Thursday 24 June 2021

Green & Gold Challenge card


Good Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you all enjoyed the lovely sunshine yesterday,  it was glorious here, frustratingly I couldn't get out to enjoy it as my hip was just too painful,  I have been concerned about it failing for years but I wasn't prepared for the pain!  Never mind,  the show must go on! 

Today's card is something a little different for me, I don't use Mirror card very much but I thought that it would work well with Sue Wilson’s Floral Panel 'Dogwood' die combined with this lovely 'So Succulent' card.  I die cut the panel in gold and then twice more in white and layered them up. I made a slightly larger mat for the gold panel by using one of Sue Wilson’s 'Slimline' dies, I added a narrow gold mat to life the piece off of the background.  I used a 'Love ' die in gold for the sentiment panel and added '&HUGS' by stamping in Versamark adding Gold Embossing Powder. I added foam pads to raise the sentiment panel slightly above the Floral panel. I quite liked how it turned out, the dies cut really nicely and look great in Mirror card.  I think that you could add some little pearls to that panel after die cutting in Green and it would look like Miseltoe, perfect for Christmas! 

I will leave a link to the 'Dogwood' die below......

Sue Wilson Dogwood Die

 Ben at In2Craft has Sue Wilson dies at amazing prices.

I am looking forward to seeing your Challenge cards this week, I'm sure Sonia is too. 

I hope that you all have a lovely day,

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. Your card is beautiful and works so well in mirri card It’s good to know that theses panels are in proportion to the slimline dies I will definitely take a look at Ben’s site
    I had a “surprise” visitor yesterday afternoon -Charlie! He is so so much better Still not 100% but a lot better
    I had a play with PP’s and texture paste on black card yesterday I hope to use it for a cc today That the frustrating thing is waiting for it to dry 🤣
    I’m glad we’ve had the rain but pleased it’s sunny today
    Hope you’re enjoying your break MARIA
    Take care all x

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry Karen. I put a comment to Michele on yours.
      I’m glad to hear that Charlie is improving. A lovely surprise for you when he turned up.

    3. A lovely surprise Karen, pleased Charlie is ok xx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your card looks lovely, very e look elegant & classy.
    Well we finally HH ad some rain yesterday and it looks like it’s rained overnight which I’m thrilled about, it’s dull here this morning but my only plans are to meet a friend in Dobbies for a coffee the. To dibb B the food shopping.
    I didn’t do much yesterday evening as I ended up with a headache after all the dental work. I had 2 local anaesthetic, a nerve block and 4 fillings! Never mind-it’s all done now.


    1. Enjoy meeting your friend Michele. Sounds like you had a lot of work done at the dentist.

    2. Hope you’re feeling better today after all of the dental work xx

  3. Hi ladies
    Love the card Sandra.
    Dull here today but was lovely & sunny yesterday. I’d just walked down the drive to go for a walk and Ann who I worked with at the school was walking down. So we plodded up to the school and had a walk around the block together.
    I must go to the opticians and get my glasses altered. They don’t slip much but it’s annoying me as I keep pushing them up. Out to lunch with friends today.
    Take care & stay safe.

  4. Good morning everyone.
    Wonderful card , love the colours together.
    Michele- really hope you be alright and the pain goes away. Need some work done too but fear stooping me going.
    How lovely Karen to see Charlie, glad he is alright. Good luck with the card making.
    Looks like another nice day here so we are soon taking the car to look around the area. Stupid me had no socks on walking yesterday so got a blister under one foot just below the big toe but it won't stop me walking today.
    Have a nice day everyone, many hugs and a few extras for Margaret, Lynda, Lilian and anyone else who need some. Maria xx

  5. Hi everyone
    A beautiful card today. The dogwood panel looks stunning in the mirror card.
    Hope your hip pain is easing xx
    Sunny but cloudy here with a chance of rain later. Glad you finally had some rain Michele.
    Off work for a few extra days, so hoping to do some crafting and catch up with some Netflix films on my list.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Yesterday’s card was beautiful, the gorgeous floral stamp and the soft colours against the navy looked fantastic.
    And today’s card is just as beautiful. Mirror card can look a bit tacky but used as you have makes for a stunning effect. I do love the dogwood die set, it is so pretty. Such a shame your hip is so bad. There is no easy answer for you is there. Sending extra hugs my lovely Glad to hear that you have got rid of a car load at the tip. We have wheelie bins for general rubbish and the recycling one is for just about everything else as the one thing our council are really good at is recycling. They are collected alternate weeks and the food waste bin is collected every week. You have to pay an annual fee if you want a garden rubbish wheelie bin which is collected on alternate weeks most of the year. It’s a shame the council can’t be as good with other aspects such as ridding the roads of so many big pot holes!
    Karen, what a great surprise visitor. So glad that Charlie is on the mend bless him xx
    Maria, I hope your blister doesn’t stop you doing too much today xx
    Michele, I hope your mouth isn’t too sore xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Today’s card is beautiful, you have a perfect balance with the main colour and mirror card. Love the Dogwood die.

    JANET hop all is well with you.
    KAREN what a lovely surprise seeing Charlie.
    MICHELE hope your fillings have settled down.
    MARIA take care of that blister you don’t want it getting infected.
    SONIA enjoy your few days off.
    SUE hope Margaret and Pop are both alright, sending hugs to you all.
    SANDRA sorry to hear you hip is giving you so much pain, please take care, sending gentle hugs xx

    We had our hair cut this morning, on the way home did a supermarket shop, got home to have a late lunch, after which I needed a nap.

    Take care everyone, love Brenda xxx