Friday 25 June 2021

Your Next Challenge


Good Friday Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and ready to enjoy the weekend, fingers crossed that the weather is going to be a little better than last weekend, I do keep seeing stories that say that we are in for a Heatwave at the start of July, so fingers crossed for that. it may be the nearest we get to a holiday this year!
We have a ridiculously busy few days ahead, we have been invited to someone's house for drinks (in the village), Sunday we have a family event celebrating Paul's parents 60th Wedding Anniversary and Paul's dad's 80th Birthday in Birmingham, Monday we are travelling to Colchester to have my Mum's Ashes Interred, then on Tuesday I have my Mammogram!  I think I am going to be in for a painful week next week, it seems to be all or nothing right now!
What do you all have planned?

Cheryl Inspired Challenge

When I asked for suggestions for upcoming Challenges a couple of weeks ago Cheryl suggested a Challenge based around ''Blending',  I know that some of you don't have Distress Inks so I decided to make the Challenge 'Create your own Inky Background'.  I don't mind .what medium you use to be honest, it will give some of you that have Gelli Plates to have a play with inks or paints, you can even use Alcohol Inks if you like.  I will leave that choice up to you.  I will always accommodate any suggestions into the Challenges and try and make it work for everyone, I know that both Michele and Janet don't really do Distress Oxide backgrounds so I didn't want to exclude anyone, I do happen to know that Michele has Pixie Powders though, so that might be a fun twist for you Michele!   
Maybe one week I will set a challenge for you all individually, push you all out of your comfort zone! I know that some challenges do push some of you and I am always so grateful when you take part and beat the challenge, I also feel a little bit pleased with myself that I encouraged you to have a go too.
I look forward to seeing what you all create. 
Thank you Cheryl for your suggestion xxx

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Sending My love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    from a very wet/grey start to the day here.
    Sorry MICHELE.I know you are begging for rain and I would willingly send you some if it were in my power to do so.

    Well here we go again it's that 'swear' word day again.Why is it that this day comes around so
    Well one thing is for sure I will not be 'swilling' the paths or 'whitening' the door steps as Mum used to do on 'swear' word day.

    This week's Challenge will definitely take me out of my comfort box but I'll definitely find something to comply.

    The CAFE is OPEN for all to pop in for a look at us.
    HUGS are on their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE. Remember our 'medical officer' is on leave

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sounds lijj KH e you have a busy few days Sandra. We’re hoping to do fine gardening at the weekend then it’s back to work all week.

    Cheryl-a great challenge for next week. Looking forward to seeing your cards as inspiration. Lovely cards Sandra to start us thinking.

    We have had rain overnight snd more forecast today-I’ll get wet when I’m shopping in Southport but I’ll suffer that as it saves me watering anything!


  3. Love the idea of the challenge Thank you CHERYL It’ll make me stay away from my first “go to” Serif
    Boy! You do have a busy few days Fingers crossed that the weather is fine and you can be outside
    We have a meeting at the Bowls club tonight and there’s an invitation for beginners to go Sunday morning Other than that we’ll just see how it goes
    I still must finish this week’s cc It’s there on my table I just need to put it together
    Stay safe everyone x

  4. Hi everyone
    A great challenge for next week suggested by Cheryl. Love your inspiring cards 😊
    A busy few days ahead for you, hope the weather stays fine and everything goes well xx
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hello, dry but cloudy.

    Great idea for a challenge this week, thanks Cheryl, great samples to work from.

    Hope you’d had a good day all, hugs to all, Lilian

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Thank you Cheryl for suggesting next weeks challenge, I’m sure you are going to see some lovely results from everyone. Sandra thank you for the brilliant inspiration..

    You certainly have a busy week ahead, enjoy having drinks with friends in the village, you will probably get to know even more neighbours. John like your FIL is also 80 this year. Also by coincidence we celebrated our 60th anniversary recently.
    Our thoughts will be with you on Monday when you lay Mums ashes to rest, also Tuesday when you have your dreaded mammogram. It was when I had mine done when you reach 50 that they discovered I had a cancerous lump. I dread to think how long I would have gone before it was obvious!

    We have had a busy day again, I think I told you that our oven was broken and replacement parts are obsolete, we received a credit voucher for John Lewis (where we originally got the oven from) so today we went to Oxford Street J Lewis, bless him the salesman deserves a medal. He ended up ringing Stoves, after being passed on by five assistants it seems they no longer produce Eye level Built in double Gas ovens. By this time he had been on the phone for about an hour. We will have to have an electric one I’ve no problem with that BUT the electric meter is on one side of the house and the kitchen on the other. So could work out expensive, but then we have a help towards the oven from the insurance. Also we can’t take it with us ! SORRY I did go on a bit ….. I think I need a wall to kick out of sheer frustration.

    Have a lovely evening ladies, take care and stay safe, love Brenda xxx