Friday 4 June 2021

Next Weeks Challenge


Good Morning Ladies,

Here we are at the start of another weekend, these weeks do fly by, it barely seems a couple of days since I was explaining last weeks Challenge theme!  

I didn't get much done yesterday, I just had one of 'those' days, I started looking at the SU retiring list which totally distracted me for half of the afternoon, I just couldn't set my mind on anything, I couldn't concentrate at all, I am quite tired, the warmer nights make it harder for me to sleep and for some reason my AF was really giving me a rough time. It was also a really long day as everyone was at work which shouldn't bother me but it does, never mind it's the weekend now, time to relax!!

Your Next Challenge

Our next challenge was inspired by our Michele, after that amazing tutorial on Tuesday I thought that it would be fun to have a Fun Fold Challenge.  
You can follow Michele's tutorial or make any other card fold that you like, from a simple 'Z Fold' card 

Or a simple 'Easel' card

Or maybe an Easy 'Aperture' card

It's totally up to you, I know it takes a bit more effort, I have had Michele's tutorial card half made on my desk all week!  But I am sure you will all be pleased with your results. That little extra dimension adds a little bit of 'WOW'.

I hope that you all enjoy the challenge.

Fingers crossed that the weather stays fine for the weekend for all of you,

Sending love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-great challenge for us next week & some lovely cards as inspiration.
    Hope you have a better day today.

    Yesterday was busy but at least the day went quickly. Thank goodness it’s Friday.


  2. Great cards for inspiration I’m looking forward to making a fun fold card I’ve already cut out the base card following MICHELE’s amazingly easy to follow instructions
    After work I had my usual nap - can’t beat having that relaxing hour just doing nothing I had already left my sewing machine out (great reason to sit outside and eat) so made a couple of face masks OH wanted at least one “decent” one The ones work have given him look like old fashioned knicker fabric
    Work is extra busy due to it being a 4 day week for us Babies don’t stop being born just because there’s a Bank Holiday 🤣
    I need to do a bit of “extra” housework today (maybe tomorrow) and clean my oven
    Hope you have a lovely day everyone

  3. Morning Everyone
    It's a MICHELE Challenge for me this week.
    I'm itching to make a start but of course as it's that 'swear' word day that has to come first and it's Mr Tesco delivery day too. Just waiting for them to ring and let me know which hour they are arriving.

    It stayed very dull and dismal yesterday but the sun is out at the moment so it could be a lovely start to Summer!

    The CAFE is OPEN to all who wish to look in.
    HUGS are wingin their way to you all.PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.xxxx

  4. Morning everyone.
    Looking forward already to next week challenge, it will be fun to see what we make.Thank you Michele for a fabulous card!
    It's been very warm during the night, even with the windows open I couldn't sleep much. The vaccine arm feel a bit hot but I have more pain in the neck since three days back when I must have nicked it funny.
    It's overcast and look like rain here so OH is out cutting the grass and I'm going to finish the cc, fingers crossed :)
    Big News:our troublesome neighbour they have up and left !!
    We seen a small van outside for a few days and suddenly we
    woke up two mornings ago with the guy knocking down the shed in the back. Someone was in looking around yesterday so it seem like they going to rent it out. If they want someone they should have left it in a better state. The garden is an eyesore to see. Just hoping it be a nice family....

    Have a good day everyone and big hugs winging it's way to each and one of you on this blog xx

  5. Hello all, cloudy but still warm, been in the garden most of the day. Emptying the bulbs out of my pots ready for summer bedders. I do love petunias and lobelia.

    Sandra, great examples for this weeks challenge, hope to have a go at Michele’s card, looks relatively straightforward.

    I agree about the hot nights and not being able to sleep, trouble is we can’t have the window open because of traffic noise. Where do people go at 3.30am.?

    Going to have Kentucky chicken for dinner tonight so nothing to do. Hope you all are keeping well, Lilian

  6. Hi everyone
    Lovely cards for next weeks challenge 😊
    So glad it’s Friday - feels like this week has dragged, but I’m off now for 5 days 😊
    Been cooler here today and rained until mid afternoon. Hopefully more bearable for sleeping tonight.
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  7. Hello Sandra and ladies

    Lovely inspiration for the next challenge, Sandra I love all of your cards. The last one I have a similar copy on the desk in our office it really beautiful.

    Today we have had rain most of the day, so I got on with the housework, no gardening, did a bit on OH ongoing jigsaw, still loads to do. Sorry Sandra challenge card is still work in progress Sandra.

    Hope you have all had a good day, take care and stay safe.
    Love Brenda xxx