Friday, 9 November 2018

Festive Friday

Good Friday Morning Ladies,

Paul and I are off to Birmingham this afternoon, I will meet up with Danni which I am very much looking forward to, Paul will then take us to the Vox Centre (nec area) where the Onstage Convention is being held, there have been lots of 'spoilers' on Facebook, so I have seen some of the goodies we will be getting, there is always a nice bag in our gift pack, plus some other goodies.
Stampin Up! are celebrating their 30th Birthday this time so we are being treated to Tea and Cake as well as the lovely lunch that we normally get.  I am quite looking forward to seeing all the new goodies and this time we are allowed to share everything we see!!

Today's card is a bit of a 'Throwback Friday' card as it's one I made last year, the die is still available though so if any of you have it this will hopefully give you some inspiration.
Here is the description:
These cards I made using the free papers I got with a Papercraft Inspirations magazine, they are Trimcraft papers and in have to say they are an exceptional quality, I would definitely buy them.
I chose this particular paper as I thought it had a snowy background and would work perfectly with the 'Precious Marieke Winterfun Border', with its swirling snowflake design.
I took a white card base and added a mat of silver mirror card, then added the lovely decorative paper. I die cut two of the borders, placed them back to back across the middle of the card, I then added a piece of Foil edged ribbon across the centre and topped with a strip silver of sequin trim.  I finished this with a bow topped with a silver Snowflake.  A simple 'Merry Christmas' is all the finishing the card needed.

***I think that the free papers with Cardmaking and Papercraft would work perfectly with this card too, they are Crafters Companion Papers and come with a lovely die set too.

I didn't get around to making a card yesterday as I was making my first ever Pocket Letter, for a swap with Danielle, I started it at about 11am and finished it at 6pm!! I was exhausted, I do hope its ok and that Danielle likes it, I have gone for a Shabby Vintage Christmas style.  I will share photos with you after Danielle has opened it.
I will be sharing my swaps with you tomorrow too!

Have a lovely weekend my lovely friends,

Love and Hugs


PS: Please send calming thoughts as my anxiety is through the roof today!!


  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-what a lovely card, it’s deserves to be shown again!

    I’m very glad it’s Friday as I’m shattered. Hopefully work won’t be too busy.


  2. Morning Everyone
    It's still quite dark here but it's dry.

    SANDRA-beautiful card and it doesn't matter how old it is. I think some of my older cards turned out better.

    SUE- I don't get many orders at all and in fact never for any cards but then I don't advertise or anything like that so only make when relations ask for one. My next 'take and make' will be 30th Nov and it's going to be a waterfall card. I'll send SANDRA a picture of it and ask for it to be shown to you.

    PAT- I'm so sorry that PETE is not too good at the moment. HUGE GENTLE HUGS to you both.

    LILIAN- so pleased that you are going to have help but I don't think your GP is very good at 'telling you off' when he must see that you need help for anxiety. HUGE HUGS on their way to you and please don't be so hard on yourself. We all need help at times.

    The CAFE is OPEN and waiting for you all. For me it's that 'swear' word day so must get a wriggle on.
    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Take care everyone xxxx

  3. Hi everyone
    Very pretty card Sandra and definitely deserves a second showing. I'm sure you've nothing to worry about at your meet up today and going in with Danni is much less stressful then going in on your own. Looking forward to seeing all the makes.x

    SUE all the Christmas cards are finally done and on the shelves of the shop. I'm now trying to catch up on the general cards which have been neglected for the past couple of months. It's a busy life but it keeps me out of trouble ha ha.x

    Off to Craft Club today yeh.

    LILIAN so glad that you're having help but not so nice that your unfeeling doctor told you off. I hope your first appointment comes through soon.x

    PAT, PETE, LYNDA and MARIA sending special hugs to you.x

    Love to everyone.Valx

  4. Good morning Sandra & ladies
    SANDRA I love your card today even if they were last years they deserve another showing they are stunning. You will be fine at the SU Venu take a deep breath & enjoy yourself Dannii will be with you.
    BRENDA hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday.
    VAL pleased your Christmas cards for the shop are Finley finished how many have you made. Thank you for you Hug's much appreciated xx
    TESCO this morning oh such joy 🤣🤣
    Lisa's & Joseph are coming down tomorrow with Joseph's friend Lisa just text me to see if it was ok if he came as his mum has just got home last week from hospital after a bad brain operation of course I said yes he has been very upset bless him.He is having a sleepover with Joseph tonight. Ian is working so he Can't come.
    I think Darren Sam & Harry are coming as well so a houseful.
    Well better get on.
    Hug's for Lilian not nice of your Doctor shouting at you. Hope the counceling helps you my friend.
    Pat Pete Maria extra hug's for you as well xx
    Hug's for everyone xx
    Love Lynda xx

  5. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra lovely card, the paper is gorgeous. Now take deep breathes & you will be fine, you can do it with Danni by your side, just enjoy. Hugs on
    Lilian I am so sorry you had a telling off from Dr. he should have realised you have been through a lot this year, hope counselling helps, hugs on way we are all here for
    Lynda sorry you had no joy at clinic yesterday, sounds as if you are going to have a busy day tomorrow,
    Sue coming today, I have an eye test this afternoon & Sue is picking her new glasses up, managed to get both appointments at the same time so handy.
    Must get on & do some lunch & prepare dinner, sending hugs to all who need them particularly Lilian, Pat & Pete love

  6. Morning ladies.
    Defiantly worth to have a second showing. This card is gorgeous. Thought it was a cc for this week (blue,snow,white) Looking forward to see what you made to swap tomorrow. You be fine with Danielle with you, have a fun day. Shame the day gone so quickly or you could had breakfast in Ikea with us this morning.
    I hoped to go in the garden for an hour and sort the border for winter but it seem to be rain so back to card making,what a pity LOl
    Sending hugs to you all and hope your day is good whatever you are doing. Love Maria xxx

  7. Ooh I am late (for me) today
    I was sorry to hear about your appointment LILIAN and when you feel down you haven’t got the energy to answer back have you Take care sweetheart xx
    You sounded like you got a raw deal too LYNDA Big hugs to both of you xx
    I hope PETE is feeling better today - little by little
    Trying to remind MIL how to crochet was a disaster- bless her She was OK if I explained every single element of creating a stitch but it’s definitely not something she could do on her own which is what my sister in law was hoping Such a shame that she’s unable to do any of her crafting
    Enjoy your trip SANDRA Once you meet with DANNI you’ be fine I love today’s card and like MARIA says can fit this week’s challenge
    Take care all xx

  8. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    I love both of today’s cards, they are beautiful, sometimes it’s great to get away from the traditional designs, these cards look Christmassy and modern, Love them both.

    I expect by now you are with Danielle, I know you will a great time together, and you are no longer the ‘new girl’ Enjoy your weekend. xx

    PAT hope Pete is a little brighter today also hope you are looking after yourself. xx
    LILLIAN how are you feeling today? I really felt for you after reading about your visit to your doctors. Sending caring hugs. xx
    LYNDA it will be lovely having a visit from Lisa, Joseph and his friend, hope Darren,Sam and Harry can make it as well, there visit will be just the tonic you need. xx
    KAREN how frustrating for you and your dear MIL. You tried your best. xx
    MARIA we also had rain for most of the morning, when it did ease off the notion to go our into the garden had worn off! xx
    Have a good weekend everyone, Love and hugs Brenda xxx

  9. Hello Sandra
    You haven't heard from me in a while but I do look at your Blog every day.
    Your card today is so pretty and I certainly do not mind a second showing!!
    I should have been in Cricklade today visiting family but our trip had to be
    postponed due to ill health!
    Hope you enjoy your convention in Birmingham and that there were lots of nice goodies in that Gift Bag!
    Lesley S x

  10. lovely cards Sandra. I remember you making this card.
    I hope you enjoyed your day in Birmingham.