Monday 28 June 2021

Another one of Sonia's inspiration cards


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend,  ours was busy, although our Saturday night out was cancelled as the lady who had invited us had a very poorly cat, so she cancelled her get together.  In all honesty I didn't mind as I still needed to finish the box for Paul's parents card, I think I climbed into bed at 11.30pm, all I needed to do was print the insert (that I had forgotten). Now we have a fairly new printer,  it has been brilliant,  printing on any thickness paper/card etc, but yesterday morning when i needed to print a simple insert it decided it was going to play up, we fiddled and faffed for about an hour, I was sat trying to stamp something instead and the bloody thing just starts printing,  so all was saved at the last minute!  It's my own fault I shouldn't leave things until the last minute! I am too indecisive though, I spent a month procrastinating!  As I am writing this we are on route to Birmingham to Paul's parents Anniversary celebration, the weather isnt looking great, its very cloudy and forecast is showers! This event is supposed to be outside, I am so nervous about covid and this Delta variant, this is our first time in a 'crowd '! As you are reading this we will be on our way to Colchester, it will be a sad day, although it feels good to be finally putting Mum where she wanted to be, I had a temporary plaque made to mark her spot, while we wait for her Stone to be laid, we have to wait a couple of months for the ground to settle. I am looking forward to seeing my brother and sisters though. 

Today's card is another card that Sonia shared with me to inspire us for the Sentiment challenge, I didn't get around to sharing it last week,  its so beautiful I wasn't going to leave it out!                        Sonia has used Anna Marie Designs Garden Blooms paper pad in Blue for this card, this collection has beautiful florals as well as pretty birds featured on most pages. Sonia has used one of the plain blue sheets to place her sentiment on, the black ink and die cut works perfectly with the background,  tje beautiful background is enhanced with that pretty ornate die cut border. Such a beautiful Design, thank you so much for sharing it with us Sonia XXX

That's all from me for today,  I will let you know how the rest of today goes on tomorrow's blog.

Have a lovely day Ladies,

Love and Hugs to all of you, 

Sandra                                                                                  xxxxxx 


  1. Hi everyone
    Thank you for sharing my card 😊
    I hope you had a lovely day yesterday and the weather was kind to you. Will be thinking of you today, I hope all goes well. Will be nice for you to see your brother and sisters even though under sad circumstances xx
    Hoping to craft today and make a start on this weeks card.
    Have a good day everyone. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Sonia-what a lovely card. This was a great challenge you chose for us.

    Sandra -hope today is ok. I’m sure you’ll both be quite tired after so much traveling plus the emotional side of today.

    We had lovely weather yesterday so ince I’d done all the housework I did some weeding then planted the bargain shrubs I bought in Dobbies last week. It’s sunny again today but we’re meant to have rain tonight so fingers crossed that’s correct..


  3. Beautiful card SONIA and certainly deserves its day on the blog
    I hope yesterday went OK in the end and today will be emotional Thinking of you
    We enjoyed going to lawn bowls Learnt lots of tips which we will practice with OH is playing in a friendly next Sunday! We need to decide on size and weight of bowling woods we like Any tips PAT!
    Work will be busy this week as I am covering someone’s annual leave I started a cc over the weekend I will hopefully finish that this afternoon
    We’ve had rain overnight but I think it will brighten up
    Take care all x

    1. Karen re your bowls. They need to be comfortable in your hand. It all depends on the type of grip your using when you deliver the bowl. I favoured the open claw grip, rather then just having it resting in the palm of my hand. Also the bias as well. My woods had a big bias, but if I’d have know what I was doing would have a small bias. A big bias wasn’t helpful when I was bowling inside. I hope you have an enjoyable time bowling. I’d got rid of all my stuff or else I would have started again.

  4. Hi everyone. A lovely selection of cards yesterday and another lovely one today Sonia. Your having a busy week Sandra.
    Karen I’ve written some tips under your post.
    Ambers now has 2 baby goats. She had to have the one born yesterday evening in the tent with them last night as it couldn’t stand. So she’s bought it home with her this morning and bottle feeding it with his Mums milk. That’s 2 boys now but obviously she’d prefer girls so she can breed them.
    Take care and stay safe everyone.

  5. Hi everyone,
    gorgeous card Sonia and well deserve it's own day on the blog.
    Will be thinking of you Sandra and wish the journey wont be too much for you. Take care.
    Karen- it sound fun to have found a new different hobby to do together with your hubby. Have tried to get to things with OH but no luck unless maybe if it was football but it's not really for me even if I'm been sitting through some matches over the years :/
    Have thought about what to make for CC but not sure which way to go, any suggestion please ?
    Didn't have a very good night so just taking it easy and catching up on planner today. So much rain so wish I could send some for you Michele. I need some sunshine !
    Have a good day everyone and hugs to all, Maria xx

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Love today’s card Sonia, the sentiment stands out beautifully on that gorgeous background paper.

    Sandra hope everything went well today and the journey wasn’t to painful for you. You have been in my thoughts all day, hope the siblings were on their best behaviour.

    At this moment the sun has just started to shine we have had rain almost all day long, so I haven’t been able to get outside in the garden, might just be able to get out for a while before dinner.

    Hope you are all having a good day, take care, Love Brenda xxx

  7. Hello everyone, we were supposed to be having torrential rain, but although we have had a huge amount during the night it’s dry now.

    Sonia, great thank you card, always handy to have some of those to hand.

    Sandra hope yesterday went well and today is going as planned, I know it’s a difficult day, but lovely you can be together with your family .

    Had a lazy day just watching the tennis from Wimbledon. Hope you all had a good day, Lilian

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. What a beautiful card Sonia. I love the papers and that pretty die cut xx
    Sandra, have been thinking of you yesterday and today. I hope all went well both times. It must be comforting to know your Mum is now laid to rest with your Dad as she always wanted. I hope your mammogram tomorrow is as quick as possible xx
    Maria, it’s good to go away but also so good to sleep in your own bed when you get home isn’t it 😊 Thank you and hugs from Mamma and me xx
    Lynda, how are you feeling? Xx
    I have had a very lazy day recovering from the weekend. The weather is quite grey and chilly, back to long trousers and hoodies here for the next few days according to the weather forecast anyway. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx