Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Twist of Lime for Tuesday

Good Morning Ladies,
This card is inspired by Sue Wilson and I love green, its my very favourite colour!
I started with a white card base, size 7 1/2 x 8 1/4, which I then matted with green card
and then a matt of white card which I pierced around the edge. I then embossed a piece of
green card with an Rose  Embossalisious Embossing Folder, I rounded the corners and matted
it onto a slightly longer piece of white card to the bottom of which added a piece of double sided
adhesive, I peeled the backing off and added  some Iced Snow for a bit of sparkle. The focal element was made by cutting three Union Square die cuts and off set them so that the fleur de lys were evenly spaced. I then cut a circle of green card and then a decorative matt of white. I cut an aperture through the centre of these. I stamped the Creative Expressions sentiment and embossed it with Cosmic Shimmer Detail Clear E. Powder and centred it behind the aperture.       I cut two Spellbinders Fleur de lys borders and placed them across the iced snow covered section an added some green flat back pearls to tie in the colour.  I added pearls to the corners too.  I then tied a ribbon bow and added a green pearl brad to the centre, and then made to stick pin  in complimentary colours to add a bit of sparkle.
Well my thoughts today are with my very dear friend Pat who is undergoing her first ever major operation, I hope everything goes straightforward In surgery and you have a very speedy recovery,
I can wait to get the old Pat back, where you ran rings around Sue and I. We will be along to visit you as soon as your are ready!                       Steph I am sure you are anxious too as it is your turn tomorrow, I know its not surgery but even so its still worrying and very unpleasant.  Can you take your phone or laptop with you so that we can keep in touch. I know that's what Pat is doing. (unless the break from us crazy lot will do you good)!                                                      Janet, how did your internet shopping go? did you manage to find anything to buy?
Sam, I hope you are feeling better, if not you rest up until you are, we will be here waiting when you return. 
Saba... I hope that Val continues to make good progress, you must be counting down the days until you come over to visit her.
Well thanks to Christine E suggesting that I speak to the Tonic representative who was demonstrating on the Samuel Taylor stand on Saturday, my guillotine is now back to cutting perfectly!, The lovely lady suggested that we use an Alan key and undo the blade, Paul did this, removed a piece of jammed paper, then tightened the blade to the correct width!  Paul's thoughts £30 saved, I think £30 to spend on more craft goodies!
Whilst at the show on Saturday, I watched a few demonstrations on various new machines, I think the one that is tipping the scales for me at the moment is the New Sizzix Big Shot Plus, its slightly longer than A4 and seemed to perform very well, the lady cut a very intricate die by putting it in the centre of the plate, it cut perfectly first time! She did it a few times through some very thick coated card.
Anyway I will catch up with you all later on,
Love and hugs




  1. Good morning Sandra and all friends that call in to day. Yes I know I am in early again, but I have to go into work this morning and seeing how we had a flurry of snow last night that has frozen on to the windscreen and I will have the lovely job of defrosting it and getting it off. I got up at 5.15. Could have turned over and gone back to sleep, but that would have been not good.
    Sandra I am so glad there was no negitive thoughts from you today over your stunning card, it's lovely and fresh with that green background and all your other die cuts and elements. Oh by the way I have filled the urn, your right much better, that poor kettle just never was off. I had two crumpets and I have put my money in the pot.
    I read the comments from late last night and I see Wendy has decided to come in, now welcome Wendy I see your are also a scottish member, I think we will soon be out numbering the rest of the friends that pop in. You are more than welcome but don't leave it so late, we don't bite!!! We are just a group of like minded ladies that like to share, give support and ok csn get a bit carried away with subjects but all in fun. What part of scotland are you from. I am not far from St Andrews.
    Pat I am sending positive thoughts that your op will go ahead and that everything goes ok.
    Sam I hope you are feeling a good bit better today.
    Steph. Have you got all those crafty goodies all packed, remember you will feel better after this stay in hospital getting that infusion???
    To any one else who arent feeling very well here's sone ((((( hugs))))))
    Right I have had my tea and crumpets, I have washed up my dishes and tidy everything away. Will be back later. Hazel x

  2. Good Morning-beautiful card today. Am up & about bright + early as I want to post some competitions on the way to work and I have my One to One with my boss this morning-what a joy! She'll promise me many things and fail to do any of them if this is like my last one-at least I won't be dissapointed!


    1. Hi Michele. Hope that your boss delivers on her promises this time. I was also due my performance review today but my boss didn't even bother to turn up so I might just write my own review and award myself a massive pay rise!!! Sue xxx

  3. Good morning Sandra and all who will,pop into the Coffee Shop today.
    I LOVE your beautiful card, one of my favourite shades of green. Nothing negative from you today I hope, nothing negative about this beauty. Hope you are feeling better today.
    Here are my (((((hugs))))) for anyone who may need them today.
    PAT:- will be thinking about you, hope all goes ahead.
    SAM:- are you feeling better today, take it easy my friend.
    STEPH:- you can't take ALL your carft room with you ....... put some back!!!
    Joking apart I hope you have plenty to keep you busy. You will be dancing down the corridors after your infusion.
    SABA:- still thinking of you both, when are you over to visit??
    Right folks that's me for now. I spent so much time in here yesterday drinking Tea & eating Cake I have to have a catch up day.
    Will be back later to see how you are all doing, till then be good.
    Patricia xxx

    1. Thanks Patricia, I am going to look at flights today now we have a better idea when she will be home, probably in about three weeks.
      Your Latest Izzy bag is fabulous. Get them in that cabinet girl, they will go like hot cakes.

  4. Morning Sandra,

    Gorgeous card, I love Green too so this is a winner for me.

    Have a great day.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Janet Ecco of Sheffield3 March 2015 at 08:41

    Morning everyone - Sandra although green is not one of my favourite colours I really love your card today. It is fresh and very calming just what one or two of us need at the moment. I've finished my bday shopping and bought a set of Tonic dies - 18 circles close together-; some more pins and beads (as they are really gorgeous and my first order arrived yesterday morning) and to finish two packs of A4 x 2 magnetic shims because I keep cutting into mine with two packs of A5 x 4 to store my dies.
    Steph I'm thinking of you and will be while you're having your treatment. I hope you are feeling a little more settled. It's never a good feeling having to stay in hospital but you will feel all the better for it. I'm leaving strong but gentle hugs for you.
    Sam I hope today is better for you and you are taking things slowly. Hugs are also left for you today.
    Pat I know you'll not be in today because of your surgery but just to let you know I'm with you in spirit. Please do as you're told by the medics and you'll be back to running round your other two Graces. Gentle hugs are on their way to you.
    Well it's my Knit & Natter this afternoon and my turn has come around again - seems to come round quicker than it used to. This time I've chosen the colours of Teal and Cream and used Sue's new Noble Die - the rectangle and one of her bows. I don't think the bows have been used before so should be fun watching them be assembled. Before I forget Sandra my money's in the dish as usual. Right off I go to prepare!!!
    Take care everyone it's very slippy outside this morning and I definitely don't want to see any reports of talking to the floor or footpaths etc.
    Hugs Janet xx

  6. Morning Sandra and ladies, just a coffee for me today please. What a lovely card Sandra, very elegant.
    We have had snow this morning, but it seems to be disappearing quite fast, thank goodness! Im not to good on my feet when it is slippy.
    Pat thinking of you today and Steph, hope everything goes well and you are soon back in the coffee shop fold. Hugs to you both.
    Will pop back later for a catch up, Jess x

  7. Good morning ladies,

    Sandra, a breath of fresh air is what I am having with the vibrant green you have used on your card. It really makes the card zing! It shows just how much work you have put into the making of it and the stick pins compliment the colour nicely.
    We had a beautiful clear starry sky last night with what appeared to be a rainbow circle around the moon, very impressive and today has started off bright & clear, although the garden looks as though it has had a good drenching at some point. One day I will get into the garden to start the spring tidy up, but not today.
    Oh I think I maybe having tea and crumpets please with lots of proper butter.
    Gentle hugs to Pat, it is never nice going into hospital and I wish all goes well.
    Likewise to Steph for tomorrow. you'll probably have started a craft club before you leave, and Sam, I do hope you are gradually improving with each day.
    My new craft organizer has arrived, joy of joys, so it is time today to declutter my old boxes and sort everything out to go into the new ones. A quick lick of paint on the walls when Jamie (grandson no.1) arrives hopefully end of this week (work permitting), bit of wallpaper for interest and then assemble it all. My craft room will have had a makeover, no more travelling from kitchen (where my ebosser sits and its easier to vaccuum all those pesky bits from the dies ) to the dining room for final assembly.
    Must away, take care if you are out and about.
    Cheryl xxx

  8. Morning Sandra and all that visit during the day.
    Firstly im thinking of our Pat, what a lovely feeling it will be to wake up knowing its all over, get that discomfort under control, rest well before those wicked physio bunch get their hands on you !! You poor thing, the nerves must have been awful for you. By the time you read this you'll be bionic : )
    Sam hope its a better day for you, and for you Sandra.
    Thanks for all your support, its so lovely to feel all the caring. I will be taking my phone, but I dare say I wont be able to log into the wards wifi and it gets expensive as I only have 500mb allowance - the bigger the site the more allowance is used up ! Plus my rheumy ward is way down (we call it hell) as its down on lower ground and YES, it IS hell !
    Saba I shall be in Chapal Allerton up in lovely Chapeltown !!!!! An area you keep your head down and keep the car moving whenever possible !!
    Oooooooo FAB LUSH beautiful card Sandra, green may not be my go to colour but it looks so fresh and spring like, you do some beautiful cards hon.
    Another cutting day ahead, then get other stuff organised. So I wish you all a lovely day and see you all tomorrow.
    Love n hugs to all.
    Lancashire Steph xxx

    1. Steph, I know it well, and before anybody starts to worry about my past, I have driven through that area, never stopped for a chat with any gents that might be visiting that particular area.
      Good luck, will be thinking of you.
      Sabah XxX

  9. Good morning Sandra & all the ladies
    First Sandra your card is gorgeous love the compersion of the layout & die's you have used.Pat thinking of you hope all goes well for your opperation & speedy recovery sending you big (((Hug's)))). Steph hope your stay in hospital tomorrow helps sort you out & you feel better for it. I will be thinking of you Steph & sending you loads of (((((((Hug's))))))
    Sam hope your feeling better today ((((Hug's )))xxx
    Saba hope Val is recovering well she is still in my thoughts sending her healing ((((Hug's)))

    I now have some very sad news I emailed Sheila G on Sunday as she hasn't
    Bloged since her holiday just to see if she was ok. She Emaild me back saying Clive ( hubby ) he wasn't well on holiday & Sadly he passed away Sunday morning,as you can imagine she is devastated & numb. I did email her back saying how very very sorry I was for her loss & gave her my phone number so if she wanted to just talk. I was in tears after reading what she said. Also tomorrow she has the very difficult time in Telling Nikki her daughter, I think you all know she is special needs & loved her daddy so much, so it's going to be very hard for Sheila ,her auntie & uncle are going with Her which is good. I did ask if it was ok for me to tell everyone her sad news.
    Love & Hug's to you all Lynda xx
    Sheila did ask me to tell you all,I will also say it on Sue's blog later.

    1. Lynda, thank you those healing hugs are doing the trick.

      Such sad news, poor Sheila and having to tell Nikki will be terrible for her. Please tell her she is being thought of with love and prayers.
      Saba XXX

    2. Hi Linda Thank you for letting us know, poor Sheila loosing her husband and having to explain to her daughter. Please send her my sympathy and a big hug if you speak to her. Xxx

    3. Hi Lynda,
      Please give Sheila my heartfelt condolences on her sad news. I know how devastated she feels and it can't be an easy task for her to tell Nikki. Thank goodness she will have her aunt and uncle to support her. Sending her gentle hugs
      Cheryl xxx

    4. Hello Linda, Thank you for letting us know about Sheila's husband, I loved it when she told us about the trips they have both had with her aunt and uncle, it sounds as if they always had a great time and all enjoyed each other's company . I don't envy her having to telli her daughter, she once told us about the problems Nikki has, it really came right from the hearts. I could've cried, it makes you realise how lucky we are, and bless her Sheila always seems to be upbeat.
      Please Linda, would you mind telling her that she is in our thoughts and prayers.
      Take care, and thank you for all you have done for Sheila.
      Lol Brenda x

    5. Hi Lynda, thanks so much for keeping in touch with Sheila. When I read the sad news last night my thoughts went to Nikki as I know she loved her Dad so very much. Please give my love to Sheila - we just recently " met up" on Pinterest . So pleased her Aunt and Uncle are there for support. Take care Lynda - sending hugs to you too!
      Love Myra xx

    6. Hi Lynda. Thanks for letting us know about Sheilas's sad news. Please pass on my condolences to her and Nikki when you speak to her. Sue xxx


  10. morning Sandra and the lovely ladies,
    Second attempt, last one in cyberspace, sooooo annoying. In between time managed to stick my cutting blade deep into the end of my index finder. Soooooo painful and bled like you wouldn't believe. Various plasters have
    been applied, now throbbing nicely. Stitches not required!!!
    Right where was I?
    Sandra your card is gorgeous. I absolutely love it. Your stick pins are Absolutely Fabulous and I love how you always manage to coordinate everything so beautifully with your cardstock. It's a real wow card.been applied, now throbbing nicely. Stitches not required!!!

    Thank you so very much to all my "coffee cup sisters" for your kind words yesterday and your continuing love and thoughts. It is truly appreciated.

    Special thoughts today for
    Pat. Hope all goes well and it won't be too long until you are back with us.
    Theresa, so sorry you are suffering so much, hope you get that appointment
    Alison, hope you and your mum find some comfort today with memories of happier times with your dad.
    Norah, hope you have a better day today love.
    Steph, try not to worry too much about tomorrow and the coming week, it won't fly by, but you will feel so much better after it all.
    Wendy, thank you for your advice last evening about where to get the calibur plates. Please join us for a coffee.

    Nearly forgot to order mine, think it has to be a crumpet for me as well, dripping with butter and perhaps a lemon tea if that's not too much trouble.

    I managed to make two Izzy bags yesterday. They are relatively easy to make and I am hooked. The most difficult bit for me is glueing the sides on so that they sit nicely. I found it helps if you use something to support them and then wrap the body around. I used the short end of an old video case, wrapped the side flaps around that and then folded the body from top to bottom around that. Don't know if that makes any sense. The video case was exactly the right thickness to get a nice tight seam on the sides of the bag. It was too long to fit inside to do both sides at the same time so I am going to look for something else, maybe a book.
    Right, I am going to attempt to make another one today, bleeding finger allowing. Well can't possibly do any housework with such an injury can I!!

    Love and hugs to you all
    Saba XXX

    1. Saba, it's bleeding awful that you've done that to your finger!!! Sorry, but the way you wrote the last paragraph was something like a Carry On film,.
      Watch you don't get the blood on your card. George was an upholsterer and if he put a staple through his nail (most days) and the blood went on the cover, he'd put some white thread in his mouth to wet it and roll it over the material to take the blood out. I wonder if it would work on card!!! I'll leave it to you to try. xxx

    2. Saba. Not a good thing to be doing yo yourself, I bet there were a few choice words said!!! Got what you were saying about the video case good idea now I can see you going through the house to see if you can find that right object that will work for both ends??? Oh and house work wouldn't be the right, no I think a easy day crafting needed. Hazel x

    3. Can I just say Sandra I did not mean to say your wow card was throbbing nicely etc. I was having a not nice time, after first post disappeared, I was having such a problem getting the second one to go I decided to cut and paste it before I published but it wouldn't let me copy the lot so had to do it line for line and must have done that bit twice!!? Bleeding finger didn't help either.
      Maureen don't think I need the cotton now, having bound it so tightly I now need to get the circulation back before it drops off.
      Might just go back to bed and start again.

    4. Saba Owch that's not good take care with those blades . Mind you they do say it's better to cut yourself with a sharp knife rather than a blunt one. Why is it when you cut yourself on the finger it's the most difficult place to put a plaster on with only one hand! Have another cuppa and a sit down until you stop feeling 'funny' xxxx

    5. Saba Ouch! I'm sure that hurt a lot never mind the blood and mess! Pleased you've managed to make the bags! I'm getting craft withdrawal symptoms here! So pleased to hear continued good news about Val . Still in thoughts and prayers.
      Don't let that finger drop off!
      Love Myra xxx

    6. Looking forward to seeing your bags, please keep the blood out of sight though.
      Hope the finger is OK that was a real "nasty"

      Patricia x

  11. Hello Sandra,
    You sound much brighter today, and I hope you are feeling well.
    This card is just so beautiful, and green is my favourite colour too. Your card sings to me, and your stick pins are fab. There I was, so pleased because I'd made two and yours are gorgeous!!!
    I'll just have a latte and a crumpet with butter and jam, no sit still, I'll get it and put my money in the pot, and I'll go and sit at the corner table waiting for Mrs B.
    Well, where to start. -
    Pat, I'm thinking of you and hope that the op goes well.
    Steph, it's a good job there's no bag allowance like on planes, you might be stopped at check in and have to take out some of your crafting gear! I hope all goes well tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you.
    Sam, I hope you are feeling well today.
    Michele, enjoy your One to One, try not to laugh outright when she promises things which you know will never happen. I'm praying for your friends.x
    Janet, your K&N sounds great, if only we could all join! By the way I'm still dipping in and out of Daphne's Diary, and find something new all the time.
    Cheryl, your craft room will be so posh when it's finished - like something out of House and Home!!! I don't know how, but even when I get undressed the little pieces of card from the die cuts, and the backing squares off the sticky pads, are even in my underwear. Don't ask me how they get there, and I have to hoover all of upstairs every day. I wondered if I should get the small bedroom (craft room) wooden floored, but then when I drop my inkpads (which I do regularly), they would stain the floor, as it is they just stain the carpet lol.
    Lynda, I did see your message about Sheila last night and posted a comment. Would you please give her my condolences as I cannot imagine what it must be like - and I know at least one lady on this blog who has been in that terrible position. x
    I am going now but will call back in later to give a welcome to the new lady, whose name I have forgotten. But please don't be offended - I had to avoid a woman in town who I worked with for 10 years because I couldn't remember her name!!
    Just sit still Sandra, and have a natter, I'll clear the tables and load the dishwasher before I go.
    Love to all xxx

    1. One to One went as predicted-I'm fed up & boss is happy! Friends were told to bring wedding date forward as his trouble speaking will cause a problem-if he can't speak clearly enough they can't get married but he's refusing to consider a change of date. So sad & who knows what you'd do in those circumstances?! Am relaxing watching Sue Wilson videos with a cuppa now.


  12. P.s. Oh Theresa, please forgive me, I hope that you are in less pain and that you get an appointment soon.
    Saba, I hope your sister Val is still improving and I am thinking and praying for you both.
    Maureen xxx

    1. WENDY, your name is Wendy, I knew I would remember eventually, welcome and it's great that you are boosting Sandra's amazing blog. I get so much enjoyment and comfort from it. Mind you I must drive the other ladies nuts
      Maureen xxx

    2. Maureen, you never drive me nuts, nearly make me wet myself sometimes lol, but nuts never.
      Thank you for your prayers, I know He is listening.
      Bye the way, some of my ancestors on my Granny side came from your neck of the woods. Never heard her ask for a little Fishy on a little Dishy though!!!
      Oh and did you see the final episode- I have so gone off Cromwell.

    3. Yes I did. Didn't he play a brilliant part - he's my hero. I loved the whole series but there were loads of comments in the papers here about people saying it was so slow and the lighting was terrible. Honestly, no culture at all - some folk only like reality TV and soaps. They have their place but P L E A S E let's have a break from it sometimes. Mind you George didn't watch it, he was busy watching a re-run of Star Trek for the 545th time!!! Honestly, no culture at all.
      I hope they do "Bring up the Bodies".
      I would never dream of asking for a "little Fishy on a Dishy", it would have to be enormous for me!!!!
      Here's a good one for you - my brother in law and his wife (the rich ones in George's family) lived in Darras Hall, where the houses cost two arms and legs, the footballers like Alan Shearer live there. We used to go on a Sunday to help with their garden which was about 1/2 acre. I used to pretend to be their paid gardener and would shout to Marilyn "Hoy ya hamma ower here". It means Throw your hammer over here. She always ignored me!!! xxxx

  13. Hi Sandra and all the ladies, oh those crumpets smelt so good today I've decided to have one too with a cup of tea. I've put the money in the pot. Just a quick sit down this morning before I tackle a kitchen cupboard. I think spring cleaning button has been pressed in my brain! Mind you when the sun comes out and you can see the grubby windows and the cobwebs it does make you feel as though you should get on with the dreaded cleaning!
    Pat I hope your op goes well today, do what the doctors say and you will soon be home again. Steph will be thinking about you tomorrow, sounds like an exotic place your going too! Not even a lovely view to look out on, you will miss your hills. I hope it's warm in there though, although some hospitals are too warm aren't they. Sandra your card is beautiful today, what a lovely fresh green. Your stick pins are lovely too. Oh Maureen you did make me laugh, I can imagine you hiding in shops to avoid someone. There's a lady who works in our M&S who chats to me every time I see her, so I must know her from somewhere, but I can't think where! I know one day the penny will drop. My daughter thought it was very funny when she was with me the other day, as we walked away she asked me who she was and I said 'haven't a clue but we always chat!' . I expect she is a mum from dancing or swimming when Emma was younger but we always have a chat which is nice. Right , I must get on, I've washed my cup up and swept up a few crumbs. I will pop back later. Take care everyone oh yes Sam, there you are in the corner, hope you are feeling brighter today. See you soon love Diane xxx

    1. Diane, I know exactly what you mean. As I get older the worse I get. I used to have a fantastic memory but it's going the way the rest of my body - south. George isn't as bad but honestly, when we have a conversation, which isn't often these days as he's getting so hard of hearing that it's hard work, I'll start saying something and then half way through I have completely forgotten what I was going to say and stop. He will then answer me on a completely different topic!! Is it any wonder I love this blog when I can have a "sensible" conversation? xx

    2. Oh Maureen, you are wonderful! Don't ever change - you have had me in stitches today! I know Darras Hall and someone who lives there. How weird is that! It's the way someone buys a house there, knocks it down and builds a new one! I ve seen that happen several times.
      Love Myra xx

  14. Morning ladies. Sandra your card is gorgeous. Don't usually do green but like this one very much. Hope you are beginning to recover from Saturday. Haven't seen Sue (mrs B ) on here since then. Is she ok?
    Pat. Thinking of you today and hope the op goes well and you will be skipping about when we see you at Ally Pally.
    Sam. Hope you are gradually improving each day
    Steph. Hope the Hospital stay goes according to plan. Not nice but I am sure you will feel the benefit of it afterwards and it will be worth it.
    Saba. Pleased to hear that your sister is making progress and that you will be able to see her soon. Be careful with those blades.
    Theresa. Hope you get an appointment soon and they can do something about the pain.
    Wendy. Welcome to this very friendly cafe. I am sure you will enjoy it. I watched from the sidelines on this and Sue's blog for a long time and finally took the plunge and came in.

    Well I think I will have a Hot Chocolate today please and a Belgium Bun. Will help myself and put the money in the pot.

  15. Morning Ladies. Thank you for the welcome. Love your card Sandra, I love green so it is right up my street. Hazel you asked where in Scotland I am, it is Inverurie 15 miles past Aberdeen and it is cold but beautiful sunshine here today. As I have not quite worked out who everyone is I will sit in the corner with a coffee and just observe for a few days if that is ok. To tell you a bit a bout me..I make cards which is pretty obvious ( in fact I love making cards,boxes etc) but in the summer I spend half my life bowling outside in all weathers lol.
    Wendy x

    1. Hi Wendy, Welcome to the best Coffee Shop ever. Everyone who calls in here will really make you welcome. Enjoy your people watching. But if you want to chat or have issues you would like to air - this is the place to stop by, Welcome lol, Brenda

    2. Oh Wendy, George plays bowls in the summer - he doesn't enjoy the indoor winter bowling - and I get a blow by blow account on the days he plays.
      Is Inverurie the place where the Castle is painted black and white?
      See you later, or tomorrow xx

    3. Welcome Wendy, don't stay sat in that corner for too long, come out and join us in the nuttiest cafe in the world. Some of us are slightly gaga but we are also the warmest friendliest people you could ever wish to meet on a blog.
      hugs Cheryl xxx

    4. Hi Wendy, welcome, so glad you popped in, can I get you another coffee and maybe a slice of cake? It's calorie free. Don't you be getting lonely in that corner, you are welcome to join us at the big table and have a gossip.
      Saba xxx

    5. Hi Wendy, welcome to the coffee shop but don't sit in the corner! The great thing about Sandra's blog is that everyone is welcome, we can veer off the crafty topics and no one minds, you get calorie free cake and lots of advice when you need it. Sue xxx

    6. Hi Wendy welcome to the best coffee shop ever, its good that you have come in and not stood outside and got cold. I think we are all a bit mad, at least we get to vent our anger at some things, and also cheer up others who are not so good, you will get to know us all in time. take care, love from a fellow Scot, Jess x

    7. Hi Wendy
      welcome to this very busy mad coffee shop.
      Hug's Lynda xx

    8. Hi Wendy,
      welcome to us and the most friendliest cafe in the world and the nuttiest according to my son lol but with luck we will sitting together in a cafe one day Hugs Maria x

  16. Good afternoon Wendy, welcome to the Coffee Shop glad to see you back for another cuppa.
    Take your time, I took a few weeks after Hazel my sister told me how nice this Coffee Shop was.
    Hazel and I know exactly where you live. I am an Aberdonian, Hazel's not but we lived in Aberdeen before we were both married.
    I am another who loves making Boxes, cards and very recently, Izzy's Bags.
    Right I will let you sit quietly to weigh up all the really lovely ladies who call in every day.
    Patricia x

  17. Hi Sandra, I have just helped myself to one of Paul's special coffees I had Kenco Medium Roast, I call it one of the gentle coffees, the flavour doesn't overpower everything else, I also had a Flapjack as well it was yummy.
    STEPH, I hope all goes well and you are all sorted out for tomorrow, also you have all of your goodies packed. Reading other comments I had to smile - they painted a vision of you are going through a sort of check in - in a red light district (sorry my silly mind)
    PAT, hope all has gone well for you and you will now be free from pain. LOL
    MICHELE, Did you boss make any new rash promise. Hope all went well

    Sandra, I love today's card, this is my favourite shade of green (where did you buy it) The first coat I ever bought for myself was this colour, I thought I looked fantastic in it. My Mum hated green and would never buy us any clothes that were green - she grew up in Ireland and said she had always been surrounded with the colour. I find it very calming.
    Well I had better move myself, will try to pop back later.
    OOPS forgot to say you sound brighter today, just take it steady.
    Love Brenda xxxx

  18. Sandra, forgot to say those Stick Pins are gorgeous. Just perfect for your card. Lol Brenda x

  19. Hi Sandra, a nice latte and a Chelsea bun for me today thank you.
    Your card is Simply beautiful, love everything about it and those stick pins are gorgeous. Love the layout too.
    Condolences to Sheila my prayers are with you.
    Pat hope all goes well, thinking of you.
    Saba,Val still in my prayers.
    Steph, big hugs for tomorrow.
    Have an apt to see another surgeon on Thurs hopefully they will sort something out for my shoulder.
    Hugs to all Theresa (TOB) xx

    1. Hi Theresa,
      That's great news and hopefully they WILL sort it out for you. About time too, you have borne that pain for too long. gentle hugs for you today
      Love Cheryl xxx

    2. Hi Theresa. Hope they can sort out the pain for you. That would be marvellous.

    3. Good news Theresa, bet you can't wait.
      He will get you sorted I am sure.

      Patricia x

    4. Hi Theresa hope all goes.we for you on Thursday & you get your sholder sorted love & Hugs Lynda xx

    5. Good news Theresa, everything crossed for you.xxx

    6. Hi Theresa. So pleased that you have got another appointment sooner rather than later, I'll keep my fingers crossed that they can sort out your pain. Sue xxx

    7. Hi Theresa, so good to hear. Hope you have a peaceful night and the pain is not to bad, Gentle hugs Maria xx

  20. Hi Sandra,
    This blog is addictive - you do know that don't you?!
    I love your card today and although I'm not a big fan of green I do like the sort of lime shade you've used today. Your stick pins are beautiful, as is your bow. Thank you for sharing your lovely card.
    Do hope all goes well for Pat today - give her my love and best wishes.
    Wendy - welcome - I'm Scottish too but live in Lancashire. Our first home was in Aberdeen.
    Sandra - don't tell Steph but I had a glass of wine at lunchtime today!
    Steph - will be thinking of you tomorrow ! Hope everything goes well and that you don't suffer too much pain. Are the gilding flakes packed? Maybe not! Seriously I hope your crafting helps pass the time. You will feel lots better after the infusions. sending hugs.
    Theresa - hope all goes well when you see the surgeon on Thursday and that he will be able to help you.
    Just thought I'd share with you all that my nose got sunburned yesterday! Not a pretty sight - didn't realise it was quite so warm. It's ok I know
    I won't get any sympathy. Love you all anyway!
    Love, Myra xxx

    1. Myra
      Lucky you getting your nose sunburned!!!
      Chance of "frostbite" here
      Patricia x

    2. Myra, you are absolutely correct, not a drop of sympathy is coming your way. Lol

    3. Hihi forgot first where you are, getting sunburnt in this weather !
      Have a Sangria and think of us freezing our butts off here lol
      Hugs Maria x

  21. Afternoon ladies, love this card it is really striking and love the green! A Wowser!

    Good Luck tomorrow Steph you will be fine and probably have a few craft converts at the end of our stay! Whenever I drive through Chapeltown I always say " we are in ripper country now"! That comes after we drive over Saddleworth moor when I say "we are in Hindley and Brady country" ! A great journey for a true crime lover like myself!!!

    Sheila, thoughts are with you and Nikki. Deal with what you have to as it happens and take one day at a time xxx

    Wendy, welcome and enjoy your visits.

    Saba glad Val is doing well!!

    Love to you all xxx

    1. Sheila, thoughts and prayers are with you and Nikki.
      Sending some (((((hugs)))))

      Patricia x

  22. Hi Patricia, not sure about showing them, your black and green chocolate one would show mine up. Did manage one today, it WAS going to be pale pink and off white, however, it is now pale pink, off white, and the main Striplet is a lovely shade of cerise. I managed to get a drop of that red stuff on the edge of it, and by the time I had managed to rip open another plaster with my teeth it had dried, so Maureen's cotton trick was not an option, but do you know, pro markers are amazing, I had the exact shade necessary. Do you think blood is acid and lignin free??
    By the way, where about in Yorkshire does your friend live, just being nosy really, but seeing as I will be home in a few weeks, you never know we might be close by?
    Saba xxx

    1. Our fiend lives in Horbury, not far from Ossett.
      Hubby used to work for a Contract Carpet Co. In Ossett.

      Patricia x

  23. That's not far from where I will be. I will be splitting my time between our cottage in the North Yorkshire dales, Harrogate where our eldest daughter lives, staying with Val nearby and popping down into Cheshire to see our youngest daughter.
    Saba xxx

  24. Sandra, hope you are alright, missed you today. Don't worry love if you are not feeling brilliant or are really busy and want a day off.
    We will make sure we have tidied up before we leave, I think Maria has got the key. Mind you she has not been in yet either so I'll check under the bay leaf and see if it's there.
    Loving hugs
    Saba XXX

  25. Hi All, I was just wondering where Sandra was today, made a beautiful card then went back to bed? Hope you are OK honey, missing you in the cafe.
    Good luck to all with your hospital appointments, hopefully the "nice" doctors will have you all back as 21 year olds soon.
    I have been so cold today, got caught in the snow this morning, my black German Shepherd looked like the snow dog. It's fine for him, his coat is so thick, but my boots decided let the water in this morning, so they are in the bin now. Time to get back out with him again, so I'll just wash up. Good coffee by the way.
    Might manage a quick look in later.

    1. Hi Janice,
      I am really sorry I was awol today,I got up, felt better than I had but still not 100% and then developed the worst headache of my life, so much so that I couldn't move my head with feeling like I was going to throw up!
      Anyway I hope your feet defrosted!

  26. Hello Sandra, you have obviously had a bad day.
    Sending you some gentle (((((hugs)))))
    Hope you feel better tomorrow
    Good night, God Bless
    Patricia xxx

  27. Good evening Sandra and all the ladies visiting the best coffee shop of all
    Where has today gone we have had tradesmen here working etc and only just got the chance to have five minutes to pop in for a latte, while I;m here I will tidy up and give a hoover around then all will be clean ready for tomorrow.
    Sandra what a stunning and very refreshing card reminding us that summer is on the way, well we hope it is! Another really beautiful card i love it.
    Well I hope all has gone well for Pat today and you are feeling comfortable now and that all goes well for Steph tomorrow and in the next few days while you are a good girl crafting away to while away the time I will be thinking of you little lady.
    Saba I know you are counting the days until you see Val be patient, it will not be too long, love to you both.
    Cheryl don't you go over doing things take it easy there is always another day not broken into. I was in a Range store at the weekend with my daughter she was looking of a bathroom mirror and I spied the dies you used on your man's card the cog ones they will be so good for my tractor cards yes tractor cards! Living in a rural area farmers love their tractors so these dies will be a great addition.
    Janet I really love my Daphne's Diary some or the recipes are really lovely, and the paper feels so lovely too. Looking forward to the next edition.
    Welcome to our new lady lovely to have you join us Wendy.
    Michele I hope all went well today and at least better than you were expecting, hang on in there lovely lady, you are doing a wonderful job.
    Hope Sam and Norah are ok, thinking of Sheila and her lovely daughter Nikki bless them, such sad news.
    Well that is the tidying all done so \i will put the key in our special place where we all know, enjoy the rest of your evening and have a good night's rest.
    Sweet dreams sweet ladies
    Love and hugs for all
    Margaret corgi owner

  28. Hi Sandra and all. Hang on Margaret and I'll give you a hand with the tidying up!
    Sandra, I'm not a fan of green but this is a fresh looking type and I can't imagine this card in any other colour - it's perfect in every way. I hope that you have a better day tomorrow, just know that we are here for you just as you have been here to lend a comforting shoulder for us to lean on.
    Pat, I don't know if you'll be checking in but I hope your op. was successful, sending you my best wishes.
    Sleep well! Sue xxx

  29. Hi everyone, just popped back to check everyone is ok ,Sandra hope you are having a good rest, you have been missed today take care and we will see you tomorrow, bright eyed and bushy tailed.. Jess x

  30. Hello Sandra,
    Where are you, you haven't been popping in and out today, I do hope you are not poorly.
    I've been using my Cheryl die to make a handbag, and if I say so myself it's magnificent. I'll have to say so myself because nobody else will!!!!
    Now I know how to do it, I'll make one for Elsa's mam (the baby being Christened) to put a little present in at the Christening. I've made another Card for the event because I wasn't happy with the one I'd done. I've finished the 65th birthday card, but am struggling with the 85th. Have you ever spent days doing a card (it's deciding on the colours mainly that takes me the longest) and then scrapping it and starting again. I just felt that it was too fussy for a baby.
    Myra, anyone who get's a sunburnt nose and drinks wine for lunch is all right in my book hic!
    I'll switch the kettle off at the socket and switch off the lights, but I'll not look up in case Sandra or Paul want to check up on the coffee shop.
    See you all tomorrow, have a safe journey Steph, thinking of you xx
    Love Maureen xxx

    1. Please send me a photo thenI can be happy for you too!

    2. I like to see your cheryl bag Maureen .
      Took me three days now to make a b.card for my dad and that's quick for being me lol and still not happy but off it goes in the morning, ce la vie' Maria xx

  31. Good Evening Ladies,
    I am so sorry for my absence this afternoon, I still wasn't a 100% today but felt better, then at about 11am I started with a headache, that continued to build to the point of being unbearable by 1pm, I then couldn't move my head without feeling like I was going to throw up! Anyway did manage to phone hospital and check on Pat, who's surgery went well this morning and when I called again later this afternoon she was still snoozing! So hopefully the worst of her pain is over! I will be speaking to her tomorrow and Sue and I will visit on Thursday.
    Welcome Wendy, I am so pleased you came back, you will be expected everyday now, be lovely having you xx
    I was so sad to read about Poor Sheila (Ginger), Lynda thank you so much for keeping us up to date, do you think Sheila would like to come and join the crowd in the Café I do feel she would get a good amount of support here, but I always feel awkward mentioning it as I don't want people thinking I am trying to drive the numbers up, although I am sure that you all must know me well enough to know that's not what the blog is about, I have spent more time plugging Sue's blog! lol. I just think that this is an amazing place for support, where people notice if you are missing, the care enough to comment and even take the time to call back and see how everyone is doing.
    I emailed the lady at Pink Frog Crafts to tell her how you were all interested in her booklet, she emailed me back to day to thank everyone for their kindness and support, they just wanted people to get the most out of virtually one die, I think a lot of the ideas could be used with sue's camellia dies too, but I haven't tried it yet.
    Anyway I am off to prepare tomorrows blog post.
    Thank you all for calling in.
    I genuinely love you all,
    Sandra xxxxx

  32. Sandra, Phew, was getting a tad worried, we genuinely love you too sweetie. Looks like Margaret and Sue and Maureen have got it in hand with the locking up tonight and dont worry about tomorrow, I've put a few scones in the oven and might make a banofee pie. One of us will open up and get the coffee machine on. You rest and get some peace till that headache is better.
    Gentlest of hugs.
    Saba XXXXX

  33. Hi Maria,
    Just in case you pop in late, I left your favourite cake in sealed up container to keep it fresh. Help yourself, I hope you are ok, I wasn't in after lunch today, but I think the girls have tidied round!
    Love ya lots
    Sandra xxxx

  34. Hi Sandra,
    A wonderful fresh, green coloured card with some really sweet stickpins, It's beautiful. I won't stay long, my sister-in-law and OH visit has left me quite tired so the bed is calling. I hope you feeling a lot better tomor/ later today. Thank you for the update from Pat and yes hope her problems now are over but will take some time before she's running, send her my love when you speak next or Thursday when visiting her. Take care Steph as well for your hospital stay, will be thinking of you. Saba and Val thinking of you too ! and stop throwing the knifes around, you might stab someone. Oh too late you stabbed yourself haven't you , just make sure that's not going on the bakes, don't think Sandra appreciate blood all over her lovely buns lol Hugs.
    Sorry! Can't stop thinking of poor Sheila, how awful for her and her daughter. Why does the world have to be so cruel to the loveliest people around us and keep the horrid ones ? I don't understand and I'm no believer..........
    I put the key back under where it's belong and see you later pm. swim and eye test in the morning and some window shopping so have a good night and lot of hugs Sandra and everyone else Maria xx

  35. Ps aaw thanks Sandra, I left the building nice and neat. No site of that pesky mouse or is it the pesky cully and tilly who chased it away ,oops wrong blog lol