Saturday, 3 November 2018

Mixed Up Saturday

Good Saturday Morning Ladies,

Some lovely crafty things to share with you today, Bags, ATC's and shopping!!!


Danielle has been making some beautiful Gift bags this week, she first saw the idea on a channel called Mixed Crafts, that bag took two sheets 12 X 12, Danni has worked her magic though and now you only need 1 sheet, (oh that sounds like kitchen roll advert)! 
Luckily for us Danielle has done a YouTube Tutorial for these bags, I will leave the link below, I love the idea of making a card for someone and having a matching gift bag to go with it.

Dannii's Bag Tutorial   ← Click here for tutorial 

Thank you Danielle for allowing me to share your lovely bags with everyone on the  blog. xxx


How amazing is Janet's first ever attempt at a Memory Book, Janet I absolutely love it, all of the detail you have included, little pockets, a Waterfall card feature that you can add photos too, that beautiful die cut clock, you could set the hands to a significant time of an event, birth, marriage etc. So many little finishing touches too, like the little flower on the flap of the envelope.  That fan is just exquisite, so pretty, I love the gilding flakes behind the die cutting too, it tones beautifully with the facing page.
You must be so pleased with your first attempt Janet, its stunning, I bet you have got the bug now, I hope we get to see many more.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us xxxx


Who is as excited as I am that Karen received this gorgeous Kerry Lord 'Edwards Menagerie' Dogs???  I can't wait to see your Crocheted versions of these pooches!!
Oscar sure knows how to pick great gifts!
Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us Karen xxxx


Lynda has finished her ATC's and has shared them with us, two amazing examples, one simply coloured, looks stunning in what looks like metallic shades.  The second one is a real example of Lynda's work, which is what the ATC is all about, showcasing your particular style of art.  What is more Lynda than a magnificent Mixed Media piece. I think that mixing the harsh metals with the soft delicate flowers is an amazing idea, that works perfectly.
Thank you so much for sharing your ATC Lynda. xxxx


I think that Cheryl's ATC is also a true reflection of her card making style too, with that pretty tag and the beautifully decorated pocket for it to go in.
Thank you Cheryl for bringing us this challenge and for sharing your beautiful design. xxxx


Michele treated herself to a well deserved treat yesterday, (the magazine), I think that if you are doing the Food Shopping on your own in Tesco you deserve a treat, you have also had a 'f'ull on' week at work.  The magazine was £9.99, which is an amazing price when you think regular craft magazines are around the £6 -£7 mark, you usually get 1 die with those, this one has 5, all really useful Christmas dies too.  I thought that it was a new magazine but Michele says its issue 38 of the Make It Today magazine (in case any of you would like a copy). I am looking forward to seeing what you make with the dies Michele.
Now a Michele shopping haul would not be a 'Michele' shopping haul if it didn't have a bargain of some description, The All Occasion Dies were......half price with FREE postage!!  It would have been rude to leave them Michele !!
Thank you so much for sharing your crafty buys with us Michele, now go find yourself a quiet spot, get your magazine and relax!  That's an order!! xxx

Thank you to all of you that took part in today's post, I spent most of yesterday under the stairs, no I wasn't hiding, I was looking for some particular craft papers that I bought a while ago, in truth it needed sorting, so it is still spread over the hallway and I didn't find the papers, my Cutterpillar Pro is missing too, I wanted to use that to cut a few sheets at once into 6 x 6 for my Onstage Swaps, my guess is that it is in the garage!  Fat chance of seeing that anytime soon!!

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and hugs to all



  1. Morning Ladies

    What a great selection of crafts this morning-I’ll definitely be looking at how to make a bag using 12x12 paper, they look great.

    My bargain Dies were from Papercraft-is had an email saying they had s Sale on! Lots of items half price & free postage and as I already have a lot of the sentiment Dies I thought I’d take a look.
    Off to a few bits of shopping in the village then I’m meeting my friend at Dobbies for a coffee. Not visiting Father in Law as I’ve not had a great week and would like some time to relax and actually see Phil!


  2. Morning Everyone
    What a wonderful array of goodies this morning.
    I love the gift bags and ATCs are gorgeous.

    I have to say that I was quite pleased the way my first attempt at a Memory Book went but I have also learnt how to do things differently re the books too like inserting pages and using different fastenings. I have another nearing finishing and this time I've used pockets/slots instead of openings if that makes sense.

    Off on our usual shopping and then hoping for a quiet afternoon.
    The CAFE is open and waiting for you all to pop in when you can. Afternoon tea will be available today too.
    HUGS on their way to you all. Have a good day and take care.xxxx

    1. Hi Janet
      Love your memory book. Would be lovely to see the one your currently working on. Looking forward to afternoon tea.

  3. Lovely ideas on display Your gift bag DANNI looks a decent size too as well as being very pretty
    I love your ATC’s LYNDA I still need to start mine
    I love your memory book JANET I have a box of things of my mum which I really ought to do something like this with
    Some lovely bargains MICHELE I need to up my stash of sentiments especially Christmas ones
    Even though OH’s is not quite finished I need to get buttons I have started a dog! They all look so cute
    I need to photograph my cc and send to you Other than that I may do some crochet lol!

    1. Should have said OH’s cardi is not quite finished

    2. Hi Karen
      Look forward to seeing your makes from your gift.

  4. Morning all. What a great selection today. Lynda love your ATC's I jave finished mine as well.Lovely ATC Cheryl.
    Janet amazing memory book its lovely to get to see all your projects. Sandra thank you for sharing mine. Have a great day all. xx

    1. Hi Danielle
      Thanks for sharing your fantastic bags. I’ll look at the video later.

  5. Hi Sandra
    What a fantastic selection of bags from Danielle which are fantastic. I wouldn’t mind making some but knowing me I’ll probably need help from Sandra.
    Janet’s memory book is fabulous as well. Well done Janet.
    Great selection of ATC’s as well. Lynda is well into mixed media.
    Lynda your backgrounds you make would look great behind some Groovi work. Such a shame you don’t live closer.
    Loved yesterday’s cards Sandra. Especially the blue was my favourite. Wasn’t to sure that the papers on the previous days was my cup of tea. But it’s a good job we don’t all like the same thing isn’t it.
    Spent Thurs morning at the Drs with Pete, but I was hoping to pop over to Sandra’s and cadge a cup of tea.
    It sounds like he’s struggling upstairs so I’d better go and see what he’s doing.

  6. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra what a lovely lot of goodies on show today. Hope you have found the paper you were looking for, so annoying when you can't find things, it happens more & more
    Danni love your bags, will have a look in a
    Janet your book is great, look forward to seeing next
    Cheryl love your ATC very
    Lynda your ATC's really show your talent for any form of card making well
    Michele thank you for showing this magazine, good job I am not doing supermarket shopping, there are so many lovely ones around at the moment. The sentiments look very nice, enjoy your
    Karen looking forward to seeing your dogs, you are so
    It is our 56th wedding anniversary today, so having a Chinese meal delivered this evening & will be able to sit & watch the firework display which is held in a field opposite us, we can watch in comfort.
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

    1. Happy Anniversary to you both, hope you enjoyed your Chinese xx

  7. I’m sorry CHERYL I should have said I loved your ATC too
    Just finished packing away the Halloween costumes
    Had a bit of an up and down day with the blood sugars - not unusual for a Saturday
    Definitely not going dancing tonight but I will be watching Strictly

  8. Hello everyone
    Thank you Sandra for showing my ATC's & thank you all for your lovely comment's
    DANNII your bags are gorgeous so pretty. I will have a look on you tube tomorrow.
    KAREN looking forward to seeing your dogs your so clever.
    JANET love your memory book.
    MICHELE love your bargaren buys & thanks for showing the magazine
    I Had a lovely day at NEC yesterday it was 180 miles we had one stop going but we drove all the way home without a stop coming home. I'm feeling like I've been kicked & punched everywhere I ache so much. Then at the show l was waiting with the trolley & all of a sudden a man in a Big motor wheel chair came up behind & ran over my left foot wel my toes he managed to stop before he went right the way over so wasn't too pleased about that I have bad feet as it is my two tows are quite bruised today.
    Well just dished dinner so see you later hug's for everyone
    Love Lynda xx

    1. Sorry CHERYL ment to say your ATC is lovely. Xx

  9. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    DANIELLE Love your bags, thank you for taking the time to make a very inspiring video. xx
    KAREN What a lovely birthday present, I’m sure you will enjoy working through the patterns.xx
    CHERYL and LYNDA fantastic ACTs xx
    MICHELE Great bargain buys, Love this Magazine xx
    JANET .... WOW what a lovely memory book. Enjoy making your next one. xx

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
    Love and hugs, Brenda xxx