Saturday, 24 November 2018

Mixed Crafts and Michele Mag Review

My ATC's from Karen

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you are all nice and warm and relaxed for the weekend, well apart from Our Michele who was out at 6.30am to get to her Sale.  It's going to be really cold Michele, so I hope you have your Thermal knickers on!!
On a serious note, I hope that you have a really successful morning, I should get your friend to get the hot drinks in when she arrives mid-morning!!

We have a 'bumper' Mixed Up Saturday this week, featuring some lovely crafts from Janet & Karen and an absolute Bargain find from Sue, we also have a fantastic Magazine Review from Michele too, so get your pens and paper ready to jot down which one you like the look of.

The opening photo's are of my amazing ATC's from our lovely Karen, she put so much thought into each design, including her love of Crocheting, hence the verse on the first card, which had us chuckling, in fact Sophie was bewildered for a moment or two when she read it, she said 'Muuum, is this from one of your Craft Friends, because...have you read it Mum"!!!!
Karen Crocheted the Aster using Embroidery thread, it must have been so hard to work with such a small hook and thread but my goodness it's worth the effort, its stunning, I can't stop looking at both of them.

The second ATC is in pretty pinks, using a lovely background design that Karen has stamped a sentiment on then Embossed.  The butterflies represent the 'wings' in the 'Spread your wings and fly' sentiment.  I agree with you Karen, we should all have a go at doing exactly that, at least once!

I absolutely love both of them Karen, thank you so much for such a lovely gift. xxxx


Janet has shared some lovely Gift Boxes and another Memory Album, I will leave Janet's description below:

"The crackers and box are Tonic dies - this years Nordic Christmas

The Memory Book is also Tonic dies but this time I made as Open Pockets throughout the book and used Birds and Flowers as the theme"

Janet I love your Crackers and your Gift Box, I am tempted to ask you to die cut me a couple as Paul always gets at least on Toblerone for Christmas, I would like to trick him and stick something else in the box, one with something boring like pants or socks, then in the other I could put a Voucher for an experience or something.
So if you wouldn't mind I don't mind covering postage etc.

Your Memory Album is the most beautifully decorated one I have seen, those papers you have used are stunning, everything you have added works perfectly, I love that little felt/lace Bird. Your attention to detail is outstanding Janet, little touches like the heart button on the tag make such a huge difference.

I am so grateful that you have shared it with us today, you have really inspired me my lovely. xxx

November’s monthly magazine review

Simply Cards & Papercraft has a lovely set of  scenic Nativity Dies free this month.

Making Cards magazine has s cute set of stamps & some lovely papers this month.

Ideas using the free papers.

More ideas using the traditional papers.

Papercraft Inspiration has a great gift this month-co-ordinating Stamps and s window frame Die.

Love Cardmaking has a fantastic gift with this issue. There an Embossing Folder, Stamps & Dies. The stamps & Dies can be used all-year round and there’s lots of inspiration inside.

Papercrafter magazine has a gorgeous set of Dies-cute animals that can be used for many occasions.

Diecutting Essentials has a really lovely snowflake Die this month. I used this on one of my challenge cards last week-it’s great for simple cards that look impressive.

Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine has a huge stamp set free this month.

Papercraft Essentials.

Has a gorgeous set of stamps by Raymond Briggs (creator of The Snowman) and a luxury foiled kit as the free gift.

That’s it for this month.
Michele x

Thank you so much Michele for another amazing review, there are some great free gifts with some of the magazines this month, I know I am certainly going to be looking out for a couple of them.

Is 'Making Cards & Papercraft'  the new 'Making Cards' Magazine??  it looks similar.

Looking forward to Next Month's review, I imagine it will all be New Year ideas and leading up to Valentines day! (how scary is that?!)
Thanks again Michele xxxx


Our Sue got herself an amazing Bargain from a local charity shop, I believe she paid 50p for each die set, the two outside ones look like they are Spellbinders in Create and Craft Packaging, the centre die is a 'Wild Rose' Studios Die,  Sue brought them over to me unopened, it looked as though they were Brand New, it's a shame there was no other Craft Stuff with them, such an amazing find that put a huge smile on Sue's Face!  
Thanks for sharing your bargain find with us Sue. xxxx

Thats about all I have room for on today's post, so Lynda I will share your lovely book for Harry next week.  So that it isn't crammed in.  

Thank you to all of you for taking part in today's blog post, I am very grateful to all of you.

Have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Quick visit from me today.

    Karen-your ATC’s are fantastic, I love the Crocheted flower.

    Janet-Love your cracker & the memory book is stunning.

    Sandra- yes, Making Cards Magazine has been given a new name. Not quite sure why, perhaps so they can introduce other crafts at some point.


  2. Morning Ladies,

    Bargain buys Sue, well spotted by you, have fun with them and I hope we see some cards from them.

    Beautiful crackers and album Janet.

    To follow on from Michele's magazine review of Making Cards and Papercraft, if you are lucky enough to buy it in Sainsbury's there is extra special free giveaways. A Parchment Craft magazine (which I will be sending to Pat), A Christmas sentiment stamp set, a Christmas CD full of printable craft papers, templates etc, and Digi stamps plus another book of papers which could be Scandi themed? all for the price of £5.99! What a bargain that was. I am spoiled for choice as what to start doing first?

    It's another grey sky day here in Somerset with rain on it's way so the perfect excuse to stay indoors and craft.

    Rosie and I had a fantastic breakfast yesterday morning and although I didn't mean it Tahnee burst into tears reading my boxed card and accepting the bouquet of flowers we had shared cost of. Her shift finished at 3.30 so she is enjoying her first weekend off in ages and starts her new job on Monday. I shall miss her bubbly character and friendliness so much.
    My cuppa tea has gone cold so I'm off now to get a fresh one.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    1. Thanks for letting us know about all of the extras you get with Making cards and Papercraft. That really is a fantastic deal x

  3. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Karen, I saw your gorgeous ATC’s on Wednesday and think they are both beautiful, especially the wonderful crocheted flower x
    Janet your crackers are so pretty and your memory book is filled with such beautiful papers and embellishments. Whoever receives it will treasure it x
    Sandra, I hope you have a good weekend my lovely xx
    Michele, thank you for another great round up of this months magazines, there a couple that may “jump” into my basket 😉 I hope the boot sale is going well and that you aren’t too cold x
    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found these packs of dies in the toy section in a basket of bits and bobs. As you can imagine I then had a really good look to see if there any more!
    Brenda, enjoy the family birthday celebrations. I’m sure you will be glad that today is the last time you will have to face the public transport trek to your sisters! Sending big hugs x
    Mum is here for the weekend for the annual Christmas pudding making with the grandchildren then the village drama group Pantomime this afternoon so a lovely weekend for me. I hope you all stay warm and have a good weekend too. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for Pat and all in need. Take care xx

  4. Morning everyone

    Sandra love your ATC'S. Karen they're both beautifully made. Particularly love the flower.x

    Janet, such cute crackers and box. So much nicer than bought ones. You book is beautiful. You've used some lovely papers and whoever receives it is very lucky.x
    Sue, oh my what a bargain you got. Just love all the shapes. I bet you'll be back in that Charity shop rummaging again. Enjoy your family weekend. It sounds like fun.x

    Michele many thanks for the mag review. I do have a couple of them but some I've never even heard of. Hope you're it too cold today and that you sell plenty of cards.x

    Cleaning this morning then off out for coffee with a friend. I made a list a few weeks ago of all the things including craft I need to do and they're slowly being ticked off. Annoying thing is I keep adding to the list.

    Did anyone but any Black Friday offers. I looked but ordered from Wish instead.

    Have a lovely Saturday.
    Love Valx

    1. The only Black Friday offer I bought was part of Oscar’s Christmas present Mothercare had a zoo that daughter was after with 60% off

    2. My O/H bought me a new Kenwood, nearly one hundred pounds off. Never had one before but arthritis in hands now means I can’t hold my little hand held electric one.

    3. Hi ladies, obviously great bargains to be had. Well done on finding some really good ones.x

  5. Thank you SANDRA for liking my ATC’s I was nervous that they might not be good enough Most people know me for my knitting and crochet and struggled to think of a way to incorporate on an ATC until I remembered about the book 100 Knitted and Crochet Flowers I have
    Your crackers are lovely JANET Every year I promise myself that I will make and every year I fail! But then we like the corny jokes that are inside them
    I hope the car boot sale goes well MICHELE and thank for the magazine review I must get out more often and get a couple of them
    Oh SUE What bargains you found I bet your little heart was thumping at not believing your luck Enjoy your day with your mum Make lots of lovely wishes as you all stir the mix
    Good luck with the final part of your sister’s move BRENDA
    I do hope you enjoy your trip PAT you deserve it and hope PETE’s next transfusion really helps I hope your op goes OK too
    OH still in bed and so I can’t get the noisy hoover out can I? I may do a bit of crochet and finish the doggie I’ve made for Oscar as we’re seeing him this afternoon
    Have a good day xx

  6. Hi, Lots of lovely things on display today, Karen your atcs are lovely.
    Michele great review of all the mags again.
    Janet loved crackers and your book.
    Hoping to start my second book a bit later after I’ve done the washing, although it’s going to rain, so will have to use dryer.
    Just received my first Christmas card and pressie!!! From relatives in Australia.
    First time it’s been opened by customs.
    Have a lovely weekend, Lilian

  7. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    Love the crackers and the book Janet, beautiful papers used. Fantastic ATC's Karen.
    Thanks for the mag review Michele. Good luck today.
    Great find from the charity shop Sue, bargains with the capital B.
    Pat, wish it all goes well next week. Have a nice weekend. Are you going to the Christmas market ? We might go some day just not sure yet if it be Birmingham or do you ladies know another one that's nice ?
    Very tired and the raw makes you body ache but must take hold and move into the kitchen for some sticking down of bits and pieces, well that's the idea. Home alone today so no excuses.
    Love and warm hugs to you all, Xxxx

  8. Hi Sandra & Ladies
    Wow some lovely Mixed up crafts
    KARREN your ATC's are gorgeous.
    JANET I love your memory book it's stunning also your crackers are brilliant xx
    MICHELE thank you for another great mag review. Good luck with the car boot sale hope you sell loads keep warm as well.
    SUE wow great bargains you found. Enjoy your weekend with mum & grandchildren making Christmas puddings they are smelling gorgeous.😋
    MARIA hope you get lots of sticking & cards made take care.xx
    PAT sending you both some special HUGS xx hope it all goes well next week.
    VAL what have you bought on Wish ? Have a good weekend xx
    SANDRA that fine showing Harry's book next week. Have a lovely weekend.
    Just off to Tesco as we didn't get there in the week.
    HUGS for you all Love Lynda xx

  9. Hi Lynda,
    I order some stamps, one of which I've been after for ages, and a couple of dies. With post they're 17euros.
    Hope those lovely doggies of yours are doing ok and enjoying their walks.
    Have a good time at Tesco's.x