Saturday 19 June 2021

Mixed-up Saturday featuring Michele's Magazine Review


Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

We had a lovely cool day of rain, rain and more rain yesterday,  the garden really needed it and fingers crossed it was enough to replenish all of the water butts. We used some 'Wildlife attracting'  seed boxes in our front borders after Paul spent literally hours and hours pulling out the Ivy and Clover that were tangled between the fir tree roots, we haven't seen anything much coming through, despite us watering every night  hopefully the thorough soaking yesterday will get the seeds to germinate! Otherwise the butterflies will be looking at my cauliflowers!! 😂😅

The card above is another of Sonia's inspiration cards for our next Challenge,  such a lovely Sentiment in a pretty font, I love the bold colours too.  Thank you so much Sonia for giving us more inspiration XXX

Up next is Our Michele's Magazine Review.....

Michele's Magazine Review 

Hi Ladies

Diecutting Essentials (issue 78) has a great set of Dies as the free gift this month.

Here’s some ideas of what’s inside the magazine.

First of three features using the free gift.

Second article, these all look so different just keeping to the two main colours.

This article show you can make some great projects not just cards using the free gift.

Gatefold cards-look at all the various styles you can make.

I’m sure we’ve all got some flower dies in our stash so we could make something similar to these cards.

More inspiration.

This feature shows you how to use Diecuts as stencils which creates done fantastic results.

More ideas.

These alphabet dies & stamps used here are lovely, so pretty.

More inspiration. I’m sure you could use any large alphabet dies and add mini flowers to them to recreate this look.

Great article on Hinged Diecuts-they make very impressive cards.

Some lovely summer colours used in these cards-made using basic shapes.

More inspiration.

Cards showing how to use the dies in a boxed set.

This photo shows the box set from John Next Door.

More idea using the  same dies.

How to use your intricate dies to show them off perfectly.

More ideas-lovely cards.

How to get creative using circle dies.

More ideas.

That’s all for this week so
Happy Crafting.

Love Michele

Michele thank you so much for a fantastic Magazine review, I do love this magazine, the free gifts always look useful and the magazine is packed with great features. I like the look of John Lockwoods new Magazine Kit, some great 'mixed media ' style sample cards included too. The Daisy cards are all very inspirational,  as are the 'circle' cards, what a great way to encourage us to get the best from our 'Basic shape' Dies.                                    I hope that you and Phil get to spend some quality time together this weekend with him being away this past week etc, relax and enjoy time together ❤XXX 


Cheryl got a great bargain from a Facebook selling page, a lovely big bundle of Crochet yarn for £6 50 posted! A real bargain Cheryl,  pretty colours too, I look forward to seeing what you create with it. XXX

I hope you all have  lovely weekend,  

Love and hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sonia-another fantastic card, great inspiration for the next challenge.

    Cheryl-great bargain.

    Sandra-I wish we’d had rain. The forecast has changed again and we don’t have any rain until possibly next Friday!! Hubby is already out-golf competition every Saturday morning. I’ve got the washing machine on and then I’ll be popping into the village then Morrison’s. After that I’d like to
    Spend some time in my craft room.


  2. Morning ladies,

    Another cloudy day with none of the rain & thunderstorms that were forecasted. With Joshua and Joseph coming back out today we are hoping to get rid of the giant bramble patch that has overwhelmed what was once my rockery. And maybe chop down a couple of wayward bushes that have really lost their glory. It disheartens me to do it as I had grown them from cuttings taken whilst I did my Horticulture course, not all is lost as I will taking cuttings from them to grow some more.

    Brilliant card Sonia and reviews from Michele.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  3. Well the rain has finally stopped! I would just like it to stay dry now until tomorrow evening If we get more I’ll send it to you MICHELE and CHERYL
    Love the card SONIA I must look to see if I Ha e any large sentiment stamps/dies I may need to use Serif for this one
    Thank you MICHELE for the mag review Die Cutting Essentials is one of my all time favourite magazines and really really like the look of this one Maybe when we go shopping later I might be able to get it
    Why is it I miss out on bargains hee hee That looks like a great one CHERYL I can’t wait to see what you make with it
    So tidying up and shopping for us today Had a rotten sleepless night So will definitely be having a nap later
    Take care all xx

  4. Hello all, much cooler today, but still no rain, although it is forecast for later.

    Sonia love your card, I don’t have many large sentiment dies, maybe a Christmas one.

    Michele great magazine review as always, would like the John next door one, might send for that one.

    Have lovely evening, hugs to all , Lilian

  5. Hi everyone.
    Thank you for sharing my card and all of your lovely comments 😊
    Great magazine review Michele. I love the free gift and there’s some fabulous articles in there. Thanks for sharing 😊
    A great bargain Cheryl, will look forward to seeing what you create 😊
    Well, the England - Scotland game last night was an hour and a half of my life I’ll never get back, lol 😂 at one point we were thinking of turning over it was so uneventful. Not usually a footie fan, but I do watch if England are playing.
    Has stayed dry here today, but think it’s forecast wet for tomorrow.
    Off work now until Thursday, so plenty of time for catching up with housework and crafting.
    Enjoy the evening. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  6. Hi everyone,
    Thank you Michele for the magazine review.I like this one, will look tomorrow for it but went to a few shops today and felt so hot and dizzy with the mask on so it was pretty horrid feeling.
    Like the look of the wool Cheryl, nice colours. Looking forward to see what you make.
    Have a good night 🌃 everyone.hugs Xxx