Monday, 11 October 2021

My 1st Challenge card of the week

 Good Monday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all relaxed after what can only be described as an unseasonably delightful weekend, it was so warm and sunny we didn't even need a cardigan let alone a coat, what a delight. We decided to go to Lacock Abbey and Gardens as it was such a lovely afternoon,  it was only 38 miles so not too  frivolous on petrol (well Diesel) by the way isn't the cost Creeping up, it will be £1 50 a litre before too long !! 

Lacock is a lovely little village, lots of 'chocolate box' houses, the Abbey was lovely too, it has a really interesting history, the 'Cloisters' have bought the Abbey a lot of tourism as one of the early Harry Potter films were filmed there. 

These Cloisters were actually originally were Nuns spent their spare time reading the bible.   One of the rooms off of the Cloisters was called the 'Parlour ' this was the only room that the Nuns were allowed to talk to their guests in, hence the name 'Parlour' from the French 'Parloir '  which means 'to speak'.                                                                I learnt something new, I hadn't even thought about the word Parlour having such a meaning, it makes you wonder where other old room names originated.   That's all for todays lesson 😉😅

Today's card I made last week,  I made two similar cards with a very special friend in mind.  I followed a Jo Rice tutorial (Karen has me hooked) using Aall & Create Textured Florals #531. The background is made by simply dragging your ink pad across your page, I used Pumice Stone & Vintage Photo  I stamped the flower direct onto the page and another onto a piece of card,  I coloured that one with my Distress Oxides and then fussy cut the flower head out and raised on foam pads to give dimension. I used a stencil to add detail to opposite corners and added some background stamping with different stamps in the set.  I stamped the sentiment onto white card and adding vintage photo around the edges. I added a couple of clips and some twine to finish the card. 

I hope that you all have a lovely day, 

Love and hugs to all,

Sandra                                                                            xxxxxx                


  1. Whoops! Sorry! (I’m not really) I think Jo Rice is brilliant Her demos seem very achievable as SANDRA has beautifully demonstrated If any of you are Lavinia stamps fans she has a lot of demos on them on YouTube/blog
    Your visits sounds lovely SANDRA It’s a place I have never heard of Is ther a Miss P Loves journal in the making?
    We had a last minute invite to daughter’s for Sunday lunch We had a lovely time OH’s sister was there too The boys were on top form too! I was exhausted running around the garden singing “Let it go” They really make me smile
    OH is going winter plant hunting this morning So I expect this afternoon will be removing which plants we need to etc
    Have a great day everyone and thinking of you all especially those in pain xxx

  2. Hi everyone
    Absolutely love your card today, it’s beautiful 😊
    I will have to have a look on YouTube for Jo Rice and some inspiration. I’ll admit, I’ve not been in much of a crafting mood lately, my mind always go blank and I give up before I’ve even started.
    Im glad you had a lovely afternoon at the Abbey, and the weather was a bonus 😊
    Karen, sounds like you had a lovely time at your Daughters too 😊
    I have a bit of housework and shopping to do this morning, then hopefully this afternoon I may be able to find some inspiration to craft, fingers crossed.
    Have a lovely day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Your card today is beautiful. I love that flower and the colours you have used. I haven’t heard of Lacock Abbey but it sounds like it’s worth a visit. Thank you for the parlour original meaning. It’s little snippets like this that I really love finding out about when you visit somewhere. I definitely agree about Hobbycraft and The Range. Hobbycraft can have really good prices on larger items like die cutting machines sometimes but their selection of ink pads and similar are very poor and can be expensive. That is why we enjoy shows so much. We can actually get to touch and see such a great choice. It’s not the same buying online is it xx
    It looks like it’s going to be another lovely day here. Beautiful blue sky again which always makes me feel brighter.
    Janet I hope yo get the passport photo sorted xx
    Karen enjoy the gardening, if you have recovered enough after yesterday with Oscar and Charlie xx
    Maria I hope you are not too bad today xx
    Brenda, Sunday’s always used to be so quite but these days it is just about the same as the other six isn’t it. Glad you got to relax xx
    Lilian, what type of pictures do you like for jigsaws? I was thinking the other day that it’s time to get one on the go. Xx
    Sonia, did you camp out after Marks gig? I know you did say that he would be but I can’t remember that was. It is so cold camping at this time of year so I always wore a wooly hat and fleece layers when we were Scouting! Xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Hi Sue. Oh no, too cold for camping for me too, so we came home 😊
      Hope you’re well and have a nice day. Hugs xx

  4. Morning everyone
    Love your card this morning Sandra.
    Hoping to make a card this afternoon, got the card bases so no excuse.
    Have you noticed too that it's more sewing, knitting and crocheting around then card making on line and in the shops ? I'm looking forward to see and feel crafting items again.
    I wish you the best of days and sending hugs to you all. Was meant to go for a walk and a brekkie at Waitrose but we ended up at Frost instead so will have a look at the plants instead. It's only 9c so winter coat is back on, need to find some gloves too for fingers are frozen :/
    Take care Xxx

  5. Hello Sandra and ladies.

    Love today’s card, it really looks as though you have put a lot into making it, the detail is amazing. I must take a look at some of the Jo Rice tutorials, think she would give me some inspiration.

    Karen your Sunday with the grandsons sounds lovely, filled with fun and happy memories.

    Must sort out a few things to take to Watford before I go to bed.

    Sleep well everyone, Love Brenda xxx