Monday, 19 November 2018

Monday Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend, ours disappeared fast, we were mostly doing jobs around the house, including some serious decluttering in our bedroom.  Paul does like to hold onto things, I threw away packaging from birthday gifts from August, he recently had a new electric toothbrush and the packaging to that was still on his chest of drawers and that was the tip of the iceburg. We ended up making a huge difference, getting the printer moved to its rightful place, curtains re-hung in my bedroom as a lot of the loops on the curtain rail had snapped.  I think its all the little jobs that take up the time. You can actually walk down Paul's side of the bed without turning sideways now, the hoover fits down too, so it don't have to take the hose off and use the stair tool.
We went shopping on Saturday, we have started getting bits in for Christmas, mostly from Aldi as everything we tried from there last year was delicious! 
One Christmas treat that has lost its magic for me is Tangerines, do you remember when you only got them at Christmas, we always had one in our Stocking, we had a walnut too for some reason.  I remember peeling it and being excited at the smell because it was one of the smells of Christmas, we had a lovely big fruit bowl full of them on the table in the lounge along with the tin of Roses, After Eight mints, Eat Me Dates with a funny fork, my Dad always had dried Figs at Christmas too (yuck).
The other thing that reminds me of me Mum and my Nana is those awful Orange and Lemon slices covered in sugar, they were jelly sweets, they had them every year.  Did you all have particular treats??

Now on to this weeks Challenge, I wanted to do something different, not a sketch or TicTacToe, so after much deliberation...……
I would like you to make any card you like....BUT.....'Keep It Simple', by that I mean use just one stamp set/Colour/die or punch.  You can add a sentiment too of course, but just keep the card as simple as possible.
I used the Detailed Deer Thinlit dies to die cut my Reindeer the little flower is from the same die set too. (So I just used 1 die set).  I stamped my sentiment in gold to match the Deer and punched it out.
The background I have chosen is the Swirls and Curls embossing folder.  
You can used an embossed background OR some decorative paper.  Even better use your chosen stamp set to stamp your own background.
I find Simple quite tricky as I want to embellish till the cows come home, so If I can do it so can you!

I can't wait to see your cards. 

I hope that you are all prepared for the week ahead, they speak of it getting much colder, so please stay warm my lovelies. 

Pat, I will be thinking of you as you embark on another week of hospital appointments, sending hugs to you both xxx

Love and hugs to all,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Stunning card Sandra-very elegant & classy. I like the sounds of this weeks challenge.


  2. Great challenge SANDRA and a lovely card
    My childhood Christmas treats sound just like yours except for the figs and the orange and lemon slices One of our treats were the jelly fruit sweets with a liquid centre I can’t remember their name
    As pennies were tight my own children would probably say Pop Tarts for breakfast was their treat
    As we have a new Aldi I think I’m going to shop there because you’re the third person that’s said how lovely their Christmas food tasted
    Off to work in a mo - a little bit of crochet in the cafe first to calm me before the melee
    Take care all Special hugs to PAT xx

  3. Hi Sandra
    Very pretty card. Like you I'm dont do simple cards, I always have to add a bit more, So a real challenge for me this week.
    I remember all the Christmas treats you mentioned. My favourite was that my dad bought a Syphon of Soda, is that the right spelling? We weren't used to fizzy drinks so blackcurrant and soda was a special thing. We had blackcurrant as a Christmas my dad drank navy rum and black. Mum always had a snowball ha ha.
    We had terrific rain and thunder and lightening during the night. Just heavy rain now. Poor Gracie's legs are crossed again.
    I've and 4 card orders in with Lynn today. Only 3 more to do so better get on.
    Pat. Hope this week goes well for Pete.x
    Hugs to all and special ones for poorly friends.
    Love Valx

  4. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    Nice challenge for this week but as you say I will have to sit on my hands so I don't put any embellishments on HAHA.
    Terry loves the orange & lemon slices & haven't found any for the last few Christmases so they must be discontinued. Pleased to say they were like eating spunefuls of sugar yuk. Not much doing today so I hopefully get in craft room.
    Horrible dark morning so far & looks like rain. Also have a couple of Emails to answer. So I'm going to finish house work.
    Have a good Monday everyone.
    PAT hope hospital appointment go smoothly for Pete this week sending you both Hug's.
    Hug's for everyone that needs one.
    Love Lynda xx

  5. hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra sorry I did not comment yesterday, had a friend in for coffee & then I realised I needed a birthday card to go in post today, by then it was time to get meal & by the time I sat down was too tired. The cards were all so inventive well done to you all. This weeks challenge looks good & I think have a card started which will fit the bill. I remember sugar mice oh so sweet would not fancy them now. Thanks for memories, that is what Christmas is
    Lynda the orange & lemon slices the last lot I bought in were in Aldi so look in
    Maria I really hope to get my ATC finished today, take
    Pat thinking of you & Pete with all your hospital
    Sue enjoy your trip to London, love
    Sending hugs to all in need love

  6. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Sandra I remember all of those Christmassy things and like you we didn’t see satsumas until they appeared in our stocking (which was an old pillowcase!) My dad always had whiskey and my mother used to drink egg flip, yuck!!!
    We carried on a lot of the traditions with our children. But because everything is available more or less all the time the silly things at the bottom of the stocking just didn’t have the same excitement.
    Nice choice for this weeks challenge, I think I also have something I started recently, will have to look at it again and see.
    PAT thinking of you and Pete, Hope all goes well, sending big squidgy hugs. xx
    Sandra I think you could be on commission hear for Aldi, so many recommendations. Have to go nearest Aldi is in Streatham but she’s just a short bus ride away, I’m going in the opposite direction towards Croydon we have a Lidl, They are very similar, We regularly pop into one or the other, And have never been disappointed with either.
    It was drizzling rain about half an hour ago and now the Sun is streaming in the window it’s beautiful. I hope everyone else is having good weather. Sorry Val I did think of you and. poor Gracie. I hope she is able to get out soon - thought she bursts !
    Have a good day everyone, love and hugs Brenda XXX

  7. Sorry Blogger really did mess up my messages. hope you get the gist of what I was trying to say. That should teach me to check before I press publish xx

  8. Hi Sandra and all.
    Oh dear, only said yesterday how hard I find to make real CAS cards Lol well I will have a go. Love the stag die.
    Pat- sending my hugs and hope all goes well for this weeks hospital visits. Take care
    Val- aah bless her, hope the rain stops long enough for her to have a piddle sometime today hihi Long time since I had a Snowball, It's was my mum's favourite holidaying in Spain....
    Janet- hope you ok, catch up for a coffee later.

    Have been in town this morning just for a look around, popped in to the Works for some double sided tape and of course on ore two things extra popped in the basket hihi
    Lynda- have a look in Lidl for the orange and lemon sugary jelly, think I saw something like that shopping going home.
    My memories of x-mas sweets were when mum was cooking cola/ toffee into small foil casings and peppermint like the Kendal cakes, oh the house was smelling so good :>) We used to have some fantastic navel Oranges but they aren't the same anymore. Ginger biscuits ( can still get the ready made
    Swedish type mix in Ikea) Saffron rolls too.To busy with other things for making them myself and the one and only time I tried myself they "bounced" across the floor ! Lol
    Have a nice evening everyone and big hugs to you all, it's cold outside. Xxxx

  9. Hello All, very cold here.

    Sandra what lovely memories you’ve sparked today, my Mum used to make pink and white coconut ice, it was delicious, she also made Turkish delight.
    We didn’t have any alcohol as my mother was a strict tea totaller , but she used to make herby beer, non alcoholic, but very fizzy.

    Great Challenge today, will have to put my thinking cap on and lock away all the bits that I love.

    Pat and Pete, will be thinking of you both and hoping things go ok.

    Well I have wasted a day trying to get our TVs magic eye working, all fine yesterday, none working today, have pulled out furniture to check leads, looked on Utube for help, tried all, still don’t work.

    Will wish you all a good evening, hugs Lilian