Saturday, 21 March 2015

Mixed Craft Saturday is upon us once again!

Good Morning Ladies,
Mixed Craft Saturday is upon us once again
and boy do we have some treats this week!
First up we have Brenda (littlelamb)'s
Zentangle Bowl!
I love, love, love this Bowl, Brenda
I love the shape, the colour and most of all the style
its amazing and what a work of art, you are one very
talented Crafter, there are no ends to you talents
thank you for allowing me to share this with everyone today!

Next up we have this amazing Door Hanging Height Chart  by Cheryl
isn't it fabulous, just look at the amount of detail that Cheryl has put
into this Height Chart, the Giraffe has so much character.
Cheryl you are a very accomplished seamstress, what a WOW
for any little ones Nursery Door,
Thank you for allowing me to share your lovely project with
everyone on the blog today.
Next up we have this gorgeous Scrapbook layout from the very talented
Jess, I am guessing that she has made the Cupcakes too,
oh my they look delicious Jess, Your scrapbook layout is fabulous
Jess, you have really captured the colour and theme of the
photograph in your page layout, with the lettering and the
little cupcakes at the bottom of the page. I have to say someone
is sitting and waiting patiently in that photograph, to tuck into those
delicious looking cakes, If you are able to make it to out crafty weekend
away Jess please feel free to bring us some of your lovely cupcakes!
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your fabulous layout
with our crafty sisters on the blog Jess.
Well that concludes this weeks Mixed crafts, I need to keep some for future weeks,
I do need a lot more though my lovelies, I have a few more projects but mainly from
the same crafters and I do like to be fair and mix it up a little, so please have a rummage
through your cupboards and drawers to find those treasures that you made and have forgotten
about, anything and everything is acceptable, Sue, Christopher's 'Blanky' would be
perfect, did you get a photo, if not, get one quick before he starts sucking on it!
Well Ladies I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned, we may be going to the
West Midland Safari Park with Matt tomorrow, he took the girls for their birthday
and has a return ticket, so weather permitting, that's our plans!
Football this morning with the girls!
Love and Hugs to all of you,


  1. Hi Sandra and my dear Friends,
    Just a quick message I just wanted to say all the Creations Today are Truly Outstanding very Talented Friends we have on this Blog.
    Have a great weekend all.
    I'm still in my bed!!!!
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam xxx

    1. Hi Sam,
      Bless you sweetheart you must feel terrible after being poorly all week, mind you some of these viruses going round are really nasty. Soph's
      lasted for a good 4 days and she still wasn't 100% for a good few days after. I can't wait for you to be to full health, I so hate the thought of you being in pain.
      So make sure you have plenty to drink , it's easy to forgot to drink lite of water to flush those nasty bugs out of your system!
      Sending you lots of healing hugs,
      I will give you a real kind if you can make it to Ally Pally!
      Sandra xxxxx

  2. Hi Sandra and ladies. Firstly Sandra, your card yesterday was gorgeous, I love how you took inspiration from Sue's card but gave it a "Sandra" twist by using the die as the focal point. Today's gifts are all wonderful, what a talented bunch you are. I wonder what the collective noun for crafters is, maybe we should make one up?
    After catching up with the late night comments from yesterday I think it's possibly for the best that I can't make it to the weekend - I'm too much of a lightweight I'd never keep up with you! Nowadays one drink and I sit in a corner and go to sleep! Hard to believe that I used to be a holiday rep and went out every night for 8 months!
    Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, will try and pop back later. Sue xxx

  3. Morning Ladies

    What a fantastic collection of crafty projects.
    The Zentangle bowl is amazing-far too nice to actually use. I would only have this a a beautiful ornament.

    The wall hanging is truly a work of art-you can see how much work (& time) must have gone into it.

    The Scrapbook page is brilliant-I've not got i to scrapbooking but can appreciate all the work gone into this.

    It's a very sunny day here in Southport so I think I'll be putting my washing outside & putting some more in the machine. Then its off into the town centre for a few bits of shopping including ready meals from M&S for tea. Might start some cards on Sunday.


  4. Hi Sandra and all in the cafe today. Brenda, your bowl is wonderful, it must have taken you ages. You are a very talented crafter : ) Cheryl, the wall hanging is fabulous, what a great heirloom. Did you make it for someone special. I will have to have a look at making some for the grandchildren now : ) Jess, Yum, the cakes look scrummy and I love the page layout. I would love to scrapbook but just can't find the time at the moment! Do you do a lot, or just for special occasions? : ) Thank you all for sharing.
    I hope that you have a good weekend my lovely, enjoy the safari visit tomorrow : )
    I'm just off to Tescos to get the stuff for our Scout bingo evening tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a very lazy day I'm sure for me! Take care xx

    1. Morning lovely,
      Don't go racing round like a mad thing and knock yourself out, although I hope that tonight is a great success, raising lots of much needed funds for Scout Bingo tonight, we used to do one at school where the kids used to play, they got a 20p pic n mix for a line or a 50p for a full house!
      It used to be great fun, then they got down to the serious stuff later on, funny though as some of the old dears that were helping their grand children were as serious over a 10p mix as they were about playing the weekly link up at Gala! Haha!
      I am guessing tomorrow will be spent in bed for you my lovely,
      Take it easy,
      Love you lots
      Sandra xxxxx

    2. Good morning,
      Yes , I made it for my first great grandchild due to appear in early May.
      I haven't done a lot of sewing for years even though I got an O level in my exams, I can follow a pattern but to actually design something? no. My children were very well dressed in all the clothings I made for them. Money was quite tight in those days. My sewing now mostly consists of helping out with costumes for our village Pantomime Society and I have not tried quilting before. It is actually a printed panel and then you sew around as much or as little as you prefer. I went over the top and did everything!! Even the spots, eyes and lashes on the giraffe and then, being a neat freak, left enough cotton on everything quilted so I could sew in all the ends. The biggest time spent was on hand finishing the border, it took four hours and hundreds of tiny weeny ladder stitchings. a labour of love and my grandson appreciates every stitch. Bless him.
      Cheryl xxx

  5. Morning ladies, where are you all today! Very quiet in the coffe shop, I think I will have a coffee and scone, then get on with some housework.
    Thank you for your comments about my scrapbook page, unfortunately I didn't
    make the cupcakes, some of my friends and I went to a cupcake cafe that had opened, we just had to sample them didn't we. I do quite a bit of scrap booking, we hold a couple of crops a month, most of mine are holidays and family, it's
    lovely to make a special page for a photograph instead of keeping them in a box.
    Brenda your bowl is stunning it must have taken ages to do.
    Cheryl I love your wall hanging, it is fabulous

    Congratulations Debs on being a winner for one of Sues cards, you will love it.
    Take care everyone, will pop back later, Jess x

    1. Hi Jess.
      Thank you for allowing me to share your page today, do you do journaling on your pages? Forgive me if you know already but you write on a little tag or label, who was there, were and when it was and maybe something funny that happened on the day! I look though so many albums of family photos and think 'when was that, or who or why were we there' it's almost like you are writing a story for the person reading it. Mainly for future generations. Sorry if you already know.
      I would love to get into it a little bit more or run a group.
      Hope you have a lovely day!
      Love and hugs
      Sandra xxxxx

    2. Sandra I have so many pages that need journaling, I am forever saying I must get that done, I also have pages layouts done with no photos on them, another must do,
      Wait till October when we have our retreat, I think It will take a whole scrapbook album to get all the photos and comments in, a task and a half I think. Jess x

    3. Hi Jess, what a lovely layout for your scrapbook page. The cupcakes are so scrummy I could almost eat them off the page.
      I'll have to have some tips off you when we have our retreat, Pete & I went almost all over the world and I keep meaning to print some off the computer and start a book of our travels. I've kept tickets stubs, passport visas etc that really need to go onto journal pages.
      Hugs Cheryl xxx

    4. Cheryl, that would be a lovely memory for you, time to get started and keep those memories alive. Jess x

  6. Good morning, Sandra and all the ladies. We will fore go the tea and cake this morning we are rather full after out yummy breakfast - eat all you can. My goodness some folk will still be sat there tonight as I think they won't be able to move after seeing the platefuls they were going by with. We are now awaiting Oriel coming to pick us up.
    Brenda, your bowl is a work of art, it's just stunning.
    Cheryl, what childs parents wouldn't be over the moon with a gift for there child of your wall chart, it's another work of art. And also stunning.
    Jess, now you have disappoint us all I think? Not with your gorgous scrapbook page! Oh No we were all thinking oh my we are in for a treat of yummy cupcakes on the weekend, oh well that's out of the window then. I must get back into my scrapbooking, it's all that big sisters fault??? She got me into this card making lark!!!
    Oh talking about big sis, she gave us a nice early morning call - 3.30am one, she hadn't properly switched off her phone alarm yesterday morning, and oh yes off it went. Didn't have give us both a fright? Thankfully we both managed to get back to sleep and we slept till gone 7.30!!! Unheard of with the two of us. I think we were tired after our long day? And believe you me it was just a mini hot water bottle full of just hot water I may add that shared our room.
    Well it's a beautiful day here and we hope it lasts, and yes there wasn't room for those wellies? Flybe say you can only take permitted allowance, we are good and don't, then you see some of the sizes of others bags and you think that's not fair, but you know something we would be the ones that would get stopped and checked!
    Oh I know what I was going to say, Maureen must be a more fantastic teacher of crafts than we thought? When she is being kept on to the age of 96!!!! Only joking Maureen we know you are younger than most of us, we are just jealous you have all this energy?? I felt 110 yesterday when we got back here, I ached that much. Well off to get ready, to go out. Have a good day ladies we will call back this evening. Hazel xxx

    1. Hi Hazel,
      I hope you and Patricia have a fantastic day with Oriel and family on their farm, all that fresh Irish Country air will have you sleeping like babies tonight, providing Patricia has cancelled her alarm. Are you going back to the farm with Oriel tomorrow? I hope you both have an amazing day however you spend it!
      Love and hugs
      Sandra xxxxx
      Ps. Thank you so very much for taking the time to call in even though you are away! Not sure where all my customers are today xxxxx

  7. Morning Sandra and all the lovely ladies,
    I think everyone should get an ology for their work that is shown today, it is all gorgeous, so what about they are all craftologists.
    Can't stop making these bags with the xcut die, I am hooked (anyone want to buy some lol) I am going to be out the door with them.
    I have 2 brand new dies, spellbinders block dies saying with love and best wishes, they are square dies with the words in different shapes and fonts. If I get an address I will send them and you could maybe use them at the retreat for prizes or draws or something, I was sent 2 of each of them when I bought them off e-bay.
    Will be back later for some soup.
    Wendy xx

    1. That's very kind of you Wendy, you could do that if you like or do a draw similar to the one Patricia did the other day. Either way it is a very generous offer, you ladies blow me away with your kindness!
      Let me know what you decide. I am so pleased you are enjoying your new bag die, is it the same as the one Myra used the other day?
      Can you please remind me where you got your small plates from for the GC, as they are quite pricey for their size,
      Love and hugs
      Sandra xxxxx

    2. I got my junior plates from which is the US site for amazon but there is no postage to pay. I got them for £13.00 when C&C were asking £22.00 with postage added to that. I might take a week to come from the states but I buy quite a lot from this site as it is quite good. It might give the price in dollars but just go into google and find what the exchange rate is and it will tell you how much it costs in sterling. It is the same die and its great.
      Wendy xx

  8. Hi Sandra,
    I hope you are well, and I'll help myself to a latte and a toasted teacake. I can't see Mrs B, but I'll wait a few minutes to see if she turns up.
    Another fantastic array of mixed crafts today. Littlelamb's bowl is terrific. I do enjoy zentangling and my granddaughters enjoy it too. They usually draw or trace around a stencil and then fill it in with zentangle (I have to admit I pinch some of their patterns!!!) Was it a special bowl you bought? How did the ink not rub off?
    Cheryl, your wall hanging is truly a work of art. Any child would adore it, who was the lucky recipient?
    Jess, your scrapbook page is making me want a cupcake and I'm trying to be good (trying being the operative word!). I must get back into scrapbooking, but I find it so time consuming, but this page is maybe the kick up the pants that I need.
    Hazel, is there another Maureen on this blog? I don't understand your remarks about me working at the age of 96 - have I typed a bloomer - or am I just thick? (I think I'm probably just thick!!!)
    Well, got the polyfilla mixed and going to apply it under my make-up so that I don't frighten the neighbours when I go up to Rachel's to look after the girls.
    My coffee's drunk, teacake eaten, and I must shake a leg.
    Patricia and Hazel, I hope you don't need your wellies. Let's hope there's not a heavy dampness over there today!!!
    I'm thinking of you all, and hope you have a good day. I'll be back later to see what you've all been up to. May try to get on Rachel's computer under "Anonymous" if we don't go out.
    Muriel xxxx

    1. Hi Maureen, I'm guessing the 96 thing is something you must have said last night, although I have looked back and can't see what they are referring to. I don't think you are thick though somehow!
      I usually do what they refer to as 'zentangle' when I am on the phone, have doodled like that for years but had no idea it had a name!
      I love Brenda's dish though!
      Don't go to heavy on the polyfilla, you don't want the cracks to show!
      Have fun babysitting!
      Love and hugs

    2. Maureen, blame that Mrya? She said jokingly last night you were 96 so I thought you must be a great teacher as the school still wanted you to work! I know you are not that age at all. Hope your babysitting went well. Hazel xx

  9. Hi Sandra,
    A large coffee please while I sitting here and admirer all these new things.
    I love this mornings craft mix from our very talented crafter's among us, they are all brilliant. Littlelamb, your bowl with the zentangle pattern is just lovely. Going back and look at it again and again you see something new every time.
    Cheryl, the height chart is wonderful.what a nice thing to make and Jess, the scrapbook page is a nice memorie,those cupcakes do look yummy.
    Hope you girls having a good football match and enjoy the rest of this morning. Off to the shops now but hope to finish a card or two this afternoon(hope)
    Hugs all around Maria xx

    1. Hi Maria,
      Well the girls actually won today, which makes a change!
      We have to go shopping for clothes for work experience later, they are working in a school, it would be easier if they were told to wear their school uniform as the girls want me to buy them smart black trousers etc that they will never wear again!
      I hope you get your cards finished.
      Love and hugs

    These late night shenanigans have to stop. Looking at the posts you were all away with the mixer.
    And SABA, arguing about Arthur Scargill and Margaret Thatcher, do you and MYRA not know that the man is a legend in his own mind. Who else would get away with have the Miners using soup kitchens and with children in pitiful circumstances, and he have a fantastic salary, a wonderful palatial house paid for by said Miners Union and fight tooth and nail to keep what was his. B*gger the Miners!
    Whilst we are on the subject of my ex friend MYRA, are the crash Maternity Team on standby for the immenent arrival of Quads!! I understand you expect them to arrive at lunchtime, how inconvenient - you'll have to delay lunch and have all the kettles boiled and the sheets ready. "Take Good Care of My Baby".
    1942 eh - now then the two Brenda's "It was a Very Good Year" as Frank Sinatra would say. I'm younger than one, but older than the other, we are obviously the creme de la creme of this motley crew!!!!
    Got to go I'm going to be late for my cuddles and kisses of two gorgeous girls.
    See you all later,
    Muriel xxx
    (Note to self - sort Myra, Maria and Saba out)

  11. Thank you to all for your kind comments on my dish, and thank you Sandra for showing it. I first made the bowl out of clay and had it fired then I glazed the outside black and the inside white and it was glazed again. The Zentangling was done with a porcelain pen and then the dish was put in the oven for 30mins to set it. It shouldn't wash off after that.
    Cheryl. Love your wall hanging. I am sure any child would love that but I an guessing it was made for a very special person.
    Jess. Love your scrapbook page. I have got together a lot of things that belonged to my late husband and have the album ready but that is as far as I have got. Must get on with it. I did make one for my dad with lots of photos and things he found belonging to my late mum. He had just bought a cheap scrapbook and wanted me to stick the things in but I thought I would have a go at a scrapbook instead. I also bought a binding machine to finish it off. He was very pleased with it. Hope everyone gas a good day. Sounds as if you are all going to be busy especially Patricia and a Hazel.
    Wendy. Glad you have made lots of bags. I cannot wait for mine to come although I think my GC is giving up. Whatever I do things just don't want to go through it although I have the right sandwich. Wonder if i need new plates. They are the ones from my original machine and when that broke and I got a new one I just used the old plates. Must find them and give them a try

  12. Hi Sandra,
    Good morning my friends, including my dear friend Maureen!
    I thought I'd come in wearing a tin helmet this morning! Good job I did. I think!
    Sandra - first of all - today's lovely crafts.
    Brenda - your Zentangle bowl is lovely. I must confess I've never tried that myself but my granddaughters like doing that. I love the shape and patterns.
    Cheryl - your height chart is gorgeous and the giraffe has such character. A really lovely gift which lasts for years too.
    Jess - your scrapbook page is lovely. I used to to this but have got out of the habit. You've made me think about that today.
    Thank you ladies - I love Saturday's craft surprises here. xxx
    Sam - sorry you are still in bed. Do hope you are feeling a little better. xx
    Saba - how is Val now? It won't be long until you see her yourself and that will be lovely! I'm sure you can hardly wait! We seem to be in a little hot water with regard to Maureen but you know , Maria was the one who said she rode a broomstick!
    Patricia and Hazel, - so pleased you've got a lovely day for your outing to your friend's farm. Wonder if there'll be any lambs, Patricia! My husband usually uses his phone as an alarm clock when we go on holiday and yes the same thing happens! You are not alone , Patricia. Is tomorrow the Titanic Experience?
    Sure that will be very interesting. Enjoy.
    Norah - hope your hills are enjoying the sunshine today and you too. xx
    Lots of love to everyone,
    Myra xxxxx

  13. Hi Littlelamb, I bought a new machine as well and never changed my plates, I forgot I have new ones. I use the junior plates more than anything else now lot less work for your wrists. I have got an album ready for my son-in-law but have never got round to it I know the first page I want but that is it. I used to have a kiln must think about photographing some of things I made.

    1. Yes I must get some small plates. Probably be much easier on my wrist as you say. Must get back to the Rugby. Would love to see some of your pottery

    2. Found the plates for the 2nd GC. All brand new so will give them a try this weekend if my wrist is up to it.

  14. Beautiful array of creations Sandra, congratulations Ladies on these.

    Hope the weather stays good for you tomorrow Sandra, enjoy and keep your windows shut in all enclosures especially the Monkeys lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. Hi everyone, coffee please, and are there any hot cross buns?
    Another amazing Saturday. (yes, I now know that THIS is Saturday). I love seeing the variety of crafts everyone does. I think we probably all started out as kids learning to knit and sew, and just go from there. I know I always got scissors, fabric, pens etc in a christmas stocking, and lots of craft kits over the years. I was lucky that my parents both enjoyed art and craft so no-one minded making a mess when you tried something new.
    Much nicer day today, pity the eclipse wasn',t this morning, I could have seen it then.

  16. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Please can I have a cup of tea, I'll just sit and chat with you girls by the window.
    Sandra what a talented group of ladies you have.
    Brenda, I love your Zentangle Bowl. It's a real masterpiece. Like Sandra I doodle when I'm on the phone, the results are similar to Zantangle pattens.
    Cheryl, Love your wall hanging , this is something to treasure.
    Jess, your scrapbook page is gorgeous, love the layout. Those cupcakes look yummy.

    Patrica and Hazel hope you have had a lovely day with your friend.

    Having a very lazy day today, my energy seems to have flown out of the window. So not pushing myself.
    Will stop by later and see what everyone has been up to. Love Brenda xxx

  17. Janet Ecco of Sheffield21 March 2015 at 18:06

    Afternoon one and all - Hope your shopping afternoon went well Sandra and that the girls are now all togged out for their Work Experience.
    Today's mix is just wonderful.
    Brenda o(Littlelamb) your bowl is just beautiful and must have taken hours to do. I too would have it just on display and woo betied anyone who put anything in it.
    Cheryl - your wall hanging is gorgeous and something that one very lucky little boy/girl can keep as a treasure for every. I've never done any quilting in large quantity and it's something I would love to try.
    Jess - your Scrap Booking is one perfect picture and of course is definitely a treasure to keep.

    Hazel and Patricia - sounds as though you're both having a wonderful time. Please just remember to leave everything in one piece especially the Country and I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures.
    Maureen (Muriel) have to say I'm with you re the late night shinannigans lol. I just cannot keep up with all of you youngsters although I'll keep trying. lol.

    Off now to sort myself out before a very quiet evening with perhaps a glass of red wine in front of the TV. Went out this morning shopping and have been sofa bound all afternoon as a result. Need to get myself sorted because as you know we're off for our Spring break in a week's time. Have a good evening everyone and help yourselves to a glass of something which I've left on the counter for you all. Just please wash up the glasses before you all go home.
    Hugs Janet xx

  18. Hi Sandra
    My word Brenda your Zentangle bowl is a stunning work of art. I've had a go my self on stamped images, but mine are nothing compared to yours.
    Cheryl. What beautiful needlework you've put into your door hanging. Any child would be proud to own it. Jess your scrapbook page is also fabulous. I don't have the imagination to do that either. Your cakes look lovely to if you've made them. Went to Daisyroots today to see two of my Grandchildren painting their pottery. Xander made a cockerel which had been fired already and looked fantastic.nhes now busy painting a car, with a little bit of help from his Dad.mromilly was painting a very large bowl covered in roses and leaves. She has quite a bit still to do as she wasn't covering the roses with enough paint.mshe wasn't getting into the little tiny spaces. It's a lovely present to buy for children if you have a pottery studio by you. Even the grown ups go to do some painting. Hugs to all in need of one today. I'll have a glass of wine this time of night, and perhaps I can get rid of this taste that's been left in my mouth after my op. Hope it doesn't last much longer.

  19. Hi all,
    very quiet this evening.Think we overdid it a bit last night, I know I did lol
    After my shopping today I got back with nothing left so spent the day having a giggle with Brenda in the corner. She have so many stories to tell and Cheryl too , you have done a lot of travelling, I love to hear more !
    Oh Myra you never ridden broomstick ? then you missed out on something really fun to do tihi as a non driver I find it good to be able to swish past all the queues down below and oh all that fresh air is sooo good for your complexion lol. pssst is Saba around at all ?
    Sandra , did you found the trousers for Lucy and Sophie or could they wear skirts ? Give them a hug each for doing so well with the football match today, hope they didn't get blue knees lol It's been absolutely freezing here all day, brrr nice to be indoors and I now will watch 'The Musketeer's' with OH so see you maybe later.
    Pat, enjoy your bottle of wine and take care, hugs
    I wonder over Patwyn and Margaret, hope they are ok
    Love and Hugs to you all Maria xxx

  20. Hi Maria,
    Completely with you on traffic jams and longing for a way out - O had thought helicopter rather than broomstick ! The helicopter was rather out of out budget but we have a broom with a dodgy handle! You reminded me of a friend of mine - also a non- driver. She had a minor eye operation recently and afterwards the very young surgeon said to her- you can't drive today but you'll be able to drive tomorrow! Oh good she said , because I couldn't drive before! There were a few smiles and a rather red face!
    I'm still wearing my tin helmet , just in case!
    Myra xxx

  21. Maria, just wondered , do you ever take your GC on your broomstick?xx

    1. That's a thought, I'm a biggie call myself a hippo (if you ever seen the advert with hippos swimming around I'm the cute cuddly one of them) so now you have a face to recognise me in a crowd lol oh dear got away there from the question but if I put it in front of me to keep the stabilisation hmmm. might give that a go on the 3d of April lol

  22. Hello again,
    Well, we've had an early finish and I'm back home totally knackered. It's a good job that I'm only 95 and not 96 as some of my ex friends have inferred.
    Before I forget Sandra, have a lovely day tomorrow at the Safari Park, and congrats to the girls for winning today - more than Newcastle have done!!!
    George has been to see David and he is great. He's had his scan and is doing really, really well.
    Sam, I'm sorry to see that you are still poorly. I hope you pick up soon.
    CraftySuetoo, I'm usually ready for my bed quite early, but seem to get a second wind and can go on and on. Then wish I hadn't the next morning!!
    Michele, hope you are feeling brighter today.
    Mrs B, enjoy the Scouts Bingo night. We used to go with the Altar Boys every year for a week's holiday, and Bingo was one of their favourite activities. That and playing pool until about 3 in the morning when all I could hear was the cue hitting the ball and it dropping in the pocket. That only lasted a couple of nights though because they got so tired and could hardly last the 10 mile hikes we went on. At least it was supposed to be 10 miles but the map reader (Christopher) always read it incorrectly, so the walks turned out to be nearer 15 miles. He was the boy in Rachel's class who would tell the children "Watch out" when they went on a canal holiday - and guess who fell into the canal - yes you're right, Christopher!!!
    Cheryl, I'm looking forward to the outfit you run up for Halloween. I'm extremely lucky in that I look so much like a Witch to start with I don't need to bother, and as Myra said - I can just go down on my broomstick - GRRRR
    Or was it Maria?
    Jess is right Cheryl, it might be a good time to start a Scrapbook for Pete. You've got your lovely new Craft Room and it seems fitting somehow, or you could just tell me to push off.
    Hazel, laughed at the alarm going off at 3.30 a.m. Has Patricia recovered from the physical damage you inflicted. On one of our holidays abroad we went through to the Departure Lounge at the Airport and were both stopped. A "lady" (I use the term loosely) stopped me and frisked me and looked in my bag. A man stopped George and asked him if he'd packed his backpack himself, so I laughed and said that the next time he packed anything would be the first. WELL cue frozen faces and intake of breaths (I hasten to add this was before 9/11 so there were no intrusive procedures). George had to take everything out of his backpack, which included an alarm clock, and it was all examined. The clock was checked, the battery taken out, and George himself patted down.
    When the Departure was announced we proceeded to the gate and just before it - lo and behold - our two friends stood. The "lady" stopped me and patted me down again before looking in my bag and (stupid me) said, "Oh it's you again, do you fancy me". I really thought I'd blown it there and was going to be arrested. George nearly had a fit. Then the same man stopped George and said that he was going to check his backpack!! I couldn't believe it, but I didn't say anything - I'm not that stupid.
    End of a very long story is that just as we landed and we waiting to alight the plane, when phones were supposed to be switched off, someone's kept ringing and everyone was looking around and tut tutting at the ignorance of some people. It was only when we started walking off the plane that we realised it was our alarm clock. The Security Guard must have knocked it on when he was examining it!!! You really couldn't make it up. Well, you could, but I didn't.
    This post is ridiculously long so I'm going, but I will be back
    Love Muriel xxxxx

  23. No, stop, I promise this will be short - where is Saba?

    1. Now that was a bit spooky! No sooner were the words out of your fingers and there I was. Xxxx

  24. Hello Sandra and all the clever craftologists and my dear friend Muriel.
    Bit late coming in today, firstly I slept in, then seemed to be chasing my tail the whole day. Finally sat down for an evening of relaxation.
    What a lovely selection of goodies today.
    Brenda, I love your bowl. Both my daughter and I have been hooked on Zentangle ever since we discovered it. I can't imagine doing a bowl though, that takes courage as well as skill, I would have been terrified of spoiling it with the last stroke of the pen.
    Cheryl, what a fabulous gift for you great grandchild. It really is a work of art and a labour of love. It's beautiful.
    Jess, pink colours. cupcakes.... my kind of food. I adore your scrapbook page. It is something I keep meaning to do and never get around to. Maybe your lovely layout will give me the kick I need.

    Now, I think that was probably a dangerous thing to say because I can hear Muriel from here. I gather she has fallen out with Myra and Maria. I am not surprised, they can be little imps sometimes.
    Hazel, Patricia, bet you are having a brilliant time together. Try to get a good nights sleep tonight though.
    There was a lot to be said for the old clocks, if you didn't wind them up, they didn't go off. Nowadays we all use our phones when we are on holiday and they are so complicated, none of your 6am bell, oh no, it's "would you like repeat "' "how many times", " daily or just weekdays"', "la bamba, or xylophone" ,"loudly or softly" and when you finally get it set and drift off, you wake in the morning and the blasted thing has just vibrated itself off the table and by the time you have retrieved it and found the off button you are a gibbering wreck. Well that's my experience anyway.
    Sandra I hope you have a good time tomorrow at the Safari park. Those monkeys can be little monkeys though, swinging from the windscreen wipers, trying to pull off the wing mirrors and when we took our girls who were about 4 and 6 at the time, we had an enormous male one sat right in front of the wind shield, legs akimbo and playing with the only toy he had to hand!! I was mortified.
    Hope you are all having a lovely evening, love and hugs
    Saba xxx

  25. Hello, Dear!
    I only made a little joke about you being 96 because age seemed to be a concern last night! I knew you were only 95 really - kidding !!! Please, may I take this tin hat off? It's rather hot and the strap is hurting my chin!
    Don't get me started on Airport Security! My husband tells me to stop tutting as we go through! See , I agree with you on that and Arthur!
    Myra xxx
    Ps pleased you had a good day and also that David is doing so well. So sorry about Newcastle - I was supporting them and longing for them to beat Arsenal! X

  26. Myra, all right, you can take the tin hat off, but watch out for flying alarm clocks. Saba seems to have taken a real dislike to them. I hasten to add that ours was one of the old fashioned ones with batteries and (I know I'm going to regret this) a knob which had to be pulled out. The Security Guard obviously pulled on the knob. (steady, steady) and set the time.
    Sandra, I'm really sorry but couldn't find other words.
    Oh did I ever tell you about the time we were flying back from Jersey and our flight was 32 hours 45 minutes late. No? well that's for another day.......
    Myra, I gave up supporting Newcastle years ago, they were too heavy it made my shoulders ache.
    Muriel xxx

  27. Thank you! I will behave from now on! It was Maria who said you rode a broomstick. Maybe we could all travel on one to our Retreat - a bit like " Room on the Broom! I love that story. xxxx
    It isn't highbrow either - except for the height aspect!
    I just hate alarm clocks! You will find out I'm not too chirpy first thing. Xx

    1. Oh Myra, I also love that book, when I retired I gave the reception classes this book with a story tape ( we had 5 classes to each year group = 150 children in each year group) they all loved it.

      Going back to the broom stick. John got a besum ( not sure if I have spelt that correctly) broom for our elder daughter and SIL to use in the garden. We arrived at their house SIL opened the door. With a big smile on his face SIL said Hello Brenda I see you have used your own transport! ,!!! It's a good job I love him.
      Sleep well everyone Brenda xxx

    2. Hi Brenda, did you teach Infants? That's what I did but I haven't taught full time for many many years. I just love that age group. Love the broom story ! Only a SIL who loved you would say that to your face I think! My husband said similar things to my Mum! He just adored her as his Mum died when he was just 16. Xxx

    3. Myra,
      Eleanor and Zoe loved that story too.
      Muriel xx

    4. No Myra, I didn't teach infants ( my sister and daughter No 1 did/do) I was a welfare assistant later moved into school office as finance officer. Loved all of it. I recall John saying to a friend - "think she would go in even if they didn't pay her"
      Sleep well, Brenda xx

    5. I to love that story? Have read it so many times, wee grandson always liked that book for his bedtime story. Hazel x

    6. Thanks Brenda, you too,
      Night night! Xxx

  28. Now I understand the phrase "having the weight of the world on one's shoulders! xx

  29. Saba,
    Forgot to say that I loved your Safari story, we went to Longleat when Eleanor was about two but the monkeys behaved themselves. One of the Rangers told us that they tended to destroy a certain coloured car (can't remember which colour, I've a feeling it could be blue) and it was true. They only attacked, jumped on, ripped the aerials and wing mirrors off the coloured cars the Ranger said.
    By the way, any time you need a kick - I'm your girl!!!
    Muriel xxx

  30. Myra,
    Good, I hate being full of bonhomie first thing in the morning, although I suppose when in congenial company and like-minded folk, things will be quite pleasant!!!
    Muriel xx

  31. Oh! Is that an olive branch! If it is I say thank you!
    I will be good as gold when we are away . Well - I'll really try!
    Myra xxx

  32. Now, alarm clocks and flying can be a lethal combination. My sister flew to Northern Ireland many years ago during the "troubles". Everything was going well, bag checked in, boarding cards issued, just waiting, when there was an announcement, could she please return to baggage control. When she got there there were some security people( police) and they had her case on the scanner and asked her to look at the screen, and could she identify a certain object. Bearing in mind where she was going, and despite the fact she had packed her own bag and it had not been left unattended she looked very perplexed, failed to engage her brain and told them she thought it was a hand grenade. It would take me too long to describe what she told me of the subsequent chaos which ensued but but think sniffer dogs, bomb disposal and delayed flight.
    And you have probably guessed by now, it was her alarm clock which had two curved feet and one of them had twisted around. What I failed to understand was just what made her say it and she really couldn't understand what my problem was, all she kept saying was " but it really DID look like a hand grenade" at which point I said " but you really would have remembered if you had packed a hand grenade"!
    Moral of the story, if you know you haven't packed a hand grenade, there probably isn't one in your suitcase, so don't hint that there could be.
    Saba xxx

    1. Hi Maureen,I'm on my knees here asking for forgiveness for my insult thinking you going by a broom but you see I find it quite useful myself and it will be a lot of us over Easter, ooooo please can I stand up now my knees can't take anymore. Quick accept my apologies !
      lol Like the stories about your alarm clocks. I used to have a old version too, it was a travel one with a cover around, it was red. I took it with me everywhere to wake me up in the mornings so I could go back to the hotel for a shower and change of close before it started all over again. Oh to be so young again with so much energy, where did it all go wrong, sigh.
      Sandra, have a great day out at the safari park .I like the meerkats and penguins when we go to .............Can't remember the name, will have to tell you tomorrow. Like to go to Longleat one day, it looks lovely and the house.
      I'm saying Good night, hope our missing friends is looking in tomorrow and give us a update of how you doing, until tomorrow
      Love and Hugs to you, Sandra & family and everyone who visiting the Cotswold cafe', Maria xx

  33. Oh Myra, please don't try too hard to be good! Well, I've tidied up, done the dishwasher and swept the floor. I've popped the key in the usual place, and I'm off to bed.
    Muriel xxx

  34. Crikey! What a tale! It really made me giggle. Just trying to follow the thinking - really funny. Our suitcase was emptied because an object which was bullet shaped was seen in my husband's toilet bag! It was a metal collar stiffener which had been left in there in error. You should have seen his face when he was asked what is it for Sir! I chuckled , which didn't help!

  35. Saba, funniest thing I've read in a long time. Is that Val, I should meet her, we would get on really well!!!!!
    Muriel xxx

  36. Yes, that's Val my sister. And you are right, you would get on like a house on fire. Some of the things she comes out with, and when you question her sanity, she sort of twists her head to one side, a bit like parrots do, her eyebrows go up and she looks at you like you're actually the barmy one.
    And do you know what.... I bet each and every one of you has just twisted your head, lifted your eyebrows and attempted the look!!,
    Saba xxx

  37. How did you know that? Xx

  38. Without doubt!
    How is Val now? Xx

  39. Just a wee story about when we were in Florida, hubby and grand-daughter decided that they would keep all the dimes they got in change and deposit them at the airport in the charity bins. Hubby put them in his hand luggage and quess what, totally forgot about them until his bag was checked through the X-ray machine, he was called over and asked all the questions etc, then he had to unpack his bag and found the bag of dimes, the security guy shouted to the X-ray guy , is this what you saw, and he shouted yes, no Semtex then!! It just showed up a black blob on the xray.They told us to get up the escalator and dump them in the first charity bin. I was mortified, and haven't allowed him to collect any more change when we are on holiday. Have a good night ladies, off to bed, Jessx

    1. Oh Jess
      That must have been so frightening because boy do they take their security serious out there, we went to California for our honeymoon and I nearly cries at the LA customs thingy the man was huge and so serious, I was almost shaking, we had nothing to hide obviously but my goodness I was terrified, in the end he smiled and gave me a pin badge of the American flag! So lord knows how you were treated if they thought you had semtex! I bet you had a very red faced husband!
      Thank you for sharing that hilarious story
      Love and Hugs
      Sandra xxx

  40. Good eveninggggggg!!!
    That's us back after a fantastic day.
    Hellooooo everyone, how are you??
    Right before I join in I have to comment on all the stunning work exhibited today.
    Sandra you are a treasure showcasing all these delights.
    That bowl is wonderful, love the Zentangle. Tried it but made a right mess ... the kids did better with their scribbles at 2 years old.
    Love, love,love the giraffe he is so darned cute. Giraffes are my all time favourite animals.
    Mmmm!! Mmmmm!! love those cupcakes and how you have used them on your page.
    Hazel has just told me you did not make them ...... that's a right bummer. Here was me thinking we would be getting them for our morning coffee at the retreat.
    Well folks we are just in after a beautiful day. The weather was beautiful, seeing my friend was beautiful, the scenery on the drive out to her house was beautiful. We saw some beautiful new born calves (no lambs) it's a dairy farm.
    Oh!! more beautifuls Oriel daughter Diane brought her three children up to see us ....... they were also little beauties. Oh! and another, we had beautiful "canapés" We had to try them just to see what Myra was eating the other night. Have to keep up with the Jones.......... or whatever Myra's surname is!!!
    Now did I tell you everything was beautiful???
    Better check that alarm tonight or it will be the end of our beautiful sister/friend relationship.
    Off back to the beginning to see why Hazel is making all those funny noises and has tears running down her face.
    Patricia x

    1. Hi Girls,
      Looks like you had a terrific day! So pleased you enjoyed everything because it sounds as if you did! Pleased the canapés were good too! We've been good today!
      I ment to ask the others if they'd seen the photo of you two on your blog Patricia! It's great!
      Sleep well, tonight. Lol.
      Myra xxx

    2. Hello lovely sisters,
      I gather you find yourselves surrounded by beauty. It makes me want to sing....oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day....
      So glad you are enjoying yourselves. Sleep well, leave the clock in a cupboard.
      Saba Xxxx

  41. Doing really well thank you. Still on heaps of painkillers which she hates, wouldn't even take paracetamol before her illness. But managing now to walk a little and is now allowed to eat semi solids. It's funny really, she has had a weight problem all her life and now her problem will be keeping her weight on. We were discussing what she could have for lunch today and I said what about some cottage cheese, she replied oh no I don't have to eat Cottage cheese now. But, I reminded her, you actually love cottage cheese, and she answered, ah but I don't need to watch my weight now.
    I felt like saying ok, go eat something you don't like then!
    She would have been doing her parrot look whilst we were discussing it, I just know she would.
    Can't wait to see her Xxx

    1. It's so good to know she is getting better every day!
      I like that parrot look! I can just picture it! I just do the eyebrow raising bit! Xx

    2. Hi Saba,so pleased Val is improving you must be so happy at the thought of seeing her soon.sending her ((((Hug's))))
      Love Lynda xxx

  42. Hazel and I were just talking about Val and wondering how she was getting on.
    So glad to hear she is making progress

    1. Thank you, she is so positive and I know that helps as well.
      Forgot to say, the picture of you two as children is just gorgeous.

  43. Good Night folks can't keep my eyes open any longer.
    Hazel has stopped making those funny noises, think she's reading her book now
    Oooopps!!! spoke to soon she's off again ......... its laughing noises .................!!!!
    You guys are awful
    Patricia xxx

  44. I'm going to bed now ladies!
    We have been very good tonight! I will get a halo at this rate!
    Night Night everyone, Sleep well,
    God Bless,

  45. Oh you lot you have got me in a panic now about going to home tomorrow with that big sister of mine!!! She has already had the Northern Ireland police on full alert a few years ago? No it's me that usually bleeps at security, I am sure the security folk stand their and have a wee buzzer in their hand, look at the folk waiting and think they will be the next one and set the bleeper off, because you go through the one at edinburgh then you go to heathrow wearing the same as you did at Edinburgh and you bleep why??? Oh dear that's Patricia's ipad gone flying across the room she wrote a huge comment and it won't publish. She was so wanting to tell you we were keeping up with Myra tonight having canapés, they were lovely. Yes we have had a wonderful day. Oriel took us to their farm had a beautiful lunch, oh the selection of home made breads was out of this world and gorgeous soup, then off on a road trip taking in the wonderful views. Coffee and cake, back to the farm and then out for dinner. Great day, and lovely seeing Oriel and her family. I think I need to say good night. Hazel x

    1. HI Hazel,
      Oh listen to you to having canapes, did you have an 'aperitif' with it?
      Your lunch at Oriel's sounded absolutely delicious, I love homemade bread and soups. Where did you go for dinner? I hope you both have a lovely day tomorrow taking in the beautiful sights.
      I haven't been through the airport customs since having half a leg filled with metal (down to the knee) I would hate to try and explain that away too! You must fill us in on Patricia's caper with the cops!
      Love and hugs

  46. Hazel, Patricia, I think I need to go too. Have a safe journey home.
    Myra, if we have been good, how come just you gets a halo?
    Good night God bless everyone.
    Saba xxxx

  47. I don't do the parrot movement I just sit and shake my head, after reading all this ,my head won't stop shaking, I'm off to my bed if I can stop it shaking.

  48. Have changed my name to wendy D

    1. what have I missed Wendy, why the name change?

    2. Wendy do you have amazon prime?
      the only reason I ask is that when I looked the last time you mentioned getting them from I couldn't get the free postage so it made them too expensive! I look forward to hearing back,

  49. Hi Sandra and all the lovely ladies. I will whisper because it is very late and you are probably all asleep now! Would you believe I've only just got in(give or take a few minutes to put pjs on) from lunch with the family to celebrate my uncles birthday! Boy do we all talk when we get together! We went back to my aunties after lunch (it was gone 5 when we left the restaurant ) for more tea cake and chatter so it has been a great day. Sandra I took a photo of the cake and the card so I will look at emailing them to you tomorrow.
    Brenda your zentangle bowl is beautiful, it must have taken you ages. I will show it to Emma tomorrow as she loves to do zentangle. It's very relaxing isn't it. Xxx
    Cheryl your giraffe is so cute and I'm sure it is treasured. You put such a lot of hard work into making it and it really is beautiful. Xxx
    Jess I love your scrapbook page and what a fab subject- cupcakes - yummy. I like making cupcakes so don't worry I can supply some for the retreat if we need some. Xxx
    Thank you for sharing ladies. Sandra well done to the girls on winning the match today, and hopefully they played in sunshine! They will look very smart in their work clothes I'm sure - I cost me a lot in decent clothes when Emma did her work experience too.
    I must go and get some sleep now before in of off over my get board. Maureen I must tell you about a friends experience with the lovely Arthur Scargill in Bournemouth one day. He really missed an opportunity !!!
    Night night everyone sleep tight. I've just put the dishwasher on and dimmed the lights for the night. Love Diane xxx