuddle's but woulde't want him to catch this.
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx

    1. Hullo my friend. I do hope you start feeling better soon. It's awful that you keep getting these viruses. The coughing at night is awful if it keeps you awake at night. Gentle hugs on the way.

    2. Sending you some healing cuddles and wish your cough away. This year have really been tough for you with these viruses you keep getting. xx

  13. Cuddles with Oscar was lovely Bext time I'll have to take some of ANNE's bakes It'll finish off the beautiful lunch Charlotte prepared
    Latest up date on great niece was at 17:10 to say that she was still waiting for op!

  14. Hi Sandra
    Lovely to see the finished article on the blog. Loved seeing you yesterday. I'm still thinking about how to do the wedding card. Will have a jiggle and see what you think.

  15. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe tonight. Sorry it's so late, had a hectic day what with one thing or another! Its a Beaver sleepover this weekend.Off to a theme park tomorrow with some of them then sleeping at the Scout hut, I will be ready to collapse once they have all gone on Sunday, love seeing and hearing how much they all enjoy themselves so well worth the pain.
    Sandra, what a gorgeous card and box. This going to be a treasured keepsake isn't it. Have a good weekend my lovely x
    Lynda, I'm so sorry to hear you are still suffering, it's not been a good year for you health wise you poor thing. Sending you gentle hugs x
    Karen, I hope all goes well for your great niece when she finally gets her op!
    Must go and do a couple more small jobs before bed. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda and all others in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue. Have a good weekend, it's meant to be a nice and warm one. Enjoy the theme park, can you still go on the rides ? I can't any longer do it. hugs xx