Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The 2nd of Janet's Vintage Card series

Good Morning Ladies,

I am pleased to tell you that Matt was released from hospital yesterday, the technical term for his condition was Pyelonephritis (Acute Kidney infection), the explained that he must have had the symptoms of urine infection during last week, it probably progressed so fast due to his lack of immunity.  He has been given  a 2 Week course of antibiotics, (longer than I expected) but apparently that was due to severity of the infection.  Anyway it was good to have him home, he wanted to return to work today but I put my foot down and told him he needs a couple of days to rest and recuperate.
He has ask me to thank you all very much for all of your get well messages.

Now onto today's stunning Vintage themed card from our Janet,  I absolutely love this card Janet, the image is beautiful and your embellishments are just stunning, please let us know what die you have used to create that exquisitely delicate frame that you have used around your image, it's beautiful.
The gold applique is stunning too and you have enhanced its beauty with your ribbon bow, with stickpin and tassel.  The flowers are perfectly placed as it that pretty little resin heart.
Janet you have created another stunning Vintage master piece, thank you so very much for sharing it with all of us xxxx

Now I would like to just say a few words of thanks to my very dear friends Sue & Pat, it was the second anniversary of our friendship, I can still remember the stomach churning panic I felt just before meeting up with Pat and Sue for the first time at our local Co-op for coffee, that lasted a good few hours, we just all clicked as friends straight away.  We got to know each other first on Sue Wilsons 'Particraft' blog, got chatting and arranged to meet up.  We all feel that we have known each other for years.
I cannot thank either of you enough for the happiness that you have bought into my life, you have both bought sunshine back into my life, my week used to be very long and very lonely, but now I have our Wednesday get togethers to look forward to each week and I really do look forward to them.
I just know we will be life long friends, so here's to many, many more anniversaries!
I love you both very much xxxx

I would like to add that those feelings extend to the rest of you wonderful, kind caring ladies, you have know idea how much I look forward to looking in every day to see what you have all been up to, there may only be a handful of us, but what a wonderful handful it is, you are very special friends that as I explained above bring a little sunshine into my life everyday, being housebound can be a very dark and lonely place, starting my blog was the best thing I ever did, as it has led to me meeting the most amazing friends, so thank you all so very much xxxx

Love and hugs


  1. Morning Ladies

    Janet-another beautiful card. I'm intrigued which die you have used, looking forward to hearing which one it was.

    Sandra-so glad Matt is home. Staying off work for a couple of days is definitely the best thing to do. You might want want to try speaking to his specialist nurse or get an earlier appointment.

    Work was fairly busy yesterday. I have a very mixed up day today-going I the Unit to observe a trainee then quick dash over to the other hospital site to heck out some storage ready for paperwork storage when we're shut down having our refurbishment in October, the back to Southport I time for lunch!!

    I'm off out for my dinner this evening with a friend/colleague who has been extremely poorly but is now I the road to recovery. Her choice is the pizza/pasta restaurant in the village as she's never been. I'm treating her as she was in hospital having major surgery on her birthday in April.


    1. Sounds like another busy day for you Michele. You really deserve and need a lovely meal out tonight.
      Love Valxx

    2. Hi Michele. You will certainly deserve to sit back and relax over a meal with your friend tonight after your busy day at work. Take care x

    3. Hi Michele enjoy your meal tonight with your friend. Sounds like your going to be busy today take care xx

    4. Hi Michele, take care and have a lovely meal out tonight with your friend xx

  2. Good morning ladies,
    Janet , your card is delightful it is so delicate and graceful ( reminding us of more refined times) I really love it!
    Great news Sandra , I hope Matt continues to a full recovery in double quick time, also Happy 2nd Anniversary to " The Three Graces" I think it's wonderful you have all found such great friendship with one another.
    Val and Lynda thank you for your good wishes with Tollie, he is a Maltese terrier , which means he is a small bundle of white fur , I will send a photo to Sandra so she can share it with you, he is doing quite well with the puppy pads but still has the odd mistake , only to be expected I suppose as he is only 9 weeks old.
    It's walking day today but much as I'd like to go the weather looks awful and I don't enjoy walking in the rain, as all you do is watch where you put your feet and see nothing, I might bake or craft instead.
    Janet, I must pop into the cafe for some sweet treat and lovely cup of tea in a fine china cup, nothing to beat it!
    Love and hugs to all xoxo

    1. Tollie sounds adorable Anne. It's not much fun walking in the rain is it so an indoor activity sound much better and drier!!!
      Love Valxx

    2. Hi Anne. Sorry to hear you will miss todays walk but I'm sure Tollie will keep you on your toes. I'm really looking forward to seeing a picture of him. Take care x

    3. Hi Anne
      Tollie sounds absurlutly adorable I will look forward to seeing a picture of your bundal of white fluff. Enjoy your day crafting sounds better than walking in the rain.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    4. Hi Anne. oh Tollie must be the cutest,they are absolutely adorable at that age but grow so fast. Have wonderful cuddles with the little fur ball :-)
      I missed my walk too this morning because of the rain, hate getting soggy. Enjoy your day whatever you doing xx

  3. Good Morning Sandra and everyone.
    You brought a tear to my eye this morning Sandra on reading your comments about Pat and Sue. How wonderful to have met on SW blog and become such good friends. Congratulations on your two year anniversary and heres to many more happy times.
    I havent been a "club member" for as long as all of you but have to agree with what Sandra says, you are all so kind and caring and I look forward to my time spent here every day. So a thank you from me.

    JANET another beautiful card from you. You certainly have mastered this vintage style.

    I didn't win anything at bingo yesterday but my two friends did which was good. The winner pays for the next game for the 3 of us so it was quite a cheap afternoon out.

    I didn't sleep so well last night. Awful lower back pain which is something I haven't experienced before. I'll got Lynn to give it a rub with anti inflamatory cream leam later.

    SANDRA lovely to hear Matt is now home and on a course of antibiotics. What a relief for you.

    I'm off up to the craft room to look again at my cc for Thursday. I wasn't too happy with it when I made it so if I still feel like that I'll make another.

    Have a lovely day everyone.
    Pat, I hope you're getting better every day and Lynda, hoping you're ok.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Hi Val. I'm sorry that you had a bad night due to back pain, hopefully a bit of a massage from Lynn will help. Sorry you didn't win at Bingo but it's nice that you didn't have to pay for two of the games : ) Have a nice time crafting. Take care x

    2. Hi Val shame you didn't win at bingo but good you didn't have topay for two games curtsey of your friends win.
      Sorry you had a bad night with your back hope Lynn's massarge helps i sympathise with you.Hope you get your cc sorted but I'm sure it was fine. Take care love Lynda xx

    3. Hi Val, sorry you had a bad night because of a painful back, hope the cream helped a bit.
      Hope you feel better so you manage to make some cards. Take care, gentle hugs xx

  4. What great news SANDRA So pleased Matt is home and I agree with MICHELE it might mine worth having a chat with the Specialist nurse
    I love your card JANET I struggle with colours on vintage
    Enjoy your meal MICHELE Sometimes it's not where we go to eat as long as the food is decent it's not having to cook that I look forward to
    TOLLIE sounds gorgeous and I hope the rain eases off for you
    I have to agree with SANDRA about this blog I might not comment because of time etc but you lot are my inspiration and I pop in everyday I love to see your work etc Most of all I value your friendship and support through low times Talking if meet ups Some of us are meeting on 4th Aug if any of you can join us

    1. Hi Karen. Sandra's blog is such a special place isn't it. It's always good to see how you are and next Thursday we will be there having a good old catch up in person : ))
      Take care x

    2. Hi Karen I also love SANDRAS blog im only sorry it's to far for me to meet up on the 4th but look forward to seeing everyone at AP.
      Have a good day Hug's Lynda xx

    3. Hi Karen. I agree too with Sandra, her blog have helped me and I have met a whole bunch of wonderful friends and I have come out from the black hole and I met you, nervous as h--l but didn't had to be because you are a lovely lady /friend and I see you soon.:-) Have a nice day xx

  5. So glad he is home Sandra.

    Where would we be without blogs!!!!

    1. Hi Wendy. Yes, where would we be? We certainly wouldn't have all of these wonderful ladies as dear friends. Have a good day. Take care x

    2. Hi Wendy, it's lovely to see you. Hope to see you at AP in September if you are back over.Have a nice day xx

  6. Morning,
    Oh such glad news regarding Matt, Sandra, you keep telling him 'Mum knows best'. Just because he has been discharged, it does not mean he has to rush back to work. He's been through the mill so to speak and now needs recovery time at home with Mum fussing over him.

    Off out for an 'Early Bird' meal tonight for my bestest angel Rose as it is her birthday on Friday and they have plans to join her daughter and grandchildren in Cornwall for a week off.

    Playing catch up now with all the challenge cards I have missed, more rearranging boxes etc. in my craftroom. My sister and her Fiancé are coming down from Walsall for a few days R&R with me. Finally I can get to use my new blow up bed! I bought it last Christmas because Mum & Dad were coming and at that time we were expecting Jamie to have a rare few days off over the Christmas time. Those plans didn't transpire so it has been in its case in my craftroom, now it can see the light of day. I only hope it does inflate as we forgot to test it!!!

    Onwards and upwards then, will catch up with all your news over the day.
    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Hi Cheryl. Have a lovely time with your friend at lunch time. I will keep my fingers crossed that your air bed is problem free. Take care x

    2. Hi CHERYL have a lovely lunch with Rose. It will be nice for you spending time with your sister & her fiancé. Fingers crossed the bed blows up ok ( well not literally) haha.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    3. Hi Cheryl, have a lovely time with your friend and then with your sister and her fiance' when they coming down. I hope the bed works and not blow up literally as Lynda saying hihi Take care xx

  7. Again I have hit publish before commenting on Janet's gorgeous vintage card. DOH!
    It screams to me, 'I would lurve to receive a card such as this', my goodness me, you certainly have the vintage look off to a fine point Janet. xxxxx

  8. morning Sandra Glad to hear Mat is ok , I suffered similar a few months back and its extremely unpleasant so I'm glad they have him back on track. Janet card is stunning and depicts my most favourite vintage image ... awesome job .... Thanks for your post Sandra I shall try comment more often although I do poke my head round quite often its usually at the same time as doing breakfast :) .. have a lovely day everyone x

    1. Hope your day has been good and it's lovely to see you inside the cafe' :-) Take care xx

  9. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Thank you Sandra for the lovely message. I was just as nervous before that first meeting but so very thankful when I look at us now. It's still hard to believe it has only been two years since I meet you and Pat, my dearest lifelong true friends : )) Love you both. See you later. It's good to hear Matt is home. Yes, sometimes you have to pull the "because I say so" card, no matter how old they are. A couple of days R & R at home will do him the power of good.xxxx
    Janet, what a gorgerous card, so beautifully decorated. Each item works perfectly, you really do have the knack with all things vintage X
    Like Sandra, I consider each and everyone of you as dear friends, one day we will all get to meet up, and what a day that will be : ))
    Sandra and I are off to see Pat for a while today which will be the first time all together for ages. Sending love and hugs with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue, so looking forward to hearing how Pat is. Have a lovely afternoon

    2. Hello Sue your so right you & everyone on this blog are my good friends too & I loved meeting lots of you at AP
      Please give Pat my love & best wishes.
      Love Lynda xx

    3. Hi Sue, hope you all have a nice day and Pat is getting better. I send you all a huge hug for becoming my friends too and Happy Anniversary to the 3 Graces ! xx

  10. Hi Sandra and everyone. So glad Matt is home and on the mend. A couple of days rest for him is a must. No good rushing back to work too soon, know only too well the effects that can have.
    Janet your card is beautiful. Love the vintage image and the beautiful frame :-)
    Lovely words Sandra to Sue and Pat - happy anniversary on your meeting - and to us all too. So glad I found your lovely blog :-))
    Have a lovely day today with Sue visiting Pat, sending a hug from me X
    Have a lovely day everyone and hope alls well. Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sonia, hope your day is good and you have not too much work to do. Take care xx

  11. Hello Sandra & Friends
    I'm so pleased Matt is home & on the mend & your very wise making him have a couple of days off work. Happy anniversary to you Sue & Pat on your second year of meeting. Give Pat my very best wishes & hope she is feeling ok.
    SANDRA your lovely words this morning I am also so glad I found your lovely blog & getting to know all the lovely friends I have made & lucky haveing met quite a few of you at AP.So thank you Sandra.
    We have rain at the moment so craft room I think must start the cc & my step Grandaughter's birthday card & my sister in law's card.
    Finished all the ironing Terry has hoovered for me.
    Just got another appointment for a CT chest high resolution scan on Sunday afternoon made by the Rheumatology doctor. Then on the first I have my Jed clampit mammogram & Rheumatoid blood tests.
    So all systems go haha.well better get a wiggle on & have my shower.
    Love & Hug's Lynda xx

    1. Hi Lynda, you are busy making up cards I see and season ticket at the doc. hope he's good looking hihi I hope all goes well and you coming out like a new woman, especially after seeing the Jed Clampit (ouch) sorry but what does it mean ? :-) so take care see you in just over 7 weeks ! hugs xx

  12. Afternoon Everyone
    Oh it does seem so funny saying 'afternoon' instead of 'morning' but sometimes things get in the way of timetables and I have to say this time it was my 'dearly loved' OH lol. Yes the Chimney Sweeping didn't go at all well. In fact I can honestly say I couldn't have had a worse day but never mind I suppose that's MEN for you.
    Everything was going well until someone twisted the brushes the wrong way and yes unfastened the top two poles leaving them stuck up the Chimney. (definitely wasn't 'when Santa got stuck up the chimney' I can tell you. He tried everything and nothing worked and so the only solution was someone had to go on the roof to get the brush and poles out. Well it definitely wasn't going to be Jim - not at his age nor weight on any roof' so an emergency call to our friendly builder who came and had a look and said he couldn't do anything then but would be back at 08.00 this morning to sort things. The result of course was that the kitchen had to be cleaned and put back in place until this morning and we again repeated the task of moving everything ready for the builder who did arrive at 08.00 with his lad who then climbed on the roof, sat on top of the chimney stack and fished out the brush and poles. I have to say I stayed well out of the way but Jim told me the story of how the lads fastened together two pieces of wood and nailed a hook on the end to fish down the chimney. They were successful and we've just cleaned the kitchen once again and had a bit of lunch and now that is it for today. I can tell you that next year someone else will be sweeping the chimney!!! Talk about never a dull moment.....

    SANDRA- I'm so pleased that Matt is back home but as been said before me you are perfectly correct in that he needs some R&R at home before going back to work and definitely MUM KNOWS BEST. Please give him a gentle hug for me.
    I love your words to Pat and Sue you're a very lovely lady and we're all better off having you in our lives.

    Thank you all so much for your lovely comments re my Vintage phase. It really seems to have taken hold of me at the moment.
    The die I have used is a Tonic Frame and I'm so sorry but I didn't keep the name of it as it was one I bought quite some time before I joined you lovely Gang and had to keep the names etc. It has a corner die with it too. The stick pins are of course beads etc from SW; the flowers are from my stash but I coloured them with cold black coffee; the tassel I made from my crochet cotton and the picture is again one from Amanda Charlesworth Pinterest Vintage page. The backing paper is from the Mulberry paper block.

    I see all is well in the Café and running very smoothly so I'll say have a good afternoon everyone and again sorry that your hugs are late today. xxxx

    1. Hi Janet, oh what a saga with the chimney sweep stuck in the chimney stack, hope they didn't make too much mess for you.
      I love your vintage card ! Everything goes so beautifully together and the frame, flowers and the image. Wonderful. Have a nice evening xx

  13. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra is it only 2 years since you met Sue & Pat, it feels like for ever. I love your blog & echo what the others have said you are all special friends. I am looking forward to meeting up next week. Pleased to hear Matt is home, agree he should have at least rest of week off. Hope you & Sue find Pat free from pain, look forward to seeing her in the
    Janet what a couple of mornings you have had, thank goodness for your friendly builder. Your card is beautiful love the
    Managed to get my cc done yesterday, I enjoyed this one may well do another. Anne Tollie sounds gorgeous, look forward to photo. Hope you enjoy your
    Michele enjoy your meal this evening, sounds as if you will be ready for
    Lynda I hope Bambi does not pine too much, when we lost Star's mum she went completely off her food for about a week, the only way to give her anything was to let her take it from my hand. Will be thinking of you at your
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Hi Margaret, hope you keeping well and can join the girls next week. Have a nice evening ,hugs xx

  14. Hello Sandra and everyone,

    Hopefully this will be third time lucky, I've already lost two comments, I have visions of all these lost words floating around in cyberspace, now theres an interesting thought, what if - they all regroup - there would be some interesting comments floating around. Forgive me, it's my silly mind!

    Sandra, so please Matt has been allowed to come home, even more pleased to see his listening to you, it would be silly to return to work so quickly after all he's been through. He must let his body recover. Sending him gentle hugs.

    I agree with everyone's comments about this blog, Each and everyone is sincere and supportive, I consider myself self very blessed to have so many friends. I can still remember the first time I said hello to Sandra, it was at Ally Pally, She Paul, Sue and Pat were by the lunch tables opposite SW's Rubberneckers stand, I can tell you I felt like a stalker, my head was saying - is it her? and then I would walk away and they go back again, I told myself I would regret it if I didn't go and ask if she was Sandra. Will the rest is history, and for those who haven't actually met Sandra she is one of the loveliest young ladies you could wish to meet also Sue and Pat. And I believe it was the next time we met Magaret was with them, another lovely lady and so talented. As are Littlelamb (the other Brenda) Maria, Lynda (watch out for Terry, he is a great teaser and funny with it) Also I have met Karen with Maria at Watford. So in quite a short time, I have actually met quite a few of you. But each and everyone on the blog I really considered to be friends. Thank YOU Sandra, without you we would all have missed so much. And happy anniversary girls, hope you've had a lovely meet up today. XXX

    JANET Love your vintage card, you really have a knack of just getting it right xx

    Love and hugs for everyone, Brenda xxx

  15. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Good to hear Matt is back home, you are right to tell him to take a few extra days off after being so ill. He need to be careful.
    Sandra, you know my view of your blog because that have changed my life. You are a wonderful lady who making me/us so welcomed and so wish that others would join in the grand craft you showcasing every day and join in the fun with making up some CC and mini CC , that keeps my mojo going better even if it's hiding some days (like today) :-) Also meeting up at AP is a great day out and if living close enough to eachother like you three Graces, have the chance to meet up during the week. Happy 2nd Anniversary ! :-)
    Wonderful card from Janet, love it.
    Was meant to go for a walk but we also had rain so my friend and I decided we do it tomorrow instead.
    OH and I went to Dunelm ,had breakfast and bought a bread bin home, never had one before. WE wanted the same like our tea and coffee holders but that was so badly scratched so we got one with poppies and a pull over door. They have some serious problem in our store with things being damaged that hanging or standing not sure if it is the same in other stores. Back home our painter was on the big ladder and doing the bit over the stairs and ceiling, he is like a little monkey but at 70 he is very good. Used to have a peachy colour in the hall and putting green in down stairs loo but now gone for a much lighter colour in both. The hall look like a blank canvas, maybe I should do a picture hihi
    The weather changed this afternoon so sat outside reading in the sunshine when my mamma phoned and then an old friend from Norway. We see eachother most days on facebook but it is never the same. Dinners done,dishwasher on and coffee on the way so I wish you all a nice evening and hope you can all sleep soundly tonight. love and hugs Maria xxxx

  16. Hello everyone, Sandra so glad Matt is on the road to recovery, but he definitely needs to do as mum says re time off work, it really does take time to recover from these nasty infections.

    Janet your card is stunning, love the lovely colours, and all the little adornments, you have used.
    Lynda, hope all the tests go well, and you will be feeling on the up.

    Sandra I will add my praise to the rest for all the work you do for us all.

    Where are you all meeting, I seem to have missed this, where ever it is I'm sure you will all love it, sure to be to fat for me.

    We were at our other house which we normally rent out for our pension, we tried to sell it several years ago, but didn't have much luck, hence rented it. Recently our tenets moved out so we thought we would try and sell again, went to check it out and unfortunately the tenets had not touched the garden in two years, so we have had to have a marathon cutting back day, also the inside not left very clean inside, we leave in the hands of the agents, who are supposed to check it when they move out, I guess they thought it didn't matter as we are going to sell, so I'm feeling quite shattered.

    Hope you all have a lovely evening , Lilian

    1. Oh Lilian so sorry that the tenants have left the house for you in such a state, hope the agents can help you out to put it right somehow.
      We are a few girls meeting in Watford in Herts. this Thursday week coming .I believe it wont be good for you as it is a bit far if I remember correct but I'm sure we could make somewhere next year for a meet up so it be easier for you and others living further South for a get together. Might have to be a weekend so start saving the pennies again after AP ladies. Hope you don't mind Sandra that I wish we could do a crafting weekend somewhere together again but maybe less packing this time Hihi. Oh Lilian you should have seen our cars, they were full to the rim with crafting stuff. Crazy is the word Lol
      Have a good night all xxx