Friday, 8 May 2020

Happy VE Day and your Next Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

Will you all be finding a way to celebrate today?  I made some Union Flag Bunting yesterday as everyone in the village are flying their flags, they were talking about having a big street party at one point but now they have suggested that everyone sits at the end of their Driveway between 4 - 6pm but I don't think thats for us really, Paul and the girl's face were a picture when I told them about it, Ha-Ha!!
I think that we will have a little  'Family' Afternoon Tea, and give thanks to those that gave their lives for our Freedom, I found a  Poem which I would like to share below:

VE Day poems 

V.E. Day by Patricia Denise Newman
It's over, it's finished, the war has now been won,
Thank God it's finally ended; finished; over; done!
we'll no longer hear the sirens as the bombs come falling down,
no longer hear the aircraft as they fly above the town,
no longer see the searchlights lighting up the darkened sky,
or see the burning buildings of the terraces nearby.
We can hear the people cheering as the bells peal out the news,
and we gather, dancing in the road, dispelling wartime blues.
It's victory in Europe - oh such a lovely sound,
no bombs, no incendiary fires, no more sleeping underground!
The roads are filled with happy people, celebrating victory,
the lights are on in every town, such a brilliant sight to see,
there's bonfires and fireworks, a colourful display,
we'll sing and dance and drink with cheer until night turns to day.
We'll not forget the sacrifices made by others in our name,
they gave their lives so we might live in freedom's sweet domain.
Their fighting now is ended, rejoice in victory,
England and her allies will remain forever free.

Your Next Challenge

I thought that this sketch would work well for most types of card, you can have it anyway around that you please. 
You Could:
Use Patterned Papers
Ink the corner and use a stencil 
Stamp a pattern onto that area (you can mask off the area first)
Use an embossing folder and trim the piece to fit.

The part that is undecorated is a great place to add your sentiment or you could leave it plain for a 'Clean & Simple' look.
I hope you enjoy this challenge.

I hope that you can all enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend, having Paul home for an extra day is the very best part for me, so whatever the weather we will be making the most of it.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon pottering in the garden, Paul finally put his Wheelbarrow together, Matt came over and helped Paul do a few things, (with a 2 metre gap of course)!  It was good to spend some time with him, that is the benefit of having good weather, it's easy to see family and Social Distance at the same time. He went home with lots of different sized plant pots as he has lots of different vegetables growing at his Girlfriends house, his fingers have truly turned 'Green', he also took some old wooden scaffold planks to build a raised bed. It's lovely to hear him being so enthusiastic about it.
Have a lovely long weekend my lovelies,
Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-the poem is lovely to read. I think next weeks challenge is a brilliant one-it will definitely “challenge “ but that’s the idea (I know) and I could do with a crafty kickstart to be honest. I’ve not even thought about his weeks challenge yet.

    I’ve been hearing buzzing around my craft room window the last 2 days. Finally worked out it’s because Bees are nesting under the windowsill-they’re going into the brickwork. Looks like off be calling an expert out to remove them. This could be interesting!!

    Hope everyone enjoys the Bank Holiday for VE day.


    1. I’ve had a few wasps in the kitchen / diner Michele. They seem very sleepy though. I left on too it yesterday but found it dead on the worktop this morning.

    2. Michele if they are honey bees, see if you can find a bee keeper in your area, they will remove them, although it’s a bit early for honeybees

  2. Good morning all
    The poem is lovely We’ve been watching Our Greatest Generation on BBC and it’s been brilliant and very thought provoking Both OH and I wish we’d as youngsters taken more notice of the stories our parents told us of their time during the war My mum was born in 1930 and MIL was born in 1919 and was in the same regiment as the Queen She served in Belgium and worked in radar in some way shape or form
    We must never forget
    The weather here is lovely today So maybe we’ll go for a walk around the estate and sit in the garden I have promised myself to finish a few jobs I wonder if I’ll finish them 🤣
    Take care all xx

    1. I know my Mum worked in a munitions factory somewhere in London. My Dad was a Sargent Major in the war while she was doing that. Mind you he still thought he was one when he came out.

  3. Hi Sandra & ladies
    I totally missed yesterday’s blog. I’m not to sure why as I wasn’t doing much.
    Loved your card Michele. I also had some la Blanche like these. I’d sent the card you made to friends who also had a caravan. Plus a few others to friends.

    Great poem today Sandra for VE day. To celebrate the end of the war. I expect lots of streets will be having those sort of celebrations that your village is having.
    Marie Moorhouse is getting her second Groovi class ready which I’m looking forward too. The Groovi plate I was waiting for has finally arrived. So I’ll guess I’ll be doing some more off class 1 today. Such a busy life I’m leading (not).
    Take care everyone and stay safe.

    1. Good to know who sent me the La Pashe decoupage sheet.
      My only concern is that the Bees will find a way into the house, possibly through the Attic. Rang the local independent Pest Control person but it’s an answering machine. Hopefully they’ll still be able to come out as it’s outside work.


    2. Yes that would be a problem. As it’s a bank holiday I don’t suppose you’ll get a reply until Tuesday.

  4. Hi Sandra and everyone.
    Love the picture and poem, brings a lump to my throat.
    Only one house (that I can see) with bunting in our road, so I don’t think anything is going on here.
    I like the challenge for next week, a bit of a different take on a sketch.
    Hope you all have a nice day. Hugs to all xxx

    1. We have nothing outside and of the houses by me either Sonia.

  5. Hello All , wet and chilly this morning, don’t know what happened to the heat wave we were supposed to get.

    Sandra , lovely poem, I do wish they would also mention that the war in the Far East was still raging, and the terrible atrocities that were used by the Japanese.

    Managed a bit of crafting this morning, was thinking it was Saturday, so set alarm for seven to be ready for the Tracy class tomorrow, silly me.

    Am finding the cooking quite a chore, not used to having to cook everyday of the week, worse is trying to ring the changes.

    Hope you all have a good afternoon, Lilian

    1. Everywhere was supposed to be warm today or so the weather people said. We might have a thunderstorm later over Oxford they said. I’d better pop out for a walk.

  6. Hi everyone and a very happy VE day. Nice poem Sandra and a good challenge for next week.
    After a good walk this morning and our brunch, I managed to get some cards together so sending them in a mo. It's a gorgeous day here so we ended up sitting in the garden all afternoon. Haven't seen anyone putting out any bunting or any talk of street party's around here but I will try again to make a sponge to have after dinner with a nice cup of coffee while watching 'the last Kingdom' a bit of a blood thirsty viking saga.
    Michele- I hope you can get rid of the bees asap. we had wasps in our house and got someone in to smoke them out with special powder but guess you have to do different for bees.
    Pat- enjoy your Groovi lessons and hope you had a nice walk earlier.
    Nice to hear your son is outside and doing things with his hands. So wish Son would do the same. I need him some time tho to cut some branches that hanging over from the neighbour, the midnight to 6am ones !
    Hope you all have had a wonderful day and enjoy the weekend.
    many hugs to you all ,Maria xxx

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies
    Interesting challenge for next week SANDRA. Im really going to try the challenge for next week as im going brain dead 🙄.
    Haven't done much only looking Pinterest you can get lost in that
    It's been alovrly day sunshine all day hope you are all looking forward to the bank holiday weekend
    Love and Hugs Lynda xxxx