Monday, 12 November 2018

Monday Challenge

Good Morning Ladies,

I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready for the start of another week. The weather here has been miserable, it was in Birmingham too, Friday evening was storm force winds and torrential rain.  We didn't get to do the last few jobs in the garden, although Paul did manage to secure the climbing rose, the wind had caught it and it was hanging over the driveway, I didn't want it to snap as it is so pretty, so hopefully it will be ok now.  The rest of the day was spent in front of the fire, apart from making today's card. 

This weeks challenge is to make a card from your 'Bit Box', you can add other things of course, if you have as many 'Bit Box's as I do you shouldn't have any problem.
I think it would be fun to share a photo of your 'Bit Box' too, I bet you it isn't as organised as this one...….. 

This is Michele's 'Bit Box', I think it's the most organised one I have seen!! Mind you I am not surprised, Michele is super organised all round. 

My card has elements you may recognise.....

These are just a fraction of the 'Bits' left over from making my swaps last week...……..

So I thought I would put them to use, which is where I got the idea for this week's challenge.

I used a die from the 'Winter Woods' Thinlets to create that curved edge and border, you could also use those Apple Blossom Dies / Embossing folders for yours.

I am looking forward to seeing both your cards and your 'Bit Boxes'.

Have a lovely day my lovelies,

Love and hugs to all of you,



  1. Morning Ladies

    Sandra-your Card is gorgeous. That’s all your Christmas cards sorted then!

    I’m looking forward this challenge. My Bits Box is indeed organised into colours and each colour in a bag. It’s the only way I can manage it-I did use an expanding folder but it got so full that it wouldn’t close!

    Not looking forward to going into work but needs must!


  2. Hi Sandra and all in the Café today.
    A beautiful card to start this week. And a great challenge as we all have our bits boxes full of favourite papers don't we, lets just say mine looks rather different to Michele's! I will send you a photo of it later. I hope you are feeling a bit better today my lovely xx
    Brenda, I hope you have had a lovely, but busy, weekend x
    Maria, it's good to hear that you got on so well with your sister. Were you both sitting on comfy chairs? Do you know how many more half siblings you have? X
    Mum, see you in a while. Love you xx
    We've got a busy day today so no crafting for me. I ended up getting lots of die cutting done last night so just have the construction to do now. Sending love and hugs to you all with extras for all in need. Take care xx

  3. Great challenge SANDRA and I love your card I have “bits” all over the place!
    Yesterday was lovely Looking after Oscar is an absolute dream He is so easy to accommodate even down to going to the stairs and I asked “Does Oscar want to go to bed/nap” “Yes” So I took him up and put him into his bed and he stayed there for an hour My two would have fought to stay awake all day at that age
    I hope PETE is beginning to feel better and that you’re beginning to feel brighter LILIAN As they say “don’t let the b*** grind you down”
    Take care LYNDA and hope the opticians can help
    Big hugs for all of you Tske care xx

  4. Morning Everyone
    A very interesting Challenge for this week.
    SANDRA- a lovely card for inspiration and not my bit box is nothing like MICHELE's!!!

    It's Mr Tesco this morning and then I have to crack on with Seasonal cards in the hope that I can finish them this week. Well that's the intension lol.

    The CAFE is OPEN for you all warm and cosy too. HUGS are on their way to you all with loads of extras for dear Friends who are in need at the moment. Take care xxxx

  5. Morning everyone,

    Great idea for this week's challenge Sandra, we haven't had another one for a long time now. And 'No', my Bitbox does not look anything like Michele's, in fact my Bitbox is full to the brim and I have several plastic wallets with more bits in too. I usually donate them to our Brownies, Preschool and Nursery when I have my half yearly clear-outs.

    It is walking friend Rosie's turn to decide where we walk today, we have decided to rejoin the Health walkers next Spring when weather is better. Then a spot of shopping before lunch.

    Have had to change my doctor's appt to discuss the ECG's from tomorrow to next Monday as she is on a course. The receptionist also told me a referral letter has been sent to the Cardiac Centre in Musgrove Taunton for further treatment. Now I did query her as I remember when I was trained as a Medical Receptionist that this kind of information was to be told to the patient by the DOCTOR so as not to alarm the patient. Something I need to take up with Dr Lewis when I see her.
    On the bright side I am forewarned so to expect a letter sometime this week to make my appt. Apparently they now ask you to choose a date as they have so many DNA appts that could be given to those who really need one should they have been informed in advance that the patient would not be coming.

    Off for my walk now, I hope your day is good.

    Love 7 hugs
    Cheryl xxxx

    1. Hi Cheryl
      Our receptionists aren’t allowed to give results out either. They always say they haven’t been looked at yet. The Dr will ring you when they’ve been reviewed. I hope you enjoyed your walk.

  6. Hi Sandra & all in café,
    Sandra great challenge this week, not sure I want my bit box to be seen it is such a muddle. Good to hear you both had a relaxing day in front of the
    Maria great to hear you got on well with your new sister, how lovely for you. Looking forward to getting your ATC's, I am afraid I have not done mine yet, hope to in next couple of
    Pat hope Pete is feeling a little
    Lilian hope your appointment comes through
    Cheryl our receptionist will not tell us anything so I think yours was very much in the wrong, hope you enjoy your walk, the sun is shining
    Sending hugs to all who need them love

  7. Morning ladies from a sunny and nice weather wise Bucks.
    Bit box or more like bit boxes Lol I have things absolutely everywhere. Good cc to get some used up.
    Have a nice day . Many hugs to you all and extras for Pat ,Lynda and Lilian and anyone else who need some xxx

  8. Just finished work and having a cuppa before I walk home
    Finished one ATC at the weekend - I hope my partner SANDRA likes it I hope to finish 2nd one this week - I’m waiting a delivery that I hope to use ...? Nothing grand So don’t get your hopes up SANDRA!
    Have just been asked to make A New Baby card So hopefully I can use “bits” for it

  9. Hi Sandra & ladies
    SANDRA great Challenge today I hav a bit envelope stuffed full of bits.
    I have had so much trouble trying to publish I've done three so keeping this short just to see if it goes. Hug's PAT PETE LILIAN MARIA & everyone
    Love Lynda xx

  10. Hi Sandra and ladies.
    A great idea to use the bit box bits up on a card. Look forward to seeing what everyone makes at the end of the week.

  11. Hello Sandra and ladies,
    Lovely card Sandra, you know we all have a bit boxes (or two) I’ve also got a PhD (projects half done) box, can’t remember what’s in there! I hope I will get time to go through my ‘bits’ this week, fingers crossed 🤞
    I’ve just realised I can comment as myself, I’m not anonymous today- yippee

    Love and hugs,Brenda xxx