Sunday, 22 March 2015

Double Designer Dad Card's Sam & Brenda (littlelamb) !

Good Sunday Morning my lovely Friends,
I thought that today I would bring you a couple of those cards that
give us a little more of challenge, that's right the Pesky
Man card!!!!
First card is courtesy of the very talented stamper ..Sam
Sam you have captured the feel of this scene amazingly,
your clouds look 3D, its a gorgeous card, almost looking through
a window at a scene in the distance, thank you Sam for allowing
me to show this masterpiece with our blog sisters!

This Fabulous card is courtesy of Brenda (littlelamb)
Again the background of the card is the perfect backdrop for
the Hot Air Balloons, which have been coloured to perfection,
I am not sure whether the background is a real piece of a map or
whether its a paper from a collection, either way its genius, I guess
if you use a map you could use somewhere that has meaning to the
recipient, where the live or a favourite place.
Hopefully Brenda will let us know whether this is a stamped image
(the balloons that is) or a decoupage image.
Thank you Brenda for allowing me to share your masterpiece with
your blog sisters here in the café!

Well Ladies our plans have unfortunately had to be changed as I was so
unwell yesterday I went for a quick nap and woke up 5 hours later,
I think It may be a result of so many sleepless nights and I do mean sleepless,
I was still awake when Milo came to visit to wake us up at between 3 and 4 am
every morning for 5 days, so I got up fed him and Bella and then went back to bed,
tossed and turned and was still awake when Pauls alarm went off and then when Sue's
blog went live at 6 am!  So I think that my body decided that yesterday was the day it neede
a catch up, I am sincerely hope that's all that's wrong, every time I tried to do anything
my heart was racing so fast it made me feel light headed, with a cracker of a headache
to boot, I layed me head on that pillow and that was it, you always fee rubbish after sleeping in the
day though don't you? So today we have to go shopping for the Girls Work Experience clothes,
which frustrates me a little, buying clothes for 5 days work experience, of course they
couldn't possibly wear anything they have, although they do mainly wear jeans and leggings!
So that's our plans, clothes shopping for twins! Wish me luck as we head off for the
joy that is Swindon! As I am not a fan of Oxford I'm afraid, to many tourists.
Oh and the girls won their match!!!! YAY
Well I hope you all have a fabulous day whatever you are doing,
Love and hugs to all of you!


  1. Lord only knows why the blog post has posted itself in that ridiculous layout,
    I may have to go edit it!
    Everything switched on, croissants keeping warm! Be back later, hopefully might have had hoe visitor by then xxxx

  2. Morning Ladies

    Goodness-think i'm first in the cafe!!
    Sandra-sorry you felt poorly yesterday, hope you're feeling better today ready for your shopping trip.

    Wow-two stunning cards today. Sam-is your card a watercolour? It looks like it.
    Brenda-great card & love those hot air ballons, please explain how you stamped + coloured them, if they are a stamp.

    As I'm up so early I can get the housework done then get into the garden after lunch. Brilliant sunshine again today but it's been frosty overnight. Unfortunately the sunshine shows all the dust but thats going to have to wait.

    Hope everyone has a pleasant & relaxing Sunday.


  3. Good morning everyone,
    Where do I start?
    Sam, that is a truly special work of art. I feel as though I can walk straight into the scene. The shading of the clouds is spectacular.

    Brenda, your card is amazing, I want to hitch a ride and fly away with your balloons. I'm taking it that the recipient is a balloonist?
    Is the map from an old AA book? I did similar background using my AA pocket Atlas for my brothers cards when they had passed their driving test and used a map showing the roads to where they lived.
    However your day is planned, I wish you all well
    hugs Cheryl xxx

  4. Good morning Sandra and the Coffee Shop Ladies.
    We have wakened up to another gorgeous sunny day.
    SAM:- that card is stunning, those clouds are AMAZING I feel I could put my hand in them they are so 3D.
    BRENDA:- love, love, love the Hot Air Balloons. Genius idea using the map, love it.
    SANDRA:- sending some ((((((hugs))))) in hope you feel much better as the day goes on.
    John has a metal elbow joint and a plate from that down his arm. Guess what ..... he hardly ever gets stopped at Airport Secutity ..... me on the otherhand I always get stopped. Even in the USA where they seem to go more OTT than we do, he does not seem to get stopped that often.
    Will pass on anything to eat just now, must move myself and have a shower.
    Have a great day ladies. I will eave a basket of Hugs by the door please help yourself.
    Will be back later to see how you have been behaving..........badly!!!.
    Patricia xxx

  5. Good morning Sandra and ladies. As you can read on Patricia's blog it's a beautiful day, just waiting for big sis to have her shower then I must move and have mine, it's great just be lazy, I don't do it often but I have to say I have enjoyed our trip, plus I have slept so well, unheard of me having to full nights sleep in a row, it must be the air here, can't say its the country air as I live right smack in the middle of the country.
    Sam I just love your card, those clouds are fantastic.
    Brenda, again I just love your card and what you have done, it's given me great ideas.
    Oh that big sis out better move our I will be getting I to trouble - not really but anyway I must go. Hazel x

  6. Morning Sandra, and all the coffee shop visitors,
    Coffee and a croissant sounds perfect for now. I will have a closer look at these lovely cards. 2 great gent's cards today. The stamping is lovely Sam, it's not something I have done much of. The hot air balloons are so pretty. My husband missed a trip in one several years ago, because the guy he was at the air show with refused to sleep in the tent they had, so they went to someone's house that night, and in the morning the balloon owner was going around the tents he knew, looking for passengers for an early morning balloon ride. Derek never forgave his wimpy friend for that
    .I am so sorry you have had a bad day, I know I never seem right when I sleep late. Luckily I can get by on just a few hours, probably years of practice, I can remember in the past I needed, and usually got, my full 8 hours.
    Finished off another little pair of crochet baby trainers last night. Feels like I have had a production line going on them this winter, too many friends becoming grandparents, and these things are just so cute they make a perfect little gift.
    OK coffee finished, see you all later

  7. Good morning Ladies...

    Just been catching up with all your wonderful cards and projects and ooohing and aaahing over obviously more than interested in Sue's (Mrs B) Lyra bag for obvious reasons...doesn't that die work well even in horizontal layout and with a squared-off bottom - for some reason my curvy bottom has been giving people problems (Oo-err missus!)...and Myra's bag is stupendous, spent ages looking at all the details...beautifully done Myra...

    Love today's cards and Sam, I have that Sheena stamp too...must get it out again and have another play...

    Sandra - go and see your doctor....not that I'm trying to bully you but it sounds as if it would be a good idea...hope you're feeling better today though...


    1. Hi Izzy
      My curvy bottom has been causing problems for years!!! :) xxx

  8. Hi Sandra and all the lovely cafe ladies
    Sandra thank you for showing two beautiful cards today they really are stunning.
    Sam your clouds are fantastic and that is such a pretty scene, what a beautiful card for a dad xxxx
    Brenda love your card too those balloons remind me of the local balloon festival many years ago, there is something magical seeing balloons floating in the sky on a summers day. I like your map background too. Now I think I could use a map rather than tear up a book, funny isn't it. Cheryl I like your idea of using maps with relevance to the recipient (hark at me this early and after a late night too!).
    Sandra sorry to hear you were poorly again yesterday, your body has a way of digging in its heels sometimes and saying enough! I hope you can find something for the girls really quickly and get back home to enjoy the sunshine. You never know if they are buying fashionable black trousers they may wear them when they go out with friends as a change from leggings and jeans! They do surprise us sometimes!!
    Well I must stop being lazy and get on with the day. I've got to go food shopping today and catch up on washing which has all been ignored whilst I concentrated on the cake!
    See you all later
    Love Diane xxx

  9. Sorry, forgot to say...

    Sue (Mrs. B)....thanks for telling us how you made that nifty buckle - SB Framed Tags have now gone on the wish list as even I'm getting fed up with that oval buckle I've been using lately.....can't afford to buy them now as my crafting budget has been shot to pieces because I wasted so much money buying new carpets, sofa and kitchen flooring last month!


  10. Good morning Sandra and the lovely ladies,
    Coffee and croissants sound delicious so thank you that's what I'll have.
    So sorry you won't be getting your safari park day out Sandra, but hope you enjoy shopping with your girls. I do hope you aren't coming down with something.
    What gorgeous mans cards today.
    Sam your clouds are amazing and your little cottage looks so 3D. You really are a talented colourist. And your matting is so precise, gorgeous.
    Brenda, I love your balloons and the idea of using a map. Did you make them using stamp or a die? It's a fabulous card.
    It's tidy up day for me. My craft area needs sorting out big time and everything put away until I get back so that I can concentrate on everything that needs to be done before I come home on Wednesday. 5 weeks is a long time to be away and I like to try and make sure Hubby has everything sorted before I go.
    Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.
    Hugs Saba xxx

  11. Morning Sandra and ladies, coffe and croissant sound good to me, firstly sorry you had a rotten day yesterday, maybe you should get to the doctor and get a wee pick me up or something.
    Sam your card is lovely, you really are an artist!
    Brenda love the balloons on the map, I have used maps before but with cars on them, could this be a die, I have seen something's like this and pondered about getting it, but you have made my mind up for me, and it will be on a my must buy list!
    Take care everyone, will pop back later. Jess x

  12. Morning Sandra and Lovely ladies,
    Wow love both of these cards, Sam , you can look right into your card as if looking out a window.
    Brenda love the balloons but the map is a bit of genius, never thought of doing that.
    Sandra sorry you have not been feeling good, get home early and have a rest.
    Patricia your airport story, I carry a asthmatic puffer and always get my bag pulled apart to find it, they seem to think it could be a gun lol.
    Will sit and people watch for a little while then I must go and do some tidying up and sorting out.
    CWendy xx

    1. Hi Wendy
      Did you get your junior plates p & p free because you have amazon prime? From .
      I am desperate to get some!
      Not Wendy D today?
      Sandra xxxx

    2. Changed my name back lol. No postage charge at all , I don't belong to amazon prime. You might get them off e-bay also, they are a lot less hassle if you are only using small dies. I reckon that I use them most of the time now.
      hugs xx

  13. Hi Sandra
    I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been having much sleep over the last few days, and are feeling under the weather today. Hopefully you just needed to catch up on your sleep.
    Sam your card is lovely. I have this stamp but just haven't used it yet. Would be lovely to hear how you did your clouds. I have a cloud stamp which I bought a couple of years ago at the NEC. But you can only do 6x6 cards with it.
    Brenda. Your balloon card is lovely as well. I to have used a map as a background for a mans card, but have put cars on top of it. I'm dieing to know if the balloons are a stamp or a die as well. Can we have some of your Irish fresh air over here Patricia and Hazel. It sounds like a few of us could use some air that makes us sleep. Will look back later ladies.

  14. Good Afternoon Sandra and all those who pop in!
    We have two lovely cards again today!
    Sam - your clouds are so realistic - a real British sky! I wish I could colour and shade as well as you can. Thank you for sharing your lovely card.
    Brenda - what a clever idea to put the balloons above a map! Cards for men are so difficult but that would suit all ages. I can't decide about these balloons . It could be a die cut or a stamp. The only similar thing I've used was a sheet of peel off stickers when we did a large picture with the children! It was what " Hilda Ogden" used to call a Muriel ! We had several flying above our countryside scene! You have brought back memories! Thank you.
    Now Maureen - I'm still being good - balloons - hot air - Muriel ! All Hilda Ogden , honestly!
    Sandra - so sorry you had a bad day yesterday - well a bad few night's really. Hope things go well today and you feel lots better. xx
    To our overseas travellers! - enjoy the Titanic Experience! Just come back, please!
    Lots of love to everyone, including special hugs to Sheila, Nikki , Norah and Sam.xxxx
    Love to all,
    Myra xxxx

  15. Hi ladies. Well this is my third attempt. First I pressed the Sign Out instead of publish and lost my message then got halfway through it the second time and the screen went blank. Third time lucky.
    SANDRA. Thank you for showing my card today. Sorry you were so unwell yesterday which means you have missed your Safari trip today. Will you be able to go next week instead? Hope you are feeling less tired today and manage the trip to Swindon.
    Sam. Really like your card especially the sky. That is a work of art. A very good man's card.
    Well now to my card. Thank you all for your comments. I got the idea of using the maps because I had to move my large bookcase for British Gas to put in a new air vent. I had to take all the books out and decided to throw away the maps (put then in the recycle bin) but then had the idea to recycle them myself. This was a card I made for my son. I chose this map as it shows Tenby which has always been a favourite with all of us. We now take the grandchildren there. The Hot Air Balloon is a Sweet Dixie Die. I bought it from Sunrise Crafts who have the Sweet Dixie dies but I cannot see this one anymore. I have Googled it and found quite a few places selling it on EBay etc., I cut the balloon out of craft card then pencilled in slightly on another piece of card where to do the colouring. I used Promarkers to colour then stuck the balloons on the card and cut round them. Layered it onto black card then put it on craft card.
    Hope you all have a good day. Is it Patrica and Hazel who are going to the Titanic Rxperience. I must have missed that. I would be very interested in seeing that as a distant cousin of mine was a fireman on there and survived the disaster. Will just make myself a latte.

  16. Hello Sandra and everyone,
    Sandra, you must have been exhausted to have slept for that length of time. I hope you still managed to get some sleep last night. Please take it steady, we can't have you out of action. Hope you managed to sort the girls trousers out.
    When daughter No 1s son went on work experience he got a placement in London right in the city. He had to have a suit. He thought he was the bees knees. The whole experience was a real buzz to him. He loved it.

    SAM, I love your card. How did you get your clouds so perfect. You really are a very talented lady when it comes to colouring.

    BRENDA, Those Hot Air balloons are gorgeous, love how you have used a map, it really makes it feel that the ballons are going on a journey.

    Have done all the prep for dinner, so better now think about lunch. Just had a thought maybe we could come into the cafe for lunch. - NO not a good idea - John doesn't do 'virtual' food.

    Patrica and Hazel Hope you are making the most of your last few hours in the Emerald Isle. LOL

    Will stop by later, love Brenda xxx

    1. Oh Brenda, I like that! My husband doesn't do virtual food either! Pity it would save so much work before and after!
      Love Myra xxx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      Hasn't it been a beautiful day? We did get to Swindon shopping, let me share something with you though, shopping for and with identical twins is a bloody nightmare! They both like the same thing, so it's just a case of who sees it first! Then we have the size issue, neither of them like to try clothes on, but I refuse to buy things that are going to need returning, we must have been in the same shop 5 times, then we decided that we needed a grey cardigan, paul by this time had all but list the will to live! So the have one dress each and I refused to buy black trousers that they will never wear again so I got them smart black jeans, and they do look smart, no rips or tears and proper black!
      They gave a pretty blouse each and cardigan!
      Luckily we had about 20 mins left to call into the Range where I purchased a value pack of 12 x 12 Papermania blue patterned paper, with if came 2 metres of wide crocheted lace ribbon, a pack of bows, a pack of 12 doilies and some paper rosettes, all for 12.99, which was quite good value! (Sorry Mrs B I copied your colour choice) !
      Tell john that this virtual food is so good for you, no calories, fat or cholesterol ! I think it might catch on!
      What's for dinner tonight mumma B ?
      We have good old roast chicken this week, I am going to try it in my Halogen Oven, any tips!?
      Paul's on the roast potatoes, always have spring cabbage with plenty of butter too! Oh my Tummy's rumbling,
      Love and hugs
      Sandra xxxx

    3. Hi Sandra, Your shopping trip sounds exhausting. But you did get results, well done for sticking at it. It's bad enough when I have been shopping with our 15 yr old granddaughter - but with two !!!! No wonder Paul was loosing the will to live.
      I have never used a Halogen oven. They look great and can be used to cook almost everything, what else do have you cooked in it?
      We have Gammon for dinner tonight and It's almost ready, Roast potatoes lots of veg and Yorkshire puddings. We should have leftovers for tomorrow's dinner.
      Hope you have a lovely restful evening. Love Brenda xxx

  17. Janet Ecco of Sheffield22 March 2015 at 14:57

    Hello everyone - well we have a beautiful day here with clear skies and sunshine. It's really lovely to see one or two daisy in the lawn and the daffs lifting their heads. Perhaps Spring has at last arrived.
    Sam - what an artist you are - I'm in awe of your skills. Each card I see sets the hairs on the back of my neck tingling - Oh how I wish I could create such a beautiful scene.
    Brenda - Those Hot Air Balloons of yours are travelling so sedately across that wonderful idea of the map of yours. You too have such a talent for colour which produces wonderful creations. I have some very talented friends here.

    Have been and bought one or two things towards going back to Marigny and have prepped for tea tonight so it's now feet up time. Have a good afternoon everyone.
    Sandra -I really do hope you;re feeling somewhat better than you have for the last few days. Please take care. We need you here with us in this wonderful cafe of yours. Hugs are on their way.

    See you all tomorrow. Janet - hugs are in their usual place.

    1. Hi Janet
      Would you believe two of my neighbours have cut their grass already this year!!! I could believe it! We are not into keeping up with the neighbours with their gardens - they are all retired so can potter all day!
      Love Diane xxx

  18. Afternoon all, just had a quick check and Memory Box do hot air balloon dies, not quite the same as the ones Brenda used, check with your favourite craft supplier, happy hunting, Jess x

  19. H Sandra and all in the cafe. Sorry to hear that you had a bad day yesterday. It is a right bugger when our bodies take over isn't it! I know how frustrating it is when that happens. But you must have needed it so I hope that you are feeling better today, or at least when you went out this morning. I bet you are feeling less good now after your shopping trip. I hope that the girls have their clothes now though. Say congratulations to them on winning yesterday please. Sorry you have had to miss the safari park visit today. Will you be able to do it next Sunday instead? We try to get to Longleat at least once a year as a family, it is our favourite one, and I love the house too. The monkeys usually spend a little time on our car but we have never had it stripped like they do to some, luckily.
    Thank yo for showing us two cards that are perfect for the men, as they really are the hardest to do aren't they!
    Sam, your card is beautiful, the stamping and colouring are brilliant, I wish I could come up with something half as good:)
    Brenda, your card is gorgeous. I love the balloons, they are stunning. The colours you have used are perfect : ) Re: your gorgeous zentangled bowl. I didn't realise that you had made it yourself too. Wow, you are one clever lady!
    I will have to have a look at the balloon die as I have used the idea before on cards but had to cut them out by hand as I don't have a die or a stamp.
    I also often use maps as you can make the card really personal then. I save any maps or road atlas's and my family and friends all pass their old ones on to me too as I am always looking for certain places and of course you only get that on one page in any map/road atlas don't you!
    Izzy thank you for your kind comment. I must admit that the buckle die is ok but it is a little bit bigger, even after trimming it down, than I would have liked but I gave up trying to cut one by hand after about my 4th attempt and this was the only die I had in my small collection that was anywhere near to what I wanted. I should have thought about making the card earlier than I could have had a look through Sandra and Pat's dies as they would have had something better. Any way, it worked out ok but I just wanted you to know that it's not ideal before you go and buy it.
    Pat, I hope you are still behaving and not doing too much! Sit out in the sun if you can though, it will do you the power of good, as long as you don't get cold : )
    Maureen, I have missed sitting with you at our table you every day this week I think! I am just not on top of things at the moment. I think we all have the same problem. Once you get behind it is so hard to catch up isn't it! It will be so good to be able to actually sit with you in October, not that I am looking forward to meeting you or anything : )
    Well, that's me done. I'm going to lie back down now. Yes, a bed day for me, sort f knew it would be like this after dong too much yesterday. It all went well so it was worth it : )
    Take care my lovely. xx

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Blimey, sorry, I didn't realise I had written so much!
    The condensed version is
    Sandra love you, Sam and Brenda, love the cards. Take care everyone xx

  22. Good evening everyone!!
    Well things did not go quite to plan. Not in a bad way really, I had a Text from Oriel this morning asking if we would like to join the family for Sunday Lunch.
    We decided we would take up the offer ...... we now have a great excuse to come back again to do the Titanic Experience.......!!!
    We have just got back after a fantastic Lunch. Two daughters, their hubbies and all of the 5 grandchildren. Beautiful,lunch, we are both stuffed, I have eaten more this weekend than I have in the past week .... I am being totally serious. Tell you what it is a strict diet for me next week.
    We were up smart and out to do the City Tour. The bus picked us up at the Hotel and dropped back there again. John, Oriel's husband picked us up and drove us to the farm via a different route this time.
    Might not manage back in today it will be late before I get back to the Ranch this evening.
    Better spend some time with John before I collapse in a heap after a long day.
    Hope everyone has had a good day.
    Hugs, Patricia xxx

    1. Welcome home Patricia, glad you had a lovely time, get some rest now and enjoy some time with John.
      Love Saba xxx

  23. Hello Sandra,
    I'm sorry to read that you were poorly yesterday, and hope you feel much better today and that the shopping trip hasn't tired you out. I bet the girls look smart in their new outfits.
    Sam's card is gorgeous, the colouring is done to perfection. I really like it Sam.
    Brenda, did you do this card before you damaged your wrist because it's super duper and the balloon die is great.
    Well go on, someone ask me what I've been doing today! Woke up feeling a fit as a lop and after breakfast decided to do some washing - who put the white tissue in with the dark blue wash? grrr! Then thought, "I know, I'll do some gardening" so into the front garden and spent a couple of hours there, I even got the grass cut - well George cut it because since I broke my elbow & wrist I don't seem to have the strength to wrestle with the lawn mower.
    Then we had lunch which George cooked, roast beef etc. - delicious. After that we had to go shopping for card to match that given to me by year 2 teacher so this afternoon I have been cutting, sticking, matching - you get the idea, took nearly 2 hours and this is the first chance I've had to join you. I'm going to do my ironing next and then I might collapse!!!
    Patricia and Hazel, I'm glad you're having such a good time, I love Ireland, and presumably you managed to sleep through without an alarm to disturb you!! Is the Titanic exhibition there permanently?
    Myra, I'm so pleased you are being good. Some people would say that I wouldn't need a balloon to go flying because I am full of hot air, but of course you would never even think that!!! lol I remember the Muriel, but I'm more refined than Hilda Ogden, more like Minnie Cauldwell.
    Saba, I didn't realise that you were coming over for 5 weeks, that must take some organising to make sure things run smoothly at the German end.
    Mrs B, it will be great to actually have a cuppa together and a real natter. I wish George would eat virtual food - I'd be rich!!!
    Janet, I hope you are ok and are getting sorted for France.
    Well, must go and do my ironing but I'll have to pick the tissue off everything first!!! I'll be back later and will catch up then.
    The sun is still shining in God's Country, Newcastle.
    Love, Muriel xxx

    1. Yes Maureen I did do this before I broke my wrist. Couldn't manage it now. Thank you for your kind comments on my card. My sister and I are not twins but our birthdays are two days apart and we often ended up wearing the same things although now she lives 100 miles away so don't know now if we do.

    2. Oh Maureen at least you didn't tumble dry the clothes with the tissue in, that's even worse- it goes so fluffy!!! You have been busy, make sure you have a rest tomorrow and I'm sure the ironing can wait. Enjoy your evening, I've got the red wine so Proust !
      Love Diane xxx

    3. Oh i forgot to say I loved good old Hilda and her Muriel, and can remember Mini Caldwell - you sure your not Ena Sharples - what a dreadful hat she used to wear!!! Lol
      Diane xxx

    4. Oh Maureen! I just hate when that happens!
      How can one little tissue cause so much havoc? I once pulled shirts out of the washer and found three ten pound notes looking at me! My son had left them in his shirt pocket. When he came home they were on the kitchen radiator drying! I told I didn't do money laundering! Xxx

  24. Hi Sandra,
    Sorry but have been a funny kind of day so only now had a chance to pop in.
    Sad you had a bad day too Sandra but they do catch up with you these sleepless nights and not when you want them to either huff !
    Sam, your card is wonderful ! Love how you made the clouds and the depth ,looking in a window out and the stamping is ace !
    Littlelamb, yours is also perfect for the pesky men, love the hot air balloons and with the map behind it's great ! I can see us all now serching for that die or something similar lol
    Hazel and Patricia, hope your trip goes well coming back , actually would be fun to hear something happened tihi we all need a laugh.........
    Dinner ready so I'll be back again, see you in a while crocodile
    Hugs Maria xx

    1. Thank you for the comments on my card. There seems to be quite a few dies around now for hot air balloons but I like this one best.

    2. Maria. Are you the one that cause me to get stopped by the police coming out of Perth??? They gave me a little warning as I was doing 34 in a 30.naughty me, I was just wanting home. But it was one of those stop things, checking tyres, tax insurance, lights etc. there was a car pulled in to the side guy standing next to it on his phone, he wasn't going any where according to the policeman dealing with me, no was getting book thrown at him he failed everything, they had pulled him in for a head light not working, I bet he wished he had fixed it? Other one was pulled in across the other side of the road with only 1 light working, I wonder if he had other faults. I would have wonder if my tyres or that weren't good it's just been MOT and taxed and insured last month. Any way all home safe and sound. Me I am in the wide awake club!!! Just having a nice cup of tea thank you, money in the pot, will put key in the save place. Hazel x

  25. Hi ladies, just a quick hello have been streaming in a cold for 3 days as has Tilly we are both struggling to throw it off which is unusual. Love both today's cards they are equally fab in their own right.

    Hoping to feel better by tomorrow as have teacher Easter gifts to finish!

    Have been outlet shopping and to more ribbon a girl can never have too much!

    Hope to be back with you properly tomorrow xxxx

    1. Hi Alson, Sorry Tilly and you haven't been well. What are you making for Easter Gifts. I'm sure they'll be lovely as you put a lot of thought into teacher's gifts.
      hope you do feel better in the morning , xxx

    2. Hi Alison, hope you both feel better tomorrow, and you are right, I'm a ribbon addict too and you can never have too much. I bought 1 metre of the most gorgeous ribbon recently. It was apparently recycled silk sari, and I will never,part with it!
      Hugs Saba xxx

  26. Hi Sandra,
    Glad you got your shopping done, and you managed to get clothes that they will wear again.
    There's been many a time when George has bought a new item of clothing, and we've gone to his mam's and David has been wearing the identical item. We once got a new car and went to his mam's to show her. The family came to the front of the house and looked at it and David said "come around the back". So off we trotted and guess what - same car, same colour, same engine size, everything. It's so spooky.
    Sam, I meant to ask what stamp did you use on your fab card?
    Just realised that I'm hungry so off to make myself a sandwich, then bath, then back to see who's been in.
    Love to all
    Muriel xxx

  27. Hi I'm back, let's have some coffee and cake for dessert after our dinner yes,
    Glad you got something for the girls in the end, can't be easy as you say with two and if they like the same things as well. Do they usually go for different colours or ?
    The one who seemed been busy this morning too is our lovely Maureen, have you got me up from the floor yet ? Like the stories about twins, Norah is one too, isn't she ? do miss her here and at Sue's wonder if she is ok.
    Steph and Patwyn why are you not here.....
    At dinner we were watching 'the chase' it was celebrity's and they did fantastic against the chaser and won £100.000 for their chosen charity, it was great.
    Barbipinkfairy and Tilly, I really hope you are feeling a lot better by tomorrow. Tilly got Easter break soon ?
    Pat I hope you getting on well after your hip replacing ?
    and Saba are you filling the freezer for your OH so han can just put it in the micro ? Is he coming over at all while you are here ? Send your sister my love. Mum starting her radiation tomorrow, three times a week over three weeks, 1 hour drive from where they live so it will be a hurdle to do. Enough of that. I wish you all a good night, going down to London tomorrow so will be late but will try to pop in just to say Hi when back home.
    You all take care now, watch how you go. Sleep good ,
    Love and Hugs Maria xxx

    1. Hello Maria,
      Yes I am filling the freezer, washing everything and generally trying to get the house spotless so he doesn't have much to do. Bless him, he copes when I am away, but then when I get back it usually all needs doing again although he does run the vac around the day before I arrive. I think that's the limit of his cleaning. But I am not complaining because he never begrudges me my time at home. When my dad was ill I often spent 3 months a time in the UK so that it didn't all fall on Vals shoulders and my hubby was brilliant about it. Mind you we both believe in family being the most important thing and I help him here with his lovely mum who needs a lot of support. He won't be able to come over while I am here though, somebody has to earn the pennies!
      I feel for you knowing how far you are from your mum, it's so hard isn't it. Hope all goes well for her.
      Love and hugs Saba xxx

    2. Hi Maria
      I hope your mums treatment goes well, it is such a worry when they don't live near you so you have to rely on phone calls . Take care love Diane xxx

    3. Maria, Hope all goes well with Mum's treatment . I used to think it was hard with my parents in Scotland but for you it is much worse. At least I could go by car. Xx

    4. Myra,
      Hope all goes well for you mam. I'm sending love and prayers for her and your family.
      Much love xxxxx

    5. Maria, positive thoughts for your mum and her treatment. Yes like with Saba and Val it's hard to live so far from them, but please,please only think the positive thoughts. It works. Hazel x

  28. Coooo. eeeeeee!
    Anybody there? You sound as if you've been overdoing things!
    We've had a quiet day today after yesterday's lunch and crafting session. Been preparing for children tomorrow , like you Maureen. Also got crafting at a Nursing Home on Tuesday! Hope I get out at the end!
    Myra xxxxx

  29. Hi Myra,
    I just popped in to see what you are all up to. I have finally tidied all my craft things away, cooked and eaten dinner and am now relaxing with a glass of the usual white stuff. I watched songs of praise whilst I was cooking, some lovely hymns but a bit too much happy clapping as well. Most of it was about Leicester cathedral and what is to happen there on Black Thursday. At least the florist has put some white roses in the flower displays so they haven't totally ignored the fact that he was Richard of YORK.
    You be careful on Tuesday, I'd hate for you to get locked in there, it would be no good shouting " I'm not a resident " they would just think you were loopy droopy!

    Maureen, yes I am coming for 5 weeks and yes it takes some organisation, I am now going into panic mode? It sounds like a long time, but honestly it flies by. I stay initially with our youngest daughter Joanne in Cheshire, she picks me up from the airport. Then I head up to the holy land to see the eldest daughter Rachel and of course Val with whom I shall be staying to give her hubby a break. I usually borrow a car from Rachel's MIL. A little bright yellow sporty number, the car, not the MIL.
    Rachel's MIL is one of the nicest people I know. She is fabulous with our grandchildren and there is never any competition between us for their love, we have become best friends, So much so that my other grandchild Oliver has adopted her as an extra Granny, he gets confused that his cousins call her granny and assumes she is his granny as well and she loves having an extra one.
    Then I hope to get over to our cottage for a few days to check everything is alright. And the next few weeks will be spent travelling between the two daughters so that I get to see as much of the grandchildren as possible.
    Oh and in between all that, I am taking Joanne to London to the theatre for her birthday and Ally Pally on the Sunday.
    So you see 5 weeks is not nearly enough.
    I've rabbitted on a it haven't I?
    Think I. Need another glass of the White stuff now?
    Xxxx Saba

    1. Hi Saba,
      You are going to be a very busy bee! I get this picture of you in the sporty little number! Not sure how as I've no idea what you look like.
      You have a very nice , kind husband . He will miss you and you will miss him but I guess sacrifices have to be made when there families in two countries! At least you are reasonably near - as opposed to those who have families in Australia or New Zealand. I think that must be so very difficult.
      Is it ok to ask Sandra to send me your email address? We never actually finished that conversation. No problem if you not happy .

    2. Saba, sorry,I put that very badly. What I will do is ask Sandra to send my email address to you and then you can reply or not as you see fit!
      Sorry! Xxx

    3. Myra, I am more than happy. I would love to have your email.
      As to my hubby, he really is a sweetie, drives me to distraction sometimes, goodness knows how he finds anything at all when I am not here, because he can't find anything at all when I am here, but I do love him to bits.
      The little yellow devil is something else. I love driving it. Need two hands to get it to go into reverse, feel every bump in the road, can only fit one very small suitcase in the boot, but get that top down, stereo on and I am up and down that M6 like a whirlwind.
      I am normally quite a sedate person!!!

    4. We couldn't go to the Retreat in that then?
      We'll just call you Penelope Pit-Stop! Xxx

    5. Myra, I think I have just sent you an email. Xxxx

    6. I haven't received it as yet! Thank you! Xxxx

    7. Hi Saba (and Myra),
      Son in law and Rachel have sporty little number, red MGB nicknamed Algie (ALG) last three letters. When I'm in it (not very often) with Rachel wearing silk headsquare and sunglasses a la Grace Kelly people look at us. Then I get out and they look away lol. I'm nearly on my knees when I get out - not a pretty sight.
      Myra, I've washed and ironed £10 notes before, so I guess I am a money launderer. What I want to know is - how come George has so much money!!!
      Muriel xxx

    8. Don't thank me yet, I am not sure if it works. I logged in as a follower on the site, then clicked on that red box thing and it shows all Sandra's followers names. Clicked on you and clicked send email. It will only work if you have "allowed other members of this site" to send you an email. So if not you may have to,go into,settings and "allow it".
      Does that make sense? Xxx

    9. Hi SABA
      I can just imagine you whizzing about in a little sporty number. Go careful driving on the other side of the road. We don't want the yellow peril damaged now do we. Can you pop down and tidy my craft room up as well please. I started to do it before my op, but couldn't get to the top shelves so gave up. No bending no stretching either at the moment, keep your hips together is the order of the day. Might join you in a glass of the White stuff if Pete gets it fir me. Mind you he might say no then I'm stuffed. I'm using his chair to sit in at the moment, so I can put my legs up now and again. But it's a manual chair so he has to keep putting my legs up and down for me. Stay safe when driving in the yellow peril.

    10. Muriel, I used to have a red MGB. Loved it to bits and cried when we moved over here and I had to sell it. I called her Rosie.
      What's funny about the yellow devil is it really turns heads and then when you stop at a petrol station and get out and they spot this old person driving it you can see the shock on their faces. Like ughhh old person and not gorgeous young bit of whatsit!

    11. Hi Pat,
      I think keeping your hips together is a good idea and I love the idea of Pete lifting your legs up and down bless him. I am sure he won't mind getting you that glass of white stuff. As for your craft room, just leave it till I get there, you'll know its me when you hear the yellow devil from a mile away!!
      Love Saba xxx

    12. Oh Maureen we had an MGB before we had the children! I've put that badly - clearly I was the one who gave birth - but we did refer to them as ours! My Mum used to say exactly the same thing! We had the car until our older son was three months old! His carrycot got wedged on the back seat, thing! Safe - not by today's standards! Xxx

    13. Myra!!! We did too, we used to sit them on that little parcel shelf on the back. No safety belt either. The mind boggles, were we just irresponsible?
      I don't think my email worked, I have asked Sandra to send mine to you. Xxx

  30. Hi Sandra and all the lovely ladies
    Gosh I didn't envy you your shopping trip today Sandra. I've just got the one and shopping with her is a nightmare so two must be twice as bad! The few times Julian comes with us he can't believe how dreadful she is. Mind you I hate it when you go looking for something and nothing fits or you can't find what you want! I was in Holland and Barrett today and saw they had some sleep pads that you stuck to your feet! They use homeopathic oils and reflexology points. They sounded interesting. I used to use sleep bands from Boots, they worked on pressure points on your wrists and didn't make you feel groggy the next day. They don't sell them any more which is a shame. Horlicks works for me ! It's awful when you can't sleep isn't it.
    Well I got the food shopping done and this afternoon we went for a lovely walk in the sunshine at the country park. By the time we got home it was time to put te roast pork in and get dinner organised. I'm quite tired tonight (red wine doesn't help!) so will be heading to bed early tonight I think to get ready for another busy week!
    Saba you are good getting things organised for your husband. I like to clean the house before we go away- my husband thinks I'm mad but there's something lovely about returning to a tidy house. You must be so excited you will see val soon. Xxx
    Mrs B and Pat take it easy ladies and remember to rest xxx
    Hazel and Patricia safe journey home, it sounds like you have had an amazing weekend xxx
    Well I must go, Sandra I will try and send you photos this week of my uncles cake and card. If I'm still awake later I will pop in for a night cap.
    Barbie pink fairy I hope you and Tilly feel better soon. Oh my goodness outlet shopping and you found ribbon, where was that . I love ribbon, you can never have too much ribbon can you! Xxx
    See you later or tomorrow if I fall asleep!
    Love Diane xxx

  31. Diane, I am just the same. When we go on holiday together, the very last thing I do, literally just before we walk out of the door, is pour bleach down all the plug holes and toilet. He laughs and says how awful it would be if we had burglars and they found a dirty house.
    For a minute there I thought you had gone to Holland today. I quite fancy those sleep pads for your feet!
    Hugs Saba xxx

    1. |I agree Saba , those sleep pad things sound great, I have resorted to various methods over the years, Night Nurse works like a dream but you feel rubbish the next day, its also addictive and as I have been on morphine for 7 years I don't need any other vices to add to my list, I take a large dose of Amytriptilene, it used to work but no more, a poor sleep pattern is hard thing to break! Mine probably goes back to breast feeding twins, two hourly, phew I am exhausted just mentioning it!
      I am also with you, bleach every bleachable surface and orifice, so you come back to a odour free home! I always change the beds too, because that first night home in your own bed with clean sheets, oh its just heaven!

  32. Hi ladies,
    Well I got into the bath, hell of a job to get back out. I'd seized up as I was lying reading a magazine and suddenly realised the water was quite cool.
    I'm with you Saba (not literally), everything has to be sorted, tidied and cleaned when we leave to go away. As you say, bleach down sinks and toilets last thing. I hate coming back to an untidy house and George always says, just leave it. As if I could.
    Diane, are you going to Holland, when did I miss that?
    I'm off to bed as I'm dog tired.
    Muriel xx

    1. Night night love, sleep well. Xxxx

    2. Night Night Maureen!
      I, too, am a mad cleaner! Can't be embarrassed by burglars finding an untidy house! Xxx

    3. Oooh Maureen my clogs are killing me! No never been to holland but have been to the shop that sells vitamins and things.
      Night night
      Love Diane xxx

  33. Maria are you still in, I cant see you but you might be in the loo?

    1. HimSandra, I think Maria is having an early night, as she is popping down to London tomorrow.
      How are you feeling now? not too exhausted from your shopping trip I hope.
      Would you mind giving Myra my email address please. I have tried to send it to her using Google plus but don't think it has worked.
      Hugs xxxx

    2. Spell check drives me mad. How can you get HimSandra from Hi Sandra!!!

    3. Of course I will Saba, have you had a good day?
      I am exhausted, I am busy trying to make arrangements for October,
      I am so looking forward to meeting everyone, I have said it before but who'd have thought that 6 months or so ago most of us just noticed each other in passing comments on Sue W's blog, in that short space of time we have all grown so much closer, to the point that we are all excited about spending a weekend with each other, I so want it to be a success, I am sure it will, if I didn't worry I wouldn't be me.
      there isn't a day that passes that I am not thankful for all of your friendship, I love so very much how you support each other and me, these too some people are life changing friendships believe me as I am one of those people!
      I am even more looking forward to seeing you at Ally Pally though! its about 3 weeks!

    4. Oops! I've emailed you too Sandra. It was the only way I could sort it . I did click on the little red box! That's a new trick I've learned today! However it was clear that was as far as I was going to get!
      So looking forward to our Retreat! To really sit and chat will be so lovely. Xxx

    5. My day was alright, not the most relaxing Sunday but just too much to do before I leave.
      I can't wait to meet everyone. And don't worry, it will be a success. We all have made some good friendships here on your blog. It amazes me, just how much I feel for our friends on here. We all seem to have the same values and the same sense of humour. And if it wasn't for you we would never have had this opportunity and I will always be grateful to you.
      Sadly I don't think we will get to meet at Ally Pally as I am going on the Sunday. It's pure coincidence that it is on the weekend I am taking Joanne to London for her birthday treat, but she is as excited as I am. She crafts as well and her Zentangle pictures are amazing. We have a totally different style of card making but that doesn't matter at all when we get crafting together. She also has exactly the same humour as I do and we often laugh so much together that we cry.
      Hugs xxxx

    6. Myra, after you clicked on the red thingy, you should see all Sandra's followers. And if you click on any one of them it gives you the option to send an email. It's all very secure because the person you send the email to gets your address so they can reply if they want to, but it doesn't give you theirs, it sends it for you instead. I'll be listed as Barbara, not Saba and in my settings I turned on allow emails. However, Sandra has kindly said she will send our addresses on so we don't need to bother with the Google thing.!,,,

    7. Saba,
      Thank you! I did try . I got the list of names up! I think you'll always be Saba! Thank you for trying. I'm just very trying when it comes to technology although I have managed Pinterest. Totally agree about us all have similar standards and values! It's lovely.
      Thank you Sandra!
      Night night , - still got some wooden eggs to paint! They are for the Home on Tuesday . I don't want to introduce paint !!! They will just decorate them and put ribbons on ( yes I love ribbon too!) . I have a white painted twig tree on which to hang them.
      Love Myra xxxx

    8. Ground control to Myra, we have contact.
      Don't stay up too late painting eggs, just put some food colouring in a pan and boil them, that's what they do over here.
      Thank you Sandra for forwarding our emails.
      Night and God bless
      Saba xxx

  34. Saba, oh how I use to love when you went any where in Germany around Easter and there were bowls of coloured boiled eggs on the tables. I use to do this at the Ski Lodge, but when we came back here no one understood why there was coloured boiled eggs in a bowl on the table and twigs with wooden eggs hanging from them also. Do still sometimes do the twigs, but generally it's a bowl of just little chocolate eggs and easter sweets now. In fact I think I will look out my easter tables cover tomorrow and do my twigs in the vase, why not it's only a couple of weeks till easter, oh no a week on Friday is good FRIDAY !!!
    Hazel x

    1. Hi Hazel,
      I take it you are safely home and dry and no security control incidents!
      Saba has just advocated that I boil wooden eggs! Maybe not eh!
      Going to bed now! It's late!
      Sleep well,
      Myra xx