Saturday, 23 May 2020

Mixed Up Saturday Featuring Michele's Magazine Review

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the weekend, it's a bit blustery here but the sun is definitely trying to shine!
Paul and I have a lovely peaceful weekend on our own, we have lots of garden jobs to do though, they will be a bit easier without the hot sun beating down on us. My jobs are potting on and  sowing more sweetcorn and beans & peas, were are sowing in intervals so that we don't get everything ready at the same time.
What are you all up to this weekend??
Oh I have  Tracy Evans workshop too!

Let's see what you have been sharing ....


Janet has ahared her latest Beaded project with us, it is beautiful Janet  so colourful and I bet it comes to life when it catches the light too, I haven't seen anything like this before, I love it, it's geeat to try different types of crafting.

Janet's Description:
"I have also attached my latest piece of bead art.
The Company who produces these kits is AM CRAFTS LTD.
It is Mini Artcrafts - Mandala Series 5.
It is a kit I bought sometime last year. It was the first time I had seen this Company and thought it might just be a little different. I have to say I really enjoyed the kit."

Thank you so much Janet for sharing your beautiful bead work XXX


Karen has shared some Cross Stitch Samplers that she made for her Sister in law and Husband,  the show different seasons and the clothes are cleverly stitched to match. They must have taken ages, what an incredible gift to give someone.

Karen's Description:

Here’s some of my cross stitch
For 4 years running these were gifts for my sister in law and husband The characters do reflect them and the clothes they wore They had them hanging in the kitchen and when they had their extension built she returned them to me to re frame them etc I totally forgot all about them (she probably has too!) until OH started doing a clear out
The borders are straight but some how haven’t photographed very well.
The Book I used and can't find is by Jo Verso

Thank you so much Karen for sharing these lovely gifts with us.XXX


Hi Ladies,

The magazine being reviewed is a brand new Box set from Altenew

Here’s some ideas of what’s inside the magazine.

This is a close up of everything in the box set.

First of many features using the contents of this magazine.

More ideas, nice as it’s not just cards.

Even more ideas.

This article shows a few modern styles.

Interesting feature on Watercolours.

Simple cards on display here.

This article makes the flowers the main feature on the card.

More ideas.

Different ideas again in this article.

Lovely spring colours used here.

Nice gift tag with in-depth instructions.

Bright, bold colour used on these cards.

Some card ideas for Men, always useful.

That’s all for this week, lots of these ideas could be adapted so you can use what’s already in your stash.
Happy Crafting

Love Michele
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WOW Michele, what a fantastic review of a lovely Magazine, you know everything will be great quality with it being Altenew! I am very tempted to buy this one, I love all of the inspiration too.
Thanks so much Michele for another fantastic review XXX


Michele spent some of her Birthday Money on some new Dies, a great choice there Michele, the Family dies are Brilliant and Ovals are also useful,  those grape vine dies will go great with the other wine dies you have. I could definitely use the Belated Birthday Wishes die, this one is lovely with all the extra twirls and curls.
I look forward to seeing you using them, thanks so much for sharing XXX

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, 

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Everyone
    from a very very blustery day here.
    We had increasingly strong winds throughout the day yesterday so much so that all the big poppies which have just started to bloom were blown and dashed down. Today has started the same but with some sunshine.

    KAREN-I love love your cross stitch seasons. I bet they look beautiful framed and hung.

    MICHELE-thank you for your mag review. I actually saw this mag on Hochanda and must admit it looked very interesting.
    Your new purchases look really useful buys too.

    The CAFE is OPEN ready and waitingfor you all.Today's cake is coffee and walnut so help yourselves.
    Remember all is CALORIE FREE so we don't have to feel guilty lol.
    HUGS are on their way to you all withloads of extras for dear friends old and new.TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE xxxx

  2. Fabulous sayings SANDRA They really made me chuckle
    I love your bead work JANET Something I’ve never seen either
    I thoroughly enjoyed doing the cross stitch and the first time I’d ever used Hardanger/evenweave I have quite a few pieces that need to be framed I must get them done I have a couple of kits that I haven’t even touched! One is on navy Aida to celebrate the millennium! Not sure the eyes could cope with it now
    The review is great MICHELE I have one tiny Altenew stamp/die set - a magazine freebie which I’ve hardly used but then I’ve only just got into stamping I also have a layered rose die by Altenew
    I am doing the same workshop as SANDRA I haven’t prepared anything so will just be watching
    This afternoon I have a Zoom meet-up with some work colleagues who I haven’t seen in about 9 weeks so I am looking forward to that
    Why is it I can always find something to do instead of the swear word? But I really must do some today but as Oscar Wilde (I think it was him) said “dust doesn’t get any thicker after an inch” Fortunately it’s nowhere near like that I did do it last week
    Take care all xx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-love those signs, both true.

    Janet-WOW. Your beaded project is stunning.

    Karen-I’m sure you’ll be pleased when the 4 amazing crosstown stitch pieces are there was so much work gone into creating them.
    Mew have extremely strong winds here today 45 plus mph so hubby has abandoned the game if golf (his golf pal agreed). I’m calling at my Dads this morning (still Social distancing) as I have done shopping for him. Might meet hubby in the village and collect a takeaway drink from the Chocolate shop. Hopefully I’ll have a play in my craft room this afternoon.


    1. Meant to add that I hope you enjoy your new craft goodies Brain worked quicker than fingers

  4. Hi everyone.
    Love the fun quotes Sandra 😊
    Janet your beaded project is beautiful, love the colours 😊
    Karen, your cross stitch pieces are wonderful. Such a lovely idea 😊
    Another great review Michele. I love the look of Altenew and admire many of their creations on Pinterest and Instagram. Enjoy your new craft goodies 😊
    Another windy day here, but the sun is out. Been up since 4.45am, so may be needing a little nap later! But first, there’s some laundry to do and I want to do some crafting - still haven’t had a proper play with my alcohol inks.
    Enjoy your time in the garden Sandra and I hope you all have a lovely day whatever you’re doing. Hugs to all xxx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    Your sayings are very true Sandra.
    Enjoy your pottering in the garden Sandra.
    Janet your beaded Mandala looks amazing. Thank you for sharing.
    Karen your cross stitch work is lovely. I’m assuming you’ll re frame them and give them back to your SIL.
    Great magazine reviews as usual Michele. I’m sure I have some altenew stamps somewhere.
    Heather informed me that my tomato plant needed to go into a big pot now. So I arranged to go and pick it up yesterday afternoon. Heather rang me to say bring a fold up chair and we can social distance & sit in the garden. So I took that and a cup and we sat in the garden & had a cup of tea. She made the tea and I wiped the cup around the outside. I had a lovely afternoon.
    Just before I went I had a letter from the theatre in Oxford to say our Riverdance tickets for March had been transferred to the new date of 22/10/2021. So a long long wait.
    I must say I agree with the boss of easyJet that the idea of anyone coming into the Uk & self isolating for 14 days is ludicrous. Ok in principal, but these people do have to travel to get home which defeats the objective of it really. Not really a rant just an observation.
    Very windy here and very cloudy. We had some spits of rain earlier as well.
    I hope you enjoy your class those that are doing it this morning.
    My Groovi class details came yesterday and I can’t wait too start those.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.

  6. Morning all in the cafe' today.
    Fun sayings Sandra. Have a lovely day in the garden, try tho not to overdo things so you be in pain after.
    Love the beaded mandala Janet, it's like it draws you in looking at it.
    Karen, beautiful stitch work.
    Always liked Altenew, only have a few stamps by them. Very tempted to get this pack and magazine. Thank you Michele for the review and also happy playing with your new dies.
    Hope to see you all later for some coffee and walnut cake but first need desperately to tidy up my craft section, once again it look like a bomb have hit it. Weather cooler today so also hope to do some digging in the borders with Sons help.
    have a nice day everyone, take care and stay safe. Many hugs for you all xxx

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies
    It's been a lovely day I've been sitting in the sun again by sitting on in wheelchair had lunch there too Very windy though Bailey and Rea have been sleeping on the grass
    They love it out there.
    I've just had a lovely parcel from
    Amason it was from Lisa my daughter
    A beautiful adults colouring book
    It's really lovely Book
    Also a puzzle book.
    Love & Hugs Lynda xxxx

  8. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today. Love both of the sayings. Oh so true is the thought that springs to mind, especially the second one for me!!!!😂 I hope you and Paul have a lovely time. I’m not sure if you got into the garden if you have the same very strong winds and rain that we are still having here since about 1am this morning! You will enjoy each other’s company no matter what you do anyway. I completely agree with you about the selfish people who are suddenly thinking it is fine to start going out and visiting family, friends and the beach etc. We ALL have to continue staying at home, unless you have to go out to work of course. Otherwise what has been the point of all of the weeks we have stayed home? We are all desperate to visit family and friends but we know that we have to continue to be responsible. The sooner we go back to total lockdown which is going to happen because of the selfish idiots that think “I will be ok” the sooner the police can round them all up. Shame they can’t lock the people that ignore the rules laid down to help protect everyone. I wonder if they would still be off out visiting if they knew they wouldn’t be given help if they were to catch the virus? That’s my rant over. Take care my lovely xx
    And Karen, I know just what you mean. It doesn’t make sense to me either. Congratulations on making your mask and I hope you will use your new machine again very soon 😃 x
    Janet your beaded creation is gorgeous. I’m not surprised you enjoyed doing it as it is so pretty x
    Karen, I love your cross stitch gardens and the way they suited your sister in law and husband. I’m sure they will be delighted when you give them back. What a happy surprise it will be for them 😃 Jo Verso has some brilliant books, both Mum and I had several including the one with these patterns in. Haven’t got a clue what the book is called though! X
    I have made my challenge card, took ages as I have rearranged some craft bits and others aren’t put away yet so not as quick and easy as I thought it was going to be!
    The weather here is still very windy with rain storms. Definitely very different to this tone last week!
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Lynda, Mum and all in need. Take care xx