Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Lilian's Hope & Chances Charity Card

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all well and the weather isn't too chilly in your part of the country. I was excited to see the sun shining through the curtains at 6.30am yesterday, it stayed all day but was accompanied by quite a strong wind. I managed to get a bit of 'potting on' done in the morning, after Paul left at lunchtime I went into my craft room and made quite a mess, I am pretty confident that I will still have pink or blue paint on my body somewhere, despite showering,  It was fun though!!

Today's card is one of Lilian's, it is absolutely stunning, the background is exquisite, those different die cut layers work so perfectly together. The addition of those Blue flowers brings the card to life.
Christine designs some absolutely incredible cards, you have recreated a masterpiece Lilian.
Thank you so much for sharing your card with us Lilian XXX

I hope you all manage a little crafting today, I will be continuing with my 'Flag Book', I hope today isn't as messy!

Have a lovely day Ladies,

Love & Hugs to all,



  1. Morning Everyone
    WOW LILIAN what a gorgeous card.I love everything about it plus it's in my favourite colours too.

    Well I managed to make a start on my CC yesterday but I have to admit I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.
    Perhaps today will go better.

    The CAFE is OPEN usual hours so pop in when you can.
    HUGS are on their way to you all. PLEASE TAKE CARE AND STAYSAFExxxx

  2. Morning ladies,

    Oh my, what an absolutely gorgeous card Lilian.

    Cutting out headbands and binding strips for the scrubs this afternoon then a marathon sewing session to complete them all.

    The sun is shining and according to the weather forecast for my area, it will continue to warm up again for the weekend. More pottering in the garden will give me some much needed gentle exercise.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    Lilian-what a stunning card, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Thanks fir all the birthday wishes & Cards-I has a lovudsy off work yesterday. Unfortunately we didn’t get our Indian takeaway as the restaurant is closed on Mondays! We’re going to have it tonight.
    We have a very dull, breezy day here so apart from a quick trip into the village (Post Office) I think I’ll be sitting in my craft room.


    1. Such a shame the restaurant was closed yesterday. But you’ll enjoy your take away all the more tonight.

  4. Beautiful card LILIAN I have a few of Christine’s charity kits Some if them I bought for my MIL who sadly passed away before we could finish them and I have bought a few since then I MUST get them out and play
    What a shame your restaurant was closed but at least you have something to look forward to for tonight MICHELE
    I had a few goodies delivered yesterday and was totally gobsmacked at one of the parcels It is truly truly stunning A very thoughtful gift
    I need to make my sister in law a birthday card So hopefully the challenge will fit that and do it this afternoon I cannot get my head around card making in the evenings Maybe it’s because the sun is on the back of the house by then and my craft room is at the front ...
    Take care all xx

  5. Hi Sandra & ladies
    What a beautiful card Lilian. I have a few of Christine’s kits as well. But not this one.
    Very very cold yesterday. However the sun is shining this morning but the wind is starting too pick up. Sophie said yesterday that they have 17 residents with Covid. They’re not too bad she said but they’re all in isolation. Apparently they came and tested all the residents but not the staff. They can only be tested if they are showing symptoms. How barmy is that. They can travel to have a test if they want, but why not test everyone while it’s being done in the home. Sophie thinks she’s ok as she’s been off as she should have been in Portugal on holiday over the last 10 days.

  6. Morning everyone.
    Lovely card Lilian. Pretty card just to send to someone and say Hi.
    Michele- enjoy your take away tonight, glad you had a nice day x
    Janet- Your cards are always so beautiful and I'm sure you will get plenty done before Sunday.
    Cheryl-good luck with the marathon sewing session.You're doing a great job to help.
    Karen- you know I'm nosy, you can't just say things like that. You do have to show us what you got now ☺
    Pat- worrying still tho that so many people in care homes got the covid-19 in the first place. Do think UK should stay in lockdown for another few weeks. Hope Sophie be alright going back to work.
    Sunshine, wind is gone and it will be around +16. Had our daily walk and now looking forward to brunch. Hope to start on cc and need to get a card in the post so need to pop to the box.
    Have a nice day everyone and many hugs to you all xxx

  7. Hi everyone.
    Oh my, Lilian your card is beautiful, I love it. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your takeaway tonight Michele.
    Frosty start here this morning, boy it was chilly! Thankfully a lot warmer now.
    Hope you’re all having a good day. Stay safe. Hugs to all xxx

  8. Hello , very chilly first thing , but a bit warmer in the sun.

    My card is the May kit from Hope and Chances, so can’t take any credit.

    Not much going on today, we had notice that our shed is coming on the 1st June, so have empty the old one of all the junk, our recycling centres are not open yet , they are talking about using an appointment system, but I think will just turn up and jump the cue.
    Did a little more of my flag book, it’s a very messy looking, might try another one, have inked the card, but not done the stamping.
    Going to have game pie for dinner tonight, with Sainsbury’s herby hash browns and some veg so very little work. Hugs to you all Lilian

  9. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Thank goodness the wind has calmed down.
    And the wind has stoped sun is shining but still very chilly
    We have started sorting some crafting stuff, i had my strip wash as well just sifting out side for break. Now I'm going to sit inside may have 4.30 winks
    LILIAN your card is stunning so pretty
    Love & Hugs Lynda xxxx

    the it wss sp dyromg

  10. Hello Sandra and ladies,

    Lillian your card is absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for sharing it with us XX

    It’s been another lovely bright day today, most of the morning and early afternoon was spent ‘swearing’ and cooking, after that I went out into the greenhouse I had some tomatoes to pot on. Still have a couple of other varieties in seed trays but they’re not quite at the same stage yet.

    Daughter message me at lunchtime, her mother-in-law has been taken back into hospital, district nurse visited this morning and was not happy, her Oxygen level is low, BP high and heart racing. Not good signs.

    Time to think about dinner, it’s all ready to go so will not take long.

    Enjoy your evening, love Brenda xxx