Monday 4 October 2021

My First No Die card & Happy Birthday Lilian


Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

Please join me in wishing our lovely Lilian a Very Happy Birthday,  I hope that you have a lovely day, hopefully you day will include cake at some point!! Sending you love and birthday hugs xxxx

We were treated to a sunny start to the day yesterday, it was chilly and quite windy but it was lovely to see the sun.  We went to get a pot for our Anniversary Rose and then on to the Outlet centre to look for a coat. We both managed to find a '3 in 1'  In Mountain Warehouse, they were in sale too which changed Paul's mind ( he has had his coat for at least 8 years probably more like 10 but he keeps saying its still fine)!  We both picked the same coat but in different colours and his was a 'Mans' coat  although I don't know how they were different.  The part that changed his mind was seeing the saving, they were originally £240 down to £114 !!  He liked that the inner fleece jacket was fully removable too. So that was a successful trip, there is a Farmers Market at the Outlet on a Sunday, there was a stall called 'Pippins' Doughnuts 🍩 on the wsy in thd queue was huge but it was raining when we came out and no queues so we had a look  Paul has been told that they were 'The Best ' Doughnuts anywhere, so we bought some and I will let you know 😉 

Today's card is one I made for a special friend, using an Aall & Create stamp, it was the card I made while Crafting with Karen last week, I really enjoyed making it. I hope the recipient likes it too. 

I hope that you all have an enjoyable day,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx


  1. Hi everyone
    Happy Birthday Lilian, have a lovely day 🥳 xx
    Absolutely love your card today 😍 and the fact you made it whilst crafting along with Karen is wonderful. The more I see yours and Karen’s cards using this stamp, the more I’m tempted to add it to my stash.
    Pleased to hear you managed to get new coats, and at a great bargain price too.
    Let us know about the doughnuts, you all know I’m a big fan of Sainsbury’s ones so will be interested to hear if ‘pippins’ are the best 😉
    Up early this morning to take Luke to work, as it’s raining. I’m almost tempted to put the heating on, it’s so cold. Usually though, as soon as we put it on we have a warmer spell, so end up turning it off again!
    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you’re doing. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Morning Everyone
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILIAN. Have the best of days. I know you will be surrounded by much love and family.

    I have one or two telephone calls to make today one being chasing my new Passport. I applied for new ones on 16 Sept. Received confirmation of applications the following day. Then received confirmation of receipt of old Passports on 20 Sept. Jim's arrived on Friday 24 Sept and his old one came back on 27th. Mine is somewhere but NOT here.
    I just hope I can get somewhere with a phone call.


  3. I love your card SANDRA I can’t stop using this stamp set SONIA This card is so easy to make but so so effective
    Happy Birthday Lilian Your card might arrive until tomorrow I forgot our collection service has changed and had missed it the day I posted it
    We had a lovely weekend looking after the grandsons Exhausting but so so enjoyable
    Being at work will feel quite restful
    Having our heating serviced today and it needs looking at The “master” radiator is overheating whatever we do to try and reduce the temperature - I think it happened last year too
    Take care everyone

    1. Just thinking SONIA You have the guitar one don’t you Try using that for a similar effect

    2. Oh yes, that’s a good idea, will try with that one. Thanks 😘 xx

  4. Hi ladies
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILIAN. A card is in the post. I was a bit late posting it.
    Lovely cards yesterday.
    Take care & stay safe everyone.

  5. Hello everyone
    Happy,Happy Birthday Lilian. Have a lovely day !!

    The card today Sandra is gorgeous and the stamp is very nice. I'm toying with getting some of these stamps but not sure if I would use them as much. Oh is out getting my train ticket for NEC so will make a little shopping list for that.
    A 3-1 coat is really good and at a good price too Good luck Janet with the phone call, hopefully you find your passport. We taking the train to London tomorrow to pick mine up and if weather permitting having a look around before going back.
    I did put some heating on yesterday for we had rain a lot of the day and it got so raw. We never have any heating on upstairs, can't sleep if it's too hot and had some accidents with stamps melting in the past, oops.
    Have a nice day everyone and wish the sun is out for you all wherever you live. Many hugs Maria xx

  6. Hello All, firstly I must Hank you all for my beautiful birthday cards,
    Karen yours arrived this morning, loved it. As for Sandra’s card it’s really great, as I hold it in my hand you get the beauty so much more than on screen.

    Have had family staying for a few days, going home first thing tomorrow, I shall really miss them.
    Hope you have all had a good day, hugs Lilian

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    OOPS I have just remembered I haven’t left a message today.

    LILIAN I hope you have had a lovely birthday, what a lovely treat to have your family stay over for your birthday. xx

    Today’s card is a real WOW I bet you had fun making it with Karen. So pleased you and Paul managed to find an all weather coat, they sound an absolute bargain.

    Hello PAT nice to see you pop in. Hope you are well.

    Time to get ready for bed so I will say good night, sleep well. Hugs Brenda xxx