Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My sketch Challenge card

My Challenge card

The Die Sets used for my card

Good Morning Ladies,

Well here it is at last, my card for this weeks Sketch Challenge, I didn't think I needed any more Christmas dies, but then I saw Sue's New Christmas 2016 Launch and I changed my mind.  
The lovely Ben from SET Craft asked me if I could make a card using the Poinsettia Corner,Border Tag die set to give an idea of how the die set could be used, I have to say that I found it quite easy as its a lovely collection of dies, I have made another card using the 'Corner' as the main focus of the card which I will share with you another day.   SET Craft have the complete collection of Sue's Christmas Launch on sale at amazing prices (as always), SET Craft also have The VERY BEST Customer Service, I know many of you have been shocked at how fast your order arrived! 
I will add a link below to take you to the SET Craft Website......

I used Ornate Holly Framed Peace die set as well as Poinsettia Corner Border Tag to create my card, I used the Border die to create my background, cutting it 3 times into a piece of white card, backing it with Creative Expressions Adhesive sheet, I then used the same die to cut some red glitter card and paper pieced the poinsettia parts into my background, I covered the remaining exposed adhesive with a superfine glitter.  I matted and layered with red glitter card onto a white card base. 
My focal point was made using the Ornate Holly Framed Peace die set, I have to admit that I think that this is my favourite die of the collection.  I cut it out of white card and the same red glitter card I used for my background.  I finished the card with some of Sue's (Creative Expressions) Poinsettia Die cuts, in red and white glitter, the delicate is the New Pine Twig die.  

I hope you like the card and that it gives you an idea of how pretty the dies are when made into a card.  I will be featuring more cards using these dies very soon.

If you are popping in for the first time today, Welcome, I am lucky enough to have the most wonderful group of ladies that call in everyday to share cards, craft shopping and news, we have weekly challenges that you would be most welcome to take part in, its a great way to give your 'mojo' a boost! 
So feel free to stick around and join in the fun, my  craft friends here will make you very welcome.  Thank you for stopping by xxx

Have a lovely day ladies,

Love and hugs,



  1. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA- WOW WOW WOW what a way to start the day. So very Seasonal (I will not use the C word yet). Those dies are beautiful and I just might have to take a look at them though I have more than enough dies but you are really tempting me.
    True Seasonal colours and very traditional looking. Beautiful. You do it every time!!

    LILIAN- I posted yesterday evening under your comment but you might not have seen it but in your Cheese hunt in Derbyshire if you can get to HARTINGTON they have a gorgeous cheese shop there on the village green overlooking the village pond. Their cheeses are just mouth watering. Well worth a visit if you can fit it in.

    I managed to get together my CC for this week and if I can I just might try and get another done. I love this format.

    We went well into the 30s yesterday afternoon and it was just too hot to do anything other than stay indoors with feet up resting. We have the same forecast for today so it will be another morning of jobs and nothing after lunch. The fence is coming along slowly but it will be finished before we have to leave.hehehe

    At the moment I'm sat looking (while talking to you) watching some of this year's fledglings of Blue/Great Tits feeding from the nut feeders. They look so tiny and fragile but lovely to see.
    Can I ask you lucky ladies who have Hedgehogs visit them to please leave a bowl of water as well as feed for them while it is hot. They need it just as much as food.

    LYNDA- I'm so sorry to see that you lost your gorgeous doggy yesterday. They leave one great big hole in your hearts when they leave us. Take care both of you.

    Thank you Maria for putting fans in the Café yesterday I'm sure they were much appreciated. I've asked Marigny Dobbie to set them going this morning when he was setting up for the day.
    Have a really good day everyone and take care in the sun. Hugs should have arrived by now.xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Thank you for your kind comment we are both lost without her but we couldn't see her suffer & she is now with all our other much loved & sadly lost dogs. Little Bambie keeps looking for her bless her.
      Have a nice relaxing day Janet. Hug's Lynda xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-beautiful card. I answer why you "needed " those dies!!! Didn't start my challenge card last night as I was too tired. By the time I'd got home after giving blood, eaten & done the dishes then gone up to the greenhouse , all I could do was sit and read. Tonight I'm calling round to my friends house (crazy, cluttered house) with her birthday card & presents. I'm calling on the way home from work, I'll stay for a quick drink but as they're predicting the temperature is going to be 30C I think I'll want to get home & get changed, eat then relax.
    The friend who cleared out lots of card making stash has got another box which is coming my way-am looking forward to seeing what's in that box of goodies!


  3. Hi Sandra and all.

    Sandra what a sensational card. Just love all of it. So glad I bought them as well. I think they're the prettiest of her Christmas Dies this year. I had started my cc card using them yesterday but having such bad eyesight I struggled to get all three in a straight line and i had to put my head on one side to straighten it ha ha. I'll see if I can rectify it later.
    Well its Tuesday again so its Tai Chi and bingo. Only one more week then we break up until September. All the more time to make cards.

    Lilian sounds as though you're having a lovely holiday.

    Lynda Love and cuddles are sent especially for you.

    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you're planning today.
    Love Valxxx

    1. Thank you Val your love & cuddles are very much appreciated
      Enjoy your Tai chi & good luck at bingo hope your still on the winning streak
      Love & Hug's Lynda xx

  4. Hello All, very quick comment, before we go out.

    Lynda so very sorry you lost your lovely little dog yesterday, they become such loving members of the family,
    Also sorry you about your health problems, hopefully they can help now they know what's wrong.
    Sorry I missed reading your post yesterday.
    I'm sending gentle hugs to you both.

    Will do rest of post when home, keep cool everyone.Lilian

    1. Hi Lilian
      Thank you your Hug's meen a lot. We had & loved Annie for 13years
      But still hard but couldn't let her suffer.
      Enjoy the rest of your holiday it's sounding lovely so far have a good day. Love Lynda xxx

  5. Hi Sandra and everyone. Wow, your card is stunning Sandra. Absolutely love everything about it :-) Looking forward to seeing your other creations using these beautiful dies.
    Lynda, thinking of you xx
    Janet, fingers crossed the fence gets finished. Enjoy sitting with your feet up this afternoon in the shade.
    Lilian, enjoy your day out.
    Hope everyone is well. Hugs to all xxx

    1. Thank you Sonia
      Have a nice day love Lynda xx

  6. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    WOW Sandra your card is stunning, I have been sitting on my hands trying not to buy any of SW's new collection, I have to confess you are tempting me. Knowing what a fantastic service I've had from this SET, I know I could be playing with them tomorrow.
    But today is a very busy one, I'm off again to have my blood checked and then lunchtime We will be travelling over to North London where my sister is having cataracts removed, and then we have to get her back home to Drury Lane. So it's quite a full day. We also have a granddaughter ( Ciara's sister staying with us) she is meeting friends and then going to London and at some point we will meet up and bring her back home this evening. Tomorrow we are taking her home as we are looking after the children for two days, then will be home for weekend. Life is never dull around these parts.
    Must dash will look in again at some point - not sure when!
    Have a good day everyone, love Brenda xxx

  7. Hi Brenda
    Now stop rushing around breath you certainly got a busy day again.
    Hope your sister is ok after her operation & hope your journey is ok too this time.
    Take care love Lynda xxx

    1. Hi Lynda
      I can't imagine the hurt you are feeling today,our Gemma was with us for 13 years, they become your children and they also become siblings to your children, so I totally understand how you are feeling.
      Although I think it will be harder as you still Bambi and I am sure you will be calling them both for a few days yet. Poor Bambi must be lost too!
      Sending you lots of huggles my lovely, I am always at the end of the phone if you need me xxxx

  8. Hi Sandra & friends
    Thank you SANDRA for your kind words I must say we miss her so much but keep thinking we couldn't let her suffer anymore. We still have Tickles for another two week then Bambi will be on her own so hope she will be ok.
    Not upto much today it's very hot with glorious sunshine so probably be like Janet & just stay in the shade. Might try the cc but mojo a bit lost.
    SANDRA I love your card When you see Sue's new die's just in the packet they don't come alive untill they are made into a card & you have certainly made this set come alive gorgouse.xx
    I have lots of reading the Dr gave me yesterday she told me I need to read it all as explains about my medication so will do that. To be honest I couldn't concentrate on what she was saying but she did say I could ring her top nurse if I had any questions.
    My second wash has just finished so going to put on line will pop in later
    Love Lynda xx

  9. Hi Sandra & all in cafe,
    Sandra your card is beautiful love all of it. I might be tempted to buy the dies have resisted so far. Thank you for inspiring us.xxx
    Lynda sending love & hugs to you & Terry.xxx
    I played boule for an hour then decided to come home, I am useless in the heat & have been known to pass out in it!
    Sending hugs to all who need them please take care in the heat love Margaret.xxx

  10. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Sandra, what a gorgeous card in my favourite Christmas colours, I love it 😃 You have done Ben and Set craft proud, again, I bet these beautiful dies will be flying off the shelves even faster now. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with using them 😃
    Lynda, sending my gentlest hugs to both you and Terry. I'm so sorry you had to say a final goodbye to your dear Annie. My fingers are crossed that the Methotrexate works well for you. I was on it for about five years until it stopped working as well. You are both in my thoughts x
    I hope everyone manages to stay as cool as possible, there is a good breeze here today so at least it cools the hot air a little. I started my cc yesterday but ended up sorting my Christmas papers etc. as I finally got fed up with the mess they were in, so today I hope to get my card finished. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for our dear Lynda, Terry and all in need. Take care xx

  11. Hello All, I think summer has arrived at last, it's very hot here in Two Dales.

    Sandra your card is beautiful, I'm sure it will make these dies fly off the shelves.

    We have been to Chatsworth today, I had forgotten how large it is, took us two and a quater hours just to look around the house, then back to the car for our lunch and a bit of rest, after which we went around the gardens, so as you. Can imagine I'm feeling very worn out, but it was really lovely. The dinning room is my favourite, especially the wonderful chandelier.

    Tomorrow we are going to Tatton Park RHS flower show, have tickets for members day, don't know how they will keep the plants fresh in this hot weather.
    Don't know how I'll cope with the heat, hope there is some shade.

    Have a good day all, Lilian

  12. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    I comment this morning but that seem to be flying around somewhere. Your card is so x-messy, the dies are lovely and you have made a wonderful job to put it together so SET Craft should be chuffed, I love it.
    Lynda- sending you and Terry many hugs. I feel for you losing a lovely pet and to have been with you so long is very sad, hugs.
    Janet- hope Jim was alright and didn't make to much in the heat today and you had your feet up, maybe a little crafting was made.
    Lilian- another lovely day. Take it easy tomorrow,enjoy the flower show.
    Didn't get to bed until early this morning so after shopping and washing I nodded off on the sofa this afternoon, this day went away fast. Woke up with over 30c outside so took the hose out for the flower pots and myself, that was cold Lol
    Hope you all manage to have some sleep tonight, it want be to long. Love and hugs , Maria xxx