Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Cheryl's beautiful Boxed card

Good Wednesday Morning Ladies,

Happy 'hump' day !! I kinda like Wednesdays, for a couple of different reasons, one being that Sue usually comes over to craft and also because we are only one more day away from Friday, when Paul has half day and its the start of the weekend! 

Today's beautiful card was made by our Cheryl for Tahnee, Cheryl has scalloped 8 x 8 inch card, added a beautiful background paper and then adorned that with some lovely die cuts and pretty crocheted Lace
The stamps that Cheryl has used on her card are from a retired set called 'Word Play' , like a lot of Stampin Up Stamps it has some lovely sentiments, this particular one says ''Go Confidently in the Direction of your dreams'', which is a fantastic sentiment for a young lady.
Cheryl has then made a box for her card, using the Sue Wilson Octagon die cut and the same sentiment as on the card, a few darling little butterflies fluttering around for decoration.
Cheryl, I absolutely love this card, I know this style takes longer but oh my goodness it's worth the effort.  It's more of a gift than just a card. 
Thank you so much for sharing my lovely xxx

 We had really heavy rain and wind yesterday, it was absolutely lashing it down against my craft room window.  I was sat warmly inside playing with some of the new Spring and Summer catalogue goodies, making some cards etc, I can't wait to share them with you, I think that we are all getting tired of seeing Christmas cards now.  Although I am very much looking forward to the actual ones arriving through the letter box.

I am hoping to do some crafting with Sue today, I will have to spend some time clearing a space first as the dining room table has a Craft Mountain upon it !!

I hope that you all have a lovely day whatever you have planned,

Love and hugs



  1. Morning Ladies

    Cheryl-what an absolutely gorgeous card. Did you make the flowers on it too?

    I have s rare day off work today-we’re having a new Front Door fitted plus the central heating boiler is being serviced-hopefully once the heating engineer has finished I can leave the Joiner to his work and play in my craft room. I’m panicking slightly about the lack of Christmas cards that I’ve made.


    1. Hi Michele, the flowers were all from my stash, some of them Wild Orchid, the large Rose is a paper one from The Range, the smaller roses are made from foam with a square of dotted tulle around them and the silk aqua ones with beaded stamens came from my Mum I believe. x

  2. That is a pretty card CHERYL I rarely do cards with a lot of dimension as they need to be posted
    I hope to make some cards this afternoon but it’s been so dark that I haven’t felt like it and prefer to crochet or knit instead I also have a pile of ironing staring at me!
    Take care all I hope PETE’s transfusion went OK PAT A gentle hug on its way xx
    I’m case you didn’t see it yesterday I just wanted to say Thanks your comment made me chuckle- which I needed xx
    Take care all

    1. Sorry predictive text at it again It was meant to say LYNDA - your lovely comment made me chuckle

    2. Thanks for the hugs Karen. Pete seems a bit better after his transfusion. Started doing repeditive stuff now so a bit worrying. Odd things that he wouldn’t usually do. Dr came this afternoon. But will have a houseful of medical people calling in tomorrow.

  3. Morning Everyone
    OHHHHHHHHHH CHERYL what a gorgeous card. I love everything you have crafted on it. What a joy it is to receive such a beautiful gift.

    We also had an awful day here yesterday. Lashing rain and more rain and more rain and it's still at it this morning. It really does dampen spirits. We had to have the lights on all day which also doesn't help.

    SANDRA- An envelope is in the post for you with the die cuts for the triangular box. I cannot wait to see your results. I use the red tape to join the two bases together.

    I, hopefully have finished my Seasonal cards so all they need now is writing. I have a couple of boxes to make and I have to try and sort out my CC for this week. Well that's the plan.

    The CAFE is OPEN and is looking nice and welcoming. New cloths on the tables with holly and spruce in little jars. I know it's not December but I thought we needed a little cheering up today.

    HUGS are winging their way to you all with loads of extras for PAT and PETE. Hope all went well.xxxx

  4. Hi Sandra and all in the Cafe today.
    Cheryl your card and box are both beautiful, that sentiment is lovely as so many of Stampin’Up ones are x
    The days are flying by. How can it possibly be December this weekend!!!!!
    I was hoping to se you as usual my lovely but my joints have other plans so I’m not going to make it. I hope you are ok though xx
    Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

    1. Sue sorry your joints are bad & you cannot go to Sandra's. Take care love

  5. Morning everyone.
    A stunning card Cheryl, Tahnee will love it !
    Could the weather get much worse ? Rain all day yesterday and during the night the wind picked up and it is still strong outside so it's nice to be indoors and hopefully make some cards later on. Home alone sort of, OH off to London to watch football and Son is working later this afternoon to 10pm so no cooking this evening yay.
    Many,many warm hugs to you all xxx

    1. Maria enjoy your time crafting, I hope to do some later when hairdresser has gone. Hugs on

  6. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra sorry you will not have company today, but you will get some crafting done. The weather is terrible glad I do not have to go
    Cheryl your card & box are beautiful, no wonder she cried when she received it. Good news about your
    I hope to get on with some cards later, have hairdresser coming at 1.30 to give me a perm, the shop I used to go has closed but luckily she decided to do home visits, which is great.
    Sending hugs to all who need them Lilian are you ok not seen you for a couple of days? Sue & Pat hugs to you love

  7. Good evening ladies,

    Well I am finally in here and I could do with a large hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate dusting on top.

    Apart from a visit to the Nurse at my surgery for a check up on my COPD on which I can report that my breathing is now back to normal, I have been tidying up my craft work table, the floor-robe and emptying a box to store all my lovely Stampin'Up inks. I bought a faux brown leather magazine/newspaper bin a couple of years ago from the Range and it now holds my SU stamp sets. It tucks quite neatly under the table and is easy to pull out when needed. I have not been this organized since I bought the craft unit 4 years ago hahaha. How long will that last I wonder? Probably just til Monday next week. I then have a couple of Not Finished Projects to tackle needed for Christmas presents. I have bought 5 larger rings to make Christmas wreaths for my 2 daughters and son and my honorary daughter, who the last one is for I have totally forgotten.

    It must nearly be time for tablets and bed so I will say Goodnight

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxx

    Thank you very much for all your kind comments regarding Tahnee's card. It was a pleasure to make it for her.