Saturday 5 June 2021

Mixed Up Saturday featuring Michele's Magazine Review

Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

I hope that you are all well and having a nice weekend. More garden duties for us, I said to Paul yesterday that it seems like an endless task, there is so much to do, partly because we didn't get to do any preparation work that we intended to do in Autumn last year because of Paul's surgeries and strict recovery rules. Instead of having all the vegetable plot weeded and ready for planting we still needed to take out the finished crops from last year, plus the weeds that have grown since,  the month of rain in May didn't help, it has made the soil more managable tbough. Paul cut our back lawn in April but like everyone else it was too wet to mow it during May,  it was almost 10 inches tall in some areas, Ithink that's partly because the 'lawn' is more weed than grass! We also have a problem with 'Leatherjackets' (crane fly lava) but that is not something that we are going to pay to put right, we will manage and maintain it but thats it. 

What have you all got planned? 

The quote above always makes me think of my Mum, I remember going to extra trouble to make her a really special card, she opened it and said 'wow you are too tight to buy me a card I see" 🥲😂I laugh when I think about it now but my goodness she had that so wrong!!! 

Michele's Magazine Review 

Hi Ladies

Papercraft Essentials has a great free gift this month.

Here’s some ideas of what’s inside the magazine.

Just look at all the ideas using the free gift-from cards to 3D projects.

Such lovely cards using the free downloads.

Some lovely nautical themed cards.

An easy to make storage idea.

Great feature using Expanding Mousse which gives a great, textured finish.

WOW-one layer stencilling. This looks fantastic.

Some  really great inspiration here for cards for men.

More ideas.

That’s all for this week so
Happy Crafting.

Thanks Michele for a fantastic Review,  so many good features in this edition.  I do laugh when I see records and record players, I remember my girls asking what records actually were when they saw our record collections when we moved house,  they had absolutely no idea what they could be,  when we explained it blew their minds, I had to explsin Cassette Tapes too, which wasn't easy, lots of laughter though, we couldn’t actually show them as we dont have a record player anymore, actually tjat might be an idea for Father’s Day! 

The 'Back to Basics ' feature is really good with some fantastic ideas for Father’s day cards. A couple of good Fun Fold cards too.  The feature 'Upcycling' tins for craft storage is good too. I love the nautical themed cards too.

Thanks again Michele for making time over the last Bank Holiday to write the review.  I am so grateful for any suppot with the blog. XXX

Sending lots of love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx


  1. Ooh that saying is so so true! My mum was the complete opposite to yours SANDRA (but I expect she was joking and knew deep down that that wasn’t the case) She loved anything handmade and after she died we found a tin full of cards that I’d made for her
    I hope you’re able to get out in the garden We have been lucky in that we have been able to mow the little piece of lawn that we have
    I intend to give the kitchen a thorough clean today It didn’t get done yesterday as Wreck it Ralph and Oscar visited!
    Nothing else planned apart from a bit of knitting
    Take care all x

    1. I so like that saying for Charlie Karen. Hope you all had a lovely time yesterday.

  2. Morning Ladies

    Love that quote & it’s so true!

    Records (vinyl) is very popular again and some are quite valuable. Hubby has a new turntable that connect to his Mac computer so he can transfer his music. It’s a slow process as a) he has a highe record collection and b) he’s trying not to
    Sit in front of the computer too much in his spare time.

    We have glorious sunshine again today so I’m off out to do some shopping soon before it gets too busy.


  3. Hi Ladies
    Lovely magazine reviews as usual Michele.
    We have a lovely sunny day today. Yesterday started out very dull until after lunch.
    I visited Doreen and had been invite to dinner at Craig’s. He’s doing Christmas in the Summertime again this year. It’ll be sometime in July.
    They used to do that when they lived in Witney. Their house wasn’t big enough to have everyone to Christmas dinner. They take turns in having every one over Christmas Day. Last year we couldn’t do that so they’ll do it in the garden this year. In Witney they decorated a tree in their garden, played Christmas music and we had crackers. So that’ll be sometime in July all being well.
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

  4. Hi everyone
    Love the quote, so true 😊
    Fantastic magazine review Michele, thanks again for sharing 😊
    Lovely sunny day here, already been sitting out in the garden.
    Mark’s got another gig tonight, so I’ll be finding a film to watch later and having a relaxing evening, maybe with a G&T 😊
    Have a lovely day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  5. Hello All, summer has gone here, Misty and cold.

    That quote is so true , would dread to add up all the money I’ve spent on craft stuff, and there is always something new to want.

    Michele another great mag review, it take a lot of your time, so thank you.

    Hope you all have a good weekend, Lilian

  6. Hi ladies.
    Very true quote. Like Lilian said,it would scare me to add it all up and still there are more you want to have.
    Thank you Michele for the magazine review.
    Oh Karen, you made me giggle what you call the grandchildren. Sure you rather see them anyday then doing the swearword :)
    I still got some singles and cassette tapes around somewhere but nothing to play them on. Also got WHS tapes hihi got an older tv so if needed we can still see them
    Nice day here and not too hot so have been sitting outside getting to know Son's girlfriend better. Having a BBQ later. Have a good day everyone and hopefully the sun stays for a few more days. HUGS xxx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Great quote and so true, I would be afraid to add up the cost of my craft stash!

    Thank you Michele for the magazine review, you are a star, your reviews are so helpful.

    Didn’t get out in the garden today but hopefully if the weather permits I will be able to get outside tomorrow. I have a tray of geraniums that need planting out also some fuchsias and the tomatoes are needing potting on.

    Goodnight everyone, take care, love Brenda xxx