Saturday 12 June 2021

Mixed Up Saturday


This is so true!

Good Saturday Morning Ladies, 

Just a quick post for today as I am trying to get this written before our power goes off for the rest of the day, a huge tree has fallen on the main road in the village bringing all the power lines down with it, The electricity board are there, power is still on now as cables are still intact across the ground but they will turn power off to repair! 


Janet has shared another new Quilting project, Oh Janet I love everything about this bag, the style the colours are one of my favourite combinations, you can't blue and yellow,  they look some bright and fresh together πŸ’™ 

Janet's Description:

My latest attempt of Quilting is another JUNE TAILOR 'QUILT AS YOU GO'  TOTE BAG but this time the bag is not padded but has a square piece of heavy duty plastic in the bottom of the bag to give it some shape. This bag also has a pocket on the front just big enough for a shopping list.

It is just perfect Janet, it would be a great first project too, I might just go and look at June Tailor's products. 
Thank you so much for sharing ❤X X


Michele has shared her latest craft bargain finds with us......

Michele's Description:

First photo was bargains from The Works-the three stencils were only £1:00!!! Second photo was 2 bundles of dies from a Facebook selling group.

Lovely stencils, amazing price too, love your die bundle too, you are definitely our Bargain πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘‘ Queen!                                                                              Thanks so much for sharing Michele XXX 

Well that will be it for today my lovelies,  fingers crossed electricity won't be off for too many hours! 

Sending Love and huge hugs to all, 

Sandra                                                                                xxxxxx 


  1. I hope you weren’t without power for too long
    That saying is beautiful and so very true
    Your bag is gorgeous JANET I would love to have a go at patchwork/quilting I’m going take a look at June Tailor’s site
    You really are the bargain queen MICHELE! I have a couple of the D-lite dies which I must root out again They were probably some of the first dies I bought
    It looks like we’re in for a scorcher today So I won’t be venturing far OH is working I might just craft
    Take care all x

  2. Morning Ladies

    Janet— such a lovely bag, , so much work has clearly gone into it.

    We have a full start to the day, hopefully it will brighten up as we’re having a family BBQ. My brother, sister in law & Dad (plus his dog Casper) are coming here for lunch. I’m collecting the order from the butchers plus I need to go to Morrison’s for fest aridd so I have a busy morning.


  3. Morning Everyone
    Thank you SANDRA for showing my latest attempt at Quilting.I have to say June Tailor is really good at keeping my BP down and and I don't have to take hours deciding on the pattern just the colours and material.

    MICHELE -once again our 'Bargain Buy Queen' has struck. What a find.Well done.

    Well at long last we're meeting Jim's Niece for a coffee.This is the third time of trying so fingers crossed all goes well.

    The CAFE is OPEN so pop in and help yourselves.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all.TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.Have a good week-end.xxxx

  4. Hi ladies
    Another lovely day today.
    Love your quilted bag Janet. I hope your able to meet up with Jim’s niece for a coffee today.
    Lots of goodies Michele, and enjoy your bbq later with the family.
    Window cleaner came this morning. The back bedroom window was a mess. Anyway I went to pay him his money and would you believe that by the time he’d finished the back window a bird has messed on the pitch window. Anyway from next month he’s hoping to be able to do a couple of my windows inside.
    Take care & stay safe everyone.

  5. Morning ladies.
    Love your bag Janet, very pretty material used.Hoping you get to see the niece today at last.
    Wowser Michele ,you the bargain queen have struck again.So many new dies to play with.
    A bit of gardening and the washing machine is on. It's not so warm here, hoping anyone who do a BBQ today will be lucky so no rain is around. Have a wonderful day !
    Take care ,Hugs Maria xx

  6. Hi everyone
    Janet, I love your quilted bag 😊
    Great bargains Michele, enjoy 😊
    Lovely sunny day here today and very hot 🌞
    Hope all of your get togethers are going well and you’re enjoying spending time with friends and family.
    Enjoy the rest of the day. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  7. Evening All, it’s been a lovely day here, my back has been playing up again so didn’t go out much.

    Janet love your bag, I have a couple of June tailors kits to make when I get around.

    Hope the power cut didn’t last too long, we rely on our modern appliances too much.
    Waiting for tomorrow to see all your lovely cards, hugs Lilian

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Hope the power cut didn’t last to long , I always worry about fridges and freezers, also people who need a constant electric supply for health reasons.

    JANET love your tote bag, thank you for sharing it with us.xx

    MICHELE great shopping, xx

    Had a busy day OH wanted to get some fence panels for the front garden, he removed the hedge between us and the next door neighbour last week - he was trimming it both sides every few weeks. Anyway he said would I go with him, so that was half of the day gone.

    Sandra I’m sorry I did make a CC but it has ended up in the bin, I was so disappointed, as I thought it would work.

    Sleep well everyone, love Brenda xxx