Friday 9 December 2022

Thank Goodness its Friday


Goood Friday Morning Ladies,

OMG What a week that was!! I am for sure glad that it is Friday, this week feels like it has been mostly cleaning and waiting, waiting for Paul to come home or waiting for the lady to turn up on Wednesday, you will laugh at this, the girls were both off work on Wednesday and came down at around 10am for breakfast, by which time the kitchen is sparkling clean, as they walk in they are met with ''don't think you are cooking anything now, no pans allowed, you can have cereal and then wash the bowl but be sure to clean your the sink after!  Or maybe just go to Macdonalds!!  I said that they can do whatever they like after the lady had been, which turned out to be early afternoon!  (I was trying very hard to not be stressy about it but that deep rooted military wife preparing for a March out inspection part of me is still bubbling under the surface)  Although as I said yesterday the lady couldn't have been less bothered about what the house looked like. she was lovely and very much a Cat Lady, Milo definitely captivated her! 

We are going to be mostly Christmas Shopping this weekend, we also need to fit in a visit to see Paul's Mum, Paul has a few days off over the next couple of weeks so we should have plenty of time,  we have given up on the idea of going to London before Christmas, we usually travel up on the 'Oxford Tube' which is a bus, that takes about an hour and a half. But with all the talk of Rail strikes over the coming weeks the Bus's will be absolutely packed, we have had issue's with getting a seat on a normal week day with people not wanting to move seat to let me sit down, despite there being lots of seats up stairs, we know now to speak to the driver if thats the case and he will ask the 'non disabled' people to give up the  allocated Disabled seat, I didn't know whether to laugh of shout on one occasion when a lady argued with the Bus Driver because she wanted to stay in the Disabled seat as it was more spacious!  I wanted to point out that that was \kinda the whole point, the extra room was to make it easier for said disabled person to be assisted into their seeat!  Some people are just ignorant!                So after that long winded rant what I was going to say that we decided to leave going to London to the New Year. 

Our Last Challenge of 2022

I think that this will be our last Challenge of 2022, I am sure that you are all going to be busy preparing for Christmas which is a little of 2 weeks away 🤯!!   I definitely don't want to put anyone under pressure. 

So for our last \challenge I am going to give you Free Choice, so you can choose any theme, any colour, any style, you can make a Card or a Journal Page, a Calendar, it doesn't even have to be a 'Papercraft', it can be something that you have sewn, knitted, crocheted, a Diamond Painting, absolutely anything you like.  Let's fill our Sunday display full of beautiful crafts, feel free to send as many as you choose, I can fill the Blog with them through the week too.                                                 I really hope that you enjoy this challenge my lovelies, I am so excited to see what you all create or share.

I hope that you all have a great Friday, who's going into the loft to get their decorations down this weekend?

Sending my love and Warm hugs to all of you,

Sandra                                                                                                                                                          xxxxxx


  1. Morning Everyone
    SANDRA I too am so pleased to see the end of this week though I haven't had the pressure of 'house inspection' thank goodness. The days have flown and I just haven't been able to 'catch'them. So of course it's 'swear' word day here and Mr Tesco delivery day too.
    Our tree is up; plugged in and twinkling and the door wreath will go on the door tomorrow. We all put the tree and decs up on Leanne's birthday which was Wednesday. She would have been 35 (where have the year's gone?)

    We had a reasonable shop yesterday though it was so cold and we were back home for lunch.

    HUGS are winging their way to you all. Please take care and stay safe.xxxx

  2. A great saying Do you remember the Crunchie advert? “Thank Crunch it’s Friday” I always think of it when people say “thank goodness …”
    I spent yesterday evening writing out Christmas cards that need posting Once again ladies I won’t be sending cards to you all I will be sending the postage costs etc as a donation to Gary’s Gift of Hope page at instead
    I like the idea of this challenge and can’t wait to see what other crafts might be brought to the table
    Take care everyone xx

  3. Hi everyone
    I thought exactly the same as Karen when I saw the quote - Thank Crunchie it’s Friday! 😀
    Love the challenge for the next week. I’ve still got some cards to make, including one for this week. Im off work today and tomorrow, so I’ll definitely be crafting.
    It’s a shame you and Paul won’t be going away before Christmas, but totally understandable. Hopefully you’ll be able to go in the New Year and it’ll be something to look forward to.
    Have a good day everyone
    Sending hugs to you all xxx

  4. Hi everyone
    Hopefully Sandra you and Paul can get away in the new year for your mini break. Glad all went well on Wednesday after you were so worried and that Milo was on his best behaviour 😉
    Janet, hoping you and Jim are getting ready for a nice Christmas and you got everything you needed when shopping.
    Karen, I'm sure the grandchildren looking forward to Christmas. Hope you feeling better today.
    Sonia, have a good day crafting. Something I am going to do soon as well,so so late once again.
    Lilian, hope you warm and cosy now and the radiators are all working fine.
    Brenda, hope you are alright . Enjoy the nicer weather if you can but wrap up warm for even if the sun is shining it is pretty cold outside.
    We had a little walk this morning which was nice but my knees do give me the gip so back home I sat down with a coffee and just thinking of all I have to do upstairs and than nothing, someone seen mojo around ?
    Wishing you all a nice day and many warm hugs to you all, Maria 🤗 xx

  5. Hello All, still very cold, but at least no snow.

    Love that saying , and yes it reminded me of the cruchle adverts.
    Been to the dentist this morning. New person seems quite nice. Have to have 5 appointments to catch up with all the work that needs doing. It’s nearly 3yrs since I’ve been so my own fault I suppose. £90 for check up and two X-rays. You can imagine what the total cost will be.

    Like this week challenge, I think I’ll do a page for my art journal, haven’t done any for ages.

    Keep warm everyone, Lilian